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39 Genius DIY Industrial Decor Ideas

Industrial decor shouldn’t be confused with Industrial Design. Industrial style is well known for it’s rustic and vintage look, making it a popular choice for home decor.

If you’re lucky enough to own an old building, you’ve pretty much got the industrial decor down! But if you’re living in a modern space, you can still create the illusion of rough surfaces and materials that create that awesome industrial decor!

Today we’ll be showcasing 39 Genius DIY Industrial Decor Ideas!

Galvanized Bucket as Bathroom Sink

Industrial Numbered Crate

DIY Industrial Table

How to Build a DIY Industrial Coffee Table for Only $75.24

DIY Rustic Industrial Desk

Industrial Furniture Painting Technique

Industrial Wooden Valance

Factory Cart Coffee Table

Modern Indsutrial Adjustable Sawhorse Desk to Coffee Table

Wood Dresser with Wheels

Steampunk Art

Pipe Wood Slats Bed

Modern Industrial Concrete Wood Coat Tree

Easy Modern DIY Concrete Pendants

DIY Industrial Pipe Plate Rack

DIY Wire Landry Basket

Easiest Industrial Cart

DIY Industrial Chic Desk

Industrial Light Sconce Makeover

Industrial Side Tables

DIY Bedside Lamps

DIY Rustic Wood Mantel

Wooden Bench on Industrial Casters

Industrial Rolling Wood Rack

Build a Budget-Friendly Industrial Shelf Using PVC Pipe

DIY Industrial Pendant Light

Vintage Industrial Letters

Pipe Bench

DIY Modern Industrial Floating Shelves

DIY Industrial Shelves DIY Industrial Furniture

Restoration Inspired Shelves

Industrial Chain Shelves

DIY Industrial Side Table

Industrial Rustic Shelf Tutorial

Industrial Wood and Pipe Hanging Beds

Industrial Bedside Pulley Lamp


Industrial Pipe Curtain Rods

DIY Industrial Coffee Table

DIY Industrial Paper Towel Holder

Industrial Wire Mail Baskets

DIY Industrial Shelves

DIY Wire Baskets Vintage Industrial Barstools

DIY Corrugated Metal Headboard

DIY Industrial Style Laundry Hamper

Easy DIY Industrial Coffee Table

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41 Unusual and Badass Skull Tattoos You Must See

When we think of tattoos many of us automatically vision skull and bones tattoos, these tattoos are usually thought of as morbid and dark. However these skull tattoos showcase something more unique and different when it comes to this style of tattoo design.

These unsual and badass skull tattoos are quite beautiful with something brilliant artwork and concepts like a cubist Picasso skull tattoo, an etching styled skull tattoo and even an highly creative geometric skull tattoo!

These 41 Unusual and Badass Skull Tattoos You Must See really do show how beautiful Skull tattoo art can be!

1. This badass Goonies tribute.

2. This cubist skull even Picasso would swoon over.

This cubist skull even Picasso would swoon over.
Hollywood / Via

3. Don’t cross this chef.

4. This two-faced masterpiece.

5. This flawless cat skull.

This flawless cat skull.
Emily Hanzal / Via

6. This skull can croon.

7. Three times the skulls.

Three times the skulls.
Vitaly Osokin / Via

8. This skull that brews butterflies? Sweet.

9. What a charming sun hat!

10. This insanely realistic (and bloody) skull.

This insanely realistic (and bloody) skull.
Charly Huurman / Via

11. This skull dreaming of the sea.

12. This skull that’s wiser than all of us.

13. This skull would love to tip his hat to you.

14. This etched skull looks like it’s covered in muscle tissue.

This etched skull looks like it's covered in muscle tissue.
Mico Goldobin / Via

15. This very clever hand tattoo.

16. This skull is rockin’ color AND an optical illusion.

17. This wolf skull is beautifully terrifying.

18. This skull parachute is weathering a hell of a storm.

This skull parachute is weathering a hell of a storm.
Mike Kyrtatas / Via

19. This warrior skull, tho.

20. This deconstructed skull.

This deconstructed skull.
Ricardo Da Maia / Via

21. This skull is SO small and SO intricate.

22. This skull is just. So. Cool.

This skull is just. So. Cool.
Chris Rigoni / Via

23. This punk rock skull.

24. This crazy detailed geometric skull.

This crazy detailed geometric skull.
Chris Zero / Via

25. So vivid.

26. This top knot skull.

27. This skull feels so symbolic. 7 what?!

28. This skull is so morbidly awesome.

This skull is so morbidly awesome.
Vincent Scully / Via

29. This skull piston is epic.

30. Capt. Skull, reporting for duty.

31. This rad sugar skull with nautical accents.

32. This incredible watercolor skull.

This incredible watercolor skull.
Frederica Stefanello / Via

33. This skull looks etched in his skin! Oh wait…

34. This beautiful patchwork skull.

35. This geometric hybrid.

This geometric hybrid.
MXW / Via

36. This skull wants you to treat yo’ self.

37. This gorgeously patterned cat skull.

38. This skull bursting with crystals.

39. This skull is equal parts realistic and abstract. Wow.

This skull is equal parts realistic and abstract. Wow.
Rebecca Smania / Via

40. This skull is literally dripping with color.

This skull is literally dripping with color.
Sooz / Via

41. This artistically pixelated skull.

This artistically pixelated skull.
Swirly Sinatra / Via

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24 Clever Bookmarks All Book Lovers Should Have

If you’re always reading books and love to catch up  on a good story, you should consider getting a creative and clever bookmark for your books! Too many of us have boring bookmarks that have no style or character – in today’s post we’ll be showcasing some very unique bookmarks which show that your bookmark don’t have to be boring anymore.

Did you know?

Bookmarks were used throughout the medieval period, consisting usually of a small parchment strip attached to the edge of folio (or a piece of cord attached to headband). As the first printed books were quite rare and valuable, it was determined early on that something was needed to mark one’s place in a book without causing its pages any harm. Some of the earliest bookmarks were used at the end of the sixteenth century, and Queen Elizabeth I of England was one of the first to own one.

