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17 Most Awesome Social Media Gifts You’ll Ever See!

Social media plays a huge role in our lives and many of us are addict to them! Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram are the main players and let’s face it life wouldn’t be the same without them!

Social Media gifts can sometimes be crappy, but today we’ll be featuring social media gifts that are insanily cool! Get your social media fix with these awesome gifts like a super fancy Hashtag Necklace, keep notes using this fun Status Update Sticky Note pad or carry your camera around in a stylish knitted Instagram Purse!

1. Social Media T-Shirt

For the ultimate social media guru. ($24)

2. Hashtag Necklace

For the person who keeps their hashtags close to their heart. ($22)

3. “Like” T-Shirt

For the one who really “likes” social media. ($28.15)

4. Hashtag Cookie Cutters

For when someone needs a sweet treat to “share.” ($10)

5. @ Cufflinks

For the person who wears their handle on their sleeve. ($195)

6. Instagram T-Shirt

For the one who believes an Insta a day keeps the doctor away. ($24.95)

7. Status Update Sticky Note

For the chronic Facebooker. ($5.24)

8. Instagram Mug

For the one you really, really “like.” ($10)

9. @ T-Shirt

For the one who’s Twitter famous. ($24)

10. Social Media Rolling Pin

For rolling out their big ideas. ($24.50)

11. Pinterest T-Shirt

For the one who knows everything about pinning. ($25.95)

12. “Like” and “Dislike” Stamps

For a real-life “dislike” button. ($9.95)

13. Social Media Icon T-Shirt

For the one who has a presence everywhere — even if it lasts only 10 seconds. ($20.49)

14. Twitterature

For Hamlet and Harry Potter in 140 characters or fewer. ($10.15)

15. The Golden Rule T-Shirt

For the rule follower. ($24)

16. Hashtag Candy Dish

For simultaneous eating and tweeting. ($9.99)

17. Instagram Purse

For carrying their camera everywhere they go. ($33+)

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43 Brilliant Cheap Kitchen Products That Will Save You Money

Cheap doesn’t necessarily mean bad! Today we’ll show you how you can stock up your kitchen even if you’re low on money. These cheap kitchen products are crazily cool and will be useful in any kitchen!

If you love to cook and prepare yummy food, but you can’t afford expensive gadgets check out these awesome kitchen products that will still get the job done in style. With some handy kitchen gadgets like A pair of scissor-tongs that can chop fruits and veggies in the bowl, add some fancy decor with a decal that will make your fridge smile and even a flexible steamer that you can also use as a colander.

Check out these 43 Brilliant Cheap Kitchen Products That Will Save You Money!

1. A plate that comes with a detachable bowl.

For people who can’t eat soup without having a sandwich to go along with it.

Price: $20

2. A single serving slush maker.

Smoothies. Milkshakes. Frozen cocktails. So many possibilities.

Price: $19.99

3. A tight-sealing lid you can use on any pan with a smooth rim.

So much better than using plastic wrap or aluminum foil, plus it’s freezer and microwave safe.

Price: $18.95

4. The perfect drinking glasses.

The word “turnt” has never been displayed so beautifully.

Price: $7.50

5. A pair of scissor-tongs that can chop fruits, veggies, and meat right in the bowl.

A few more facts about this cool device: it never needs sharpening, it’s dishwasher safe, and it comes with a salad recipe book.

Price: $20

6. A decal that will make your fridge smile.

“Yes, my best friend is my fridge and there’s nothing wrong with that.”

Price: $9.62

7. The ultimate skewer.

This fits several kabob’s worth of food onto one skewer.

Price: $16

8. A mug that mixes your chocolate milk without making a mess.

A less innocent way to use it: to combine some Bailey’s or Kahlúa with your milk. Moooooo.

Price: $14.95

9. An effortless way to slice and de-core a pineapple.

You’ll be snacking on delicious fruit pieces in seconds.

Price: $7.50

10. A sloth to infuse your tea.

His lazy bod is made to hang on the side of a mug instead of a tree.

Price: $14.99

11. A potato masher with a handle like a ski pole.

The ergonomic handle makes it easy to really go crazy with your mashing (plus: it detaches for cleaning).

Price: $9

13. Brightly colored bowls you can stack.

Their handles make them easy to grip when you’re carrying things that slop (like soup).

Price: $10

15. A futuristic-looking microwave popcorn popper.

It’ll make around 10 cups of corn in about 3 minutes—and you can eat your popcorn right out of the popper!

Price: $19.95

16. A serving set that’s whale-y cute.

The perfect combination of practical and adorable.

Price: $20

18. An ice cube tray that won’t drip as you carry it.

The lid also keeps out particles and odors.

Price: $7.99

19. A pair of scissors that can cut through pizza.

Because running one of those pizza wheels back and forth about 80 times just isn’t cutting it. Literally.

Price: $9.99

20. A hassle-free citrus juicer.

It’ll squeeze citrus fruits of all sizes: from lil’ limes to gargantuan grapefruits.

Price: $19.95

21. A set of dip clips you can attach to any plate or bowl.

For people who loooooooooove their condiments.

Price: $7.99

22. A cocktail glass featuring a helpful hint.

The best dreams are the ones you can chase in a bar after work.

Price: $10

23. A pair of paws to protect your hands.

Use them to cook… and then use them for your next Halloween costume.

Price: $21.99

24. A bucket that separates the unpopped kernels from the rest of your popcorn.

You’ll never almost break a tooth on a kernel again.

Price: $18

25. A flexible steamer that you can also use as a colander.

Just roll it up and store it when you’re done.

Price: $11.99

26. A squirrel friend to crack your nuts for you.

So much cuter than one of those handheld nut crackers.

Price: $24

30. A pair of cats to rest chopsticks (or a spoon) on.

So much cuter than resting your spoon on a piece of paper towel.

Price: $11.95

32. A device that lets you serve with one hand.

The Snapi is great for parties or buffets: people can get a serving without putting down their plate. Bonus: it looks kind of like Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors!

Price: $8.95

33. Scissors that make chopping up herbs a breeze.

These will ~shear~ off minutes of your cooking prep time.

Price: $8.95

34. A cup that displays the temperature of your beverage.

If it’s filled with coffee and the heart is glowing blue, you’ll know you need to reheat.

Price: $19

36. A cold brew making bottle.

Fill the filter with 4 tablespoons of coffee, leave it in your fridge overnight, and enjoy some delicious cold brew in the morning.

Price: $19.99

37. Potholders that rock.

Burning a casserole isn’t something to be happy about, but it *would* be fitting to use a Johnny Cash potholder to lift food that’s “dressed in black.”

Price: $11

39. A glamorous tart serving duo.

Solid glitter > solid gold.

Price: $23

40. A press for making delicious tortillas.

Step one on the road to making amazing quesadillas.

Price: $11

41. An apron Jesse Pinkman would approve of.

Install a hook for it in your RV.

Price: $17.45

42. A salad spinner that’s easy to clean.

It’ll dry off enough salad for two people. Or one very hungry person.

Price: $15

43. A tea towel that wishes you success.

Bacon makes everything better.

Price: $24

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21 Genius Travel Hacks You Wish You Knew Sooner

Traveling is a great way to explore the world around us and find out new things! Whether you’re traveling overseas or just driving 2 hours to your destination, you should know these genius travel hacks!

Don’t get me wrong traveling to your holiday destination can be tiring! Whether you’ve got a long flight a head to the other side of the world or driving with kids and pets to your vacation home – these travel tips will help you out.

Perfect for finding the best ways to pack your bags, flying tips and driving tricks! Featuring some super clever ideas like learning how to fit everything into your suitcase, how to prep for a long flight to make it feel less hellish and how to get a vehicle check-up before embarking on your adventure!

Alison Caporimo

1. First, pick a bag that’s just right for your vacation.

And if you have a long layover or a connecting flight in a large airport, opt for a bag with wheels. Carrying your stuff for hours just isn’t fun.

2. And don’t over-pack it.

Avoid packing heavy things that you can buy at your destination. For one, the extra weight can bump a carry-on bag into checked luggage territory. Also, it’ll take up space for a few smaller things that you would get more use out of.

3. Learn how to fit everything into your suitcase.

Rolling up your clothes is crucial. It saves space and can prevent items from getting wrinkled.

4. If you’re backpacking, learn how to distribute your pack weight like a pro.

REI / Via

Place heavy items like food, water, and cook sets closest to your back for strain-proof support.

Alison Caporimo

5. Choose a seat that best fits your needs.

Show Me How / Via

If you’re carrying on your luggage, opt for a seat in the back. If you get an aisle seat, mind your elbows because the food and drink cart can bump them. And if you’re on a long flight and desperate for sleep, sit in a window seat as far from the bathroom as possible to avoid slamming/flushing/chatting sounds.

6. And prep for a long flight to make it feel less hellish.

Voltier Creative / Via

7. Make sure your carry-on is just right to avoid extra fees.

Eagle Creek / Via

Most airlines will not let you carry on luggage that exceeds a certain weight. Weigh your luggage to make sure you don’t get stuck.

8. And keep certain items out of your hand luggage to avoid a TSA field day.

It can be easy to forget which items are banned on airplanes. For example, you can carry on tweezers but not a corkscrew. Go through this checklist so you don’t end up losing your stuff to the TSA. Get more info here.

9. Try these in-flight tricks to feel refreshed when you step off the plane.

Voltier Creative / Via

Two words: DRINK WATER. You can still have your bloody mary (especially if you’re getting it for free on an international flight), but make sure to drink water, as well.

10. If you’re flying with a pet, follow this checklist:

Marriott / Via

Try to fly direct whenever you can.

Alison Caporimo

11. Get a vehicle check-up before embarking on your adventure.

Check your tires, pack an emergency kit, and make sure your battery is good to go.

12. And get better gas mileage on your drive.

Net Credit / Via

Replace that filter. Remove that weight. And say goodbye to the cargo box.

13. For car camping, follow this checklist:

Sleeping bag, cooking stove, and sunscreen? Check.

14. If you’re traveling with kids, play fun road trip games.

Sanity saved!

15. And if you’re driving with a pet, remember these things:

Marriott / Via

Keep a recent photo of your pet on your phone or camera just in case they get lost and you need to contact a local shelter.

Alison Caporimo

16. Pick a location that fits your budget.

If you’re hoping to stay for longer than a day, Sydney and Iceland might be off the list.

17. And know what you can get for your money.

1 meal in Bangkok = 1 soda in Rome?!

18. When it comes to booking your flight, a little strategy can save a lot of money.

Net Credit / Via

The magic flight-booking day: TUESDAY.

19. If you’re traveling abroad, know how tipping works at your destination.

We Go / Via

If someone tries to hustle you for a tip in a country where tipping is not common, don’t give in unless you want to.

20. Consider couch surfing to save money.

My Destination / Via

Some travelers SWEAR by coach surfing as way to make new friends, save money, and tap into a network of cool travelers. To find out if couch surfing is right for you, gohere.

21. And lastly, figure out if travel insurance could actually wind up saving your a lot of money.

Travel insurance can cover trip delays, lost baggage, medical expenses, and more.

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28 Massage Products That Will Help You Relax!

We all love a good massage after a busy day! If you’re coming home feeling tense and stressed, you’ll want to checkout these massage products that will help you relax!

Massage involves working and acting on the body with pressure – structured, unstructured, stationary, or moving – tension, motion, or vibration, done manually or with mechanical aids. Massage can be applied with the hands, fingers, elbows, knees, forearm, feet, or a massage device.

Some of these massage products look pretty strange, but they work wonders on helping you de-stress! Like a a pair of warming foot slippers, a palm-sized robot that will gently hum you to sleep or why not try a heated vibrating neck and back pad!

1. This octopus head massager.

The most ingenious product ever invented. Buy it here.

2. These warming foot slippers.

A serious upgrade from being warmed by someone else’s stinky, eventually sweaty feet. Get it here.

3. These heated hand pockets.

Unlike other hands, these will keep you warm all throughout the night. Available here.

4. This next-level head scratcher.

Buy it here.

5. This palm-sized robot that will gently hum you to sleep.

Who needs a hand massage when you’ve got this little dude at your command? Get ithere.

6. This handheld cooling device that doubles up as a cute office desk plant.

Your new best pal. Get it here.

7. This boob massager.

Aside from its claims of fighting aging, breast enhancement, and keeping your breasts healthy, boobs need massaging and this does the job. Available here.

