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Quick Tip: Bold First Paragraph Content in WordPress

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For both style and seo reaasons, having bold first paragraph content in your wordpress website is a smart feature. While searching for a quick and easy to use method of implementing this feature, I came across a handy PHP snippet that makes your first paragraph bold or larger. This

8 Benefits of Dating a Web Designer

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Web Designers have usually been portrayed as geeky with their attention to detail and tech talk when designing and coding websites. However no longer do they have that taboo and weird persona, nowadays they’re seen as cool and creative people. Dating a web designer may seem like a standard

25+ Tutorials to Learn PSD to HTML/CSS Conversion

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Lots of web designers create mock ups of their websites using Adobe Photoshop.  Tutorials to Learn PSD to HTML/CSS Conversion is the best place to start when you're a beginner. After designing a website, the next step is converting it into HTML/CSS, this collection will help teach you html/css

33 Cool and Creative Facebook Timeline Covers

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Facebook Timeline Covers don’t have to be boring, they can be fun and creative. Facebook Timeline Cover is a the larger photo at the top of your timeline, right above your profile picture. Like your profile picture, cover images are public, which means anyone visiting your timeline will be able

20 Elegant Landing Page Designs You’ll Love

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Designing a beautiful landing page is extremely difficult. There are usually several goals that a landing page is designed for – it needs to help educate the visitor about what the product is, it needs to explain how it’s useful to them and it needs to look good while

Retro Design is Increasing in Popularity on the Web

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The world of design is constantly evolving and retro design is becoming a popular strategy for designers and brands to play with. A retro appearance can be a fun way to add an ironically modern touch to a home, and it also provides an interesting dynamic edge. People can

Create a Dark CSS3 Login Form Tutorial

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In today's tutorial we'll be teaching you how to Create a CSS3 Login Form Tutorial which you can easily integrate with your website. Featuring a dark and clean login interface which includes login labels, fields, password link and button. Take a look at this CSS3 Login Form Tutorial to

26+ Useful WordPress Cheat Sheets & Resources

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For web developers, cheat sheets and resources can be handy to have when developing WordPress Themes and Plugins. If you're looking for some useful WordPress Cheat Sheets and Resources, you'll love this collection of 26+ Useful WordPress Cheat Sheets & Resources. At times when creating a wordpress theme or plugin,

5 Common Flat UI Design Mistakes to Avoid

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Want to build a website that is close to reality? You can surely go for a three dimensional interface. Add drop shadows, textures, gradients and all. But are you aware that not this dynamic design, but something else is the in-thing of web design these days? You know what

30 Best JavaScript Frameworks for Development

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One of the best Javascript Frameworks for development includes Ember.js, incorporates common idioms so you can focus on what makes your app special. Creating responsive web applications with fluid and maintainable interfaces can be a challenging task. Desktop developers have it much easier with their tools and workflows. You