10 Best Colorful Cities In The World

Color has the power to make us happy, when your city is colorful usually contains wonderful attractions and can be particularly charming. Today we’ll be taking a look at ten of the most colorful cities from around the world.…

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30 Totally Adorable Tiny Gift Ideas

Tiny gifts are can be a fabulous gift idea! If you’re looking for teeny tiny gift ideas that are packed with tons of cuteness these gifts are for you! Not only are these gifts super small they are totally…


7 Super Quick Organizing Tips

If you’re looking for some quick and easy organization tips check out these beauties! You’ll be surprised with how these simple and basic organizing ideas can make your everyday life easier. If you don’t have enough time to overhaul your life, don’t…

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19 Most Creative Beanies

Beanies are great to wear during winter, not only do they keep your head nice and warm, they also look great! Today we’ll be looking at some crazy beanie designs that will make you look awesome! Beanies are worn worldwide in…

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21 Shark Gift Ideas for Kids

Does your child love sharks? With their super shark teeth, deadly black eyes and a taste for blood – sharks are known as one of the most deadliest sea creatures. If your looking for a gift to give to…


26 Motivational Travel Quotes

There’s no greater way to get inspired than with travelling, seeing other cultures help up to grow see the world differently. These are some of the best travel quotes are perfect for motivating yourself to go out of your comfort…


18 Amazing Lace Tattoos by French Artist Dodie

In the past, was very popular with the rich. Lace represents the genteel ideals of grace, sensuality and delicate charm. These days lace tattoos are very popular with women and portray an elegant and charming style. Lace can be designed…


50 Crazily Cool Black and White Nail Art

Black and White nail art can be very elegant and stylish. Sure colored nail art can also be a great choice, but black and white can be a bold choice and will look exceptionally trendy when painted well. The…


14 Amazing Kitchen Ideas with Glass Cabinets

Elegant kitchen ideas with glass cabinets may be one of an alternative solution for you who have a small kitchen at home. This idea will make one room to have more function at once. For example, you will combine the…


32 Best Fighting Warrior Tattoos

Warrior Tattoos can be done in a variety of ways, people choose warrior tattoos because they have special fighting abilities. Warrior tattoos symbolize the idea of never giving up and staying strong in life. Warriors are a great reminder…


20 Creative Rustic Kids Bedroom Ideas

A kids bedroom should be their sanctuary, but if you’re looking to style their bedroom in a style that shows character maybe rustic is the way to go! Packed with wonderful tones and textures that feature wooden interiors and furniture…


33 Beautiful Tattooed Illustrations by Francis Kmiecik

Francis Kmiecik Artist from CA based artist Francis Kmiecik, aka Halfanese loves to draw illustrations of tattooed women. He studied Animation, Scientific Illustration and Film/Video at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. His latest works showcase wonderful illustrations…