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  • Photography Logo Designs


    63+ Impressive Photography Logo Designs for Inspiration

    Here is a massive collection of Photography logo designs & Camera based logo designs for inspiration! These Logo Designs have been beautifully created & many convey camera symbols. These Logos are used by Freelance Photographers, Agencies & Stock Photo Websites. Logo design is no easy science. A quick logo does not necessarily make for a

  • Eiffel Tower Zombie Apocoplayse


    The World’s Landmarks after a Zombie Apocalypse

    Zombies – are they for real? Well, with famous Hollywood blockbusters and television series such as ‘The Walking Dead‘ portraying them as very close to real, you may sometimes be led to believe in their existence. Scary, isn’t it? And what with the zombie apocalypse and all, you would wish that they are fictitious. Have

  • Summer Plants - Needing very little maintenance, they produce aromatic leaves and daisy-like flowers.


    5 Summer Plants to Show Off Your Conservatory

    As the weather slowly starts to improve, we may start thinking about how to make our home look a little bit more summer-friendly with these summer plants! Now that we’re starting to have lighter nights and there’s a peek of blue skies every now and again, you might want to update your décor. But don’t

  • mystical-bridges-026


    30+ Mystical Bridges That Will Take You To Another World

    We’ve all used a bridge at some point to cross rivers, chasms and freeways. However we so rarely stop to look at the designs of these bridges. These bridges will inspire you in every way. Do we take the time to stop a moment and properly look at the design, architecture and mystical looks of certain

  • Jack Sparrow Tattoo Design


    9 Amazing Pirate Tattoo Designs

    Body art is like marmite. You either love it or hate it. Certainly used to be the case that the upper echelons of society would look down their noses at anyone sporting even the slightest bit of ink on their plate. Thankfully tattoos are much more socially acceptable these days. Even if they weren’t if

  • Hotel Designs of Las Vegas Strip - The Luxor Hotel Las Vegas


    The Hotel Designs of the Las Vegas Strip, Nevada

    Having recently been to Las Vegas in Nevada, USA for a week I was struck by the hotel designs found there. I flew out from the UK about 10 days ago now, seems like forever. I was amazed by the innovative appearance of many of the hotels in Las Vegas, particularly on the north and south

  • 5 Unique Ways to Monetize a Blog


    5 Unique Ways to Monetize a Blog

    Finding unique ways to monetize a blog does not just happen as if by magic. Running a successful web site or blog is no easy or straightforward task either. Firstly define online success, what does it mean to you? For some success with their web site is measured in the level of traffic the site

  • Water Color Eggs


    15 Creative Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

    What more fun can be had with a bit of time put aside to decorate Easter Eggs. Its the time of year again where the Easter bunny comes a hopping past the house and the spring break is in full flow. If you are staying at home this Easter then chances are you will be

  • Top WordPress Author Bio Plugins


    9 Top WordPress Author Bio Plugins

    Author bio plugins credit the hard work of authors and help connect good content with its audience. WordPress author bio plugins can be used to proudly showcase the work of site authors. WordPress is one of the most widely used CMS platforms for blogs and web sites in use today. High traffic blogs often have

  • Lock and Key Tatoos


    38 Inspiring Lock and Key Tattoos

    Lock and key tattoos are a clever idea. One of the most popular tattoo designs to get is the lock and key tattoo. Popular with both men and women, they can have a variety of meanings, sizes and styles. We’ve found some creative lock and key tattoos that showcase how clever this tattoo design can

  • free Photoshop text effects


    36 Free PSD Photoshop Text Effects

    With these free Photoshop text effects it is easy to see why typography is an excellent area to delve into when using Photoshop. If you’re looking for some high quality Photoshop Text Effect Files, these free font styles are for you! Photoshop users are always on the lookout for the best Photoshop font and typography

  • basement-design09.jpg


    28+ Awesome Home Basement Ideas

    With these home basement ideas you can reimagine an important part of your property. Basements get a nasty rap at instances, if constructed out or transformed afterward, they really provide a wealth of additional dwelling house for a lot of functions and actions. As an example, a media room, lounge, wine cellar, eating bar, health club, workplace,

