12 Recycled Steampunk Animal Sculptures With Moving Parts

 When working with recycled materials like metal, it is a true art to be able to create steampunk animal sculptures with moving parts. Russian artist, Igor Verniy, creates jaw dropping recycled steampunk animal sculptures which actually contain moving parts. All of his works feature an impressive amount of detail

60 Classic Cars Found On French Farm Worth At Least £12 Million

On a farm in the west of France there was a historical collection of 60 classic cars which had been untouched for 50 years. The classic car collection dates back to the 1930’s and includes sports motor cars and other vintage car gems. Such a find has raised awareness

36 Beautiful Coffee Shops And Cafés Interior Designs

Interior design plays an essential element when it comes to a cafe or coffee shop. Coffee Shops and Cafes are trendy and popular places that serve food and drinks, the look and feel of the coffee shop or cafe is important when attracting customers. We’ll be taking a look

45 Most Cutest Christmas Cards You’ve Ever Seen

The holidays are coming and the internet is once again being flooded by some of the most cutest Christmas cards! Christmas is such a fun time of the year, you get to be with your family and share gifts and of course the Christmas card. Christmas themed cards usually lack creative

33 Guys Acted Like Girls On Instagram

An Instagram account called brosbeingbasic shows what it would be like if men posted the same type of instagram photos that many women like to make. These guys acted like girls on instagram and it’s hilarious! After this account started gaing popularity, other men on instragram started copying the

25 Selfies of Feet On Breathtaking Floor Art

Usually when we walk on floors we rarely take notice of the floor design itself. But there’s a profile on Instagram called, I Have This Thing With Floors” who gather photos from around the world showcasing selfies of feet on breathtaking floor art. Many of these floors have been

40 Creative DIY Christmas Tree Ideas

One of the best parts of Christmas is getting the Christmas Tree and decorating it with all sorts of Christmas Decorations. But it’s becoming more popular to get creative and make your own DIY Christmas Tree, which is an excellent way of recycling materials and saving money! In today’s

3 Ugly Christmas Sweaters Turned in Fashionable Suits

At Christmas time many people wear some incredibly ugly Christmas sweaters – it’s seems to be a tradition. But a company has taken the ugly Christmas sweater and turned it into fashionable and stylish suits. The quirky color schemes and Christmas shapes like snow flakes and Christmas trees actually

50 Animals Playing In Snow For The First Time

Playing in snow is one of my favourite memories, since it’s winter and lots of snow is starting to fall we’ve brought you some photos of animals playing in snow for the first time to bring you lots of joy this holiday season. Who says humans get all the

100 Years Of Makeup Showed in Under 1 Minute

Our idea of beauty has changed quite a lot all through the years with hair styles and makeup. The people at Cut Video have created a stunning short vidro demonstrating how a century’s taste in hair styling and makeup has transitioned in under 1 minute. They’ve chosen a fantastic