60 Amazing Rose Tattoo Ideas

Rose Tattoos are one of the most classic tattoo art you can get besides skulls, daggers and hearts. The rose is a timeless and beautiful flower that stands for beauty, love and life. Rose tattoos can look beautiful on any…


47 Gorgeous Neck Tattoos

Neck tattoos are commonly known as ‘job stoppers’, neck tattoos are not for the faint of heart! Neck tattoos can’t be covered up (unless you want to wear a scarf all year round). If you’re thinking about getting a…


49 Insanily Cool Head Tattoos

Getting a head tattoo isn’t like other tattoos, it requires some guts! Head tattoos are usually for the tattoos addicts and can sometimes shock people more than usually. Getting a tattoo on the head can be the most visible,…

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19 Totally Cozy Bed Accessories

Is your bedroom too cold and sterile? Why don’t you try turning your bed into a warm and cozy haven with these gorgeous bed accessories that will make you extra warm this winter! With some insanily cute bed products…


19 DIY Tricks For Fixing Ruined Clothes

No one likes to have their clothes ruined by annoying things like stains, broken buttons or a broken heel. But don’t worry, these do-it-yourself hacks for fixing your ruined clothes. If you’re sick and tired of your clothes being…


15 Stunning Snake Tattoos

Snakes are usually seen an dark creatures with their beastly fangs, scales and the curvy way they move. Besides the darkness that surrounds them you can’t deny their beauty and striking style. Snake Tattoos are one of the most…


25 Rib Tattoo Ideas for Girls

The placement of a tattoo is extremely important and requires lots of decision making as the tattoo will be on your skin for life. However there are certain areas of the body where the skin is very sensitive like…

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24 Most Incredible Lego Creations

Who says Lego is just for kids? If you go searching you’ll be amazed at the type of Lego creations you can find! It’s amazing what you can make using Lego and these amazing Lego creations speak for themselves.…


32 Beautiful Music Note Tattoos

If you’re a musician or just love music in general a musical note tattoo will be perfect for you! Not only to musical notes look really cool, but they can also showcase a side of your personality to the…


36 Creepiest Clown Tattoos

Clowns are suppose to be happy and fun, but there is a dark side to clowns that is terrifying! The red nose, white makeup and enormous smile that is more menacing than anything else! In today’s culture of Halloween…

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22 Most Creative Cell Phones

Each new concept cell phone contains a new feature that can amaze and inspire us. Today everyone has a cell phone, whether it’s used to chat or browse on the web, cell phones are constantly being upgraded to pack…

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20 Coolest Hood Ornaments

We’ve all seen the standard hood Ornaments for cars like BMW, Toyota or Mercedes-Benz. But did you know that there are some pretty cool hood ornaments that go beyond the standard car logo? You’ll be amazed with what type of…

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12 Most Coolest Robots

Okay we’ve got a long wait to go before we see robots like Terminator come alive, so why don’t we take a look at the most recently invented robots that are kicking ass? From a robot that explore mars to…


31 Coolest Halloween Pumpkin Carving Ideas

It’s that time of year again when you get out your carving tools and start carving out that pumpkin! Halloween is such a fun time of year, if you’re front porch is doesn’t have a pumpkin carving this year…