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A Simple Photography Lens Filter Cheat Sheet

If you are only getting started in photography, maybe you have been confused or overwhelmed by the many types of filters which are available for your camera lens. Photograph gift business Zippi wants to help you wrap the mind around…


Villa Epecuen: A Town That Was Submerged For 25 Years

A tourist town called, Villa Epecuen was established back in the 1920s along the shore of Lago Epecuen. This salt lake is about 600 kilometers southwest of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Lago Epecuen is like other mountain lakes except for one main factor –…


15 Enchanting Dance Portraits Photography Made With Flour

Taking photographs is one thing, but taking a photograph that captures imagination and magic is another skill entirely. Photographer Alexander Yakovlev has taken some stunning dance photography that incorporates dancers in certain scene compositions – snapping them at their most…


16 Ways To Enhance Your Travel Photos

We all love travelling and taking photographs is great way to capture those moments we want to cherish forever. But before you go on holiday, why not go through these ways to enhance your travel photos. Cole Rise is a…


65 Most Cutest Animal Photobombers Of All Time

Here at Design Bump we love animals especially with their hilarious antics, but if there’s one thing that animals do on a regular basis it has to be photobombing! Think about it – you’ve got your camera ready, people are posing…


26 Pictures That Will Make You Feel Tiny

The universe is massive, but how big is it really compared with earth and we’re we all live? If you want to know just how tiny you really are compared to the universe, these impressive charts and pictures will…


35 Photos That Prove Wales Is A Fairytale

What makes for a fairy tale landscape? Would it be Disney looking castles? Historical buildings and landmarks or even breathtaking scenery of little rivers running through moss covered rocks and 1000+ year old trees? You may not realize it…


15 Dazzling Photos That Will Make Us Appreciate The World

The 12th Annual Photo Contest was recently held with over 26,500 entries from photographers from 93 different countries. The photographs were then selected by the Smithsonian’s photo editors who chose the en finalists per category—Natural World, Travel, People, Americana, Altered Images and Mobile.…


25 Breathtaking Photos of The Southern United States

America has some breathtaking places, we’ll be looking at the natural beauty of the Southern United States featuring some wonderful nature photography of the landscapes of South Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky and many more south locations. The Southern…


22 Of The Most Important Photographs Ever Taken

Important Photographs ever taken remind us all of where humanity has come, they capture some of the most iconic people and moments of that time period. In today’s list we’ll be looking at 22 Of The Most Important Photographs Ever…


18 Photos That Reveal The True Beauty of Earth

Many of us live in urban environments filled with cement grounds, brick buildings with little nature. Living in these environments make us forget just how beautiful the earth truly is.  Today’s photographs reveal the beauty of our planet with…


20 Portraits Of Babies Seconds After Birth

Photographer Christian Berthelot recently took a series of photos of newborn babies seconds after their birth (or C-section). These collections of portraits may be difficult for some viewers with the raw emotion and images of childbirth. Titled, Cesar, Christian decided to…