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  • lace-tattoos


    18 Amazing Lace Tattoos by French Artist Dodie

    In the past, was very popular with the rich. Lace represents the genteel ideals of grace, sensuality and delicate charm. These days lace tattoos are very popular with women and portray an elegant and charming style. Lace can be designed to look like flowers, animals and birds. Tribal symbols are also be depicted by lace. Today

  • 50-Black-and-White-Nail-Art-inspiration-41.jpg


    50 Crazily Cool Black and White Nail Art

    Black and White nail art can be very elegant and stylish. Sure colored nail art can also be a great choice, but black and white can be a bold choice and will look exceptionally trendy when painted well. The shades of black and white can have many meanings, it’s great for creating snow and snowflake

  • Kitchen-Design-Ideas-with-Glass-Cabinets-2.jpg


    14 Amazing Kitchen Ideas with Glass Cabinets

    Elegant kitchen ideas with glass cabinets may be one of an alternative solution for you who have a small kitchen at home. This idea will make one room to have more function at once. For example, you will combine the kitchen and cabinet area for storage. Glass cabinets make for stylish storage space in your kitchen

  • Fighting-Warrior-Tattoos-inspiration-13.jpg


    32 Best Fighting Warrior Tattoos

    Warrior Tattoos can be done in a variety of ways, people choose warrior tattoos because they have special fighting abilities. Warrior tattoos symbolize the idea of never giving up and staying strong in life. Warriors are a great reminder of our strength.   If your looking for a symbolic fighter tattoo or a mean bad

  • Dog-thoughts-which-only-Dog-owners-will-Understand-16.jpg


    23 Hilarious Dog Thoughts Only Dog Owners Will Understand

    If you could read your dog’s thoughts what would they say? Some of us would love to know what our dogs are thinking and the answers may surprise you. Reddit users shared what their dogs think about most on a thread called Dog Thoughts. From what dogs think about when they’re chasing a ball, what they

  • 20-Rustic-Kids-Bedroom-Design-Inspiration-15.jpg


    20 Creative Rustic Kids Bedroom Ideas

    A kids bedroom should be their sanctuary, but if you’re looking to style their bedroom in a style that shows character maybe rustic is the way to go! Packed with wonderful tones and textures that feature wooden interiors and furniture that help bring their room back into a more natural state. When designed right rustic kids

  • Old_Nike_logo


    10 Famous Logo Designs and How Much They Cost

    Famous companies would be unrecognizable without their logo, their logo and branding playing a huge role when it comes to the value of the company. But have you ever wondered how mush these companies paid to buy their iconic logo to begin with? You’ll be surprised to know that some of the most famous companies paid

  • Amazing-Tattooed-Women-Illustrations-by-Francis-Kmiecik-17.jpg


    33 Beautiful Tattooed Illustrations by Francis Kmiecik

    Francis Kmiecik Artist from CA based artist Francis Kmiecik, aka Halfanese loves to draw illustrations of tattooed women. He studied Animation, Scientific Illustration and Film/Video at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. His latest works showcase wonderful illustrations of tattooed women, these women are illustrated wearing trendy clothing, some riding a bike and others

  • 51-Awesome-realistic-detailed-Sleeve-Tattoos-1.jpg


    50+ Hyper-Realistic Sleeve Tattoos by Niki Norberg

    Niki Norberg an unbelievable tattoo artist from Goteborg, Sweden who works at Wicked Tattoo studio. His realistic tattoos are everywhere throughout the web, the abnormal state of point of interest and clear differences being basically unbelievable. Norberg has been in the tattoo diversion since 2001 and from 2007, he has worked side by side with Heidi

  • 61-Inspiring-Quotes-to-Change-the-Way-You-Think-4.jpg


    60+ Powerful Quotes That Change the Way You Think

    You can’t deny that words have the power to make us think deeper. Life changing quotes are hard to find, these quotes are not only inspiring, they’ll help you see the bigger picture. Some quotes even change the way we live helping us to become more positive and optimistic about the future. Today these inspiring

  • Cool-Space-Saving-Staircase-Designs-3.jpg


    23 Most Creative Spiral Staircase Designs

    Staircases are usually rarely noticed when it comes to home renovations, but you’ll be surprised to know that stairs can really transform your home into something modern and sophisticated. Spiral stairs in particular are especially beautiful and stylish with their delightful curves and materials. Spiral stairs are also a great way to save space in

  • DIY-Wood-Fabric-Headboard.jpg


    15 Clever Headboard Ideas For Your Bedroom

    Stylish headboard ideas can help transform your bedroom into a more modern and sophisticated room. If you love to read at night that are great back rests that help you sit back and relax. These clever headboards are a great solution for getting creating a fancy bedroom, made from readily available materials making these budget friendly.

