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15+ Offensive Advertisements You’ll Never See Again

Nowadays it’s rare to see an offensive advertisement, but sometimes we’ll see an advertisement from the past which has a completely different meaning today. These Offensive Advertisements You’ll Never See Again, showcase just how bad taste they were. In today’s world advertisemet must abey by strict rules and comply with the standards, in the past they…

20+ Most Controversial Print Advertisements

Today we’ve gathered 20+ Most Controversial Print Advertisements, these advertisements are considered quite shocking and controversial. Some may say these Controversial Print Advertisements go to far, but you can’t deny they get their message across. With Print Advertisements like these, you’ll evoke many emotions which attract attention and get people talking. When going into Constroversial Print…

Design a Nike Shoe Advert using Photoshop

Learn how to create an artistic Nike Shoe Advert using Adobe Photoshop. We’ll be creating this advert using a variety of Textures, Brushes, Shapes, Pen Tool, images and various techniques! Final Result Resources: Grunge Paper Texture Nike Shoe Star Brushes Real Paint Splatter Brushes 1. Create a new document that’s 600×800 pixels & white background….