No Themes, No Problem: 8 Ways to Decorate a Child’s Room -DesignBump

It’s easy to decorate a child’s room. There are plenty of companies which want you to trick out your child’s bedroom with branded merchandise and toys. Marvel, Disney, Nickelodeon, and DC all have plenty of princess gear (Elsa, Elsa, Elsa!) and cars for boys (Mader, Mader, Mader!) But many parents tire of decorating their children’s bedroom with characters or themes. Is it possible to create a bedroom design that appeals to both parents and kids without resorting to characters and themes? The answer is a resounding yes! Here are some great examples of home decor for children.

Scandinavian Style

If you love minimalism and Scandinavian style, you’re in luck: that’s the perfect style for a growing child. With gender-neutral colors, all of the accessories stick out more. Since kids sometimes change their favorite colors as quickly as they change their clothes, going with the grey color and keeping it minimal allows the child to grow their own way.



It’s always tempting as a new parents to use primary colors everywhere. But sometimes that gets a little crazy. Don’t worry, you won’t deprive your kids of fun if you start with a monochromatic scheme. In this example, the walls remain stark white, while the floors are a natural pine. The pops of color come from the hat collection and toys.



If you’re burned out on bright, saturated colors, turn to pastels. This girl’s room has subtle greens, tans, pinks, and purples. The accessories are fun but not branded, and the stenciled clouds add a pleading touch of whimsy.



This girl’s bedroom starts with a charcoal paint hue on the walls, and incorporates the girl’s favorite pink as the accent color. But the real star of this room is storage. The bed is lofted to make the small room feel bigger. Under the bed are plenty of bins to store anything and everything. This parent even used a trick deployed for adult spaces – suitcases – and adapted them for a child’s room.



Have twins but want to make sure they have individuality? Check out this great boy/girl twin room. The boy side is green and yellow, while the girl’s is green and peach. The room acknowledges that the children’ are different people, yet it honors their bond by including complementary colors.



The mom of this room explains that her child loves history and mythology. One day he brought home a painting of Gilgamesh. The picture was the inspiration for the whole room. He wanted green, and the blue accents lend the room a cool factor that will be easy for him to grow into.


Small Space

This unisex bedroom makes the most of a small space. Rather than filling it with small furniture, the designer opted to fill the room with an oversized bed and large pillows. There is a light theme reflecting a mouse, and a nice use of plants in the space.



Don’t forget about wallpaper. This attic room does a great job of creating an immersive room that is fun and relaxing. The red frame beds are a great touch.