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If there’s one thing we all love is to see unlikely friendships between animals. These bonds are just incredible to witness, especially when you see them between different species! An adorable pup has been filmed and has tons of amazing photos with her best friend who lives under the sea. She spots many sea creatures, but her heart belongs to Gus.

If you’re wondering who Gus is and how Lucy the dog plays with him, check out the following photos. You’ll even see her helping her visitors to fish! We’re melting over here!

20. Lucy the Dog Loves The Sea

This dog really loves going out to sea with her owner. One of the things she loves is to make new friends. She meets many people that go fishing with her owner, but what she really loves meeting is the creatures of the deep.

19. Happy to Say Hello

Lucy really loves to check out the waves and look for dolphins that would happily come by and say hello. She is very excited, and she places her head next to the edge of the boat to grin at them. But in one adorable video, she even does this!

18. She Has a Special Old Friend

Eileen McGunagle was on a trip with the owner of the boat and Lucy’s father when she took a video of the pup and the unexpected friend: Gus. You see, Lucy has a special friend that pays her visits every time they go on their trips.

17. Captiva Island, a Piece of Heaven

It all happened near the Captiva Island, Southwest Florida. There are beautiful waters and amazing sights to make you feel like just a trip there is worth it. And Lucy and Gus are there to make your moment memorable!

16. The Dog and Dolphin Duo Are Adorable!

The two friends interact in the most adorable way. Gus swims close to the boat, and Lucy leans to the edge to sniff him. And when Gus leaves, she meets other new friends, like this fish #14 or a manatee #!

15. Lucy, the First Mate

Cliff Gilchrist is the owner of the charter trip company and Lucy’s dad. He took her with him since he got her. She was only a little pup, but she was born to be his first mate. This is what Cliff said #13.

14. She Helps Out

When she doesn’t meet with the dolphins, Lucy likes to keep a close watch on the fish! Of course, she gets to lick some too, but it’s in her job description!

13. Her Job is the Best!

Lucy is a Rottweiler and a Husky mix, and she is now three years old. She’s also nicknamed Lucy the dolphin dog, as she’s bonded with Gus since they met last year. A recent photo # shows her and Gus saying hi to each other.

12. Lucy Loves the Water

Five days a week, Lucy and Cliff are out on the sea, making memories, fishing and meeting new people and especially Gus. He said that Lucy is his best friend and that “she has been coming since she was six months old when we got her.”

11. Ready For a Dive

On their fishing excursions, Lucy loves to go for a dive whenever dolphins come out. She would swim with them and then return to the boat. This puppy couldn’t be any cuter!

10. She Likes to Take a Swim

Whenever she feels like it, Lucy jumps for a swim. She has a great balance, and Cliff said that she never fell overboard. In one of the photos on the Captiva Island Fishing Charters Facebook page, McGunagle wrote “Lucy and her friend.” Then, this happened…

9. Lucy Keeps an Eye on Gus

In the video, you can see Gus swimming next to the boat at only a few inches from Lucy. She keeps her eyes on Gus as he swims in and out of the water. You can imagine that the video became viral in a matter of days!

8. The Duo Is Famous!

The dog and dolphin became famous in no time, the video gathered more than 350,000 views and was shared almost 5,000 times. Media coverage was huge, sharing and posting the adorable moment. Cliff said that this is her most viral video.

7. Lucy Also Likes Golf Carts

Cliff said that ‘she seems to like the boat.’ He explained that Lucy is quite special: ‘Although she may like golf cart rides better. She gets super excited for that.’ This pup really knows how to have fun!

6. We Had to Go Out…

In one of his posts on Facebook, Cliff wrote that they went fishing and they ‘had to visit with Gus the dolphin as well, per Lucy.’ Whenever he’s out fishing, he takes Lucy to greet Gus and people are in awe with the pair.

5. She Met a Lot of Friends

On one of her adventures on the sea, Lucy was wondering why this creature looks so odd. Her encounter with the manatee was quite fun! But nothing beats her friendship with Gus.

4. A Special Trip

One thing is for sure: a charter trip is a lot more special when you have Lucy around to help with the fishing and to see her swim with Gus.

3. An Unlikely Friendship

Their friendship might be odd, but you can’t deny that their bond is amazing. It’s just adorable to see Lucy touching noses with Gus as they greet each other and swim around!

2. Check Out Captiva Island Fishing Charters

On their Facebook and Instagram accounts, Captiva Island Fishing Charters post photos of their travels into the sea, and Lucy’s always there to steal people’s thunder and share a kiss with Gus!

1. An Awesome Experience

If this awesome a boat trip is, then sign us up, because we too want to overload with cuteness. Will we catch some fish while we’re there? Not really, we’d just stare at Gus and Lucy for the whole time!