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Christmas decorations is a great way to get your home ready for the holidays, if you’re looking to decorate your home this year with the Christmas cheer – why not check out these over the top Christmas decorations! These are some of the Coolest Christmas decorations that take decorating to the next level!

From a fifteen foot high gingerbread archway that would totally make your neighbours jealous, a bizarre dress manikin that’s make a creepy Christmas tree, an enormous dinosaur dressed in a Santa suit or why not get a giant reindeer for your front yard that’ll scare away those pesky dogs!

Coolest Christmas Decorations

1. This FIFTEEN FOOT HIGH Illuminated Gingerbread Archway

A portal to the magical wonderland that is your house! $499.99, here.


I’d better be able to actually wear this. $399.95, here.

3. This LIFE-SIZED SANTA that sits on a bench.

All I want for Christmas is you, Santa. He’s $1,099.99 here, and you have to provide your own bench.

4. This stocking that is 60 inches high.

That’s 5 feet, for the less mathematically inclined. I COULD SLEEP IN IT. Get it for $24.62, here.

5. These nutcrackers that are DISGUISED AS TOPIARIES.

You can’t see me, I’m a bush. You can have your very own for $390 each here andhere.

6. These strange Santa shower curtains.

$54.40 here and here.

7. This crystal wreath with a LITERAL TOWN ON IT.

A house, a bridge, trees, families. $119.95, if you need it, here.

8. Two SEVEN-FOOT-TALL candy canes that wish you a Merry Christmas!

Many glow, so cheer, wow. $199.99, here.

9. This oversized Santa in an ACTUAL SLEIGH.

Well, maybe you shouldn’t try to dash this through the snow. Santa is $2,795 here, his sleigh is $4,795 here, and the reindeer are $1,695 here.

10. This six-foot-high ELF ON A FIREPLACE SHELF.

$99.08 here, if you want to creep out your neighbors.

11. This light projector that makes it look like it’s ALWAYS SNOWING.

A magical glow snow. (Sorry, out of stock here.)

12. This tree that MAKES ITS OWN DARN SNOW.

*Jingle bell sounds*. $319, here.

13. A huge DINO SANTA.

Get the [easyazon_link identifier=”B00O2PYKB4″ locale=”US” tag=”searchgatestuden”]Dino Santa[/easyazon_link] here

14. And a SEVEN FOOT TALL RUDOLPH to be his friend.

Although for $1,308, you’d think his nose would at least light up.

15. 5 feet of LIT SNOWMEN.

They’re such *~*friends*~*. $495.20, here.

16. This Cartoony Santa Claus Bedding.

It’s called “Father Christmas Coming Print.” So. $98.99 here.

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