30 Photographs Showcasing Age

When working in photography, focusing on a specific concept is one of the best ways to ensure a creative and well-executed result. While some photographers can just shoot a series of photographs randomly and achieve great results, most quality photographs are the result of painstaking planning and skill.

Concept matters and is a key component of photography which, according to this page about photography degrees, can be taught, and helps lead to better photographs. Here, I’ll showcase this idea using photographs on the concept of age.

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Age has presented a fascination for humans since the beginning of time. Our time alive is limited, and we are always seeking to get more out of life in any way possible, with age as our ultimate adversary in that task. Here are 30 timeless photographs showcasing age and the human relationship with aging.

lifetime friends By giuseppe maiorana

The Hands of Huang Magang By Michael Steverson

Old-school tailoring By Juraj Cicatko – (ASON)

Vietnamese Woman By Caspian James

Do Not Disturb By Kevin Haggith

99 is just a number. By Aditya Mendiratta

WHEN THE AGE OF 100 YEARS By abe less

Spouse By Mohammadreza Momeni

The lifetime of indifference ||| By peiman esmaeelian

Traces By PAUL GS

Prayer of the old woman (92 years 3 months) By Mitsuru Moriguchi

True Love Never Grows Old By Betina La Plante

I STILL HAVE A WORD TO SAY! By maria joao arcanjo

The Simple Things By Shane Peterson

Old By Mete Baskocak

120 Year By ahmad junaidi

grandfather’s thoughts By piet flour

smoker By Yaman Ibrahim

My Grandmother By Mato P.

Old Man By Artur

Sadness By Goran Jovic

I don’t like him! By Emanuele Toscano

*** By Alex Bykov

At home (the old man) By jalal ghadakchian

Age By Francesco Santini

Sergey, the old Wanderer By Sergey Leonidchenko

Upset By Siavash

127 By Michael Steverson

At the Edge of Reality By Csilla Zelko

tears of love By Yungki

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