26 Creative & Weird Rugs and Carpet Designs

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One important aspect of Interior Design are Rugs and Carpet Designs. It can be difficult deciding on the best Rugs or Carpet Designs which suit your style, choosing the right colors, size and material that will look good in your room. Today we’ll be leaving the boring plain colored rugs and Carpet designs and taking a look at 26 Creative & Weird Rugs and Carpet Designs. These Creative & Weird Rugs and Carpet Designs all offer a unique take and perspective look at how wonderful Rugs and Carpet Designs can really be if you put your thinking cap on!

Discover these innovative and quirky  Rugs and Carpet Designs for yourself and see which one takes your fancy! Comment below and give us your feedback with which rug or carpet caught your eye! Checkout these 26 Creative & Weird Rugs and Carpet Designs!

Colorful Carpet



Designed by Sonya

Grand Grand Splatch


Designed By Puspan



Designed By Aguiniga Design

Tracks Imprint


designed by Madeleine & Dudley

Comb Over



Designed by Meirav Barzilay

hopscotch rug


Designed by A/R Studio

Monster Rug

Designed by Joshua Ben Longo

Carpet – Plaster

Designed by Ricardo Garza Marcos

Puzzle Carpet

Designed by Nauris Kalinauskas

Road Kill Carpet

Designed by Oooms

Sausage Rugs

Designed by Flachbild

Bedside Slippers

Designed by Daniel Meyer

Woody Wood Carpet

Designed by YLdesign

Scale Doormat

Designed by Emilio Alarcon

Brush Patterns

Designed by Giles Miller

Egg Rug

Designed by Valentina Audrito

Dead Body Rug

Designed by Alex Carpenter

Recycled Rubber Doormat “Enter”/”Home” Key

Designed by Pieter Woudt

Flower Carpet

Designed by Studio Tord Boontje for Nani Marquina

Space Invaders Doormat

Designer unknown

Mini Lawn

Designed by Nguyen La Chanh

Super Mario

Designed by EnemyAirship

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