  • Free-Professional-Online-One-Page-Resume-Templates-04.jpg


    11 PSD One Page Resume Templates

    Having an online resume is essential if your work is online, now you can with these one page resume templates. Depending on the type of audience you want to attract, an online resume is the best way to grab their attention. PSD Online resumes are an excellent choice especially for people with an online portfolio

  • outdoor bathroom ideas


    55+ Beautiful Outdoor Bathroom Ideas

    Outdoor bathroom ideas are a novel way to explore keeping clean outside your home. If you’re looking for some luxurious and sophisticated outdoor bathroom ideas, these outdoor bathroom will certainly help you find inspiration. The bathroom is a great place to relax and enjoy yourself. If you’re lucky enough to afford these amazing outdoor bathrooms,

  • Cute Panda Tattoos


    22+ Totally Cute Panda Tattoos

    Cute panda tattoos are a unique way to individually express oneself with original artwork depicting cute Pandas. One of the most gorgeous animals is the Panda, it’s no wonder people are getting panda’s tattoos. Panda tattoos are nothing but adorable and will suit anyone with a soft spot. With their adorable teddy bear face and

  • 1105.jpg


    55 Science and Math Tattoos For Geeks

    I have to admit I’m not the best at math or science, there are many people that simply adore these subjects! In text books science and math is just a series of equations that some lucky people find easy to understand. These math and science geeks love the topics so much they decide to get

  • 32-rustic-bin.jpg


    50 DIY Rustic Decorative Storage Ideas

    Many of us store our things without a second thought, but have you ever thought about decorating your storage ideas? It’s an excellent way to bring some style and decoration into your home while holding a practical use! These clever rustic decorative storage ideas not only have a useful purpose, they’ll also look fantastic in

  • designers-toolbox-16.png


    17 Awesome UI Kits

    UI Kits are a fantastic tool for all designers, these free ui kits showcase a variety of user interface examples. These user-interface kits can be used on a many design projects like website design, applications, musical interfaces and mobile devices. Many web designers are always on the look out for the latest UI Kits. These free

  • 001-bi-fold-corporate-brochure-template-vol-1.jpg


    17 Best Free Brochure Templates

    If you’re looking for a free and stylish way to promote your business, these brochure templates are a great solution! Perfect for any designer who needs to create a brochure fast with limited time, these brochures will do the trick! These free brochures can be redesigned to suit your branding including the color schemes, layout

  • National-Geographic-Wallpaper-29.jpg


    37 Inspiring National Geographic Wallpapers

    Nature lovers rejoice! If you’re looking for some stunning nature wallpapers, these National Geographic desktop backgrounds will add some wonderful photography to your computer. Known as one of the most read magazine’s worldwide, these National Geographic Wallpapers feature some of the best shots of scenery, maps, animals and landmarks. Taken by professional photographers, they’ve captured

  • free-icon-fonts-02.png


    18 Best Free Icon Fonts

    Icon fonts are fantastic to have when you want a quick and easy way to bring symbols and glyphs to your design work. Icon Fonts usually contain the basics like magnifying glasses, weather icons, play and stop buttons, arrows and folder (just to name a few). Today we’ve gather some of the best icon fonts

  • free-wire-framing-tools-1.png


    14 Excellent Wireframing Tools and Kits

    If you’re a designer on the lookout for the fantastic free wireframe tools and kits, then this collection is for you! Jam packed with stylish wireframe tools and kits that will be a lifesaver with your busy design projects. A wireframe is provides an excellent visual representation of hierarchy, content and layout that makes it

  • 949411234953756.jpg


    21 Genius Package Designs

    When trying to sell a product one of the most important elements is the packaging. Many products stick to the standard box packaging design, but as you’ll see today, these package designs below showcase how they can take it to the next level. Not only are these package designs super creative, they ooze style and

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