Man Becomes Homeless To Capture Powerful Photos

Homelessness appears to be a endless drawback. For Lee Jeffries, which means his picture challenge won’t ever finish. He pictures homeless individuals to point out the humanity that they possess. Nevertheless, Jeffries’ intentions weren’t so benign when he first…


12 Tattoos That Look Like Pencil Sketches

You don’t need your tattoo to look unfinished. Nonetheless, Nomi Chi’s tattoos are engaging exactly due to their sketch-like look. Whereas drawings is likely to be black and white or coloured, and stuffed with particulars, these tattoos nonetheless have…


24 Amazing Small Kitchen Design Ideas

A small kitchen design ideas for minimalist house interior will be very important for everyone who has small areas in the home. The minimalist design can be a good idea for you if you want to designing the kitchen interior…


French Photographer Shows Our Addiction To Phones

There are specific issues with utilizing know-how too typically, however Antoine Geiger thinks telephones are virtually actually soul-sucking. His Sur-Pretend challenge exhibits individuals with faces which might be being sucked in by cellphones like they had been tiny plastic…


25 Insanily Cool Tribals Tattoos for Women

Tribal tattoos have been very popular throughout the world,  they are popular with both men and women.  Tribal tattoos have come to mean various things. The word “tribal” is an adjective that refers to things dealing with tribes. But it’s…


25 Insanily Cool DIY Concrete Decorating Ideas

Concrete isn’t usually known as a material used in home decor, but did you know that concrete is a fantastic material to use in your home decorating. You can find all sorts of things using concrete including beautiful planters,…


23 Cheap Ways To Boost Your Home’s Value

With housing prices rising, it’s a great time to sell your home to capitalize on it’s value. You don’t need to spend lots of money to increase your home’s value, these are easy and cheap ways you can add value…

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These Clip-On Man Buns Actually Exist!

Man buns! Not confined to the heads of ladies, buns have invaded manly heads. And with synthetic clip on man buns, you can also have one! They’re produced from synthetic hair (grown on free-range, fair-trade mannequins), and the buns…


21 Totally Cute Best Friend Tattoos

If you’ve been best friends with your friend for years maybe it’s time to get a tattoo inked to showcase your strong friendship to the world! In today’s tattoos are everywhere, they can help us find what’s truly important…

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8 Totally Cute Animal Ski Masks

With winter incoming, you wish to be cool – metaphorically, in fact. Russian tattoo mannequin Teya Salat has simply the factor for you – animal ski masks. Now you possibly can seem like a bandit who’s extraordinarily hip with…


20+ Everyday Pregnancy Problems Illustrated By A Mom

Being a mother isn’t straightforward, nevertheless it doesn’t imply you possibly can’t have a look at it with humor. Line Severinsen of Kos og Kaos (Cuddles and Chaos) comics illustrates what to anticipate whereas anticipating. Consuming alcohol? Gone! Shaving,…


21 Most Creative Ways To Use Wallpaper

Wallpaper ideas are wonderful when it comes to decorating your home, whether it’s for a bathroom, living room, bedroom or kitchen – wallpapers are awesome! With so many wallpaper design ideas to choose from like geometric shapes, vintage, retro…