Product Design

16 Weird and Coolest Concept Cars

Cars today can look pretty boring when compared to vintage cars from the 50’s, but don’t worry the future of car design is about to change! Car concepts are a glimpse of what the future can hold for the…


30 Sexy Collar Bone Tattoos

Collar Bone Tattoos can be one of the most beautiful! Most popular with women, the collar bone is a great place to get a tattoo. Although attractive the collar bone has been known to be one of the most…


28 Cool Halloween Costumes You Can Make Yourself

Instead of buying your Halloween costume, why not get creative this year and try out one of these fun Halloween costumes you can make yourself? With some exceptional Halloween ideas like making a cool 80’s Walkman player or Cassette…


50 Genius Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

Are you struggling to find a last-minute costume idea? Halloween can be super hectic especially if you haven’t chosen a costume, these last minute Halloween costumes are super creative and best of all fun! With some genius last minute…


75 Beautiful Fall Tattoos

Autumn/Fall is a very beautiful time of year, even though the leaves are dying the color scheme of Fall is still quite beautiful with the bright colors of nature. Fall Tattoos are an excellent choice to get if you’re…


22 Most Creative & Unusual Dog Collars

Dog collars are usually pretty standard in design, but why not go beyond the norm and try one of these creative and unusual dog collars for your beloved pooch? A dog collar is a piece of material put around the…

DIY Home/Life

13 Genius DIY Birthday Cakes For Kids

One of the best parts of having a Birthday when you’re a kid is of course the Birthday Cake! If you’re planning to make your children’s birthday cake why not check out these DIY birthday cakes that will take…


13 Secret iPhone 6s Hacks

Every year Apple seems to bring out the latest version of the Apple iPhone. Reviews are piling up say how the latest Apple iPhone 6s is the best model yet with it’s twice as much RAM and cool new…

Product Design

21 Most Creative Minimalist Products

Are you a lover of all things minimalistic and simple? There’s quite a beauty when it comes to minimalism, especially when it comes to products. If your home has a minimal style why not match it up with equally…

Facts Mysteries

10 Most Mysterious Things In Space

When many of us think about space we usually head down the fantasy path with science fiction movies, tv shows and books. However the real space is pretty cool and very weird! Every now and then space shows us…


19 Dorm Room Organization Ideas

If your dorm room is constantly messy why not try some of these dorm room organization ideas? Dorm room life plays a big role in your college years and if your room is organized well you should be able…


31 Super Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

These days who has time to prepare and create a fancy Halloween Costume in advance? If you’re short on time or you want a DIY Halloween costume that simple and quick, you should check out these super easy diy…

Product Design

27 Gadgets That Will Improve Your Memory

Are you a forgetful person? In order to remember things better we usually go with writing things down on paper will help us remember our daily tasks and information. Today we’ll be looking at some of thte best memory…


49 Literary Costumes Ideas for Halloween

There’s nothing more fun than dressing up for Halloween! If you’re a book lover and enjoy nothing more than reading about your favourite Literary characters, why not try a Halloween costume based on your favourite book? With some creative Literary Halloween…


22 Awesome Leg Sleeve Tattoos

Usually when we think of ‘sleeve tattoos’ we imagine arms, but sleeve tattoos also look amazing on legs! There’s something very beautiful about the shape of legs, for women they are one of the most attractive part of the…