20 WordPress Themes to Establish Your Photography Career

A well-taken photograph is the greatest joy. Today we'll be looking at WordPress Themes to Establish Your Photography Career. There’s a lot of work put behind a nice photograph. There are a lot of not-so-successful attempts left behind. There’s the whole path of trial and error. And then there’s

40+ Strangest Buildings You Won't Believe are Real

One of the most amazing arts of the world is architecture, we've gathered 41 Strangest Buildings You Won't Believe are Real. Architecture is always evolving and growing allowing for more adventurous buildings to be created.  We'll be taking a look at some of the weirdest and Strangest Buildings You Won't Believe

20+ Kickstarter Projects We're Excited For

If you're looking for some new innovations and smart designs there's nothing likes browsing through the latest Kickstart Projects.  We browsed through the latest Kickstarter Projects and picked out our favourites to share with you today. Most of these Kickstart Projects are to be released to the public in 2014

15 Responsive WordPress Business Themes

In the ocean of corporate websites of all kinds, it’s hard to stand out. Business consulting companies are somewhat restricted by the ethics of their industry: the website shouldn’t be too elaborate and has to maintain a professional look. That is why an outstanding business website design is an

Free PSD: Print Ready Resume Template

Today's freebie is a Free PSD: Print Ready Resume Template, this Resume is perfect for creative job seekers out there looking for a Flat and Clean Print Ready Resume Template. A resume is an essential part of finding a job, having a polished and professional resume can make all the

Pure CSS3 Notepaper Tutorial

In today's tutorial we'll learn how to Create Pure CSS3 Note Paper Tutorial with beautiful colors, gradients and notepad features like red margin lines and writing lines all with pure CSS3. This Notepaper styling is creating using a blockquote achieved through pure CSS. Properties used for this snippet include radial-gradient, repeating-linear-gradient, transform, and

50+ Best Infographic Resource Kits for Designers

Creating a full infographic takes time and patience, Infographic Resource Kits can be a fantastic tool to have on hand for Designers. Infographics are fun to read but making them from scratch can be another matter altogether. There are many infographic tools to use but sometimes to you some help with

25 CSS Frameworks for Responsive Web Design

All of these 25 CSS Frameworks for Responsive Web Design below have been built with strict compliance to standards and conventions. These Frameworks will help you develop sites that look beautiful at any size! Responsive web design (often abbreviated to RWD) is an approach to web design in which a site

Free PSD: Pentagon Flat Long Shadow Icons

Today's freebie is a set of Free PSD: Pentagon Flat Long Shadow Icons, when designing websites or graphic design material it's always handy to have a collection of Pentagon Flat Long Shadow Icons to bring your websites and graphic more style. The Flat Design style started with Microsoft Windows 8

17 HTML5 Responsive Galleries & Components Bundle

You've got a website, sure. The content's great but it's just sitting there on the page. You're looking for some fabulous bells and whistles. A great way to really display your content in a slick, modern and entertaining way. That's where some nifty HTML5 galleries and components can really