14 Mother’s Photos of A Mermaid’s Adventures

We all know that mermaids are mythical creatures, Bahamas-based photographer Elena Kalis decided to take a set of underwater portraits showing her advertures as a mermaid. She channeled her inner mermaid and spent her days with her daughter exploring underwater caves and observing marine wildlife. A Mermaid is a legendary aquatic

8 Beautiful Carved Book Landscapes by Guy Laramee

Artist Guy Laramee has sculptured an incredible series of carved landscapes made from books entitled Biblios and The Great Wall. He has chosen old dense and thick books which to create these beautiful carved book landscapes to reveal breathtaking mountains, plateaus, and ancient structures. He states: So I carve landscapes out

7 Architectural Landmarks Made with Bike Tire Tracks

Thomas Yang is an artist who creates amazing prints made with Bike Tire Tracks to create a poster of the Empire State Building. Since then his has explored more famous Architectural Landmark from around the world merging his inspiration for cycling and architecture into beautiful works of art. Creating artwork from

Giant Birds Nest Couch For Humans

Israel based design firm, OGE Creative Group, have created a new couch idea they say is  “new and inspiring socializing space: a fusion of furniture and playground where ideas come to get incubated”. Usually when we think of a Bird’s Nest we think of twigs and hard materials, but

3 Flip Books Use Space To Reveal Their Secret Compartments

In Japan they have made a number of cute little flip books featuring a range of unique and interesting designs that use negative space and secret compartments. These secret compartments are gradually reveals as you flip through the books! Usually flip books are standard drawn images showcasing an moving

80 Fun and Creative Typography Tattoos

Typography Tattoos can be fun and creative, when using powerful words or sentences along with stunning fonts, they can make a strong and bold tattoo choice. Tattoos are a great way to showcase something you’re passionate about, usually words have more meaning and are more elegant than a art

Dull Shack Transformed Into a Psychedelic Rainbow House

Artist Kat O’Sullivan has been upcycling clothing over the past 20 years. Recently the artist bought a home located in upstate New York which was built in 1840. She wanted the house to be more vibrant and stand out more, so she decided to visit a local pain shop.

58 Fun and Creative Tea Infusers

If you’re a tea lover, why not find new and fun ways to enjoy your tea. Tea Infusers can be a great way to bring some creativity and fun into infusing your tea. In this collection we’ll be showcasing 58 Fun and Creative Tea Infusers! A tea infuser is a device

Sculpture of San Francisco Made With 100,000 Toothpicks

Thirty Years ago artist, Scott Weaver began work on a stunningly complex and impress Sculpture of San Francisco made with 100,000 toothpicks. The sculpture is called  Rolling through the Bay, Scott is still modifying and expanding the sculpture still today. The complicated sculpture is comprised of “tours” that move

100+ Fun and Creative DIY Wall Art Ideas

Redecorating your home doesn’t have to be expensive, why not try some of these fun and creative DIY wall art ideas! There are so many ways you can create beautiful artwork yourself, forget about spending hundreds of dollars for premade art when you can get creative yourself and make