A 16 year old inventor in Romania named Thomas has created a DIY $5 Bicycle Cell Phone Charger. Made with a wind turbine and cell phone charger, this will let your bike charge your phone while you ride!

You can learn’t how to create this handy DIY wind turbine cell phone charger for his bike on Instructables, the instructions do require rudimentary knowledge of how to work with electronics, but they are very clear and easy to follow.

All you need is the right set of tools and some free time to make this eco friendly DIY $5 Bicycle Cell Phone Charger!

More info: Instructables

16-year-old Romanian inventor Thomas created a $5 DIY wind turbine phone charger:

He often took long bike trips through nature, and his phone’s battery couldn’t keep up

He used a simple PC fan…

…and turned it into a wind turbine

Some of the tools he used:

The parts needed for the project:

For a complete set of instructions, check out his Instructable!