1. This bookmark shines a light on your current page.

2. This playful Final Fantasy 7-inspired bookmark.

This playful Final Fantasy 7-inspired bookmark.

3. This bookmark that will always save your place.

This bookmark that will always save your place.

4. There’s no place like the page you’re on.

There's no place like the page you're on.

5. Gotta read ‘em all.

Gotta read 'em all.

6. These talking bookmarks.

7. This fun floating hippo bookmark.

This fun floating hippo bookmark.

8. This handcrafted bookmark.

This handcrafted bookmark.

9. This bookmark will save your page and line.

This bookmark will save your page and line.

10. These bookmarks will come in handy all the time.

These bookmarks will come in handy all the time.

11. Rescue this bookmark by reading on…

Rescue this bookmark by reading on...

12. This nutty squirrel bookmark.

This nutty squirrel bookmark.

13. These sticky blades of grass will hold your place.

14. This handmade homage to books and wine.

This handmade homage to books and wine.

15. These bookish mice will guard your page for you.

16. These handdrawn owl pictures.

These handdrawn owl pictures.

17. These simple wire page holders.

18. This “struggling bunny” bookmark.

This "struggling bunny" bookmark.

Watership Down, perhaps?

19. These handmade mini books

20. Perhaps Carl can help you look up the right page.

Perhaps Carl can help you look up the right page.

21. This bookmark is a good reminder of why we read..

22. This bookmark will hold your page securely until you get back.

23. Whoever has this bookmark has power over the book.

Whoever has this bookmark has power over the book.

24. Or you could just improvise.

Or you could just improvise.


33 Very Creative T-Shirt Designs

T-Shirt Designs can be the most boring clothes around, but if you bring a designer into the mix you can turn a boring piece of clothing into some most creative and clever. We’ll be taking a look at over thirty of the most creative t-shirts ever made. Unlike type based t-shirts done in Photoshop, these t-shirt designs have had some thought put into them with stunning art and creativity.

You t-shirt doesn’t have to be a blank canvas, it should help you express your personality while added some fun and charm. It’s the on piece of clothing you can represent your favourite rock band, video game or even political views to the public.

(h/t: boredpanda)


Image credits:


Image credits: unknown


Image credits:


Image credits:


Image creadits:


Image credits: unknown


Image credits: addicteed


Image credits: unknown


Image credits:


Image credits:


Image credits: GJP Advertising + Design, Toronto, Canada





Image credits:



Image credits: 


Image credits:


Image credits: Unknown


Image credits: BBDO Cape Town, South Africa


Image credits:


Image credits: shikisai


Image credits: Lina D. 


Image credits: Chris Theirbert


Image credits: unknown


Image credits:


Image credits: DDB Brasil, São Paulo, Brazil


Image credits: Wanthathing



Image credits: DDB Singapore 


Image credits: unknown


Image credits:


Image credits: Dutch football federation


Image credits: shikisai


Image credits: Maak Roberts



Image credits: BETC Euro RSCG, Paris, France


27 Themed Tattoo Sleeves You’ll Drool Over

In today’s world themed tattoo sleeves are all the rage. When you’re canvas is your arm you can think of some beautiful works of art that will stay with you for life. A sleeve tattoo (or tattoo sleeve) is a large tattoo, or a collection of smaller tattoos, usually themed in similar manner, that covers most or all of a person’s arm, usually from shoulder to wrist.

Ranging from nature, animals, sci fi, outer space to tribal style tattoos – this collection shows how high quality tattoo sleeves can be. If you’re thinking about getting yourself a sleeve tattoo, you need to check out these awesome possibilities!

1. This scientific coffee tattoo is perfect for any coffee addict.

It’s also the perfect example of how to halfway commit to a sleeve instead of taking the full plunge.

2. If you love to travel, consider documenting where you’ve been or where you want to go like this guy did.

If you love to travel, consider documenting where you've been or where you want to go like this guy did.
Instagram: @lupariselli / Via

Coordinates + travel documents = awesome.

3. Planes, trains, and automobiles were this guy’s jam.

Maps, boats, a compass, oh my!

4. Displaying a work of art on your body so that you and others can stare at it all the time* is probably the coolest idea ever.

*Without paying a museum fee.

5. This tat with the works of Banksy is a seriously cool tri-color tribute.

This tat with the works of Banksy is a seriously cool tri-color tribute.
juliaseizure / Via

Graffiti for the arms.

6. This galaxy sleeve is out of this world.

This galaxy sleeve is out of this world.
juliaseizure / Via

Dark and mysterious, and most likely totally made up because who even knows anything about the universe?

7. And this one brings the galaxy back down to Earth by combining the two.

Ooooh, colorssss.

8. An ode to a favorite work of literature is both nerdy and amazing.

An ode to a favorite work of literature is both nerdy and amazing.

Like this The Old Man And The Sea sleeve.

9. This Harry Potter fan got some ~unbreakable~ ink.

Accio tattoo artist to my arm!

10. This geometric illusion could keep your eyes occupied for days.

Caution: nausea ensues upon staring too long.

11. This BAMF is actually* the Terminator.

This BAMF is actually* the Terminator.

*not really.

12. This sleeve took tribal to the next level.

And by that we mean epic school notebook doodles were permanently etched into skin.

13. This grayscale piece capturing the essence of the great outdoors is both tranquil and beautiful.

This grayscale piece capturing the essence of the great outdoors is both tranquil and beautiful.

A whole forest, right there on his arm.

PRO: no bugs.
CON: you can’t actually hike through it.

14. Bonus points to this sleeve for cute animals found in nature.

And food. Anytime food can be incorporated is a plus, even if it’s just berries.

15. This piece brought out the colorful side of nature.

These birds and thoughtful woman make for an incredible and vibrant sleeve.

16. This guy delved into the vast, unknown waters of the Earth.

This guy delved into the vast, unknown waters of the Earth.
Jeff Gogue / Off the Map Tattoo Northwest / Via

Unda da sea.