8. This butt and hip roller that will give you the most gratifying rub-down.

You don’t need no man/woman/whoever if you got one of these babies. Butt massage away. Buy it here.

9. This hands-free neck and back massager.

Having anybody else involved would just be excessive. Available here.

10. This face muscle relaxer.

It probably won’t slim your face but it will definitely work your cheek and lip muscles. Also great for scaring off cat-callers. Get it here.

11. This squishy finger ring.

Waaaay better than holding hands. Pshhh. Get it here.

12. This deep-tissue rub that’s just for thumbs.

You know how you use your thumbs for practically everything? Yeah, save them from long-term pain. Get it here.

13. This toe stretcher that gives pedicures a run for their money.

Your toes deserve pampering too. Get it here.

14. This bead roller that you can wear on your hand.

You ain’t got time to wait for someone else. Caress yourself anytime you want. Buy ithere.

15. This workout hand apparatus that improves flexibility.

Your hands are just too occupied for hand-holding. Get it here.

16. These fun, shimmery needle acu-balls.

Sooo much more attractive than an S.O. Available here.

17. This cat paw massager.

Rawr. Have some fun with this little one. Get it here.

18. This waterproof gadget you can use anywhere on your body.

Showering buddy! Add this to the list of things that will make showering feel so much better. Buy it here.

19. This exfoliating body mitten.

Showering is a time for you to INDULGE. Take pleasure in your showering habits. Get it here.

20. This music-playing head massager.

Take this with you to work and you will perform 100x better. Buy it here.

21. These uber-comfortable shiatsu insoles.

Great for long-term standing. Buy them here.

22. This eye-massaging face mask.

Better than any ~Google~ glasses. Available here.

23. This kneading Facewaver mask.

Stretch and loosen up those tight face muscles. Also scare away anybody who tries to court you. Get it here.

24. This heated, vibrating neck and back pad.

Massaging hands tire quickly but these, these will keep you relaxed and happy for hours. Buy it here.

25. This hand warmer that really digs into your muscles.

Get it here.

26. This foot “rubz” massage ball.

Rub it real good. Buy it here.

27. This heated foot massager.

You’re feet will feel so snug. Get it here.

28. This marvelous, undulating pool float.

No person can pamper you like this. Welcome to luxurious livin’. Available here.

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20 Tiny Tattoos With Big Meanings

In today’s culture tiny tattoos are very popular, but it’s important when getting a tattoo that it has some meaning to your life and it isn’t just a fad. Tiny tattoos are fantastic to get if you’re looking for something simple and easy to hide.

Today we’ll be featuring 20 Tiny Tattoos With Big Meanings, whether it’s speaks about your personality, believes or your hobbies. With each of these small tattoos with big meanings, you’ll find out what they mean, you might even find one that you’d like tattooed onto you!

1. A semi-colon indicates a pause in a sentence but does not end. Sometimes it seems like you may have stopped, but you choose to continue on.

2. “A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.”

3. Top symbol: unclosed delta symbol which represents open to change. Bottom symbol: strategy.

4. “There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls.”

5. Viking symbol meaning “create your own reality.”

6.Greek symbol of Inguz: where there’s a will, there’s a way.

7. Psalm 18:33 “He makes my feet like the feet of a deer; he causes me to stand on the heights.”

8. ‘Ohm’ tattoo that represents 4 different states of consciousness and a world of illusion: waking (jagrat), dreaming (swapna), deep sleep (sushupti), transcendental state (turiya) and world of illusion (maya)

9. Alchemy: symbolizes copper, means love, balance, feminine beauty and artistic creativity.

10. The Greek word “Meraki” means to do something with soul, passion, love and creativity or to put yourself in to whatever you do.

11. Malin (Skövde, Sweden) – you have to face setbacks to be able to go forward.

12. Symbol meaning “thief” from the Hobbit. It was the rune Gandalf etched into Bilbo’s door so the dwarves could find his house.

13. “Lux in tenebris” means “light in darkness.”

14. Anchor Tattoo: symbolizing strength & stability, something (or someone) who holds you in place, and provides you the strength to hold on no matter how rough things get.

15.“Ad Maiora” is translated literally as “Towards greater things.” It is a formula of greeting used to wish more success in life, career or love.

16. A glyphs means “explore.” It was meant as a reminder for me to never stop exploring.

17. “Aut inveniam viam aut faciam,” meaning roughly, “Either I shall find a way, or I will make one.”

18. Lotus Flower. It grows in muddy water, and it is this environment that gives forth the flower’s first and most literal meaning: rising and blooming above the murk to achieve enlightenment.

19. The zen (or ensō) circle to me represents enlightenment, the universe & the strength we all have inside of us.

20. Two meanings. The moon affirms life. It looks as if it is constantly changing. Can reminds us of the inconsistency of life. It is also symbolizes the continuous circular nature of time and even karma.

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27 Genius DIY Projects For Peole Who Love To Drink

When we go out on weekends most of us like to have some drinks to enjoy ourselves, drinking plays a big part in our society! If you’re a crafty person who loves a tipple or two, you’ll love these diy products!

These are just any DIY projects! These 27 Genius DIY Projects For Peole Who Love To Drink feature some stylish and creative do-it-yourself projects that will make you feel very fancy!

Including some brilliant diy projects like constructing a sofa sleeve to hold your booze while you watch TV, cradle your precious wine bottles with this DIY rack or why not pop off beer caps using this DIY bottle opening sign!

1. Make a marquee so your house guests will always know what time it is.

Another option: “WINE TIME.”

Get the tutorial at A Beautiful Mess.

2. Construct a sofa sleeve to hold your booze while you watch TV.

There’s also room for your remote and a snack or two.

Get the tutorial at A Beautiful Mess.

3. Cradle your precious wine bottles in this DIY rack.

Simple, stylish, and easy to make.

Get the tutorial at The Merry Thought.

4. Keep your favorite liquor in a customized flask.

The “wood” may be contact paper, but your buzz will be real.

Get the tutorial at Almost Makes Perfect.

5. Stop other people from stealing your beverage with DIY tags.

Useful *and* cute.

Get the tutorial at Sugar & Cloth.

6. Run out of drink umbrellas? Print your own!

You never know when you might need some.

Get the printable at The Paper Mama.

7. Or whip up some fans instead.

When you finish your drink, stick the fan in your bun for a cute hair accessory.

Get the tutorial at Tell Love and Chocolate.

8. Transform a Kallax shelf from Ikea into a rolling bar cart.


Get the tutorial at Sugar & Cloth.

9. Give a pair of plain glasses a mid-century mod makeover.

Now you just need to find a retro cocktail recipe to fill them with.

Get the tutorial at Studio DIY.

10. Customize a cooler to keep your beer chilled.

Listen to this cooler’s wise advice.

Get the tutorial at Vintage Revivals.

11. Steep your own limoncello.

FYI: this involves a lot of zesting and zesting is one of the most enjoyable things to do in a kitchen. Honestly. It’s just fun.

Get the tutorial at Earnest Home Co.

12. Use fruit to make some cups you don’t have to clean.

Oranges, papayas, watermelons, coconuts: take your pick!

Get the tutorial at Sugar & Cloth.

13. Convert your empties into tiki torches.

Ooooh fire.

Get the tutorial at Sugar and Charm.

14. Pop off beer caps using this DIY bottle opening sign.

Hmmmm… what would you *actually* get if you combined Beryllium + Erbium?

Get the tutorial at Dawn Nicole Designs.

15. Want a ~unified~ look for your bar cart? Transfer your liquor into matching bottles and label them.

Sometimes you just want everything to match.

Get the tutorial at Sarah Hearts.

16. Make a bowl of delicious alcoholic “rummy bears.”

♫ Rummy Bears / Bouncing here and there and everywhere / High adventure that’s beyond compare / They are the Rummy Bears♫

Watch the tutorial from Tipsy Bartender.

Or just a single enormous one.

Watch the tutorial at The Tipsy Bartender.

17. Use your wine cork collection as a bulletin board.

The first note you’ll add to it: “Buy more wine.”

Get the tutorial at A Beautiful Mess.

18. Keep your liquor cool using balloons.

*Frozen* balloons to be exact.

Get the tutorial at A Subtle Revelry.

19. Assemble a rustic wine rack for under $15.

A cheap rack = more money to spend on wine.

Get the tutorial at Shanty 2 Chic.

20. Decorate bland beer koozies with song lyrics.

Here’s a list of songs about drinking to inspire you.

Get the tutorial at The Homesteady.

21. Make wine stoppers that rock or roll.

TBH the cars won’t actually roll… but you probably figured that out.

Get the tutorials at Camille Styles and Grown-Up Shoes.

22. Repurpose a watermelon as a drink dispenser.

Fruit keg!

Get the tutorial at Eclectically Vintage.

23. Or infuse it with vodka.

Now it’s a vodkamelon.

Watch the tutorial at The Tipsy Bartender.

24. Use your cocktail stirrer collection to make a mid-century modern clock.

Don’t have a retro cocktail stirrer collection? Take a look at the vintage offerings on Etsy.

Get the tutorial at My So Called Crafty Life.

25. Etch initials onto your whiskey tumblers.

M is for “Mmmmmmmm whiskey!”

Get the tutorial at Brit+Co.

26. Obsessed with beer? Build this growler tote.

Everyone will be impressed when you walk into poker night holding one of these.

Get the tutorial at Build-Basic.

27. Use a pool noodle to make a cooler that floats.

Never leave the water again.

Watch the tutorial at Crazy Russian Hacker.

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15 Genius Hiking Hacks You Wish You Knew Sooner

Hiking can be great fun and exercise for the whole family. If you’re a lover of the outdoors and enjoy going hiking these hiking hacks are a must read! When going hiking it’s important to be prepared with the right hiking gear.

The equipment required for hiking depends on the length of the hike, but day hikers generally carry at least water, food, a map, and rain-proof gear. Hikers usually wear sturdy hiking boots for mountain walking and backpacking, as protection from the rough terrain, as well as providing increased stability.

The Mountaineers club recommends a list of “Ten Essentials” equipment for hiking, including a compass, sunglasses, sunscreen, a flashlight, a first aid kit, a fire starter, and a knife. Other groups recommend items such as hat, gloves, insect repellent, and an emergency blanket. A GPS navigation device can also be helpful and route cards may be used as a guide.

We hope you find these 15 Genius Hiking Hacks You Wish You Knew Sooner helpful when you take your next hiking trip!

1. Even if you’re going on a short hike, bring the essentials.

REI / Via

Things to tick off of your checklist: a map, extra layers of clothing, sunscreen, matches, a flashlight, a multitool, snacks, and extra water.

2. Line your backpack with a garbage bag for extra rain protection.

If it doesn’t rain, you’ll have an extra bag for trash.

3. Look into getting a hoodie that takes pockets seriously and forget bringing a backpack.

This SCOTTeVEST cotton hoodie ($75) isn’t cheap, but it does feature 10 interior and exterior pockets that basically turns you into a lightweight caravan for everything you’ll need during a day hike.

4. If you’re prone to blisters in your hiking boots, coat those areas with petroleum jelly before putting on your socks and boots.

Hikers swear by this trick to prevent abrasive rubbing in certain areas, which can lead to bad blisters. Get more info here.

5. Or get toe-sock liners to prevent blisters.

Toe-socks are an acquired taste, but they can really save the day during a long, hot hike. Wear them underneath your hiking socks for extra cushion. Get them here for $9.

6. Keep your phone in a plastic bag inside your backpack just in case.

Alison Caporimo

Maybe it starts to downpour or your water bottle is leaking all over the inside of your bag or you fall into a river (hey, it happens)—keep your phone is a sealed baggie and all will be fine. And hold on to those takeout utensil bags—they are the perfect fit for an iPhone 6, and you can use them at beaches and music festivals.

Alison Caporimo

7. Even if you’re going for a short hike, BRING DUCT TAPE.

Hardcore hikers swear by duct tape, which you can use to waterproof ventilated boots, fix a cracked water bottle, and protect painful blisters. Learn more about how duct tape can save your life here.

8. And instead of bringing the whole roll, buy slim hiker-friendly packs.

Buy it here ($3.95).

9. Or wrap a few feet of tape around a lighter.

That way you can bring 2 essential tools without wasting any space in your backpack.

