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Breathtaking Outdoor Cathedral Made from Living Trees

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There is an outdoor Catherdral made from living trees located at the foot of Mount Arera which is near Bergamo in northern Italy. This brilliant cathedral is formed by rows upon rows of living trees, the place attracts many visitors of pilgrams, art lovers and those who are spiritual. Named Cattedrale Vegetale

Dull Shack Transformed Into a Psychedelic Rainbow House

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Artist Kat O’Sullivan has been upcycling clothing over the past 20 years. Recently the artist bought a home located in upstate New York which was built in 1840. She wanted the house to be more vibrant and stand out more, so she decided to visit a local pain shop.

40+ Beautiful Mosque Ceilings That Highlight Islamic Architecture

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Muslim Mosques throughout the world contain some of the most beautiful architecture and interior designs which have sublime intricate patterns. In today’s post we’ll be looking at some delightful and breathtaking mosque ceilings, these ceilings have ornate patterns and designs which would have taken many years to create. Many

40+ Most Breathtaking Church Ceilings In The World

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Church Ceilings are one of the most breathtaking features of a Church, but to take a good look you usually have to strain your neck looking up. Churches and cathedrals have some of the most beautiful interior design ever seen, in this collection we’ll be look at over forty breathtaking

50+ Most Beautiful Metro Stations In The World

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When we think about underground Metro Stations, the last thought that comes to mind is architecture design and interior design of the stations. There are some Train / Metro Stations around the world that are beautiful examples of how you can take an ordinary metro station and make it

3 Billboards Turned Into Tiny Houses For Homeless

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Creative architecture design team from Slovakia has come up with a great idea to how create Billboards Turned Into Tiny Houses For Homeless. There proposal contains a two-room apartment built around a triangle shape of the billboard and would feature a kitchen, office space, a bed, bathroom and storage space.

17 Images of Retired Boeing 727 Home In The Woods

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Former engineer, Bruce Campbell has spent $200,000 upcycing Retired Boeing 727 to make a home in the woods. He spends half of each year living in a plane surrounded by beautiful forest trees in the woods. Bruce bought the Retired Boeing 727 which is a 3 engine commercial jetliner, he is

21 Most Coolest Bus Stop Designs Ever

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Most of us would agree that Bus Stops are one of those places that are least creative with the design of the shelter. You may not be aware that bus stops don’t have to be boring – they can be an imaginative place they’re designed with some fun minds. In

8 Pictures of the World’s First Skateboard House

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Skateboarders around the world would love to bring their hobby into their home, in Malibu, California, The Skateboard House did just that! The Skateboard House in the project of a private resident. He wanted to build a home which would enable skating in any area – indoor and out.

16 Beautiful Images of a Transparent House In Japan

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Many of us wouldn’t like the idea of a transparent house, we all want to feel secure and safe in our homes. There’s a Transparent House In Japan built in Tokyo. This 914 square-foot transparent home was built by  Sou Fujimoto Architects. The house was inspired by our ape ancestors