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E commerce sector has gained great momentum in the last decade. People have rapidly changed their preference from brick-and-mortar stores to web stores. These online shoppers consider security as their primary priority. Bill payments and bank account management are both done online nowadays. Majority of the people trust websites only if they work on HTTPS protocol or have a green padlock beside the URL. Unless websites have these safety measures, the users are doubtful about the credibility of your site. Since ecommerce websites invariably have payment gateways integrated into it and the users must enter their sensitive information like credit card number, it is inevitable for them to have SSL Certification, also referred to as Secure Socket Layer Certification.

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Let’s now shift our focus to why SSL Certificates are so important.

Below are the most significant benefits of SSL
Certificate that you should know if you are an ecommerce website owner.

  1. Enhance the search engine ranking

Visibility in the search results is the objective of all the companies dealing with online businesses. Sitewide SSL Certification is an effective way to ensure good search engine ranking. The reason is that it makes the customers trust your business and promotes your brand as the one that gives considerable importance to customer security and their identity protection.


  1. Mitigation and elimination of cyber attacks

Having an SSL Certificate throughout your ecommerce site keeps it protected from scams that mostly attack unsecured web pages. SSL Certificates are an assurance that the website identification is properly evaluated, and it is safe to navigate through it. Security Certificates are therefore advantageous to both the parties involved in ecommerce, namely the customer and the ecommerce site owner as well.


  1. Cost-effective measure for security

When considering the cost of restoring lost data because of security breach, SSL Certificates are quite cost-effective. It can therefore help your company safeguard a handsome amount of money. Not having an SSL Certificate can make hackers create fake stores in your name and the tragedy would be that you have no evidence that you are the actual owner of the website. These cyber criminals can steal your customers’ private information related to their finances that may be fed on your server. This can cause a lot of disappointment and resentment among your subscribers if their privacy is compromised, thereby costing you your business growth.


  1. Reduction in cart abandonment rates

18% online shoppers said that they abandoned the cart because they did not trust the site with their credit card information. Ecommerce sites that have SSL Certificates have lesser cart abandonment rates in comparison to non-secured websites. Less cart abandonment means more conversions and more revenue generation. Higher ROI is the ultimate goal of every business and SSL Certificates bring you one step closer to your objective.


  1. Building Brand Reputation

It becomes quite risky to share private information with random websites. The only way to make your customers share their private information with you is to have your ecommerce site secured. It makes them confident enough to complete the purchase without worrying about any security breach. This in turn builds the reputation of your brand as a reliable online store.


  1. Authentic Server

SSL Certificate authenticates that your ecommerce store runs on a safe server. Because of this, there is negligible chance of the information getting shared with the third party. You can be at peace with the customer’s information and any transactions carried out through your website. Your customers can also be free from any anxiety if your site is SSL certified.

EV SSL Certificates are the perfect choice if you wish to make your brand renowned as a protected store that is safe to navigate. It successfully attracts visitors on your website and converts them into your customers by prompting them to take the next action. With EV SSL certificates, the ecommerce site owners will get the following features:


  1. Extended validation of SSL certification
  2. Show the name of the company in green address bar accompanied with HTTPS Padlock
  3. Trust seal that reflects website integrity
  4. 256-bit encryption and 2048-bit key length
  5. Compatible with all the leading browsers used on desktop as well as mobile phones
  6. Supported across every operating system and server
  7. Timely delivery within 7 days
  8. www and non-www domains both can be secured

Many ecommerce sites have multiple domain names. EV SSL Certification issues certificates that can allow you to secure all these domain names with the help of one SSL Certificate through SAN option, that is Subject Alternative Names modularity. This lets you have all your SSL Certificates at a single place sparing you the complexity.

These SSL Certificates are evaluated and issued by genuine Certificate Authorities such as Symantec, Comodo, GeoTrust and Thawte. It becomes impossible for any hacker to get access to the user’s confidential information like email address, password, physical address, financial information, debit card or credit card details or any other data whatsoever.

If you want to make online transactions and shopping a breeze for your customers, register for EV SSL Certificates available at reasonable prices and amp up your business growth.

Wrapping Up

To guard your website from the increasing threat of cyber criminals on the prowl, SSL Certification is a must have for your website. As maximum people these days prefer shopping online, give your ecommerce customers a secure platform that empowers their buying experience and makes it a smooth process starting from the sign up to the check out.