10. Use the Tick Key to quickly remove any ticks you might pick up in the woods.

It’s important to get rid of ticks as soon as you spot them. Either pack a tweezer (they’re small so they won’t take up a lot of space in your backpack) or pick up the Tick Key here ($6.50).

11. And either wear tall socks or tuck your pants into your hiking boots when you can.

To keep ticks at bay.

12. Pack bandaids, antiseptic towlettes, a gauze roll, and a few aspirin in a prescription bottle.

The bottle will keep everything dry and in one place—and it’s miniature stature is perfect for packing light. Get a list of hiker-approved First Aid materials here.

13. Bring binder clips so you can hang wet clothes off of your backpack.

You can also wrap small pieces of clothing around handles and straps, but the binder clips help ensure they won’t fall off or get blown away.

14. Empty your snacks into sealable baggies—cuz you know that your pre-packaged snacks are filled with air.

To save space in your backpack, pour your trail mix, potato chips, and whatever other snacks you’re bringing along into sealable baggies.

15. And finally, get familiar with these poisonous plants so you don’t get screwed.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

Poison Ivy and Poison Oak always has 3 leaflets (remember “leaflets three, let it be”). Posion Sumac has 7–13 smooth, oval leaflets arranged in pairs around a reddish stem.

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23 Ways To Actually Deep Clean Your Car

Cleaning your car doesn’t have to be complicated, this guide will show you how to deep clean your car without buying expensive cleaning products. From cleaning your car’s interior to exterior these are 23 Ways To Actually Deep Clean Your Car.

With some clever car cleaning ideas like using a cheap foam brush or paint brush to dust between the AC vents, or a fine-bristled brush (like a toothbrush) to get dirt and crumbs out from the seams of your seat cushions or you can even use good old Shampoo on the seats in your car diluted all-purpose cleaner for another way to deep clean your car!

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

1. Use a cheap foam brush or paint brush to dust between the AC vents.

You can get foam brushes at craft stores for as little as 49 cents, like this one. Fromhere.

2. Vacuum up the dust as you brush it off, so it doesn’t immediately settle somewhere else in the car.

From here.

3. The vacuum+brush duster combo also works to clean all your car’s knobs and buttons.

From here.

4. Remove and replace your cabin’s air filter to get rid of stinky smells.

You’ll have to check your owner’s manual to see if your make and model has a removable air filter, first. From here.

5. Get all of the trash out from every nook and cranny.

Slide all of your seats all the way forward and pull out your floor mats, so nothing escapes your notice. Use a plastic grocery bag to collect trash as you go. Fromhere.

6. Use a Magic Eraser to scrub gross sticky things off of vinyl and leather.

Gently rub dried on gunk with the Magic Eraser — don’t rub too hard, because you don’t want to damage the fabric. From here.

7. If dirt has embedded itself in the textures of your vinyl, some detail scrubbing with a toothbrush may be necessary.

Some dish soap or Castile soap diluted with water will do the trick. Find more tips atPopular Mechanics.

8. Use olive oil to condition and polish the leather on your dashboard.

From here.

9. Banish animal hair from your upholstery with a spray bottle of water and a squeegee.

Similar to this carpet cleaning trick. Then, vacuum up all the clumps. From here.

10. Use a fine-bristled brush (like a toothbrush) to get dirt and crumbs out from the seams of your seat cushions.

Then vacuum up. From here.

11. Use paper and an iron to remove melted wax (like crayons) from your upholstery.

This tutorial is for carpet, but the same trick works on many different fabrics.

12. Shampoo the seats in your car with diluted all-purpose cleaner, a sponge or scrub brush, and wash cloths.

Elbow grease FTW. Use white or un-dyed washcloths, though, so the color dyes in the cloth don’t rub off onto your car’s fabric. See the full step-by-step here, and a recipe that uses dish soap and washing soda instead of all-purpose cleaner here.

13. Spray your dirty floor mats with stain remover and throw them in the washing machine.

Easiest thing ever. Read the tutorial here.

14. Or, scrub them with a DIY upholstery cleaner.

See the recipe and tutorial here.

15. Enlist a lint roller, bristle brush, toothbrush, dish soap, steam cleaner, and baking soda if you need to clean a kiddo’s car seat.

This is not an easy process, but you can do it! See the full tutorial here.

16. When everything’s fresh and clean, keep it smelling that way with a baking soda air freshener.

Get the how-to here.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

17. ~Super clean~ your windshield using steel wool and glass cleaner, then treat it to a coat of Rain X.

You only need to clean it this way a couple of times per year, though. Learn more about this here.

18. Wipe down your windshield wipers with rubbing alcohol to prevent a smeared windshield.

See how here.

19. Get stubborn bugs out of your grille (and off of your bumper) with the help of dryer sheets.

Soak it in warm water, and wipe. See the full tutorial here.

20. Shine up cloudy headlights with toothpaste and water.

Read the tutorial here.

21. Remember to roll down your windows before you start wiping them with glass cleaner.

There’s grime there too! See more car cleaning tips at Family Handyman.

22. Use a cleaning powder and water to clean your wheels.

See how here. You can also just pick up some wheel cleaner, although that can be tough on the wheel’s finish — read more about that here.

23. After washing your car, use a clay bar to pick up bits of grime that water doesn’t rinse off.

Read more about how this works (and what you should do afterward to keep that shine shiny) here.

via BuzzFeed

Product Design

33 Super Fun Products Office Supplies You Should Get

Going to work is never a fun, but if you fill your office with fun office supply products you can make working much more enjoyable! These 33 Super Fun Products Office Supplies You Should Get are jam packed with awesome office accessories!

With awesome office products like Ctrl+Alt+Del coffee mugs that speak your office lingo, a aromatic air purifier that keeps your desk nice and relaxed, wake up with a portable all-in-one coffeemaker or get creative with a pen you can actually doodle in 3D!

Not only do these products for the office supply a useful purpose, they are also super fun!

1. These pen-cap utensils that understand just how busy some days can be.

Buy them here.

2. These Ctrl+Alt+Del coffee mugs that speak your office lingo.

Ctrl+Alt+Del your busiest mornings. Buy it here.

3. A zipper bookmark that will keep your books airtight.

No ruffled pages, ever. Get it here.

4. A water tower that will hold your workday necessities.

Includes friendly plants, snacks, and water. Get it here.

5. This aromatic air purifier that keeps your desk nice and relaxed.

Buy it here.

6. This notepaper roller that keeps it sharp.

Get it here.

7. A prism magnifier that ensures nothing will slip from your attentive eyes.

Also, look how sleek it is. Get it here.

8. This multi-use contractor tool.

Get it here.

9. This modular magnetic pen that also functions as a stylus.

It works for your smartphone and your tablet. Buy it here.

10. A hide-and-keep cable box to eliminate any clutter.

Available here.

11. These don’t-let-me-fall cable drops that prevent your desk crevices from turning into wire hellholes.

Buy them here.

12. A portable all-in-one coffeemaker.

So you can brew your coffee just the way you like it, anytime. Get it here.

13. These minimalist upright scissors.

For clutter-free organization. Get it here.

14. A desktop cool-mist humidifier that keeps your skin glowingly healthy.


Ultra quiet. Buy it here.

15. A pen you can actually doodle in 3D with.

MoMa Store

3Doodler / Via

Buy it here, and watch an insanely mesmerizing video of it in action here.

16. This little spaceman that illuminates a dim workspace.

MoMA Store / Via

Buy it here.

17. This typewriter that you can actually type on a PC, Mac, or iPad with.

USB Typewriter / Via

Get it here.

18. This USB Mini Fridge.

Brainydeal / Amazon / Via

Upgrade from the office fridge. Get it here.

19. A sleek stand that holds your books and charges your tablet or smartphone.

Get it here.

20. This desktop punching bag that’s better than a stress ball.

Tech Tools / Amazon / Via

Get it out of your system. Available here.

21. A bamboo dry-erase board that is hella stylish.

Get it here.

22. A finger massager.

For when you don’t know what to do with your hands. Get it here.

23. These highlighters with transparent tips that don’t bleed.

Japanese-design-approved. Buy them here.

24. This tape dispenser.


25. This succulent zen garden that keeps stress far, far away.

Get it here.

26. A Marimo moss ball that’s impossibly cute.

Buy it here.

27. This whiteboard wall clock that you can plan your day with.

Buy it here.

28. An office nap pillow.

Get it here.

29. This USB fan that will help you keep your cool.

Get it here.

30. This heated foot hammock that lets you rest up.

Get it here.

31. A wind-up hand shredder.

Buy it here.

32. This “…oops!” eraser.

Oops! …I did it again. Buy it here.

33. A USB microwave that perfectly complements your USB fridge.

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31 Weird Online Stores You’ve Never Heard Of

We’ve all heard of online stores like Amazon but of you dig deeper you’ll see that there are many weird and wonderful stores out there that sell some pretty strange things!

Did you know the first secure retail transaction over the Web was either by NetMarket or Internet Shopping Network in 1994. Immediately after, launched its online shopping site in 1995 and eBay was also introduced in 1995.

Today we’ll be showcasing 31 Weird Online Stores You’ve Never Heard Of featuring some bizarre products like miniature food for mice, dog themed t-shirts and even a website devoted to Japanese gifts!

1. The Mouse Market

This jewelry shop filled with mouse-sized food is sure to put a smile on your face. Who wouldn’t want to go through life wearing doughnut earrings? A person who hates fun, that’s who.

Pricing: $11 to $30

2. Flight 001

If you feel like you’re constantly going through airport security check-points, this is the shop for you. Flight 101 has everything you need to “upgrade your travel”: from luggage and passport holders, to plane travel necessities and maps. Make sure to check out their offerings before your next vacation or work trip.

Pricing: From $2.99 (for a bag tag) to $1,130 (for a luxury suitcase)

3. Arro Home

Your bed longs for you to cover it in a fun duvet cover from Arrow Home. Your dining room table pines to be adorned with their cool placemats and napkins. GIVE IN TO THEIR DEMANDS!

Pricing: $19 to $199

4. Doggie Tops

Doggie Tops’ motto is: “Wear what you love”— be it a Basset Hound or a Brussels Griffon, a Pomeranian or a Puggle. And (in spite of their shop name) they also carrycat merchandise.

Pricing: $26 (for a t-shirt) or $38 (for a hoodie)

5. Gallery Nucleus

Need some new art for your walls? Head to Gallery Nucleus (the web-shop of a gallery in Alhambra, California). They have over 879 prints from artists in a wide variety of different styles—there’s no way you won’t be able to find something that you’ll love.

Pricing: Most of the prints run from around $20 to $35, but there are some larger or limited edition prints at higher price points.

6. Hansel From Basel

Socks, socks, socks! To be more specific: stylish socks with patterns featuring things like high heels and mermaids. While they have the biggest selection of women’s socks, they also carry pairs in men’s and children’s sizes.

Pricing: $5 to $47

7. Blabla Kids

Adorable knitted toys and accessories for kids. Their most impressive and absurd products = their line of giant dolls.

Pricing: $24 to $196 (for their knitted offerings; they also carry paper goods, some clothing, and bedding)

8. MAKE Beauty

A paraben-free makeup company that never tests on animals, has beautifully designed products, a variety of vegan offerings, and allows you to return items you don’t end up liking for a refund or an exchange.

Pricing: $10 to $48

9. Passive Juice Motel

Buy one of Passive Juice Motel’s pop culture inspired tees and you’ll be sure to hear a lot of people saying, “Hey, I love your shirt!”

Pricing: $19 to $30

10. Hygge & West

Walls covered in Hygge & West’s glorious wallpaper will make bare walls jealous. If you don’t want to make a longterm commitment to one particular pattern, they offerremovable wallpaper tiles.

Pricing: $140 to $190 per roll, $15 to $33 for a wallpaper tile

11. Japanese Gift Market

For people who aspire to only own cute things.

Pricing: $4 to $68

12. Erica Weiner

It can be hard to find inexpensive jewelry that’s *also* attractive…that’s why you’ll be happy when you check out the necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets at Erica Weiner.

Pricing: The Erica Weiner Collection runs around $30 to $95, but the shop also carries vintage jewelry, wedding bands, and engagement rings at higher price points

13. Huset

Modern goods from Scandinavian countries. It would be more fun to make a trip to Europe to pick these things up for yourself, but this is the next best option.

