33+ Awesome Minimalist Movie Poster Designs

Minimalist refers to using very little design elements as possible to communicate a message. Therefore is can sometimes be tricky designing minimal ideas effectively. Minimalist Movie Poster Designs take the most iconic element of a movie to create the movie poster.

To help you be inspired by minimal design, we've collected over 33 awesome Minimalist Movie Poster Designs for inspiration. These posters have been beautifully designed with minimalist shapes and colors to form iconic structures and symbols to create memorable minimalist poster designs. Minimalist is one of the most popular trends in design today, making it's way to various design mediums. 

These minimalist movie posters include fantastic illustrations, typography and color schemes to create true minimal designs. You may also be surprised with what element they choose to portray the movie, making you view the movie from a different perspective. I hope these Minimalist Movie Posters inspire you to get started with the power of what minimal design can achieve.


1. Star Wars Episode V by Jerod Gibson


2. Fight Club by Jerod Gibson


3. Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy by Jerod Gibson


4. The Big Lebowski by Jerod Gibson


5. Spider-Man Minimalist Poster by Marko Manev


6. Star Wars Episode IV by Jerod Gibson

7. Star Wars Episode VI by Jerod Gibson
8. The Simpsons by Jerod Gibson
9. Captain America Minimalist Poster by Marko Manev
10. Ghostbusters by Jerod Gibson
11. Star Wars by Jerod Gibson
12. Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas by Jerod Gibson
13. Gambit Minimalist Poster by Marko Manev
14. Office Space by Jerod Gibson
15. Wolverine Minimalist Poster by Marko Manev
16. Iron Man Minimalist Poster by Marko Manev
17. Dare Devil Minimalist Poster by Marko Manev
18. Kill Bill Volume 1 by Jerod Gibson
19. Jim Henson's Labyrinth by Jerod Gibson
20. Spider-Man Black Minimalist Poster by Marko Manev
21. A Dark Knight by Liam Dangerfield
22. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia by Jerod Gibson
23. Pee-Wee's Big Adventure by Jerod Gibson
24. The Hangover by Jerod Gibson
25. i want to believe by Jorsh Pena
26. Grandma's Boy by Jerod Gibson
27. Inglorious Basterds by Matt Chase
28. I love Quidditch by Danielle Furman
29. Superbad by Jerod Gibson
30. Scarlet Spider Minimalist Poster by Marko Manev
31. The Tardis by Ashley Hay
32. Thor Minimalist Poster by Marko Manev
33. Hulk by Marko Manev
34. Hulk by Brenton Powell
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