18 Object Art That Can Only Be Seen From The Right Angle

Bernard Pras is a French artist who is known for breathtaking found object art installations. He hides his images in pikes of what looks like thrown out trash – the full art portrait can only be see by one right angle. He has created 18 Object Art That Can Only

60 Reasons to Visit Norway Before You Die

Norway is one of the most beautiful places in the world, with their snowy mountains, arctic tundras and mystical forests, it’s packed full of breathtaking nature which is a must see for outdoor lovers! We’ll be showcasing more than fifty beautiful photography of places in Norway you must visit

35 Fun Ways to Make Your Home a Playground

Who says outdoor playgrounds can’t be indoors? If you have children, one thing they all love are playing in the playground, With Swings, Seesaws, Slides, Hop Scotch and Ladders – it’s all part of the fun of being a child! In this post we’ll be showcasing over thirty ways

27 Color Palettes Inspired by Cats and Dogs

Our loving furry four legged friends are one of the best joys in our lives. If your furry best friend is the best thing in your life why not get inspired by their beauty color schemes which make up their fluffy coats. Creative color scheme blog, Design Seeds, have made this

29 Disgusting Vintage Food Advertisements

Nowadays when we look at Food advertisements, we don’t take a second thought as to whether the foods looks eatable or appetizing . But in the past it was a different story! They had some very weird (and gross!) ideas about what food looked good. Some pretty disgusting vintage

51 Creative and Fun DIY Gifts You’ll Decide to Keep

This holiday season why not make someone you love a creative and fun DIY Gift they’ll actually enjoy. During the holidays too many of us opt out for a store bought gift, this leaves you with less money and can be annoying if the person doesn’t like your gift.

24 Free and Creative Ways To Decorate Your Home

Most of us don’t have enough money to decorate our home in creative and fancy ways. In today’s post we’ll be looking at free and creative ways to decorate your home! These ideas will make your home look like a modern and beautiful with awesome free artwork, diy artwork and

12 Mind Blowing Notebook Doodle Art

Usually when most of us are bored in a class room we tend to doodle on our notebook. It’s a very common thing to do, but did you know that not all notebook doodle art are the same. Some Notebook doodles showcase high talent and creativity which makes the pencil or

32 Adorable Photography of Babies Celebrating Christmas

Christmas is a special time of year especially for families. You’ve got your decorations all ready to go with your little ones all excited! One of the best things about Christmas is bringing the family together and taking some memorable photos! If you have a new born in the

13 Powerful Goats and Sheep in Black and White Photography

With thirty years of experience, photographer Kevin Horan decided to take some majestic and very dramatic photographs of goats and sheep. Goats and Sheep are usually neglected when it comes to barnyard animal photos. Kevin’s photo series is titles, Chattel. Strangely his photographs of Goats and Sheep are quite moving as