Pricing: $8 to $500+ (for furniture)

14. I Heart Guts

At first you may think, “Why the hell would I need a plush organ?” But give it some more thought! A tonsil for your cousin who’s having surgery, a brain for your niece who just graduated from high school, a heart for your sister who just got over a bad breakup. The possibilities aren’t *endless*, but they’re pretty expansive.

Pricing: $4 to $99

15. Gama-Go

$6.50 = a small price to pay for the joy you’ll get watching your child drink from a solo or noodle cup. If you’re not in the market for a sippy cup, Gama-Go has plenty of hilarious kitchen accessories for adults. Plus: their yeti mascot is endearing in a grumbly way.

Pricing: nothing is over $20

16. Alite

Alite makes “going outside simple” with their selection of cool things to take with you when you head off into the great outdoors.

Pricing: $5 to $200

17. Modern Moose

The coolest, quirkiest clocks and wall plaques you’ve ever seen. Telling time has never been so much fun.

Pricing: $38 to $43.99

18. The Evolution Store

Do you want to start adding to your childhood rock collection again? Would you like to decorate your home with a chart that looks like it belongs in a classroom from the 1950s? Dream of having bugs hanging from your earlobes? Head to The Evolution Store to find “science and natural history collectibles, artifacts, gifts, and home furnishings.”

Pricing: Some of their offerings are definite splurges, but they have plenty of things at lower price points

19. LuckyShop

If you tend to buy fabric you never actually end up using, it would be wise to stay away from this shop—you’d end up buying 13 yards of amazingly cute fabric to add to your pile o’ patterns.

Pricing: $6 to $28

20. Sarah + Abraham

Personalized items (plates! bags! pillows! prints!) that are almost as adorable as your kids are. When ordering a product, you get to choose the skin tone, hair style, hair color, eye shape, eye color, and expression.

Pricing: $15 to $59

21. Walker Shop

Even if you never actually make it to Minneapolis to go to the Walker Art Center, you can still visit its expertly curated gift shop.

Pricing: $5 to $640 (for fancy jewelry)

22. Waggo Home

If your dog could figure out how to use the track pad of your laptop with his paws, he’d visit this shop.

Pricing: $5 to $200 (for a large dog bed)

23. Print All Over Me

“A creative community of people turning virtual ideas into real world objects” aka a place to buy clothing, accessories, and decor covered in prints created by talented designers. There’s a *lot* of stuff…why not start off by looking through their currentcollaborations.

Pricing: $28 to $145

24. Best Made Company

Quality goods that will last for generations…here’s hoping that your kids have the same rustic taste as you do.

Pricing: $5 to $588 (for a utility chest)

25. Blue Q

Blue Q has cool stuff—cool stuff that *also* happens to be incredibly inexpensive. It’s the perfect place to buy a lil’ gift for a friend…or yourself! Yeah, probably yourself.

Pricing: $1.99 to $17.99

26. Sucre Shop

Sucre = sugar in French. Sugar = sweet. Sweet = the selection of party goods available at Sucre Shop. Shop here and you’ll definitely be the hostess with the mostess.

Pricing: $3 to $18

27. Yellow Owl Workshop

If you don’t think stamps are cool, you’ve obviously never taken a look at the stamps made by Yellow Owl Workshop. You’ll want to use an ink pad for the first time since elementary school.

Pricing: $5 to $30

28. YVNG Pearl

For when you want your nails to look like the show you’re currently binge watching.

Pricing: $7

29. Mignon

A collection of beautiful goods. They aren’t *all* for your kitchen, but a large portion of them are. Bonus: many of the products are handmade, made in the USA, and sustainably produced.

Pricing: $2.50 to $68

30. The Good Twin Co

Everyone should have a cache of attractive greetings to draw from when you suddenly realize that it’s your sister’s birthday and you forgot to get her one. The Good Twin Co. is a great place to go to buy cards for that emergency stash.

Pricing: $4.50 to $16 (for a set)

31. The Club of Odd Volumes

Everything you truly need. Yes, you *need* a shirt with the Fresh Prince on it and you *need* all the other buzzy tees, totes, and pillows you can find at The Club of Odd Volumes. You truly do.

Price: $25 to $49

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Product Design

42 Life Saving Products For Your Next Camping Trip

Summer is a great time for exploring the outdoors and camping. When going camping it’s always best to be well prepared with life saving products just in case something unplanned happens.

These 42 Life Saving Products For Your Next Camping Trip below are not only fun products for the outdoors, they can also help make your camping more enjoyable!

Feature some awesome camping products like a squeezable water filtration system, a smokeless stove that generates electricity to charge your personal devices and even a USB and solar-powered device that charges headlamps, cameras, and electronics!

1. An inflatable solar light that will help you see through anything.

Lightweight, rechargeable, waterproof, and eco-friendly. Buy here.

2. A squeezable water filtration system.

Fill the pouches with water from any outdoor water source, screw the filter onto the pouch, and filter the water into your water bottles.

Get these collapsible life-savers here.

3. A CamelBak purification water bottle.

The cap uses UV technology to clean any tap or clear natural water into drinking water in 60 seconds. Bonus: A fully charged battery gives you 80 uses! Get it here.

4. A headlamp that adjusts its brightness automatically to the environment.

Get it here.

5. This tool kit that has everything you could ever need.

Includes a can opener, tweezers, alarm, timer, barometer, thermometer, flashlight, screwdriver, magnifying lens, sharpening stone, compass, and more. Get it here.

6. A smokeless stove that generates electricity to charge your personal devices.

Get it here.

7. “Earl,” a smart, solar-powered GPS that gives you real-time map data, weather, and an emergency radio.

Get it here.

8. This compact stove that’s perfect for a solo trip.

All-in-one stove, with suggested fuel amounts above. Get it here.

9. A USB and solar-powered device that charges headlamps, cameras, and electronics.

Also waterproof. Get it here.

10. This high-tech blade with a handle that doesn’t absorb water.

Perfect for cutting wood or preparing food. Get it here.

11. A no-pump water filter that cleans your water for you.

So you can spend more time exploring. Get it here.

12. A waterproof lighter with a gas lock.

There is nothing worse than not being able to light your stove and eat a hot meal after a rainy day of hiking. NOTHING. Get it here.

13. This neon blue hammock for two.

Talk about romantic. Get it here.

14. A portable sink that’s perfect for keeping dishes and clothes sanitary.

Especially useful for washing underwear, which can help prevent UTIs and other infections. Get it here.

15. A tent-pole seat that holds up to 250 pounds and weighs only 1.3 pounds.

It folds into a little tube. Get it here.

16. A compact spork-and-knife utensil set.

The solution to all our spork woes. Get it here.

17. A bandana that is also a map of Yosemite National Park.

Get it here.

18. An ultra-light drip coffeemaker.

Early-morning boost to your sunrise hike. Get it here.

19. Reflective badges that will keep your group together during night hikes.

Get them here.

20. A star target that teaches you secrets of the galaxy.

It locates constellations, bright stars, nebulas, star clusters, and more. Get it here.

21. A survival tool kit that’s smaller than a credit card and will save you in emergency situations.

Includes saw blade, two-position wrench, key-chain hole, bottle opener, direction indication, can opener, screwdriver, ruler, four-position wrench, and a butterfly screw wrench. Is there anything it can’t do? Get it here.

22. A compact scraper that will clean out any last food chunks.

Also doubles up as a spatula and a utensils replacement. Finally, you don’t have to eat yesterday’s leftover chili with today’s oatmeal. Get it here.

23. This all-purpose bowl that is 100% recyclable, light, odor-free, and stain-resistant.

It’s made of polyproylene, which is much lighter than regular plastics. It even stays buoyant when filled with water! Get it here.

24. Or this collapsible bowl that includes measuring marks on the inside.

No more dry oatmeal clumps because you didn’t guestimate the right amount of water. Get it here.

25. A “Hoodlum” that will never leave your face cold ever again.

Wear this to sleep. Get it here.

26. The lightest, most insulated socks you will ever find.

Get them here.

27. An all-in-one geoshield stove that allows for both upright and inverted fuel positions.

No more fumbling in the dark. No more being unable to pack your aluminum foil and spare parts into a tiny container. Get it here.

28. Collapsible cooking pots that are lightweight and durable.

Get them here.

29. A tarp poncho that will keep you waterproof indefinitely.

Get it here.

30. A dry trash sack that prevents any leakage.

LEAVE NO TRACE!!! Get it here.

31. An insulated hammock.

Fall asleep to the stars. Get it here.

32. This lightweight slackline that’s perfect for adventurous trips.

Slacklining on the top of a mountain may be the most hardcore activity you could possibly do. Get it here.

33. A pocket shower for when you go on month-long backpacking trips.

Cleanliness for purely health reasons. Get it here.

34. A roll-up flask because why not.

Backpacking doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some booze for at least a couple days. Get it here.

35. This FireSteel that easily helps you start a fire.

Seriously, never eat a cold dinner again! Functions in rain and snow. Get it here.

36. This two-person tent that comes with built-in LED lighting.

No makeshift headlamp-tent-light hassle. Get it here.

37. This gear line that will organize all your essentials at night.

Also will create space to fit in that extra person for maximum warmth. Get it here.

38. These odorless bags that will keep bears at bay.

Perfect for holding trash and any used tampons. Buy them here.

39. An solar-powered inflatable, waterproof light that doubles as a pillow.

Buy it here.

40. A toothbrush sanitizer that will eliminate all that nasty dirt.

This way brushing your teeth is actually hygienic. Get it here.

41. A compact and light cookware set.

One pot, one pan, all you need. Buy it here.

42. This super eco-friendly charger that fuels using water and salt.

COMING SOON… (Like the end of this month.)

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Product Design

28 Insanily Cool Ring Alternatives To Traditional Wedding Rings

When you think about wedding bands you usually think of a plain metal band. In today’s article we’ll be showcasing 28 Insanily Cool Ring Alternatives To Traditional Wedding Rings that look amazing!

These alternative wedding rings feature some unique and stylish designs made some some weird materials like oak, carbon fiber, wood and even silicon.

If you’re planning your wedding and want a wedding band that’s unique and showcases something fresh about your personality check out these awesome wedding ring alternatives!

Gold, silver, and platinum bands are beautiful, classic symbols of commitment — but what if you can’t wear one on the job? Maybe you can’t have anything conductive, or need something that won’t burn your finger when exposed to high heat, or a ring that won’t mangle your finger if you’re in an accident. Make sure you find out specifically what’s safe to wear, but one of these bands could be exactly the material you’re looking for to show your commitment.

1. QALO Silicone Band

A 100% silicone ring. These could even be worn while working out at the gym in place of your usual band. Find them here for $15.99 and up.

2. SafeRingz Silicone Band

According to their website, these are are nonconductive and use a unique metallic pigment that closely mimics gold, silver, and other metallic colors. You can find them from $6.99 and up here.

3. Black Tungsten Band

Black Tungsten Band

Find this here for $40.98.

4. Comfort Fit Wedding Ring in White Tungsten Carbide

Comfort Fit Wedding Ring in White Tungsten Carbide
Blue Nile / Via

Find it here for $160.

5. Comfort Fit Hammered Tungsten Band

Comfort Fit Hammered Tungsten Band
usajewlery / Via

Find this here for $89.

6. Simple Black Tungsten Band

Simple Black Tungsten Band

Find this here for $129.99.

7. Handcrafted Tungsten Band

Handcrafted Tungsten Band

Find it here for $295.

8. Bourbon Barrel Stave Oak and Black Ceramic Wooden Ring

Bourbon Barrel Stave Oak and Black Ceramic Wooden Ring
Wedgewood Rings / Via

Find this here for $335.

9. Ebony Wood Band

Ebony Wood Band
StadlerWoodworking / Via

Find this here for $105.

10. Black Zirconium and Cocobolo Wooden Ring

Black Zirconium and Cocobolo Wooden Ring
Wedgewood Rings / Via

Find this here for $305.

11. Bentwood Carbon Fiber and Zebra Wood Wedding Band

Bentwood Carbon Fiber and Zebra Wood Wedding Band
MarkoftheMental / Via

Find this simple wood band here for $215.

12. Ebony and Crushed Stone Meteorite Band

Ebony and Crushed Stone Meteorite Band
Ebeniste / Via

Find it here for $630.

Tattoos or necklaces can be great options if you can’t wear a wedding band at all. A tattoo is a subtle — or not so subtle, whichever you prefer — way of showing your commitment. Necklaces can be the perfect way to display your devotion if you can’t wear a band or don’t want to get inked.