17. This woman made her arm an elaborate and ferocious dragon.

Ed Weston III / Custom, Flint, MI /

Ed Weston III / Custom, Flint, MI /

Ed Weston III / Custom, Flint, MI /

After enduring 23 sittings in a about year, this arm lit’rally looks like a real dragon.

18. No need to send out the Bat-Signal, just call this guy.

Da na na na na na na na, na na na na na na na na BATMANNNNN (is forever on his arm).

19. This ink proves that there’s no longer a reason to buy Lisa Frank folders when you can just have all of the designs on your arm.

This ink proves that there's no longer a reason to buy Lisa Frank folders when you can just have all of the designs on your arm.
Serena Star Photography / Via

Though this sleeve is seriously lacking Markie the unicorn IMHO.

20. By combining a bunch of different skateboarding elements, this guy created a shrine to his favorite hobby.

By combining a bunch of different skateboarding elements, this guy created a shrine to his favorite hobby.

Totally tubular, dude.

21. This sleeve of 80s classic music hits was a rad way of displaying favorite tunes on her sleeve.

This sleeve of 80s classic music hits was a rad way of displaying favorite tunes on her sleeve.
juliaseizure / Via Instagram: @juliaseizure

Haha, sleeve. Get it?

22. These instruments are coming to life through this sleeve.

We can almost hear the guitar strumming.

23. The only thing that was missing was a piano, which this guy has covered.

The only thing that was missing was a piano, which this guy has covered.

Simple yet bold.

24. This sleeve is the pirate’s booty of the tattoo world.

W-ARRR-NING: having pirates tattooed on your body will most likely not make you a pirate. Engage in pirate activity responsibly.

25. This mish mosh of overlapping text and diagrams is confusing, delightful, and ironically simple.

This mish mosh of overlapping text and diagrams is confusing, delightful, and ironically simple.

But really though, what does it all mean?

26. The force is strong with this tat.

Star Wars ink is a prime example of taking your geek pride to the next level.

27. Watercolor tattoo = masterpiece.

When in doubt, add wispy color to your arm and it will probably look like something super duper fancy.

via BuzzFeed


Hipster Bearded Calendar That ‘Grows’ With Each Passing Month

Are you a bearded hipster in need of a calender? Our society today has been taken over by beards, their popularity seems to be rising over the past few months. Brands are now taking notice of this trend and are starting to create products for hipsters like this Bearded Calendar That ‘Grows’ With Each Passing Month.

This unique calender was created by Anna Marinenko’s, titled the “Bearded Year” calendar, it’s take a minimalist approach with a monthly tracker that shows a beard as the main feature.

As each month progresses, the beard goes from transparent to a full hipster beard. If you’re not a fan of paged calenders, they also have a calender in poster form.

If you’re a hipster wannabe or a hipster already, why not grab this creative Hipster Bearded Calendar That ‘Grows’ With Each Passing Month and be the envy of all your friends!

More info:  Anna Marinenko | Buy ‘Bearded Year’ on Etsy

[via Elite Daily, images via Anna Marinenko]


34 Ways A Sharpie Can Bring Creativity To Your Life

Are you looking to be more creative with your life? Who knew all you needed was a Sharpie pen! In today’s post we’ll be looking at 34 Ways A Sharpie Can Bring Creativity To Your Life. A Sharpie is a pen marker which is usually used for writing, but did you know you can use it for creative and fun ways!

Sharpie is an American manufacturer of writing instruments (mainly marker pens) whose products are sold in over 20 countries. Originally a name designating a single permanent marker, the Sharpie brand has been widely expanded and can now be found on a variety of previously unrelated permanent and non-permanent pens and markers formerly marketed under other brands.

Remember these 34 Ways A Sharpie Can Bring Creativity To Your Life are mean’t for fun and not too serious people, if you’re still learning how to use a Sharpie I would advice you to make do some more practicing before taking on the projects below!


34 Ways A Sharpie Can Bring Creativity To Your Life


34 Ways A Sharpie Can Bring Creativity To Your Life

Leopard Stool

34 Ways A Sharpie Can Bring Creativity To Your Life

Spin Art

10. Spin Art
Watch a video tutorial here.


11. Sneakers


12. Dishes

Clockwise from the upper left corner: Floral Pattern, Monsters,Cats, and Cooking Quote.

Flower Pot

13. Flower Pot


14. Pillow


Twist Ties

15. Twist Ties

Christmas Ornaments

16. Christmas Ornaments

Tie Dye T-Shirt

17. Tie Dye T-Shirt


18. Lamp


Message Stones

20. Message Stones


Plastic Bags

21. Plastic Bags


22. Rug


Coffee Cup

Flower Vases

24. Flower Vases


25. Nails


26. Necklace

Envelope Lining

27. Envelope Lining

Gift Box

28. Gift Box


29. Stationery



30. Guitar

Dog Bowls

31. Dog Bowls

Light Switch Cover

32. Light Switch Cover

Gift Wrap

33. Gift Wrap

iPhone Case

34. iPhone Case


1. Chair


2. Wallpaper


3. Sunglasses

Gift Tags

4. Gift Tags



5. Napkins

30 Weird and Creative Stair Designs

When we  walk into a building with more than one floor, we never really give a second thought to the stairs. Let’s face it stairs aren’t the most exciting feature of a building, they’re usually pretty boring with their design and structure.

To help change your mind and how weird and creative stair designs can be, we’ve found these 30 unusual stairs which will open your eyes. A stairway, staircase, stairwell, flight of stairs, or simply stairs is a construction designed to bridge a large vertical distance by dividing it into smaller vertical distances, called steps. Stairs may be straight, round, or may consist of two or more straight pieces connected at angles.

Scroll down to see these 30 Weird and Creative Stair Designs, which one if your favourite? Comment below…

Floating Helical

Creative Stair Designs


Hard to believe that this staircase does not seem to touch the ground. Amazing veneer work that flows down the balustrade and onto the soffit. Via Isay Weinfeld

Floating Disks

Creative Stair Designs

These oversized disks of concrete seem to float between levels. Via LA Times, photo by Allen J. Schaben

Triangular Treads

Creative Stair Designs

These triangular in profile treads give the stair a solid feel when viewed from behind and floating when looked side on. Via Archdaily

Dinosaur Ribs


Biology inspired staircase situated in a South Korean medical centre via frameweb.

