Artist Uses His Hands To Complete Animal Illustrations

Javier Pérez is a creative artist who completes his illustrations with his hands or fingers. In today’s sketches out minimalist animal illustrations like an octopus or rabbit and used his hands to complete the work by photographing them as tentacles or ears to finish the pieces off. The illustrations and

22 Most Amazing Cakes We’ve Ever Seen from a Cake Contest

An online cake competition held by, The Threadcakes, wrapped up on November 3rd of this year. This year’s entries have been one of the best yet, with 22 amazing cakes that look more like stunning sculptures rather than eatable cakes. In this article we’ll be showcasing 22 Most Amazing Cakes

41 Christmas Decoration Ideas for Your Living Room

Bringing out your Christmas Decorations is all about sharing the Christmas spirit and focusing on what truly matters, family and friends. Why not bring  your home to life and celebrate the festive of joy! For today’s article we’ll  be focusing on the living room, and ways to add some cosy, colorful

30 Things Every Bookworms Should Have in Their Home

If you’re a bookworm and love to read, you’ll enjoy these home decor accessories which feature Books as the main theme of their style or purpose. In today’s article we’ll be showcasing 30 Things Every Bookworms Should Have in Their Home, these include genius bookshelf ideas, bed covers, shower curtains,

17 Beautiful Polygonal Animal Paper Sculptures By Wolfram Kampffmeyer

When we think of Paper Sculptures we usually think of small and tiny artworks, German artist Wolfram Kampffmeyer, aka Paperwolf has created 17 Beautiful Polygonal Animal Paper Sculptures. These Polygonal Animal Paper Sculptures are quite large and depict gorgeous detail with each animal, I especially love the Fox with it’s swooping tail.

18+ Traditional Japanese Temari Balls Embroided By 92-Year Old Woman

A 92 year old woman from Japan has embroided an astounding collection of embroidered traditional Japanese temari hand balls. Her Granddaughter, Flickr user NanAkua, has shared images of her Grandma’s works of art to the world. Her grandmother learned the technique in the 60’s, creating a huge collection of temari hand

36 Amazing and Cute Camouflaged Pets

Normally when we think of ‘Camouflaged Animals’ we think of wild animals out in the jungle. But in today’s collection we’ll be looking at some very cute and hard to sport camouflaged pets, our pets can sometimes mesh into their environments like a couch, carpet or among stuffed toys.

50+ Most Beautiful Metro Stations In The World

When we think about underground Metro Stations, the last thought that comes to mind is architecture design and interior design of the stations. There are some Train / Metro Stations around the world that are beautiful examples of how you can take an ordinary metro station and make it

Why You Should Try Hotjar Insights Today!

Many of us have website’s in today’s world. But it can sometimes be difficult to see how your users are actually using your website. In today’s article we’ll be explaining how you can better see just how your users are interacting with your content. This month a new service

10 Beautifully Creative Water Towers in New York

Watertowers have a important purpose, they can usually be decorated in creative ways when artists get their hands on them. In today’s collection of 10 Beautifully Creative Water Towers in New York, we’ll be seeing some stunners like a Mosaic Watertower and other artistic ornate coverings. Water towers can be