13. Matching Roman Numeral Wedding Date Tattoos

14. Día de Muertos–Inspired Matching Tattoos

15. Classic Mr. and Mrs. Ring Finger Tattoos

Classic Mr. and Mrs. Ring Finger Tattoos

16. Harry Potter–Themed Patronus Tattoos

17. Elegant Matching Love Tattoos

18. Solid Line Wedding Band Ring Tattoos

Solid Line Wedding Band Ring Tattoos

19. King and Queen of Hearts Tattoos

20. Infinity Pendant

Infinity Pendant
Tiffany / Via

Find it here for $225.

21. Personalized Gold Russian Ring Eternity Necklace

Personalized Gold Russian Ring Eternity Necklace

Find it here for $820.95.

22. Diamond Accent Solitaire Sideways Infinity Necklace in 10-Karat White Gold

Diamond Accent Solitaire Sideways Infinity Necklace in 10-Karat White Gold
Zales / Via

Get it here for $219.

23. Paloma Picasso Loving Heart Double Bar Pendant

Paloma Picasso Loving Heart Double Bar Pendant
Tiffany / Via

Find this here for $350.

24. 14-Karat White Gold Diamond Large Infinity Necklace

14-Karat White Gold Diamond Large Infinity Necklace
Anne Sisteron / Via

Find it here for $635.

25. Gold Anchor 14-Karat Gold Filled Dainty Necklace

Gold Anchor 14-Karat Gold Filled Dainty Necklace
MinimalVS / Via

Find this here for $34.

26. Baguette Diamond Circle Pendant

Baguette Diamond Circle Pendant
Zales / Via

Get it here for $422.50.

27. 14-Karat Gold Floating Diamond Heart Pendant

14-Karat Gold Floating Diamond Heart Pendant
ItsHot / Via

Get it here for $1,250.

28. 14-Karat Gold Circle of Love Diamond Eternity Pendant

14-Karat Gold Circle of Love Diamond Eternity Pendant

Find this gorgeous pendant here for $2,241.

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23 Clever Back to School DIYs for Parents & Kids

Why not make going back to school a fun experience with these clever back to school DIY’s for parents and kids! With these awesome do-it-yourself projects you can create some awesome school items.

A common pattern in North America and Europe is for school to begin in late August or early September in the northern hemisphere and in late January or early February in most Southern Hemisphere countries.

With some fantastic back to school projects like making your own DIY this ruler crate to keep homework supplies organized, create a colorful snack bag or why not get super high tech with a DIY digital projector for their classroom!

1. Upcycle a milk jug into a sandwich keeper.

You can never have too many sandwich keepers, tbh. Get the tutorial HERE.

2. Customize gel pens with color-coordinated feathers.

Learn how HERE.

3. DIY this ruler crate to keep homework supplies organized.

Lemon Tree Dwelling will show you how.

4. Keep crayons organized with this handmade crayon roll.

Find out how at Say Yes.

5. Always have a snack sack on hand.

Owen’s Olivia has a great tutorial to make your own.

6. Download these free printable bookplates.

Get them at Lavender’s Blue Designs.

7. Create a family command center out of an old door.

Get tips HERE.

8. Help them make this mail tube pencil case.

Damask Love created the tutorial.

9. Waterproof their canvas shoes to help them last all year.

Bee’s wax and a hairdryer should do the trick.

10. Keep homework organized with a customized bulletin board.

Tutorial HERE.

11. Color code notebooks by subject to make them easy to find.

12. Build this DIY digital projector for their classroom.

Photojojo will show you how.

13. Color-code hangers to streamline outfit planning during the week.

14. Make your own catch-all shelf to keep school supplies contained at home.

15. Got sewing skills? Upcycle juice pouches into storage cases.

Get the tutorial HERE.

16. Or keep things handy by installing a pen holder in their notebook.

17. Make them a custom backpack.

Instructions HERE.

18. Help little ones feel confident with their zipper abilities.

And keep accidents at bay. (Tutorial HERE.)

19. Never run out of ice packs again.

21. DIY this duck tape bookmark.

Instructions are HERE.

22. If you’re feeling really ambitious, try tackling these book covers.

See how it’s done HERE.

23. Or put together a homework station.

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17 Genius Food Hacks That Will Save You So Much Money

Many of us love to cook in the kitchen create our favourite dishes and snacks. In today’s article we’ll looking at 17 Genius Food Hacks That Will Save You So Much Money!

These awesome food hacks help you to keep food fresh for longer and will give you some useful shopping tips. With some clvere ideas like wrapping the crown of a bunch of bananas with plastic wrap and they’ll last 3-5 days longer than usual, stopping your brown sugar from turning rock-hard by throwing a couple of marshmallows into the bag or even looking at the top and bottom shelves at the grocery store to avoid the eye-level items which are the priciest!

1. Use a sealable bag to keep ice cream soft.

2. Wrap the crown of a bunch of bananas with plastic wrap and they’ll last 3-5 days longer than usual.

This trick is especially helpful if you eat organic bananas.

3. Look at the top and bottom shelves at the grocery store—the eye-level ones stock the priciest stuff.

Thomas Hawk via Flickr / Via Flickr: thomashawk

Grocery stores put more expensive items on the shelves we see first, so look up and down to spot the deals.

4. Buy chicken in family packs, drop the extras into sealable bags with marinade, and freeze.

The marinated chicken will be damn flavorful, and you can just thaw them as you need them.

5. Use the microwave to dry leftover herbs.

You’re never going to use all of that parsley before it starts it wilt. To preserve its color and flavor, place the herbs between two paper towels and microwave it for a minute or so. Get more info here.

6. If your milk is about to expire, use it to make milk and cookie cubes.

Pour your morning coffee over them for a heavenly caffeine cocktail that even Starbucks can’t compete with.

7. Use a money-saving app like favado, which compares the prices of your shopping list across local stores.

Get notified when new sale prices for your favorite items are added to local stores so you can know before you go.

8. To store delicate herbs, place them in cups of water, cover them with plastic wrap, secure with a rubber band, and refrigerate.

Use this trick on cilantro and parsley, and they’ll stay crisp for a week or longer.

9. Avoid the inner aisles at the grocery store and you won’t spend as much money.

Grocery stores place essential ingredients—like dairy and produce—on opposite ends of the store so that you’re forced to pass through all the aisles and buy more stuff you don’t need. Don’t get distracted. Shop the perimeter!

10. Never buy an over-ripened avocado again.

Avocados aren’t cheap, so it’s soul-crushing when you get all the way home to slice open a half-brown sludge vessel. Make sure the avocado ~belly button~ isn’t brown and you’re good to go.

11. Grate your own cheese.

Jay Davis via Flickr / Via Flickr: birdman

Just like with pre-packaged lettuce, grated cheese costs extra $$$ for the convenience. Grate a large hunk of cheese and keep it in a container in the fridge for easy sprinkling.

12. Wrap celery, broccoli, and lettuce in tin foil before storing in the fridge.

It’ll stay crisp for 4 weeks or more.

13. Use an app to find local restaurants where kids can eat for free.

The free Out To Eat With Kids app saves money on food that will probably just wind up on the floor anyway.

14. Section off your beef before freezing it to have perfect portion-sized patties.

Press a wooden skewer or pencil onto a meat-filled sealable baggy to divide and conquer.

15. Stop your brown sugar from turning rock-hard by throwing a couple of marshmallows into the bag.

Sang An / Via

Weird, I know. But it works! Learn how here.

16. Freeze leafy greens and use them in your smoothie.

They’ll give your smoothie a slightly slushy consistency. Plus, sneaking a serving a greens into your AM can’t hurt.

17. And finally, if you’re a lightweight who can’t finish a bottle of wine, freeze the leftovers in an ice cube tray.

The next time a recipe calls for a little wine, drop in a cube and start cooking.

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12 Clever Modern Bathroom Shower Ideas

Modern bathroom ideas is a very popular style and can combine geometric shapes, flowing fixtures, furniture and countertops. High quality materials with natural and synthetic materials are the calling cards of a modern bathroom.

But when it comes to clever modern bathroom shower ideas, certain materials are best for this ‘modern’ look like wood, stone, slate, glass and ceramic. Today we’ll be looking at 12 Clever Modern Bathroom Shower Ideas that really depict this style.

One important factor about modern bathroom styling is the color scheme. Colors like white, black and greys are often best, simple color schemes can sometimes lack visual appeal, so to increase the feel often distinctive patterns and/or wall paintings or wall art in used.

Modern Bathroom Shower Designs


24 Most Creative Kitchen Island Ideas

Kitchen decorating is essential for an attractive home. There are so many things to consider when styling a kitchen like kitchen cabinets, countertops, backsplashes, islands and more. But a good feature to have in any kitchen is kitchen island.

When you’re lacking in needed bench space, kitchen islands are perfect for adding in this well needed feature. Kitchen Islands are sometimes combined with sinks, a stove top or sometimes bare. They are great for big families that love to cook and are often perfect places for preparing food!

Today we’ll be taking a look at 24 Most Creative Kitchen Island Ideas, these islands are wonderfully stylish. Certain materials are best for Kitchen Islands like high quality wood and marble.

Kitchen Island Ideas and Inspiration


28 Insanely Cool Tribal Tattoos for Men

These days tattoos are very popular, but one style of tattoo has been around since the Bronze Age (that’s about 5,000 years ago!) which are tribal tattoos. Usually found on certain individuals that fit in with a distinct race and society, tribal tattoos were originally made to showcase strength and boldness.

In the Philippines certain tribal groups believe tattoos have magical qualities, and help to protect their bearers. Most traditional tattooing in the Philippines is related to the bearer’s accomplishments in life or rank in the tribe.

Today we’ll be looking at 28 Insanely Cool Tribal Tattoos for Men, Tribal tattoos with black ink. Both men and women have taken a liking to tribal tattoos.

Product Design

23 Clever Gadgets That Organize Your Busy Life!

Are you a forgetful person? Many of us have busy lives with work or studying and it’s no wonder we forget some important tasks. If you’re one of those people that needs to be reminded you should check out these 23 Clever Gadgets That Organize Your Busy Life!

Consisting of some truly genius and creative products like wrist bands or temporary tattoos to remind you of certain tasks, weighted cutlery for when you don’t have time to go to the gym but still need a workout or even a clock with a glowing drawing pad so you can write down your thoughts or to-do list!

1. Keep your reminders right on your wrist with these unique Post-Its.

Perfect for remembering appointment times! Get ‘em here.

2. Or use this fluorescent note tape that you just can’t miss.

Tape to face before bed, if need be. Get em here.

3. Get a (temporary) tattoo of your to-do list.

The To-Do Tattoo is here to help.

4. If you’re constantly pouring yourself a cuppa and promptly forgetting it, this is for you.

The Hot Cookie USB Cup Warmer uses your laptop’s head to keep that coffee piping hot.

5. Wake up to a glowing memo.

First memo: “GET UP. GET SHIT DONE.”

6. Use this cutlery when you “forget” to go to the gym.

Each bite is a rep. Get it here.

7. This one card is 18 handy tools (you would probably lose) in one!

Just keep this little guy around and magically become handy(wo)man extraordinaire.

8. Keep this guy around for when you inevitably forget to charge your stuff.

This gadget can charge an iPhone up to five times.

9. Clean your toothbrush without remembering to clean your toothbrush.

Let the Ninja Toothbrush Sanitizer Stand do all the work for you.

10. Never forget a precious ~shower thought~ again.

Record all your musings and epiphanies on waterproof notepad.

11. When you forget to chill and ~aerate~ your wine, this gadget will do it instantly.

Live in shame no more, the Icecap Wine Chiller will convince everyone you’re classy AF.

12. Actually hang on to your sunglasses.

The Snapsee Sunglasses hang around everywhere, so you can’t miss ‘em.

13. For when you not only forget laundry day, but forget to buy detergent, too.

The Crystal Wash Balls are an awesome, natural alternative that last up to 1,000 loads and are better for the environment!

14. When you’re convinced Fluffy has run away, check his tracker collar.

The Loc8tor will tell you just where the little scamp is hiding.

15. Stop losing track of all those little things with this grip pad.

Grippy Pad will hang on to all your valuables for you.

16. Avoid the dreaded coffee foam mustache with this stylish mug.

Because you WILL forget to check the mirror. Get it here.

17. Go the extra mile and just turn your phone into a mirror.

All potential embarrassment, averted. Get it here.