Tienda Centauro / AUM Arquitetos


A very bright shiny staircase, reminiscent of Heatherwicks Longchamp NY staircase. Via plataformaarquitectura

Steel Stairs


From Rowin Petersma, this divided staircase is made of expanded steel that lets the maximum amount of light shine through from the top floor of the apartment.

Deep Stairs


These unusually deep stairs, and the 4-stories of house surrounding them, come with the rather large price tag of $38 million. The iconic NYC property, designed by Paul Rudolph, has seen many a famous person inside including Halston and Gunter Sachs, who were both previous owners.

Bizarre Stairs


This small, uniquely shaped house calls for a small, uniquely shaped staircase and that’s just what Kyoto-based Alphaville Architects designed.

Stone Stairs


Designed by Castroferro Arquitectos, these extra-wide stone stairs with wood treads on top match the floating wood stairs above, all with enough room to store books on the sides.

Multi Colored Textured Wood


Italian company 14 Ora Italiana has a collection of wood grain porcelain tiles that were inspired by the works of Andy Warhol. The Uonuon line comes in fourteen colors that are featured on this colorful and fun staircase.


“Coat storage is often an eyesore, but not with this understairs unit. The well-engineered sliding cupboard can use hooks or clothes rails according to preference.” (Designed by Deriba Furniture)

Sensualscaping Stairs

“The stair is a continuation and intensification of the simple graphic skirting board lines that trace their way through the house. As they turn the corner into the stair void, they expand like a genie released from a lamp, curling and separating and bifurcating from the wall to form the delicate edge of the stair treads, lifting into the air to rise as the veil of the balustrade.” (Designed by Atmos Studio)


Staircase designed for a private residence in Stockholm, Sweden in 2006 by Gabriella Gustafson & Mattias Ståhlbom. (Designed by TAF arkitektkontor)

Flat F.M

These floating stairs link the living room to the private space reserved for the owner under the rooftops. (Designed by ecole)

Tree Stairs

Beautiful metal tree serves as a handrail. (Designed by Architetture del Ferro)

Spiral Staircase Slide

A super fun spiral staircase design with a slide for kids.(Designer: unknown)

The Rainbow House Stairs

“The Rainbow House is a magical oasis on a busy road filled with people and noise. When you step through its front door, you enter a parallel universe of fun, colour, movement and sensuality, leaving the ordinary world far behind.” (Designed by Ab Rogers)

Emmental Stairs

“The Emmental stairs was designed for a young creative family with an equisite design taste and an eye for details and their two children. They were just starting the refurbishment of their apartment and wanted interior stairs that would harmonize with the historic ambiance of the apartment and their aesthetic requirements, but also add an extra touch to their living space.” (Designed by Biljana Jovanović)

Blood Vessel Stairs

“The home may be a machine for living, but it’s also an mechanical extension of the body.” (Designed by DMVA Architecten)

Steel Stair Mesh at Villa La Roche

“French architecture firm archiplein designed Villa La Roche in Rochebaudin with a centerpiece staircase wrapped in an irregular steel mesh.” [1] (Designed by archiplein)

Barbie Shanghai Store

Spiral staircase enclosed by eight hundred Barbie dolls. (Designed by Slade Architecture)

M Lofts

“The alternate tread stair was designed to be a perfect union of functionality, structure and form. With regard to functionality, the stair is comfortable, safe to climb, and spatially efficient; the open sides of the stair provide ample and well-placed grip locations.” (Designed by nC2architecture)

New York University Stairs

“The complete interior renovation of the 1890 corner building at 5 Washington Place for the consolidation of the New York University Department of Philosophy organizes the new spaces around light and phenomenal properties of materials. A new stair shaft below a new skylight joins the 6-level building vertically with a shifting porosity of light and shadow that change seasonally. Prismatic film was installed on the south-facing stairwell windows which occasionally break the sunlight into a prismatic rainbow.” (Designed by Steven Holl Architects)

Bookcase Staircase

“Limited by space, we melded the idea of a staircase with our client’s desire for a library to form a ‘library staircase’ in which English oak stair treads and shelves are both completely lined with books.” (Designed by Levitate Architects)

Ribbon Staircase

“The concept of a delicate rippling ribbon was chosen in view of the exposed position of the staircase in the main living area of the house. The staircase is constructed from 10mm thick sheet metal. Pairs of adjoining steps connected with an oblique external side joist form a bracket anchored in the wall. Each of the brackets is constructed as a rigid frame. The higher steps bear mainly drawing forces, while pressure is transmitted through the lower steps.” (Designed by HSH Architects)

Godzilla Stairs

“The ambiguous spatial limits, along with the light streaming in through the hidden windows, lends the place a feeling of endlessness.” (Designed by Chae-Pereira Architects)

Stairs Made From Skateboard Decks

“This is a set of steps I made for our skateboard school. The aluminium beam is a solid billet of aluminium and the decks were custom made with concave only on one edge. You should see the look on our students faces when they make the treck to the basement.” (link)

Staircase in Northampton

Sculptural staircase with glass and timber details. (Designed by Philip Watts)

Loft F27

“The concept “Black or White“ is the underlying idea of a radical new design for an urban apartment in the north of Graz. Modern architecture has transformed a two-storey apartment built in the 1990s into a multi-functional loft serving as home and office. Whereas the owners see the apartment as the perfect fusion of functional and extravagant design, some visitors tend to regard it as too austere.” [2] (Designed by Schlosser und Partner)

Storage Stairs

Creative way to use space under your stairs.(Designer: unknown)

Staircase Slide Combo

“At the request of his children, London architect Alex Michaelis installed a slide next to the staircase in their new eco-friendly dream home.” [3] (Designed by Alex Michaelis)

