17 Historical Cinemas In London You Have to Visit

Cinemas are great places to visit when you want to sit back, relax and watch a movie. We rarely think about the cinemas themselves with their interior design and architecture. In London there are so many beautiful and charming Cinemas which are still in working order today. Historical Cinemas

21 Yummy & Delicious NYC Foods All Under $10

Recently the BuzzFeed decided to ask their community to share their favorite cheap and delicious eats in New York City. Sharing some of the best NYC cheap eats that won’t break the bank, these New York Foods showcase some yummy food like pizza, corn on a cob, cookies, soups, donuts

27 DIY Photo Display Ideas To Make Your Memories Last

We all have photos laying around that need to be displayed in our home, most of the time we can the easy option and display the photo in a bought frame. But if you’re the creative type why not try making some DIY Photo Displays for around the home?

26 Haunting Photos Of Snowy And Deserted New York Streets

During a winter storm New Yorkers were old to stay indoors, the streets were empty within the curfew with cars being banned from the road while residents stayed at home. Some brave Instagrammers and Tweeters decided to head outside any way to take some photos of the deserted  and

24 Crazily Fun Products For Your Kitchen

If you’re a foodie and love spending time in the kitchen you’ll love these fun products for your kitchen. Featuring the latest kitchen products and gadgets, these products are clever and fun! With some new and fresh takes on standard kitchen products like a salt and pepper wand instead

27 Gorgeous Photos Of Bugs and Snails

Usually when we see bugs and snails outside we don’t take a second thought, but if you see these little creatures up close you may want to take another look. These tiny creepy crawlies can look quite magical against their lush green environments and rain drops. These twenty seven stunning photographs Bugs

36 Genius Gadgets All New Parents Should Have

Becoming a new parent can be daunting, during these times things can be quite scary and hectic. To help make your life easier these awesome gadgets all new parents should have will be a life saver. These amazing baby shower gift ideas are perfect for mums to be! With some

20 Shocking Photos Of Pollution In China

While China’s economy and progress is getting stronger, there appears to be some setbacks. China has a ever growing rate of pollution and environmental damage which doesn’t appear to be slowing down. These shocking photos of pollution in China show just how bad it really is. China’s air pollution

23 Mind Twisting Paintings You Won’t Believe

Canadian artist, Rob Gonsalves, creates mind blowing works of art which are well planned optical illusions. You may be looking at one section of the painting which than morphs into something that seems irrational and out of this world! Optical illusion are fascinating! They also teach us about our visual

23 DIY Hacks To Make Store-Bought Cake Mix Awesome

When you buy the standard cake mix we all usually follow the instructions on the back of the box. But did you know there are many DIY hacks to make store-bought cake mix awesome! There are so many possibilities you can create when it comes to your usual store-bought