  • Gloomy-Industrial-Bedroom.jpg


    15 Industrial Bedroom Design Ideas

    Industrial decor has been an exploding trend in the world of design, it’s stripped back, unpretentious and packed with visual appeal. Today we’ll be looking at some big and bold industrial bedroom design ideas that showcase how stylish industrial home can really be! These days you’re likely to find  industrial décor within the walls of a

  • nice-swimmer.jpg


    15 Amusing Pictures With Double Meaning

    Usually when we take a picture we usually grab our camera or smart phone and snap away! For sometimes the results can be very unexpected and can surprise us with a totally different meaning than intended! When you scroll down to view these images, you’ll need to look closely to work out the double meaning.

  • Positive-Quotes-1.jpg


    40 Most Inspiring and Motivational Quotes

    Inspirational quotes can help lift us up when we’re down and motivate us to go that little step further. If you’ve got obstacles ahead that are holding you back, never give up quotes will help you push forward! For self help positive quotes and affirmations are extremely powerful when it comes to everyday life, many

  • heating-table-bed-kotatsu-japan-25.jpg


    Incredible Japanese Invention Is A Bed, A Table And A Heater!

    There are a number of robust, let’s even say unbreakable, bonds we make in life. That with our household, highschool buddies, our first pet and, if we’re fortunate, a big different would possibly get on the checklist. However there’s hardly a bond as sturdy because the one now we have with our … mattress. Simply

  • Baby2.jpg


    Mom Takes Cute Photos of Baby Wearing Pun Onesies

    After giving delivery to her first baby, advertising supervisor Ceylan Sahin Eker determined so as to add a dose of creativity to motherhood. Utilizing her levels in each graphic design and illustration, the artist produced a photograph sequence that includes her lovable 9-month-old son Timur in witty onesies. Greater than only a enjoyable little photograph challenge

  • bike-rack-furniture-manuel-rossel-chile-3.jpg


    Furniture Doubles As Bike Racks To Save Space In Small Apartments

    Parking a bicycle outdoors is a chore, however what do you do should you reside in a small condo? Purchase some furnishings that doubles as a bicycle rack! Designed by Manuel Rossel, these couches, bookcases and sideboards seem like trendy furnishings however for the slots minimize out on high. You place your bicycles wheels in

  • Photo-gallery-of-Ikea-Bathrooms.jpg


    35 Stylish Small Bathroom Design Ideas

    Although the presence of bathroom at home is not as important as other rooms, stunning simple small bathroom designs ideas for small space can make your family feel comfortable while doing any private activity inside the bathroom. Designing small bathroom is not easy thing. However, there are some tips and tricks that will make you

  • i-made-disney-princesses-in-their-real-age-today__880.jpg


    Disney Princesses Look The Age They’d Be Today

    Isaque Arêas is a Brazilian artist who loves Disney movies. She decided to create a series dedicated to showcases how Disney Princesses would look today. The series is titled “After and Before – Disney Princesses”. I started it in 2013. The first idea was a little bit crazy but “I love crazy” (if you are a Disney fan

  • great-funny-crazy-modern-plant-pot-planter-ideas-888.jpg

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    15 Totally Cute Planter Designs

    Indoor plants have been shown to reduce stress and purify the air, and they also leave your home looking great. With beautiful planters like the ones in this list, you can make your home even more beautiful and relaxing by keeping your plants inside pots and planters that are works of art. The fact that

  • traditional-living-room.jpg


    29 Luxury Home Decorating Ideas

    Cool contemporary and luxury house designs is one of popular design at recent years. You can make it look modern, stylish, traditional, beautiful or even antique. The selection of style on the house design should be based on the architectural style of your home. It will look complicated and ugly if you have the architectural

  • artists-redraw-children-drawings-inspiration-monster-project-17.jpg


    20 Artists ReCreate Kids’ Doodles Of Scary Monsters

    No one is as free of their drawings as youngsters: neither perspective nor colour coordination impedes their creativity. Monster Undertaking capitalizes on that creativity, in addition to bolstering it. The venture sees artists from world wide take drawings of monsters performed by youngsters and redraw them in their very own model. The result’s then given

  • black-white-homeless-portraits-lee-jeffries-6.jpg


    Man Becomes Homeless To Capture Powerful Photos

    Homelessness appears to be a endless drawback. For Lee Jeffries, which means his picture challenge won’t ever finish. He pictures homeless individuals to point out the humanity that they possess. Nevertheless, Jeffries’ intentions weren’t so benign when he first began taking photos. Nevertheless, all of it modified at one level. Love ‘happened’ to me,” Jeffries

  • funny-illustration-quarter-life-poetry-samantha-jayne-11.jpg


    20 Quarter-Life Struggles Turned Into Children’s Rhymes

    The altering tempo of life has put 20-somethings right into a bizarre kind of Limbo. Samantha Jayne navigates it with the assistance of rhyming. Her pithy traces are accompanied by easy illustrations on the topic. Jayne’s work speaks to the urbanite younger and our relationship woes, employment struggles, meals dramas, and love of computer systems.

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