A wedding is a very special occasion, and getting married is one of the most important events in a person’s life. These days, in order to memorialize their special day as well as to invite friends and family, many couples choose to create their own wedding websites. Wedding Templates & Themes are a fantastic way to create your very own website for your special day!

Creating a wedding website used to be a luxury for only celebrities, but with themes and templates, it’s now easier than ever before.

In this post, I’ve rounded up 30 beautiful wedding templates and themes. If paid themes aren’t your thing and you prefer only templates, take a look at this other collection of free wedding templates.

Marriage – Responsive Wedding WordPress Theme

Hitched – Responsive Wedding Template

Batik – Minimalist Wedding Card

Justwedding – Wedding site template

Cherish Joomla Marriage & Wedding Theme

Just Married – Wedding Event HTML Theme

Wedding Album WordPress Template

Wedding Album Joomla Template

Union – One Page, Responsive Wedding Template

Game Over – Responsive Wedding Event Planning

Our Wedding – One Page Responsive Retina HTML5 CSS

Our Little Wedding Book – HTML5 Template

Wedding Shop Magento Theme

Bridal – Responsive OpenCart Theme

PerSempre – Minimal Event Template

EM MarryMe – Wedding Magento Theme

Wedding Silver Magento Theme

Joomla Wedding Template

Personal Wedding Template


Wedding one page html template

Wedding Album Premium WordPress Theme

The Wedding WordPress Theme

Digon Responsive Fullscreen Studio for WordPress

JPhotolio: Responsive Wedding Photography WP Theme

Luxury Wedding WordPress Template

Free Wedding Template

Our Wedding Page

Wedding Day

Wedding Planner WordPress Theme

Wedding Magento Template

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