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20 Flat Ready-Made Templates to Reimagine Your Website

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A really good design is all about making people want to use your website. Not only how it looks matter. Everything matters: the colors, the shapes, the sounds. The details. You can’t win without necessary dedication. You can’t have good design without necessary attention to details. That’s where ready-made

Create CSS3 Toggle Switches Tutorial

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In this tutorial we're going to Create a CSS3 Toggle Switch with subtle shadows and details with just pure CSS3. Creating a Toggle Switch is a great skill to learn, CSS3 Toggle Switches are often used to turn on or off a feature and is perfect for programs needing a

30+ Responsive Website Design Tutorials and Guidelines

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As Web Designers it’s important to learn about Responsive Web Design Tutorials & Guidelines. Responsive Web Design is now an essential part of the Web Design industry, in today’s collection we’re featuring 30+ Responsive Website Design Tutorials & Guidelines, these will help you started on understanding the basics of designing an

A Complete Guide to Using WordPress Themes

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Installing WordPress involves a series of steps. Installing WordPress successfully involves multiple steps and the first step in the series could be installing the WordPress on any local computer. Below are listed the step wise basics of WordPress installation which will make the process easier and fruitful for you.

25+ Examples of Skeuomorphism Designs

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In today’s collection we’ll be looking at 25+ Examples of Skeuomorphism Designs, some people say that the Skeuomorphism trend has been taken over by Flat Design. Skeuomorphism is still a popular trend and is fantastic to use in a User Interface or Website Design. Skeuomorphism is the design concept of making items

33 Inspirational Sports Websites

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When you design Sports Websites it’s best to create them with bright colorful backgrounds which match the website’s theme. Whether you’re creating a website for a Sports Team, Sporting Products or Sport Personalities, you’ll want the Sports Websites to have lots of color and excitement. Sport (or sports) is

Glossy Social Media Icons Tutorial Photoshop CS6

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Having high quality Social Media Icons is essential for Designers, but sometimes it's useful to learn how to create Glossy Social Media Icons yourself and gain more skills. In today's tutorial, ChromeDesignsHD, will teach you how to create beautiful Glossy Social Media Icons Tutorial from scratch using Photoshop CS6. Having quality

Why You Should Use Magento for an eCommerce Website

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The advent of the internet has had its effect on almost every aspect of our lives, be it professional or personal. If you have a business, there’s no reason to keep it secluded and not include the advantages of the internet in it. You should always try to take

Try Joomla-Monster.com For Themes And Extensions

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Joomla is an award-winning content management system or CMS developed by the Joomla Project Team which was released in August, 2005.  It allows you to build websites and great online applications very easily. It can be used by anyone, it’s an open source solution.  Different people feel comfortable with

Create a Promo Video Online Easily with MakeWebVideo.com

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Content doesn’t always have to be text and images, if you want a video maker which is easy to understand and use, Make Web Video, is the perfect software. In today’s business world it’s important to look into Content Marketing and Email Marketing. Presentations and Promotions have become an