40 Strange and Weird Inventions

Inventions are usually a good thing, but sometimes people can invent strange and weird inventions. Most of us would love to run our own business and invent something that will benefit everyone. But sometimes thinking of ideas can be harder than you think. In today’s post we’ve found 40 Strange

29 Brilliant Websites using Video Backgrounds

These days websites don’t have to be static, we’ve found these brilliant websites using video backgrounds. With the rise of HTML5 websites don’t have to be boring and static anymore. It’s become so much easier to create websites containing richer content like videos. We’ve found some exceptional websites which feature

Dad Draws Cool Lunch Bag Cartoon Character Illustrations

For many of us eating lunch from a lunch bag in a non event, nothing cool happens. But when your dad is Graphic Designer, Brian Dunn, you’ll find some cool lunch bag cartoon character illustrations! For the past 2 years, Brian Dunn, has been drawing beautiful cartoon characters. He

10 Weird and Funny Pokemon Cosplayers

Many people love dressing up as they're favourite characters, in today's collection we've found 10 Weird and Funny Pokemon Cosplayers, ever wondered what you're favourite Pokemon Characters would look like in real life? Take a look at these fun pokemon cosplayers. Pokémon (Pokemon, /po/ke/m/n/ poh-kay-mon) is a media franchise published

12 Handy jQuery Snippets for Developers Week #2

Today we’ve collected 12 handy jQuery Snippets for developers of designers. Recently we look at 10 Popular Code Snippets for Developers Week #1 and showcase some CSS3 Snippets. In this list with found some cool and useful jQuery Snippets.  If you’re in the web design industry, you know that

30 Fun and Creative Cup Designs You’ll Love

Recently we looked at 30 Weird and Creative Drinking Glasses, today we’ll be looking at more fun and creative cup designs you’ll love. In today’s world many of us are addicted to coffee or tea, enjoying a nice hot drink in the morning helps us to wake up and start

Louis C.K. Spoofs Calvin Klein Cologne

When we look at Calvin Klein cologne and it's advertising range, we can't help but look at the obserdity. Comedian, Louie C.K. brought out a spoof range of 'Louie CK' Cologne which showcased a funny look at the ever popular Calvin Klein company.    Louis C.K. One is a clever

13 Ways to Stop Clients making Too Many Revisions

It can be a designer’s dilemma when clients won’t stop asking for repeated revisions. When we design for our clients we want them to be happy with the result, but sometimes they can go too far and can make our lives a living hell. When we start out as

20 Creative Gift Ideas for Photographers

Choosing a gift for Photographers can be challenging, but if you get creative enough and think outside the square you may be pleasantly surprised with what you can find. Remembering a friend or loved ones hobby is always the best option when finding a gift for someone, it helps them

10 Popular Code Snippets for Developers Week #1

Every week we find cool little code snippets from around the web,  in this first edition of 10 Popular Code Snippets for Developers Week #1, we’ll be focusing on CSS3 Snippets. For developers there’s nothing more enjoyable than learning a new snippet of style code, they can help make