18. Stop accidentally starving your plants and get this planter that waters itself.

Jason Reekie / Via

Fear not, the Urban Garden will save you from being a murderer!

19. Always know where you put your keys with this magnetic light switch plate.

Never let your apartment swallow up your keys again.

20. Picnic time! This bag makes the blanket one less thing to remember.

It expands into a cushy blanket all its own! Get it here.

21. Stop losing and tangling your earbuds and get these light-up ones instead.

The Zipper Earphones glow in the dark of your cavernous bag and are tangle-proof!

22. Never forget another birthday or anniversary again.

This adorable pin board will ensure you keep friends and family.

23. This backpack remembers to pack a hood for you.

Don’t sweat forgetting a jacket when you’ve got a backpack with a detachable hood.

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33 Crazily Cool Travel Gadgets

We all love to travel and explore this big blue planet of ours. But why not make the travelling more special with some of these 33 Crazily Cool Travel Gadgets! Holidays help us relax and see new sights and sounds, if you’re into your tech and gadgets – these travel gadgets will certainly elevate your travelling experience!

With some super cool gadgets like noise-cancelling “smart” earplugs for when your trying to sleep on the plane or in a busy airport, or make going through security more quicker with some airport security-friendly stretch shoelaces or even space-saving laundry soap and shampoo sheets!

1. These space-saving laundry soap and shampoo sheets ($5 each)

No need to remember the 3-1-1 TSA carry-on ratio! Add water and the sheet will dissolve instantly. The packs also come in shaving, body wash, and hand soap versions.

2. This international SIM card for unlimited texts ($10 per year)

This $5 SIM card, which works on all unlocked phones, lets travelers send unlimited texts and emojis in over 150 countries for any instant messaging apps, including WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, Viber, and QQ. You can send multimedia (like photos, videos, and voice messages) for an additional fee.

3. This silk bra stash ($14)

Keep your cash, credit cards, and ID very close by with this small pocket made of breathable silk.

4. These noise-cancelling “smart” earplugs ($150)

When you’re stuck next to a crying baby on a plane, pop in the “Hush” plugs. and fall asleep to soothing sounds like ocean waves and rainfall. These smart earplugs also have a notification filter and know to ping you only for the important stuff. They can also wake up you and only you (and not the rest of your hostel).

5. This anti-crease shirt transporter ($50)

Save time on ironing! This Tupperware for shirts and blouses is called the Shirt Shuttler, and it’s ideal for short trips or daily bike commutes.

6. This compression sack with compartments ($40)

The beauty of compression sacks is that they’re space saving magical bags, but the downside is that all of your clothes, once inside, are jumbled and hard to find. The Hoboroll fixes that with its five compartments. You’ll know exactly where everything is in your pack!

7. These airport security-friendly stretch laces ($10)

Speed through security with these stretchy laces. Every shoe becomes a slip-on!

8. This water bottle with a built-in pill organizer ($18)

This 23 oz. bottle takes your medication on the go! There are seven compartments for each day of the week. The bottle’s cap can also double as cup.

9. These inflatable hangers ($13)

The kinds of hangers that stay locked in hotel closets are the WORST. These inflatable hangers hold up your wet or dry clothes anywhere.

10. This giant body wipe ($10)

No shower? No problem. If you’re on an overnight train or hostel with no bath in sight, opt for this 4-by-2 feet towel that will keep you clean wherever you are.

11. This sound enhancer for iPads ($5)

If an iPad is your only source of car/hotel entertainment for you and/or your kids, a good alternative to Bluetooth speakers is this audio-boosting attachment for iPads 2 through 4. A magnet secures the enhancer onto the iPad while it bends the sound toward you.

12. This pay-as-you-go global hotspot ($125, then $10 per day)

You’ll pay $125 for the hotspot itself and five day passes of unlimited data on up to five devices. After that, it’s just $10 a day for coverage in Europe, most of Asia, South Pacific, The Americas, and parts of the Middle East and Africa. The best part?No contracts.

13. This phone case that holds different SIM cards($30)

If you’re hopping between countries, you’ll need different SIM cards to access data and make phone calls or text. This iPhone 5/5S case has a slot to store spare SIMs and a eject tool. Sign up to pre-order the iPhone 6 case.

14. This almost DSLR-grade lens for iPhone ($100)

Ditch your big, bulky DSLR! These “Moment” lenses can help you capture more detail (tele lens) or epic landscapes (wide lens) by changing your phone’s angle of view. One drawback is that the lenses require a permanent mounting plate on the back of your phone. You can’t take this plate on and off very easily.

For more money, Moment offers a less permanent solution, a phone case ($69) that’s compatible with their lenses and makes your phone easier to hold while taking photos.

15. This tiny humidifier ($35)

Fill an empty bottle with water, plop the gadget on top, plug it into a USB port, and you’ve got yourself a humidifier that’ll keep you hydrated all over the world.

16. This slap bracelet sunglasses combo ($32)

Be adventure ready at all times. Just slap this rugged pair of sunnies around a body part or bike handlebars to collapse and snap to unfold.

17. This credit card-sized portable charger ($29)

This very small charger for iPhone and Android devices can fit in a wallet and provide 5 hours of additional talk time.

18. This perfect carry-on backpack that lies flat ($299)

It’s called The Minaal and, after a successful Kickstarter campaign, is now shipping. Like a suitcase, there are zippers on all sides and it lies flat for quick packing and unpacking. There’s also a raincover for full water protection.

19. These very compact USB cables ($45)

Great for exchanging photos with new friends or charging anywhere! These tangle-free cables fit in a very convenient, compact travel case. You get three types of cables for all types of devices: Lightning for iPhone 5 and up, 30-pin for iPhone 4S and earlier, and micro USB for Android phones.

20. This 3-in-1 flash drive/stylus/pen ($40)

Inside of this working pen and stylus is a removable 4GB flash drive. Make an emergency USB with personal documents, just in case you lose your wallet or get your passport stolen. Then, encrypt your drive by using Bitlocker or TrueCrypt to keep it private.

21. This portable rain hood ($25)

This lightweight accessory turns any coat into a rain jacket. Save on space and weight!

22. This travel-sized router ($50)

Fix poor in-room connection with this WiFi-boosting travel repeater. It can also create a wireless access point from a wired source like an Ethernet cable. This adapter fits many electrical international outlets, including US, Mexica, UK, China and others.

23. This insanely organized underwear pouch ($28)

Fit a couple bras and a weeklong-supply of panties in this handy organizer. There’s alsp a built-in pouch for dirty underwear or makeup.

24. This iPhone Wrist Strap that prevents theft ($35)

This strap for iPhone 5S-6 Plus is intended to prevent falls and shattered screens, but it can also serve as a way to prevent your phone from being pickpocketed while you’re out sightseeing. Just keep the strap on your wrist to prevent someone swiping it from your pants.

25. This travel door alarm ($12)

If you’re sketched out by your local accommodations, attach this pocket alarm to your door for peace of mind. There’s also an LED flashlight built-in!

26. This carry-on cocktail kit ($24)

Craft your own artisanal cocktail with this kit that includes a linen coaster, mini jigger, bar spoon, muddler, and/or necessary mixers, depending on the drink. There are kits for old fashioneds and gin and tonics, with more coming soon. All you need to do is order the hard stuff when the drink cart comes by.

27. This high-tech smart luggage ($339)

This connected suitcase can be controlled and tracked by a smartphone. It has a built-in scale, battery charger, location tracking, and a digital lock. If you’re out of battery or lose your phone, the bag can also be opened with a physical key.

28. This all-in-one kitchen tool ($45)

It includes a 9.87-inch wide serrated knife, bottle opener, can opener, flathead screwdriver, and grill scraper. The sheath includes an anti microbial additive that prevents bacteria from building up between uses. It’ll make food prep on the road so much easier!

29. This location-tracking name tag ($100)

It has Bluetooth 4.0 built-in and can connect to your device up to 200 feet away. If someone does so much as lay a finger on your bags, the tag will ping your phone. When you’re waiting at the carousel, it’ll let you know when your bags are close by. When your tag is out of range, the app will remember where it last recognized your tag.

30. This foodie survival kit ($26)

Staying at an Airbnb? This kit will ensure that your home-away-from-home is stocked with essential spices.

31. This roller bag stacker ($12)

Pull up to four suitcases at once with this nifty strap that connects suitcases together through their handles.

32. These foldable travel slippers ($18)

These slippers spring open once they’re untucked. Instant at-home comfort!

33. And – if you’re really hardcore – this compact golf set ($900)

It fits in an overhead bin! GENIUS.

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25 Inspirational Modern Bedroom Ideas

Sleeping at night is an essential part of our lives, so why not make the bedroom a cozy and stylish decor! From enormous master bedrooms to one-room apartments, we are going to show you 10 Inspirational Modern Bedroom Ideas!

Modern bedroom designs are applied with architectural decors like concrete walls, elegant shelving, wooden floors and clean and stylish accessories. These expensive looking bedrooms contain beautiful color schemes filled with bright colors set against darker tones. Packed with stylish rugs, beds, artwork and sophisticated furniture, shelving and vases.

Monochromatic colors are usually the foundation of modern bedrooms, the saying “less is more” is certainly true in this case of Modern Bedroom Designs. If you’re looking to modernize your bedroom, these inspiration designs should inspire you! Remember not to clutter your room with too many accessories or furniture.

These 25 Inspirational Modern Bedroom Ideas not only offer a beautiful and quiet space, they showcase a clean and vibrant look that will look perfect in any home!

25 Inspirational Modern Bedroom Ideas

Modern Contemporary Bedroom Designs


38 Genius Hacks To Transform Your Garage

Have you got a garage that’s in serious need of some TLC? Garages are usually the last places that get some decor and planning. Usually used as a place to park your car or used as storage – you’ll be surprised how you can transform your garage into an organized and well used part of the house!

But why not try some of these 38 Genius Hacks To Improve Your Garage! With some clever ideas like how to install a slat wall to hang and organize smaller accessories, use slices of PVC pipe to hold your gardening tools or even repurposing empty coffee cans as miniature recycling centers.

1. Use a slat wall to hang and organize smaller accessories.

Add as many hooks and baskets as you need.

Learn more at A Beautiful Mess.

2. Or try a pegboard wall one instead.

The most helpful holes in the world. Praise pegboards.

Learn more at Positively Splendid.

3. Keep every tool in its proper place with outlines.

“Honey, stop hanging the wrench on the hammer hook!”

Learn more at Hey, Let’s Make Stuff.

4. Have a spare chest of drawers hanging around? Turn ‘em into a workbench.

This glorious workbench was made using the Rast chests from Ikea: they’re only $34!

Learn more at A Prudent Life.

5. Install a set of old school lockers and assign one to each member of your family.

Where do you find old lockers? Keep an eye on Ebay, Etsy, or Craigslist.

Learn more at 100 Things 2 Do.

6. Create extra space and store bikes vertically.

This is actually an Ikea hack using a Stolmen post.

Learn more at Ikea Hackers.

7. Or hang them from the ceiling.

Just make sure the hooks are secure!

Learn more at C.R.A.F.T.

8. Get some air with a sliding screen door.

Yes—garage screen doors exist! If you spend a lot of time in your garage (or if you live in an area plagued by mosquitos and other bugs), you may want to invest in one.

Learn more at Shanty 2 Chic.

9. Have a “no shoes allowed in the house” policy? Maximize floor space and store them on a rackinstead of the ground.

Ban dirt.

10. Or use a stack of vintage crates.

An old bottle holder is great for storing scarves, hats, and mittens.

Learn more at Finding Home.

11. Repurpose empty coffee cans as miniature recycling centers.

Store them alongside your larger paper, plastic, and glass recycling containers.

Learn more at Lil Blue Boo and here’s some general information about recycling batteries.

12. Garages can be pretty dreary places—add some color and paint the door that goes into your house.

Stencil on a cheery message for good measure.

Learn more at Being Home.

13. Turn a corner of your garage into a mudroom.

Garage glamour.

Learn more at A Bowl Full of Lemons.

14. Conserve space with a fold-up worktable.

This is a great option for people with small spaces *or* those who don’t plan to use their garage as a workshop very frequently.

Learn more at Turtles and Tails.

15. Store screws and nails in old gum containers.

Do *not* throw those handy lidded containers away!

Learn more at The Ugly Duckling House.