National Olympic Commettee House

“This work represents the idea of dynamics in sport with the abstract compositions of the staircase and the reception table. The first object you encounter is the introverted desk with its never-ending fissure, and then you meet the extroverted staircase – like the open path to Olympus, where the summit meets its own reflection, inferring that striving never ends, that there is no limit to human achievement.” (Designed by Architects of Invention)

Extreme Staircase

Designed by Sabina Lang and Daniel Baumann

Timber Stripes

“Great stair for the School of Arts comprised of laminated timber. Some of the timber strips have been painted adding extra dynamics.” (Designed by Tetrarc)

Spiral Staircase

“From above and below, the wood grain provides a contrasting and changing set of fine-grain textures set against the regular rhythms of the overall stair design.” [4] (Designed by Patrick Jouin)


32+ Creative Examples of Billboard Advertising

Many of us see Billboards on a daily basis, innovative Billboard Advertising can get your attention and is hard to miss when your outside. Creative Examples of Billboard Advertising can be a great source of inpsiration and are quite interesting to look at.

A billboard (sometimes also called a hoarding in the UK and many other parts of the world) is a large outdoor advertising structure (a billing board), typically found in high-traffic areas such as alongside busy roads. Billboards present large advertisements to passing pedestrians and drivers. Typically showing large, ostensibly witty slogans, and distinctive visuals, billboards are highly visible in the top designated market areas. Bulletins are the largest standard-size billboards. Located primarily on major highways, expressways or principal arterials, they command high-density consumer exposure (mostly to vehicular traffic). Bulletins afford greatest visibility due not only to their size, but because they allow creative “customizing” through extensions and embellishments.

Posters are the other common form of billboard advertising, located mostly along primary and secondary arterial roads. Posters are a smaller format than bulletins and are viewed principally by residents and commuter traffic, with some pedestrian exposure.

Billboard advertisements are designed to catch a person’s attention and create a memorable impression very quickly, leaving the reader thinking about the advertisement after they have driven past it. They have to be readable in a very short time because they are usually read while being passed at high speeds. Thus there are usually only a few words, in large print, and a humorous or arresting image in brilliant color.

Here’s a collection of clever and creative billboards ads, these ads are very different to your usual billboard advertising and have showcase just what you can creative with billboards.

32+ Creative Examples of Billboard Advertising

32+ Creative Examples of Billboard Advertising

32+ Creative Examples of Billboard Advertising

32+ Creative Examples of Billboard Advertising

Product Design

30 Weird and Creative Chair Designs

Chair Designs are usually pretty boring and hold very few inspirations. But chairs can also be designed with creativity and can sometimes be weird and creative if designing with some flair.

A chair is a piece of furniture with a raised surface used to sit on, commonly for use by one person. Chairs are most often supported by four legs and have a back; however, a chair can have three legs or could have a different shape. A chair without a back or arm rests is a stool, or when raised up, a bar stool. A chair with arms is an armchair and with folding action and inclining footrest, a recliner. A permanently fixed chair in a train or theater is a seat or, in an airplane, airline seat; when riding, it is a saddle and bicycle saddle, and for an automobile, a car seat or infant car seat. With wheels it is a wheelchair and when hung from above, a swing.

In today’s collection we’ve gathered 30 Weird and Creative Chair Designs, these chair designs are just ordinary, they are unique and weird! Which chair do you like the best? Let us know in the comments!



Chair Designs

Created as part of a group project at Victoria University of Wellington. (Designer: Joya Boerrigter)

Q! Loungle Chair

30 Weird and Creative Chair Designs

Lounge chair which based on Richard Buckminster Fuller’s spherical thin-shell structure. (Designer: ODESD2)

Coat Check Chair


The Coat Check Chair design helps users find unexpected meaning in mundane objects. Recombining clothes hangers and a steel closet rod, it engages pedestrian artifacts to solve common problems: what to do with extra hangers clogging up a closet, and how to encourage people to hang up their clothes. By bringing the elements of the closet into the foreground of a person’s daily routine the Coat Check Chair offers a unique design and a gentle encouragement to stay neat. (Designer: Joey Zeledón)



Armchair pouf made with recovered sail fabric. The fabric becomes tense when the seat is used and the back acquires rigidity, adapting perfectly to the body, making it extremely comfortable.  (Designer: DVELAS Reusail project)

167 | ComOn | Molteni


167 comes from the recovery of the defective bases of the table Arc of Foster. The solidity and immobility of the base made in cement is set against the leather seat, light and soft, leaning against the structure, almost floating. The skin recovered was grooved to change shape, the chair is created by 167 cuts like in a hug. The cement, raw, defective, industrial, evokes the charm of the urban and cemented ambient, the strong appeal of the areas 167 of the Italian cities, in fact. (Designer: Tandem)

Tree Chair



(Designer: Dragana Ranitovic)

Horse Chair


A playful chair designed by Deigner Christine Bobae Lee.



Worm is a ludic outdoor product inspired by the funny shape of a little worm. It’s a chaise longue, a double chair but also a teeter-totter. (Designer: Sara Porco)

Typography Chair


Chair made out of typography for the Barcode buildings in Oslo. (Designer: Helene Kristiansen)

Rocking On The Beach

“Have you ever experienced to dream that you are going to the beach? Breeze, the sound of waves and the sandy beach, these make our feeling so good. Rocking on the Beach helps you imagine the one of these experiences in your home. The plastic and pipe shape is designed for the best seashore sound, which is researched around the Netherlands seaside. The shape of chair with full of pipes gives a strong impression as an electronic circuit or urban city landscape.” [11] (Designers: Joon&Jung Designteller)

Zip-Up Chair

“Although intended for small apartments that demand functional furniture, I don’t see why we can’t include the Zip-Up Chair in mansions.[12] (Designer: Kim In-bo)

Sticky Chair

“Designers intentions were to create a form that looked like active movement; an explosion from a center point creating new space by shooting in every direction.” [13] (Designer: Samwoong Lee)

