35 Creative and Weird Clock Designs

Clocks are usually something many of us take for granted when we look at the time. We rarely take time out to see the design of the clock and how it works. Let’s face it, most clock designs are boring and hold little character. Having a creative and weird

Childhood Cartoon Characters Turned into Crazy Killers

Many of us have fond memories of cartoon characters we've grown up to love from the tv shows, Sesame Street, The Simpsons and movies like Wall-E. Prepare for your childhood memories to be ruined! LA based artist, Dan LuVisi create a Popped Culture series. Childhood Cartoon Characters Turned into Crazy Killers

25 Unusual and Fun Gadgets for Your Kitchen

Some people think of cooking as boring, and try to avoid it at all cost! But there are plenty of unusual and fun gadgets for your kitchen which can make your cooking more creative and hassle free. Some of these kitchen gadgets will make you smile, like the moustache

Free PSD: Retro Portfolio Template

This week's Freebie is a Free PSD: Retro Portfolio Template based on a retro/vintage style. Retro Portfolio Template is a portfolio website template, excellent for use with the popular Twitter Bootstrap, making it form the base of a creative Portfolio or freelance Website Template. Designed by the team at

27 Weird and Creative Beds

We spend a lot of our time sleeping, so it’s no surprise that we need to choose the right best. In this article we’ll be looking at some weird and creative beds. Picking an ordinary looking bed is what most of us do, but did you know that beds

20 Ways to Be a Happier Person

We all want to be happy and find happiness in our lives. Search for ways to be a happier person should be something we all should be doing. Happiness is a fuzzy concept and can mean many different things to many people. Part of the challenge of a science of

30 Best JavaScript Frameworks for Development

One of the best Javascript Frameworks for development includes Ember.js, incorporates common idioms so you can focus on what makes your app special. Creating responsive web applications with fluid and maintainable interfaces can be a challenging task. Desktop developers have it much easier with their tools and workflows. You

38+ Places You Should Visit Before You Die

Planet earth is packed with beautiful places and magnificent scenery. Most of us don't have the money let alone time visit these places. Can travelling to beautiful locations and places help us to find ourselves and grow as a person? Whether you're travelling in luxury or travelling on a budget

32 Creative and Fun Office Stationery

When we think of office stationery, we rarely see them as creative and fun. Office Stationery is usually pretty boring and dull, but today we’ll be looking at office stationery which are unusual and fun. Stationery has historically pertained to a wide gamut of materials: paper and office supplies,

8 Website Disasters that Make People Insane

Many of us have been to a website which left us feeling unhappy, website disasters that make users insane are commonly seen today. There are tons of websites being built everyday, but many of them contain these mistakes we are about to show you. Poorly designed websites don't make