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32 Adorable Photography of Babies Celebrating Christmas

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Christmas is a special time of year especially for families. You’ve got your decorations all ready to go with your little ones all excited! One of the best things about Christmas is bringing the family together and taking some memorable photos! If you have a new born in the

13 Powerful Goats and Sheep in Black and White Photography

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With thirty years of experience, photographer Kevin Horan decided to take some majestic and very dramatic photographs of goats and sheep. Goats and Sheep are usually neglected when it comes to barnyard animal photos. Kevin’s photo series is titles, Chattel. Strangely his photographs of Goats and Sheep are quite moving as

17 Kid’s Drawings Turned into one-of-a-kind Stuffed Toys

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All children to being creative when drawing cartoon characters – it’s one of the most creatives times in ones life. US-Based toy company Budsies is offering a service where they make any child drawing into a real stuffed toy – named plushies. Now children can have the joy of seeing their characters transformed into

31 Creative and Useful DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas

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One of the best parts of the holiday’s is giving and receiving gifts from your loved ones. But usually the wrapping your gift is in is standard and dull. Why not get creative these holidays with this collection of over thirty creative and useful diy gift wrapping ideas! I

100,000 Porcelain Skulls Make Up Creepy Flooring

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Does the idea of having skulls for your flooring creep you out? Well artist Nino Sarabutra in Bangkok has created some amazing floors with are covered in porcelain skulls. In today’s article we’ll be looking at how 100,000 Porcelain Skulls Make Up Creepy Flooring, this floor idea is an innovative and

22 Photos Reveal The Real People Behind The Military Uniforms

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When we look at the people serving in the military, we rarely take time to think about who the people are behind the military uniforms. Photographer Devin Mitchell, have created a series of touching photographs called “The Soldier Art Project”, which examines the lives of the soldiers on the

42 of The Most Strangest Rings Ever Made

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Rings are one of the most loved treasures, they are often a symbol of love or friendship and hold a very strong connection to people. Many of us think of rings as a basic metal band, but they can be so much for beautiful and creative! In today’s collection

34 Ways A Sharpie Can Bring Creativity To Your Life

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Are you looking to be more creative with your life? Who knew all you needed was a Sharpie pen! In today’s post we’ll be looking at 34 Ways A Sharpie Can Bring Creativity To Your Life. A Sharpie is a pen marker which is usually used for writing, but did you

32 Fun and Creative Ways to Make Sushi Art

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Many times I have made Sushi and have failed rolling it up, it’s a true art to master and get right. But when creative minds come together with the craft of Sushi art making, truly magical pieces of Sushi art are created. Many Sushi lovers say that there is

23 Awesome Artists Re-Create Family Photos

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Ernst Berlin commission 23 awesome artists to re-create his family photos into artworks. The collection was created for his wife’s birthday which I must say is a great birthday gift idea! In this article we’ll be looking at 23 Awesome Artists Re-Create Family Photos. He found these 23 artists on