Splash Chair

“Ever look at macro photos of water splashes or super slow mo’ video of a droplet slamming into the surface sending ripples across a lake? There’s a moment in that 1/10 of a second when the impact creates a crater or sorts, as if you were small enough, it could neatly cup you. Inspired designer Michael Wendel created a 1/8th scale model called the Splash Lounge Chair, big enough for us to sit in.[14] (Designer: Michael L. Wendel)

Growing Chair

“It is time for man and nature to reunite!” [15] (Designer: Michel Bussien)

Selfportrait Chair

“The theory behind designing the Selfportrait Chair is very honest and simple. As an introvert, graduate student Ka-Lai Chan found it difficult to express her emotions lest her peers ridicule her. The stifled emotions grew like a nagging tumor and are seen as those odd blobs on this chair. Rarely do we come across an emotional side to a design accurately represented as this!” [16] (Designer: Ka-Lai Chan)

Ivi Chair

“The white but otherwise realistic leaves of “ivy chair” act as a metaphor for the exclusion of nature from the city.” [17] (Designer: Satoshi Itasaka)

Atar Chairs

“Gravitational Illusion. A fantasy of optically excellent proportions. These chairs float between naturalistic and industrial on a bed of impossibility.” [18] (Designers: Christian Andrés Parra Sánchez, Juliana Andrea Mosquera.)

Him&Her Chairs

Light and sensational chair design. (Designer: Fabio Novembre)

A Chair With A Rug

“The chair is designed by Dutch design student, Sophie de Vocht, and made of 1,000 feet of yarn pulled through a tough metal wire mesh. The seat cover is made with using a designer’s hand-tufting technique. Crossing a carpet and a chair allows to use the warmth and the comfort of a carpet in a different way.” [19] (Designer: Sophie de Vocht)

The Octopus Chair

The artist wanted to be faithful to the animal’s physique and the natural majesty of its movements, therefore Maximo attended to each physical detail of the octopus in order to make the animal the unique protagonist of the whole piece. [1] (Designer: Maximo Riera)

Meltodown Chair


“This chair is created by heating and pressing a seat-shaped former into a ball of polypropylene rope. The rope begins to liquify as it comes into contact with the heated former and, as it cools, it sets in the shape of a seat creating a contrast in form and texture to the remaining rope. No additional material has been added to make the seat – it is all made from melted rope.” [2] (Designer: Tom Price)

Lathe Chair

“Designer started this series as a graduation project for the Eindhoven Academy and has since continued working on it.[3] (Designer: Sebastian Brajkovic)

Beautiful Bloom Chair

Made of deep soft folds of handmade microfibre fabric stitched into a steel base, the chair is available in Red, Moss Green, Light Green & Yellow. This lounge chair will make you feel like fairytale Thumbelina in a beautiful flower.” [4] (Designer: Kenneth Cobonpue)

Chair For Cafe

The design satisfies both elements of functional and decorative design. The seats appears like a silhouette of a coffee mug, whose handle can be used as a hook for draping a jacket or hanging a bag.[5] (Designer: Sunhan Kwon)

Bahia Chair

“On the back it has 5000 Brazilian ribbons. According to 20age, these ribbons are a lucky charm in Brazil.” [6] (Designer: 20age)

Tie Lounge

“As you might notice that these chairs look like ties. Have to say it’s clever idea. Also this collection consists of various variations start from office ties to fur ones.” [7] (Designer: Velichko Velikov)

The Seatub

The ‘seatub’ chair combines the idea of relaxing in a chair and a bathtub [8] (Designer: Ki Kim)

The X Lounger

“The X Lounger is based on a single ray, traced along a periodic double curved surface.[9] (Designer: Timothy Schreiber)

The Barnacle Chair


The Barnacle Chair is made from sustainable wood and lined with a cultivated industrial felt. This chair allows the user to sit in it, similar to bucket seating or flip it over and multiple users can lean against it while seated on the floor.[10] (Designer: Ania Wagner)

Product Design

33 Most Creative Sofa Designs

When furnishing a living room choosing the right sofa or couch is essential. Couch or Sofa Designs are important to get right, they should stay within the theme of the living room and should be warm and inviting. Personally I prefer warm and cosy couch/sofa designs!

Some facts about sofas 

The term couch is used in North America, Australia, New Zealand, whilst the term sofa is generally used in the United Kingdom. The word originated in Middle English from the Old French noun couche, which derived from the verb meaning “to lie down”. It originally denoted an item of furniture for lying or sleeping on, somewhat like a chaise longue, but now refers to sofas in general.

In today’s collection we’ve gathered 33 Most Creative Sofa Designs or Couch Designs, these sofa designs are super creative and modern! Which one would you want in your living room? Comment below!




(Designer: Paolo Emilio)



(Designer: BRC Designs)



(Designer: Marta Szymkowiak)

Alien Inspiration

(Designer: Jonas Jurgaitis)

 Styrofoam Sofa

(Designer: Kwangho Lee)


(Designer: Ron Arad, student of BCUC)

Cow Sofa

(Designer: Rodolfo Rocchetti)

“Cross” Sofa

(Designer: Elvis Pennetuzzo)

Feel the Deluxe

The Feel Deluxe is made of 120 soft and extremely pleasant balls. (Link)

Inflatable Sofa


Lego Sofa

(Designers: Thierry Nahon & Philippe Landecker)

Luminating Sofa

(Designer: unknown)


(Designer: unknown)


(Designer: Gaetano Pesce)


(Designer: Rodolfo Rocchetti)


(Designer: Rodolfo Rocchetti)

Phat Knitt

(Designer: Bauke Knottnerus)

East Meet West

(Designer: Tonio de Roover)


(Designer: Rodolfo Rocchetti)

Pool Sofa

This Sofa was made for an ad campaign for swimming pool design firm Piscine Castiglione near Milan.

Cactus Sofa

(Designer: unknown)

The Egg Sofa

(Designer: unknown)

“Napoleon versus Napoleon 1999″ – the Double Decker Sofa



(Designer: Gufram)

Lupita, Peeled or Loop Sofa

(Designer: Victor Aleman)

Harrod’s Stuffed Animal Couch

(Photo by: memimenam)

 Wall-Climbing Sofa

(Designer: Lila Jang)

Not a Bit Prickly

You can sit or you can lie on it! (Designer: Caterina Tiazzoldi and Eduardo Benamor Duarte)

Sofa Box

(Designer: unknown)

Sofa Design with Brick Upholstering


Ball Pillow Conglomerate

(Designers: Cheng-Tsung Feng and Kai-Ting Lin)

 Crumpled Rumpled Paper Sofa!

