10 Stunning Smoke Portraits of Famous Personalities

Octavian Mielu has recently created a series of beautiful portraits titled “Personalities Smoke Posters” which features well known celebrities and historical people like Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson, Mickey Mouse, Abraham Lincoln, Albert Einstein, The Joker (Heath Ledger), Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, Steve Jobs and many more! These awesome smoke portraits

9 Breathtaking Foggy European Landscapes at Sunrise

Photographer, Kilian Schönberger, loves staying up all night, he often drives many hours and hikes up mountains in the dark on the mountains of Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria and France to take breathtaking foggy European landscapes at sunrise. Heights of 500 to 1,500 meters gets the best results to get clean

40 Instagram Accounts Color Lovers Should Follow

If you’re a fan of all things color, you should checkout these forty Instagram accounts which showcase wonderful color schemes. When you’re in need of some color inspiration there’s nothing better than searching for new and exciting color schemes which you can use in your design projects! Did you

17 Superheroes Meet Art History Living in The 16th Century

Very few of us have wondered what our famous superheroes would look like if they lived in the 16th Century and were shown as art history. I’ve got to say it’s a very bizarre and weird concept! But French photographer Sacha Goldberger has done just that with her awesome photo

40+ Most Beautiful Caves From Around the World

Caves are one of those places that often hidden beauty and wonder. These crevices and cavities are created under the earth or in mountains and are regularly seen by explorers and adventurers looking to capture their massive and breathtaking interiors. We’ve collection some of the Most Beautiful Caves From Around the World for

28 Festive Ways to Paint Your Nails These Holidays

What better time to get out your Christmas art nail ideas then these holidays! End of year holidays are a magical time to start painting your nails in beautiful Christmas themed styles. In today’s collection we’ve gathered 28 festive ways to paint your nails these holidays! From colorful Christmas Lights, Snowflakes, Snowman, reindeer

14 Mother’s Photos of A Mermaid’s Adventures

We all know that mermaids are mythical creatures, Bahamas-based photographer Elena Kalis decided to take a set of underwater portraits showing her advertures as a mermaid. She channeled her inner mermaid and spent her days with her daughter exploring underwater caves and observing marine wildlife. A Mermaid is a legendary aquatic

8 Beautiful Carved Book Landscapes by Guy Laramee

Artist Guy Laramee has sculptured an incredible series of carved landscapes made from books entitled Biblios and The Great Wall. He has chosen old dense and thick books which to create these beautiful carved book landscapes to reveal breathtaking mountains, plateaus, and ancient structures. He states: So I carve landscapes out

7 Architectural Landmarks Made with Bike Tire Tracks

Thomas Yang is an artist who creates amazing prints made with Bike Tire Tracks to create a poster of the Empire State Building. Since then his has explored more famous Architectural Landmark from around the world merging his inspiration for cycling and architecture into beautiful works of art. Creating artwork from

Giant Birds Nest Couch For Humans

Israel based design firm, OGE Creative Group, have created a new couch idea they say is  “new and inspiring socializing space: a fusion of furniture and playground where ideas come to get incubated”. Usually when we think of a Bird’s Nest we think of twigs and hard materials, but