16. Use slices of PVC pipe to hold your gardening tools.

Learn more at Ashbee Design (and click here for some tips on cutting PVC pipe).

17. Put a pallet to work as sports equipment storage.

Shoot, score, clutter no more.

Learn more at Clean & Scentsible.

18. Keep sports balls contained with a wire wall basket.

It’s no good to have them rolling around the garage floor and getting under the car.

Learn more at Jenna Burger.

19. Have an athletic family? Build a rolling sports goods storage cart.

Push it out into the yard and play ball!

Learn more at Shanty 2 Chic.

20. Easily move your tools to whatever corner of the garage you’re working in with this DIY caddy.

Of course it’s made from pegboards. Pegboards are the garage MVP.

Learn more at Mom 4 Real.

21. Hang your fishing rods from a ceiling rack to keep them out of the way.

You can buy one here… but if you’re handy with a jigsaw, it would be a cinch to make your own.

22. Store your spraypaint in a shoe organizer.

This shoe organizer is super cheap – get it.

Learn more at Hi Sugarplum.

23. Construct a storage tower to place in a empty corner.

These shelves are the perfect size for keeping tubs on.

Learn more at Bower Power.

24. You don’t need to be an expert handyman to build these simple shelves.

You just need some wood and brackets.

Learn more at Shanty 2 Chic.

25. Install a beam to hang wet jackets and snow-pants on.

They can drip dry in the garage instead of the entryway.

Learn more at One Good Thing by Jillee.

26. Don’t leave bicycles and scooters toppled over in a corner—use a rack to safely park them.

This DIY option even includes hooks for hanging helmets on.

Learn more at Addicted to DIY.

27. Or create designated parking spaces for your children’s vehicles using tape.

They’ll learn how to parallel park at a young age.

Learn more at I’m An Organizing Junkie.

28. If you really want to house your children’s driving toys in style, make them their own mini garage.

This way they’re protected from the elements but not taking up space in your *actual* garage.

Learn more at Mom Endeavors.

29. Hang up a magnetic strip to hold screwdrivers, wrenches, and scissors.

Or paintbrushes—anything with some metal.

Learn more at One Good Thing by Jillee.

30. Utilize the space above your garage door with mounted shelving.

This would be a good place to store holiday decorations and other things you don’t need all that frequently.

Buy them here.

31. Use large metal buckets to store children’s outdoor toys.

If you think the contents of the buckets will change frequently, you could make easily erasable labels using chalk and chalkboard paint.

Learn more at Random Thoughts of a Supermom.

32. Painting a concrete floor makes it easier to clean and helps protects your garage from mildew.

If you stain it, you can paint it again! It’s pretty darn easy.

Learn more at Clean and Scentsible.

33. But if you’re stuck with plain concrete, spruce it up with this miracle cleaner.

You probably already have the ingredients on hand.

Learn more at I Should Be Mopping the Floor.

34. Do a lot of building? Make yourself a lumber cart to organize your supplies.

This way you can easily figure out what you need (or don’t need) before you head off to Home Depot.

Learn more at Shanty 2 Chic.

35. Of course the easiest way to organize scrap wood is to dump it in a bucket.


Learn more at Simply Designing.

36. Consolidate leftover paint into jars.

You’ll have so much more space!

Learn more at Hi Sugarplum.

37. After painting a room, save a swatch of the paint color for future reference.

This way when you need to touch up the walls in your bathroom, you’ll know that you used Rustic Sunset not Orange Glow.

Learn more at Hi Sugarplum.

38. And if you can’t find a place for something, put it in a tub.

Emergency kits, tarps, camping goods, saws: a tub for everything!

Learn more at A Bowl Full of Lemons.

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29 Crazily Cool Bedroom Products For Lazy People

Bedrooms should be a place of rest and relaxation, that’s why these genius bedroom products for lazy people is a must see! With some brilliant and clever inventions like the lazy glasses which lets you watch tv while laying down on your back, or keep cool with the fan that blows cold air under your sheets or why not stay nice and snug with the pillow remote control!

The USB bed lift set will allow you to charge anything without leaving the bed or try a remote controlled garbage can for when you have to throw away food or drink packets. If you’re a lazy person like me, these gadgets will allow you to never leave your cozy bedroom ever again!

1. The Lazy Glasses

So you can actually lie down while reading or watching TV. $9.43, Amazon.

2. Shoot Again Indoor Basketball Hoop Set

Be athletic from the comfort of your own bed. $50, Fancy.

3. The Bedfan

No more awkwardly sleeping with your foot out from under the covers. $84.95,Amazon.

4. SipSnap Drink Covers

Because spilling your wine in bed probably means you’ll have to do laundry. $19.95 (set of three), SipSnap.

5. Remote Control Pillow

If you misplace this remote, that’s on you. $19.99, Sears.

6. Bedphones

These won’t hurt your ears when lying down. $59.95, Bedphones.

7. Smart Sensor Anti-Snore Pillow

This pillow detects snoring and automatically inflates to nudge the snorer to turn over. $104, Amazon.

8. Thumb Thing Book Page Holder

One hand for book, one hand for snacks. $5.23, Amazon.

9. The Bariseur Alarm Clock and Coffee Brewer

Wake up to the fresh scent of coffee every morning. This product is still in development, but will soon be available to purchase at Josh Renouf Design.

10. Comfort U Total Body Support Pillow

The joy of cuddles without the annoyance of other people. $99.95, Amazon.

11. Glowing Memo Alarm Clock

For important memos like, “Don’t forget to wear pants!” $20, Fancy.

12. DoodleDoodle Pillowcase

For important memos like “I love you, sleeping buddy.” $19.95, Houzz.

13. Nightstand Fridge

Keep a stash of beers by your bed without looking like a frat house. $379, This Is Why I’m Broke.

14. Heated Huggie Bear

For cramps and cuddles. $30.79, Firebox.

15. USB Bed Lift Set

You’ll be able to host a full-on study sesh in your dorm bed. $29.99, Bed, Bath & Beyond.

16. Privacy Pop Bed Tent

Doubles as a play fort, as everything should. $129.99, Privacy Pop.

17. New York Window Poster

For the NYC “bedroom” without any actual windows. $14, Fancy.

18. Igloo Dome Pillow

Light and sound-absorbent. $225, Japan Trend Shop.

19. Sound Asleep Pillow

For podcast pillow talk. $27.69, Firebox.

20. Spill-Proof Nail Polish Holder

Uneven bed, meet manicure. $9.99, Amazon.

21. Pizza Pie Queen Duvet

Warning: may cause cheesy dreams. $158, Cafe Press.

22. Nap Massaging Bed Rest

$99.99, Brookstone.

23. Wireless Appliance Remote Control

Getting up to turn off the light is for noobs. $12.74, Amazon.

24. Glass of Milk Light

To keep lactose intolerant monsters away and also to light your way to the bathroom. $12.29, Firebox.

25. Apple Pie Blanket

Because this is America. $49.95, Beloved Shirts.

26. Book Rest Lamp

Because who can keep track of a bookmark, really? $69.99, Gone Reading.

27. Remote Control Garbage Can

$36, Japan Trend Shop.

28. Aurora Night Sky Projector

Why go outside? $93.10, Amazon.

29. Multifunctional Laptop Stand

So many ~positions~. $39.99, Amazon.

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1. The Lazy Glasses

So you can actually lie down while reading or watching TV. $9.43, Amazon.

2. Shoot Again Indoor Basketball Hoop Set

Be athletic from the comfort of your own bed. $50, Fancy.

3. The Bedfan

No more awkwardly sleeping with your foot out from under the covers. $84.95,Amazon.

4. SipSnap Drink Covers

Because spilling your wine in bed probably means you’ll have to do laundry. $19.95 (set of three), SipSnap.

5. Remote Control Pillow

If you misplace this remote, that’s on you. $19.99, Sears.

6. Bedphones

These won’t hurt your ears when lying down. $59.95, Bedphones.

7. Smart Sensor Anti-Snore Pillow

This pillow detects snoring and automatically inflates to nudge the snorer to turn over. $104, Amazon.

8. Thumb Thing Book Page Holder

One hand for book, one hand for snacks. $5.23, Amazon.

9. The Bariseur Alarm Clock and Coffee Brewer

Wake up to the fresh scent of coffee every morning. This product is still in development, but will soon be available to purchase at Josh Renouf Design.

10. Comfort U Total Body Support Pillow

The joy of cuddles without the annoyance of other people. $99.95, Amazon.

11. Glowing Memo Alarm Clock

For important memos like, “Don’t forget to wear pants!” $20, Fancy.

12. DoodleDoodle Pillowcase

For important memos like “I love you, sleeping buddy.” $19.95, Houzz.

13. Nightstand Fridge

Keep a stash of beers by your bed without looking like a frat house. $379, This Is Why I’m Broke.

14. Heated Huggie Bear

For cramps and cuddles. $30.79, Firebox.

15. USB Bed Lift Set

You’ll be able to host a full-on study sesh in your dorm bed. $29.99, Bed, Bath & Beyond.

16. Privacy Pop Bed Tent

Doubles as a play fort, as everything should. $129.99, Privacy Pop.

17. New York Window Poster

For the NYC “bedroom” without any actual windows. $14, Fancy.

18. Igloo Dome Pillow

Light and sound-absorbent. $225, Japan Trend Shop.

19. Sound Asleep Pillow

For podcast pillow talk. $27.69, Firebox.

20. Spill-Proof Nail Polish Holder

Uneven bed, meet manicure. $9.99, Amazon.

21. Pizza Pie Queen Duvet

Warning: may cause cheesy dreams. $158, Cafe Press.

22. Nap Massaging Bed Rest

$99.99, Brookstone.

23. Wireless Appliance Remote Control

Getting up to turn off the light is for noobs. $12.74, Amazon.

24. Glass of Milk Light

To keep lactose intolerant monsters away and also to light your way to the bathroom. $12.29, Firebox.

25. Apple Pie Blanket

Because this is America. $49.95, Beloved Shirts.

26. Book Rest Lamp

Because who can keep track of a bookmark, really? $69.99, Gone Reading.

27. Remote Control Garbage Can

$36, Japan Trend Shop.

28. Aurora Night Sky Projector

Why go outside? $93.10, Amazon.

29. Multifunctional Laptop Stand

So many ~positions~. $39.99, Amazon.

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50 Crazily Cool Tattoo Quotes

These days tattoo quotes and sayings are very popular, sometimes in our lives we read a quote or a line from a book that stands out in our minds. Certain lines leave a strong impression and help define who we are as people, sometimes we feel so strongly about these quotes that we want them permanently inked onto our skin.

These tattooed quotes depict some nice sayings like “Dream as if you’ll live forever” and “be the change you want to see in the world”. Although it’s important when getting a quote tattoo that you don’t let you’re ego get in the way and choose a really corny saying! Remember tattoos are for life and you need to be one hundred percent sure you want a tattoo.

These are 50 Clever Tattoo Quotes!


10 Borderline Genius DIY Ceiling Projects

When decorating your home the last thing that comes to mind is decorating your ceiling. It’s often never styled and is usually a simple white color. But have you ever thought about decorating your ceiling? We spend so many hours decorating our living rooms, bedroom and bathrooms – but if you scroll down to see these ceiling projects, you’ll find another world entirely!

In this collection you’ll find 10 Borderline Genius DIY Ceiling Projects! Transform your room into something more inspiring with these ceiling decorations that include some painted and some white ceilings with added features like medallions, moldings, wood boards and some fancy lights.

Easy DIY Ceiling Medallion


Beautiful Ceiling Medallion


Checkered Ceiling Tutorial


DIY Sunburst Ceiling Light


DIY Ceiling Clouds


DIY Baby Nursery Embroidery Hoop Ceiling


Arrow Painted Ceiling


Dancing on The Ceiling


Umbrella Ceiling Party Decorating DIY

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Porch Ceiling Fan Makeover



23 Contemporary Living Room Ideas

What makes a living room contemporary? A contemporary living room allows you to move freely through the room, often filled with casual and comfortable furniture. These ideas below showcase beautiful living room ideas with lofty ceilings, clean lines and have mixed iconic mid-century furniture with cosy accessories and artwork.

The living room is like the heart and soul of a house, often used as a relaxing room where families get together and enjoy each others company, the style of this room is essential!

Explore our contemporary living room ideas below. Packed with neutral colors and charismatic accessories, artwork,  geometric-pattern textiles, sculptural metal lighting fixtures, sunburst mirrors, glass tables and shelves, and natural furniture finishes.