Sofa made from crumpled paper. (Designer: Tokujin Yoshioka for Moroso)

 Aston Martin Seat Sofa

(Designer: unknown)

Product Design

25 Creative Examples of Table Designs

Most table designs today usually are built for practical purposes and hold little creativity. Maybe we can change that and start designing more clever and creative table designs, if you’re looking for some unusual table designs to spice up your office or living areas, we’ve gathered 25 Creative Examples of Table Designs.

These 25 Creative Examples of Table Designs have been built and designed by fantastic industrial designers looking to create something new.


Balancing Table


A custom table made of maple, steel, and concrete. Donated to Montana State University for the Celebration of Architecture 2014. This creative table was designed by Steven Berkas, Zach George, Taylor Proctor.

Kitchen Folding Table



Project subject is folding table with some functional modules. The table has the possibility to transform like as Chinese fan. The user can change table configuration extensively. You will have the access to triangled boxes. You can replace them to opposite site of the table. Right and left table sides are food drawers. Drawer covers can be turned up-down and used as preparation boards. Cutting food will be removed into lower box accurately. Suggested construction will save working space and time. Transparent plastic was used for some parts of the table. The user can watch the content under the cover of the drawers. The quantity of functional modules can be different from two to four items. It depends on the preferences of the consumer. Designed by Olga Kalugina.

Retro Computer Table


This is a plate of mine in my furniture class in Industrial design. The theme of his design is retro furniture. Designed by Gerry Jeff Reyes.

Rising Table


Robert van Embricqs is fascinated by the esthetically pleasing, yet intricate complexity of the natural form. Finding inspiration for his designs in bone structure, plant life and movement.  Designed by Robert van Embricqs.

Bronx Dining Table


This table has a very old style industrial look, made with a  reclaimed boxcar oak top. The crank handles were moved to one side for effect. We build these to order and can custom the size, top, color, and many other details. The Bronx table, a unique design by Vintage Industrial in Phoenix.


A small table made in powder-painted metal, which overturns the concept of the artefact: in the legs, generated by the same geometry which regulates nature, the “frattali”, and in the surface printed with small falling leafs. Like an object left in the influence of nature changing its aesthetics. (link)


A square coffee table is divided by random cuts. These differ from timber tabletop and base, separated by uprights. The subdivided pieces serve as side tables of different shapes and dimensions (Designer: voonwong & bensonsaw)

Love Me

Domeau & Pérès designed a table which creates an illusion that it’s melting. (link)

Binary Table

By expanding the mathematical principles of the 1960s engineering tool Spirograph into 3-dimensions, and linking this with a newly developed computer programme and the latest 3D Printing technologies, its now as simple to create a table as it was drawing a spiral in the 1960s (Designer: Cohda Studio)

Ripple Table

Using sophisticated 3D milling processes and a variety of materials such as polished aluminum, clear polyester resin and a dash of aerospace engineering, Lee J. Rowland created the Ripple Series, tables that appear to stop time in its rippling tracks. (link)

Two Faced Table

Designer Dan McCabe describes his “Two Faced” coffee table as “strikingly modern”. (link)

Illusion table

Illusion is a handmade side table of 3 mm acrylic. All Illusion tables are handmade, individual and unique.The design gives the impression of a table cloth on a round table. However, the object uses the structural strength of the folded material to create a magical and surprising experience – an illusion. (Designer: Rafa Garcia)

My Crew Tables

My Crew is a table that is meant to be pieced together like panels for every usage imaginable. (Designer: Minus Tio)

Domino Table

A concept in motion, the Domino table lends new elegance to a classic exercise in physics and play. (link)

Brush Furniture

A few years ago, British designer Jason Taylor created a furniture set made to look like bristle brushes.

Dynamic Table

Chul an Kwak is a young korean designer who aims to inject furniture with dynamic emotion, breaking from the static norms.

Preciuos Famine

Designed by Toni Grilo for an exhibition in Paris, the Precious Famine coffee table is made entirely of kitchen utensils.

Wallnut And Grass

Designer Emily Wettstein uses reclaimed walnut and steel to craft each piece, and to make matters even cooler she incorporates a removable planter right into the center that can be filled with your choice of greenery.(link)

Rubik’s Cube Table

The Rubik’s Cube table is inspired by the classic toy we all grew up with…and still have today! Makes a great end table, or put two together as a coffee table. (link)

The Watch Table

Watch Table by Lee J. Rowland is a table in the shape of a wrist watch that actually functions. The table can switch between a Clock time mode that tells the time, or Message mode that displays text, with a maximum of 8 letters. (link)

Snowflake Tables

Beautiful snowflake shaped tables,Each and every table is unique. Literally. According to its manufacturers, Snowflakes is the world’s first furniture to be both mass produced and one-of-a-kind. The Corian tabletops are cut using a computer program that changes the pattern within set parameters for each table made. (Designer: Claesson Koivisto Rune for Offecct)

Tongue Table

Unique coffee table design inspired by the shape of tongue. (Designer: Louis Durot)

LED Coffee Table

The LEDs are only activated when they see movement. Undisturbed, they calm to a fluid and attractive twinkling (link)

Stink Tree

Where there once was a tree, there is now a coffee table.. take that nature! Paying homage to or simply mocking nature’s grandeur, the “Stink Tree” coffee table by Dylan Gold is a beautifully crafted furnishing inspired by the silhouette of the Tree-of-heaven, also known as ailanthus, Chinese sumac, stinking shumac or simply, the “Stink Tree.” (Designer: Dylan Gold)

Endless Table

The Endless Nile table is inspired by the slow and perpetual flow of the Nile river. This new design, while inspired by the past, deconstructs conventional table and seating concepts to recombine them in an original and contemporary solution.(Designer: Amr Helmy Designs).

