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65 Beautifully Colorized Historical Photos of the Past

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Color Photography didn’t come into play until the 1970’s and was extremely rare. When we think about history the first thing we think about is black and white photography. Thanks to today’s technology and software, we can now convert Historical Photos into color. Today we’ll be showcasing 65 Beautiful Colorized

12 Before-And-After Photos Of Autumn’s Beautiful Transformations

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Autumn holds a magical time when nature transforms into a beautiful fiery red. Sometimes with our busy lives we can forget to stop and look at Autumn’s Beautiful Transformations.  Here’s a collection of images showing 12 Before-And-After Photos Of Autumn’s Beautiful Transformations, these autumn transformations are breathtaking. Starting with a gorgeous green

30 Photos Of Nature Winning The Battle Against Civilization

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In today’s civilization, many of us see our world as something that’s sturdy and unbreakable. In our cities and towns we rarely see large cracks in buildings or nature taking over. But if humans were to leave this planet nature would take over our buildings and urban environments very

26 Dogs That Look Like Something Else

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If you love dogs you’ll sometimes see a dog that will look like something else. In this list of Dogs That Look Like Something Else, you’ll see they can look like almost anything! From a human, disney character or even fried chicken, there are so many different breeds of dogs –

52 Jumping Cats At Play Look Like Ninjas

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Cat lovers know that cat’s showcase beautiful poise and elegance when leaping into the air, jumping and playing. They always manage to land on their feet and showcase spectacular balancing an great athleticism that humans would kill for! These 52 Jumping Cats At Play Look Like Ninjas showcase the beauty

20 Creative Gift Ideas for Photographers

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Choosing a gift for Photographers can be challenging, but if you get creative enough and think outside the square you may be pleasantly surprised with what you can find. Remembering a friend or loved ones hobby is always the best option when finding a gift for someone, it helps them

37 Beautiful Examples of Landscape Photography

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Many of us admire beautiful examples of landscape photography, but how many of us leave our expensive cameras to collect dust and never use them? Every now and then we all need a hobby to help fulfil our time and maybe Photography can be the answer. To help you

Get Stock Images For Free From Freerange Stock

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If you run a publication of some kind – whether that is a newspaper, a print magazine, a blog or any kind of website – you need a regular supply of good quality images to publish in your publication. This problem has two aspects to it. One – You

28 Photoshop Actions for Instagram Effects

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Instagram is an online photo-sharing, video-sharing and social networking service that enables its users to take pictures and videos, apply digital filters to them. Sometimes you want to use instagram effects only on your iPhone photos, in this post we've gathered 28 Photoshop Actions for Instagram Effects. With these Photoshop

95 Free Photoshop Actions Set Pack

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Today Tutorials Share is proud to bring you 95 Free Photoshop Actions Set Pack. These Photoshop Actions are fantastic for enhancing your Photos with one click actions. This pack allows you to easily apply professional actions to your photos allowing you to save time. Adobe Photoshop comes with a default