Contemporary Living Room Ideas


27 Food Pillows That Will Make You Hungry!

Plushies and soft toys are always something kids love (and some grown ups too!), but cuddly pillows and plushies don’t just come in the shape of bears, today we’ll be showing you a whole new world of food pillows!

Don’t think food pillows can be cute? Well think again! This collection of 27 Food Pillows That Will Make You Hungry combine the yummiest and most iconic foods into pillows. With some yummy creations like noodles food pillow, a healthy apple or banana pillow or even an ice cream sandwich pillow!

If you’re a fan of food and pillows, you’ll love these! Oh and did I tell you many of these food pillows are available to buy!?

1. These lil’ leftovers.

Get it here.

2. This perfect pea.

Get it here.

3. This cheerful challah.

Get it here.

4. This pensive apple.

Get it here.

5. This marshmallow lad with a chocolate dip hat.

Get it here.

6. This leg of ham.

♪ Somebody bring me some… ♪ (Get it here.)

7. A cushy cookie/cracker/biscuit.

Get it here.

8. These buck ears.

Get them here.

9. This chill dill pickle.

Get it here.

10. This un-meltable ice cream sandwich.

Get it here.

11. This squishy little Pop Tart.

FROSTED, obviously. Get it here.

12. This big ol’ banana.

David Chow /

$110, but at least it will never go bad. Get it here.

13. This deliciously cute grilled cheese.

The cuteness melts right out. Get it here.

14. This oversized egg.

Squishy-side-up. Get it here.

15. This fuzzy kiwi.

Get it here.

16. This insanely happy gummy bear.

Get it here.

17. This pop.

Get it here.

18. This plush turnip.

For your veggie-friendly friend. Get it here.

19. These three peas in their one cute pod.

Pillow BFFLs. Get it here.

20. This little lunch cupcakes.

Get it here.

21. This cozy little meat slab.

Get it here.

22. This squishy sushi.

Get it here.

23. This lil’ macaroni.

Get it here.

24. This cheerful stack.

Get it here.

25. This warm and cozy toast.

It actually warms you! Get it here.

26. This friendly fortune cookie.

Get it here.

27. This snuggly s’mores.

Get it here.

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29 Brilliant Ways To Organize Your Laundry Room

The laundry room is one of the most time consuming rooms in the house, but they are also the room that people often forget to organize and decorate. Often relegated to the basement or the back of the home, laundry room can function with more ease just be following some of these 29 Brilliant Ways To Organize Your Laundry Room!

With some clever ways to organize your laundry like a pro with ideas like pinning your socks together right before you toss them in the hamper, hanging up a change jar to collect all the spare coins you find in your pockets or even printing out and frame the laundry guide below so you always know what the symbols on your tags mean!

1. Hang up a change jar to collect all the spare coins you find in your pockets.

This one is $34 here, or you learn how to make one yourself here.

2. Or, enlist a piggy bank to help turn that spare change into savings.

From here. Get a similar one here for $14.99.

3. Turn an outdoor box into a mini trash can for lint.

Also great if you’re a frequent camper or BBQ-er, because lint makes a great fire starter. See how to make your own lint catcher here.

4. Pin your socks together right before you toss them in the hamper.

Use rust-proof safety pins (like these, $3.99), because they’ll bang around less than this clothespin would. From here.

5. Still losing socks? Make a “Save Dobby” lost sock jar.

If it doesn’t find it’s match, at least it can free an elf. Get the instructions for painting and stenciling the lid here.

6. You can also hang up a little lost-sock clothes line.

Get the tutorial here.

7. Hang your ironing board on two attractive hooks.

Find two sturdy hooks that are your style, and hang them near each other (measure the length of your ironing board’s foot, so you know what distance will work). Fromhere.

8. If your room is too small for an ironing board, make a DIY version that fits on top of the dryer.

See the tutorial here. Alternatively, you can buy a tabletop ironing board, like this one, $4.99.

9. Slide a slim cart into the tiny space between your washer and the wall.

Tiny laundry room struggle. Get this one for $29.99 here

10. Hang an over-the-door rack on the inside of your laundry room door to store laundry and other cleaning supplies.

Bonus points if you paint the door with chalkboard paint, first. From here.

11. Decant your detergent into a beverage dispenser and avoid heavy lifting.

For store-bought detergent, you’ll want a dispenser that can handle thicker liquids. Or, make your own detergent. See more here.

12. You can also decant your fabric softener.

And put pretty labels on them, natch. From here.

13. Store pods and powder detergents in glass penny candy jars.

If you have little kids, though, make sure they’re stationed well out of reach (you don’t want them thinking those colorful pods are ACTUALLY candy). Get a similar jarhere for $9.99. From here and here.

14. Keep socks and other top-of-the-washer clothes from falling off with one of these Laundry Guards.

Useful if you have a similar front-loader setup (they’re also adjustable to fit just one machine). Available here for $29.95.

15. DIY-savvy? Build a removable butcher block countertop to cover your front loaders completely.

A more attractive way to prevent socks from sneaking off the edge of the dryer. Learn how they did this here.

16. ~Helpful~ roommate or partner always changing out laundry for you? Write down any line-dry items with a dry erase marker on the washer lid.

Smiley face optional. From here.

17. Print out and frame this laundry guide so you always know what the symbols on your tags mean.

Available for free in several colors here, based on this guide.

18. Speaking of line dry: hide retractable clothes lines in a cabinet, then stretch them across to the opposite wall when you need them.

Also tucked in a corner: a glass penny candy jar, this time holding clothespins. Fromhere.

19. Spruce up a basement laundry room by staining the concrete floor.

See how they did this here.

20. Build yourself some industrial shelving, if you’re feeling up for a challenge.

It’s certainly a weekend’s worth of project, but it could really make your laundry room look more ~sophisticated~, even if you’re not staging it for your blog. Get the step-by-step here.

21. Put together a stain station, with all the tools you need to get out every possible stain.

Find this and other laundry room ideas at Better Homes and Gardens. Learn more about stain removal tricks over here.

22. Repurpose an old crib into a drying rack.

This tutorial uses a crib’s springs, and this one uses one side of a crib.

23. Or, you can build your drying rack from scratch.

Here’s one that hangs from two pegs, and here’s one that mounts to your wall.

24. OR, just buy one. If you’re tight on space, one mounted on pulleys can make things feel a little less crowded.

This one is the Sheila Maid, originally invented in the Victorian era in the UK, which you can order here for $150.

25. Separate your colors well ahead of time by using designated hampers.

This will work best for grown-ups. Parents, you’re doing a stellar job if your kids remember to put their laundry in the hamper at all. From here.

26. But if you really hate sorting, you can add vinegar to each load you wash, and wash lights and colors together.

This may make your clothes last a little less longer than they otherwise would, and you’ll still need to wash dark items separately the first time. Learn more about ithere.

27. Managing laundry for a big household? Build a laundry sorter to hold everyone’s basket.

There are many different ways to use one of these, and it all depends on your home and what works for you. If you’re washing laundry for someone else, you could put their clean clothes in their basket when you’re done, and they can come pick it up and take it back to their closet. Learn how to build this one here.

28. Take the basket organization system one step further and label each basket with a name.

Read more about this mom’s laundry system here.

29. Lack shelf space for your baskets or a rolling cart? Mount a wire shelf upside-down above your machines to make them easy to reach.

Learn more about it here.

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Product Design

15 Crazily Cool Modern Motorbike Ideas

Whether you’re a fan of Motorbikes or not you can’t deny how beautiful some designs are with their streamlined silhouettes, exposed mechanical parts, high-end strong motors and detailing, these 15 motorbike layouts that are modern represent a new era of aesthetics on the market, even when they’re customs assembled on the foundations of classic motorcycles.

The first commercial design for a self-propelled cycle was a three-wheel design called the Butler Petrol Cycle, conceived of Edward Butler in England in 1884. He exhibited his plans for the vehicle at the Stanley Cycle Show in London in 1884. The vehicle was built by the Merryweather Fire Engine company in Greenwich, in 1888.

Today we bring you 15 Crazily Cool Modern Motorbike Ideas, these ideas certainly go all the way when it comes to style and beauty!

Akrapovic Full Moon

Looking unlike any motorcycle we’ve ever seen on the streets, theAkrapovic Full Moon motorcycle concept features a massive 30-inch aluminum and carbon front wheel and a sculpted, aerodynamic metal sheet frame that envelops the rear wheel. Hydraulic suspension keeps the bike upright when it’s parked, and automated steering keeps the handlebars looking sleek.

BMW Apollo Streamliner

A combination of traditional styling and futuristic looks keeps this concept by industrial designer Mehmet Doruk Erdem firmly rooted within the BMW brand, while bringing it into this century and beyond. Designed for speed rather than everyday use, the Apollo Streamliner features a pointed front end to reduce wind drag on the rider.

Rectilinear T005 Cross

In contrast to the sleeker curvilinear designs, the Thrive Motorcycle T005 Cross goes for a chunky rectilinear look. The whole thing is actually a modified 1984 Yamaha – the designers stripped it down, fitted it with off-road tires and added a custom body made of sheet aluminum, updated for the modern era with a smartphone slot.

Bandit9 Bishop

Another custom modification takes a Honda Supersport and transforms it into a minimalist design enthusiast’s dream, with wood burl side panels contrasting with the steel unibody. Bandit9 released only nine models of this bike, with a 90cc or 125cc engine.

Bandit9 Eve

Bandit9 also used a 1967 Honda SS bike as the basis of a custom design, pairing it with fashions from Konstantin Kofta in this editorial for a futuristic effect. The bullet-like chrome-finished unibody puts the focus on the exposed mechanical parts.

Ronin Magpul

The Ronin Magpul is a rare example of an all-American motorcycle, designed and built in Denver, Colorado based on the American-built Buell 1125R. The limited edition production bike has characteristically oversized front rotors and a frame that doubles as a fuel tank, both Buell trademarks, but gets a satin black frame, stacked headlamps and other updates. 47 models were produced, one for each of the 47 Ronin Warriors.

Alfa Romeo Spirito

This monster of a motorcycle barely looks like what most people would recognize as a bike, hiding the front wheel and powerful engine inside a glossy body in Alfa Romeo’s signature shade of red. DesignerMehmet Doruk Erdem gives the bike exposed shocks, a brown leather seat and a transparent section to show off the mechanics.

Lotus C-01

This superbike by Lotus boasts a V-twin engine and a body made of carbon fiber, titanium and aerospace-quality steel. A focus on finding a winning combination of safety, ergonomics and aesthetics led to “very distinctive features such as a clean main body, an extremely low side profile, a bold stance, a unique air intake, logical partline solutions and clean graphics.”

Urban Cavalry by Rough Crafts

This custom 2014 Harley Davidson Dyna Street Bob by Rough Craftsis a beautiful contrast of textures and finishes, with a custom-built braking system, BDL open drive and tweaked 1689cc motor for enhanced power output.

Diabola V65C

Stefano Venier’s custom Diabola V65C uses the 1984 moto guzzi V65C as a base, with everything but the tank and headlight brackets customized from scratchh including the reworked chroming, deluxe tires, club silencer mufflers and tomalley condor handlebar.

Ducati Pantah

The same designer re-crafted a Ducati Pantah into the ‘Sputafuoco’ (fire-breathing) motorcycle, which gets a surprising amount of power from its small engine. The front light is from a vintage moto guzzi, while the fenders, brackets and seat were all handmade.

Custom K1600 GTL

The BMW K 1600 GTL becomes two very different customized bikes in the hands of designers Kenji Nagai and Keiji Kawakita. Nagai settled on a long, thin digger style with a modified headstock and a low-positioned aluminum seat for ‘Ken’s Factory Special,’ while Kawakita’s ‘Juggernaut’ got inspiration for its looks from an old photograph of a convertible cockpit.

TT New Generation Chopper

The TT New Generation Chopper by Olcay Tuncay Karabulut of Turkey features the elongated came and stretched fork of a chopper, but with the cleaner, sleeker look of a sports bike.

Feline 1

The Feline One by Yacouba Galle is an 801cc, 3-cylinder, 170 horsepower custom street fighter is set to be produced in an edition of only 50, each one selling for a jaw-dropping $280,000. It’s got a titanium frame, carbon fiber rims, electronically controlled shocks and a futuristic-looking dash.