31 Clever and Creative Bed Covers

When we go to bed we rarely pay attention to the Bed Covers. If you want to get serious about bed sheets and want to have some fun, this collection of 31 Clever and Creative Bed Covers will showcase how bed covers don’t have to be boring! Scroll down and

30 Clever Space-Saving Design Ideas For Small Homes

Many of us complain how we don’t have enough space in our homes, but did you know there are fantastic and clever space-saving design ideas you can use in your home today. If you think outside the box, in today’s collection we’ve found some clever products and ideas you

10 Comic Strip Artists Draw Their Characters Blindfolded in 1947

Comic Book artists will draw the same characters thousands of times when creating a comic strip. You would think they’d be able to draw characters blind folded, well in 1974, Life Magazine, put 10 artists to the test. 10 Comic Strip Artists Draw Their Characters Blindfolded by the magazine.

34 Creative Kids’ Halloween Costume Ideas

With Halloween just around the corner, Design Bump has got you covered! In today’s post we’ve gathered 34 Creative Kids’ Halloween Costume Ideas. Apart from the candy,  wearing Halloween costumes are one of the best element of Halloween! Halloween costumes are traditionally modeled after supernatural figures such as vampires, monsters,

52 Jumping Cats At Play Look Like Ninjas

Cat lovers know that cat’s showcase beautiful poise and elegance when leaping into the air, jumping and playing. They always manage to land on their feet and showcase spectacular balancing an great athleticism that humans would kill for! These 52 Jumping Cats At Play Look Like Ninjas showcase the beauty

This Artist Turns Strangers Into Anime Characters

Usually when you want a anime character drawn of yourself you need to find an artist. American Artist Robert DeJesus decided to draw anime versions of strangers. For a price you can email Robert DeJesus an image of yourself and he’ll turn you into an awesome anime character. You can

Sleeping In This Mountain Hut Is Totally Free – If You’re Willing To Climb 8,300ft To Get There

Do you like the idea of having a holiday in the mountains for free? Sleeping In This Mountain Hut Is Totally Free – If You’re Willing To Climb 8,300ft To Get There! On the mountain top of Julian Apls in Italy the mountain-top hut that offers a panoramic view

How To Turn A Coconut Into A Jewel

Artist, Vainius, has been passionate about Light Art for over a year. His passionate has brought him to create a unique lamp made with coconuts and suede that create a sensational lamp. This lamp fills the room with light patterns which create unique star and clouds patterns. The top

30 Smart Teenage Girls Bedroom Ideas

When young girls transition into teenagers it can be a very challenging time, many things will start to change in their life. One place many of us love to hide away is our bedrooms, they should be our safe place from the world and should be stylish and show our personality

17 Expressive Pencil Drawings By Dino Tomic

Tattoo Article, Dino Tomic, is located in Norway. Dino likes to create realistic drawings when he’s not tattooing his clients. He enjoys sketching popular culture drawings, making them look realistic and adding his own flare to the pieces. These include 17 Expressive Pencil Drawings By Dino Tomic. Featuring stunning work