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23 Mind Twisting Paintings You Won’t Believe

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Canadian artist, Rob Gonsalves, creates mind blowing works of art which are well planned optical illusions. You may be looking at one section of the painting which than morphs into something that seems irrational and out of this world! Optical illusion are fascinating! They also teach us about our visual

Gumpy Cat Stars In 7 Disney Movies and It Was Awful

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Grumpy Cat has been an iconic figure, digital artist Eric Proctor (a.k.a Tsaoshin), decided to merge the Grumpy Cat with the some of the most popular Disney characters to make for a bizarre and hilarious movie scene. Using his Wacom tablet and Photoshop, he made Grumpy Cat the main star

22 Food Art That Will Make You Very Hungry!

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When we eat food it’s always best if it’s presented nicely to make it more appetizing. Part of the pleasure of eating food doesn’t only come with the taste, it also comes to how to meal is presented. We’ll be taking a look at some awesome Food Art that will

10 Disney Princesses’ Photographed As Ordinary People

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Most of us have read fairy tales and know that at the end of the day fairy tales always end with happily ever after. Photographer Dina Goldstein decided to take a realistic spin on Disney Princesses like snow white and litte red riding hood and turned their happy endings upside

9 Photos of World Leaders On the Toilet

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Using Photoshop, Italy-based artist Cristina Guggeri created a series of hilarious and funny images of World Leaders on the toiler. Many of us see our World leaders as more than human with the power and control. But this series,  called “The Daily Duty”, reminds us all that these famous (and

50+ Super Cool Wrist Tattoo Ideas

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Tattoos can look beautiful depending on what part of the body you decide to place it. One area in particular that is very popular is the wrist. The wrist can be a great area for a tattoo, they look elegant and can be a great place to start for

24 Beautiful Vegan Art Bowls Made with Superfoods

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Amalia is a Senior ar Maryland Institute College of Art of Baltimore who loves making healthy vegan foods. She began her food journey five years ago when she started eating clean and removing unnatural and processed foods from her diet. It was when she was introduced to the brilliant

29 Cartoons Around The World Honor The Victims Of The Charlie Hebdo Shooting

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The terrorist attack on the workers at  Charlie Hebdo has shocked the world. On 7 January 2015, two Islamist gunmen forced their way into and opened fire in the Paris headquarters of Charlie Hebdo, killing twelve, including staff cartoonists Charb, Cabu, Honoré, Tignous and Wolinski. To pay tribute to the

10 Mirror Teacups Reflect Colorful Patterns From The Saucers

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Product designer called, D-Bros, recently create a series of colorful patterned cup and saucers named “Waltz”. What’s so unique about there 10 Teacups is that their striking patterns and colors which reflect from the saucers their on. Made from Hasami porcelain, the patterns make them look mirrored while on the

Children Use Household Items to Create Magical Scenes

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Artist, Jan von Holleben, makes magical scenes of adorable children surrounded by everyday household items. These children lie of the floor circled by household props like pillows, sports equipment, kitchen utensils and cardboard boxes then snaps the photograph from above. These items alongside children make for some amazing elaborate scenes which