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45 Space Tattoo Ideas For Astronomy Lovers

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Those who love all things space, astronomy or even science fiction will truly love these space tattoo ideas. These astronomy tattoos featuring some beautiful tattoo depicting stars, planets, galaxies and other artistic shapes and symbols like star signs. If you’re thinking about getting a tattoo and love all things

How To Make DIY Colorful Sparkle Ball Light for Christmas

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Christmas decorations always light up the room to create something special and enchanting. If you’re looking to create something yourself this year here’s a project just for you! To make this DIY Colorful Sparkle Ball Light you’ll basically need transparent plastic cups and some christmas lights. You may not

34 Illustrations That Show The Ugly Side Of Society

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Our society isn’t always the best, there are many dirty and ugly things about our society that may evoke strong emotions. Spanish artist Luis Quile, has created a series of powerful and disturbing illustrations that show the ugly side of society. Luis hasn’t gone lightly on the topics he’s chosen

18 World’s Greatest Leaders Reimagined As Hipsters

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Recently a series of illustrations were released entitled – Hipstory, which featured iconic leaders of our time seen as hipsters. Today’s generation are fixated on fashion and style, we’ll be showcasing 18 World’s Greatest Leaders Reimagined As Hipsters. Hiptory has reimagined the historical leaders as modern day hipsters like John

4 Effects Of Deforestation Exposed In Shocking Print Ads

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 The effects of Deforestation is shocking and needs to be exposed to the public. These brutal and gruesome ads were created to show their message and raise awareness to show the often unseen cruelty of deforestation around the world. These print ads were created in Photoshop and were created

Artist Creates Incredibly Realistic Finger Drawings To Raise Climate Change Awareness

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 When you first look at these  glaciers and icebergs afloat on tranquil and frigid seas – you might to mistaking them for real life photographs. But in actual fact they are incredibly realistic finger drawings by the U.S. artist Zaria Forman. Her works often span a wall which helps

18 Fairytale Porcelain Creatures By Ukrainian Artist Duo

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Two artists from Ukraine, Anya Stasenko and Slava Leontyev have created some small mystical like creatures made from porcelain. The porcelain creatures are extremely imaginative and look very adorable! Their highly detailed features teamed up with wonderful color schemes create these cute characters that looks like they’re fairytales. Most of

12 Beautiful 3D Graffiti Street Art That Floats In The Air

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 A talented street artist from Portugal named Odeith, creates incredible 3D graffiti street art that floats in the air (or seems to). He art pieces are truly mind blowing as it showcases his mastery of anamorphic art and perspective. He creates you 3D art street art that looks so realistic it’s

12 Recycled Steampunk Animal Sculptures With Moving Parts

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 When working with recycled materials like metal, it is a true art to be able to create steampunk animal sculptures with moving parts. Russian artist, Igor Verniy, creates jaw dropping recycled steampunk animal sculptures which actually contain moving parts. All of his works feature an impressive amount of detail

9 Looney Tunes Characters ReImagined As Skeletons

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Looney Tunes is one of the best cartoon shows and was made by Warner Bros. from 1930 to 1969 during the golden age of American animation. Recently South Korean artist, Hyungkoo Lee, has sculptured a collection of nine Looney Tunes characters reimagined as skeletons. Featuring some of the most century’s iconic Looney Tunes