How Online Backup Benefits Web Designers

You know all about the hassle of losing your data. In a 2013 survey, online backup provider Carbonite found 48 percent of small businesses have experienced data loss, typically from hardware or software failure, accidental data deletion, computer viruses and hardware theft. Troublesomely, the same survey found 31 percent of small business owners found backing up data online, the most reliable and least expensive way to prevent a crippling data loss, was a hassle. While physical backup such as hard drives and external sources can be effective, online backup is ideal for web designers since it's web-based and allows data to be accessible from anywhere, from any device. Consider adopting an online backup plan before data loss happens, to streamline data storage and reduce hassle.


Why Choose Online

Sure, you can maintain a physical backup of your data on site using external hard drives or an in-house server. However, you'll need to physically configure the computer to back up to the scheduled external device regularly, fix bugs, maintain all of the equipment and troubleshoot problems that arise, notes cloud storage provider CX.

With online backup services, you can generally add a degree of automation to the process that streamlines data backup. Some backup providers offer file syncing. Designate files or folders you want to back up, and the files will sync to your online backup each time you modify them. Or, set an automated backup on a nightly, weekly or other schedule. This way, you know your resources are being backed up without having to worry.

Selecting a Backup Provider

Service plans vary, so browse a range of providers. Pay attention to the storage capacity and price points. If you reach the storage ceiling, how much would it cost to upgrade to the next plan? If you regularly travel for business, consider a provider that offers mobile access to your backup. If you have a large office, determine whether a single backup account can support multiple users. If your network experiences a lot of downtime, find out whether you can still access your online backup from offline, suggests

As a safeguard, it's best to have multiple or redundant forms of backup. While an automated online backup is the easiest, you may opt to save critical files to a flash drive or external hard drive in addition to your online backup solution.

When Data Loss Occurs

When data loss occurs, your IT team can still employ traditional data recovery methods to try to recover lost data. If someone simply deleted a file, your IT department may be able to recover it quickly. If, however, data is truly lost, all it takes to recover it is a simple download of the stored data from your local backup or online provider.

With any backup method, regularly backing up data offers the most protection. If you back up weekly for example, you risk losing up to six days worth of enterprise data should a hardware malfunction occur in-between backups, which is why it's ideal to employ constant backup for your data. A comprehensive data storage and recovery plan that incorporates online backup is a smart decision, and one that can pay off when you need it most.

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