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25 Most Creative Sculptures From Around The World

Cities around the globe are adorned with sculptures and works of art. Pieces that captivate us and start our imaginations. That capture our emotions and express a message. There are hundreds works of art in virtually every city and…


33 Mind-Twisting Paintings That Will Mess With You!

These wonderful, head-twisting delusions are interesting, complicated, profound and cause the audience to swing between conclusions about where the bounds cloud and of realism and fantasy collide. Gonsalves’ interest in art started when he was only 12 years old,…


Artist Combines Drawing With Photography With Amazing Results

Sebastien del Grosso was constantly thinking about drawing as a youngster. Afterwards, he’d get using similar fire into photography. Finally, he chose to try and unite the two artistic mediums and formulate an original manner of making expressive self…


30+ Random Coffee Stains Sketched Into Monsters

What appeared from the depth of the darkest espresso available was a monster that is little. And I drew. 24 hours later I thought “Well, I could get it done daily, just to be creative every day.” Therefore I got…


Maple Leaf Bowls Made From Real Leaf Skeletons

Ethereal bowls created in the skeletons of other as well as maple leaves will be the most recent improvement to Japanese artist Kay Sekimachi’s remarkable portfolio. While she’s most renowned for her labor intensive loom works, these sylvan masterpieces…


Artists Create Giant Street Murals Made by Discarded Doors

Unlike your typical road artist labeling buildings with spray paint or covering public walls in stencils, artist Stefaan De Croock (aka Strook) leaves his mark with boards of discarded wood. Actually, he doesn’t even use any other type of…


Sculptures Made Entirely From Pink and White Chewing Gum!

When there is something that calls to mind the memory of the days, schoolyard politics, as well as summer daytime when sweet was filled with psychological together with gustatory significance, it is bubblegum. Using identifying odor its surreal funny…


How To Learn Adobe Illustrator For Free Guide

If you’re a person starting out in Graphic Design, Adobe Illustrator is a must learn program. Many people think that Photoshop is the only tool you need to learn in order to be a good Graphic Design, but once…


Greatest Cheat Sheets for Lightroom and Photoshop

Desire an ultimate single- page for looking up keyboard shortcuts in Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC? The design team around at setupablogtoday have created only that: gigantic sheets which you can examine and explore to your hearts content. The…


31 DIY T-Shirts You Should Make This Summer

Who says you need to pay to get high quality Summer T-Shirts when you can just make them yourself! Do-it-yourself T-shirts are some of the best ways you can get creative this summer! Not only are you recycling old…


28 Unbelievable Pedestrian Crossing Street Art

Your first thought when thinking about a pedestrian crossing is boring plain white lines right? When our urban environments are surround by lifeless concrete sometimes we need to express ourselves artistically and go outside the guidelines. These boring pedestrian crossing…


Curved Origami With Wet Paper Will Blow Your Mind!

When creating Origami you would never think that wetting the paper would add any difference to the final piece. But Vietnamese artist Hoàng Tiến Quyết has done just that when creating his Origami, by wetting the paper he can add…


27 Clever DIY Crafts You Can Make With Cardboard

If you love to upcycle materials in your home instead of throwing them away you should take a look at these brilliant ways you can transform your cardboard into some needful things around your home! Many of us have…


17 Charts That Will Help You Draw Practically Anything

Learning how to draw can be difficult if you don’t have the right learning tools. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced drawing artist you should check out these clever and helpful charts that will help you draw practically anything!…


39 Crazily Easy DIY Wall Art To Decorate Your Walls

When you move into a home the last thing you want is boring walls, decor is an important element in a home, wall art transform a ordinary and lifeless room into something special and decorative. Creating your own DIY…


27 Unbelievable Works Of Art You’ll Think Are Photographs

There’s nothing more mind-blowing than looking at hyperrealistic works of art, the high detail, technique and color scheme needs to be 100% accurate in order to look like a high resolution photograph. Hyperrealism is a genre of painting and…


21 Time Saving Photoshop Tricks You Should Know

Photoshop is the go to application for graphic designers and web designers alike, sometimes we get into such a routine when using the software we forget about the basics and can get into some bad habits that waste time.…