Product Design

26 Creative & Weird Rugs and Carpet Designs

One important aspect of Interior Design are Rugs and Carpet Designs. It can be difficult deciding on the best Rugs or Carpet Designs which suit your style, choosing the right colors, size and material that will look good in your room. Today we’ll be leaving the boring plain colored rugs and Carpet designs and taking a look at 26 Creative & Weird Rugs and Carpet Designs. These Creative & Weird Rugs and Carpet Designs all offer a unique take and perspective look at how wonderful Rugs and Carpet Designs can really be if you put your thinking cap on!

Discover these innovative and quirky  Rugs and Carpet Designs for yourself and see which one takes your fancy! Comment below and give us your feedback with which rug or carpet caught your eye! Checkout these 26 Creative & Weird Rugs and Carpet Designs!

Colorful Carpet



Designed by Sonya

Grand Grand Splatch


Designed By Puspan



Designed By Aguiniga Design

Tracks Imprint


designed by Madeleine & Dudley

Comb Over



Designed by Meirav Barzilay

hopscotch rug


Designed by A/R Studio

Monster Rug

Designed by Joshua Ben Longo

Carpet – Plaster

Designed by Ricardo Garza Marcos

Puzzle Carpet

Designed by Nauris Kalinauskas

Road Kill Carpet

Designed by Oooms

Sausage Rugs

Designed by Flachbild

Bedside Slippers

Designed by Daniel Meyer

Woody Wood Carpet

Designed by YLdesign

Scale Doormat

Designed by Emilio Alarcon

Brush Patterns

Designed by Giles Miller

Egg Rug

Designed by Valentina Audrito

Dead Body Rug

Designed by Alex Carpenter

Recycled Rubber Doormat “Enter”/”Home” Key

Designed by Pieter Woudt

Flower Carpet

Designed by Studio Tord Boontje for Nani Marquina

Space Invaders Doormat

Designer unknown

Mini Lawn

Designed by Nguyen La Chanh

Super Mario

Designed by EnemyAirship

Product Design

30 Clever and Mind Blowing Package Designs

There are thousands of products out on the market today, with so many package designs has never been so important.

Many of us are bombarded with countless package designs daily, creating clever and mind blowing package designs can sometimes be difficult. Lots of trends have risen like renewable package and eco friendly materials.

More than ever packaging design has never been so popular, nowadays all sorts of industries require it. In today’s collection we’ve gathered 30 Clever and Mind Blowing Package Designs, these are all amazing and really stand out from the crowd! If you’re looking for some Package Design inspiration, checkout these…


Earth-friendly, protective egg packaging


Designed by monstop

Juicy Juice


Designer: Preston Grubbs

Spine Vodka


Gortz Shoes


Designer: Gürtlerbachmann GmbH



Designer: Saturday Mfg

Nike Air


Designer: Scholz & Friends

Designer: Johannes Schulz

Royal Tea

Company: Donkey Products

(No) More Sex

Designer: Robert Daniel Nagy & Mads Jakob Poulsen

“Smoking Kills” Cigarette Package

Designer: unknown

Rellana Wool

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Germany

Kitchen Sponge

Designer: unknown

Detergent Package

Designer: unknown

Juicy Juice Packagings

Designer: Naoto Fukasawa

Creative Product Packaging Designs

Creative Product Packaging Designs

Six Feet Under DVD Box

Designer: unknown

Anti-Theft Lunch Bags

Designer: unknown

CD Bakery

Designer: York/Sheridan

Blood – Energy Drink

Designer: Unknown

Nike Stadium Shoe Box

Advertising Agency: Publicis, Singapore

Vagina Can

Designer: unknown

Coconut Water

Designer: unknown

White and Color Laundry Detergent

Designer: unknown

Hand Cream

Designer: unknown

Expiry Date Milk Cartons

Designer: Ko Yang

Tea Hangers

Designer: Soon Mo Kang

What’s Wrong? Help Remedies

Designer: ChappsMalina, Little Fury & Help Remedies

Yogurt Spooning

Designer: Cho Hye-seung

Condom Packaging

Designer: unknown

Freshness Label

This food label changes its color by reacting to ammonia given off by food when it is becoming spoiled.

Concept by To-Genkyo

Milk Package

Designer: Julien De Repentigny & Gabriel Lefebvre

Flower Pills

Designer: Moon Sun-Hee


Unusual Calender Designs You’ll Love

Calender Designs can be a great way of exploring new ideas for Graphic Designers and can help you get more client work. It’s also a great way to build up your portfolio and showcase more skills! In this collection we’ve gathered Unusual Calender Designs You’ll Love, these great calender designs offer unique and interesting ways of showing the yearly calender.

A calendar is a system of organizing days for social, religious, commercial or administrative purposes. This is done by giving names to periods of time, typically days, weeks, months, and years.

Take a look at these Unusual Calender Designs You’ll Love!

108Time Box Calendar


The 108Time Box calendar lasts for 9 years.

Designer Biaugust

Seeing Eye Calendar


Forget near and far, the time has come to be now-sighted. Sundays are red, the rest are black – a minor detail. Test your vision but keep in mind these days are numbered.


AOK Apple Calendar

Who wants the 31st apple?

Designer: unknown

Camera Lens Calendar

Designer: Sharad Haksar

 Bubble Calendar

Designer: unknown

Bakery Calendar

Designer: unknown

Balloon Calendar

Designer: unknown

Fridge Calendar

Designer: unknown

Gregory Calendar

Designer: unknown

Ink Calendar

Designer: Oscar Diaz

Cod Liver Oil Calendar

Designer: unknown

LEGO Calendar

Designer: unknown

Match Calendar

Designer: Yurko Gutsulyak

Napkin Calendar

Designer: Stas Aki

Scratcher Calendar

Designer: unknown

Shredder Calendar

Designer: unknown

Tea Calendar

Designer: Cho Hee Ha

Flip Calendar

Designer: Tomato Kosir

T-Shirt Calendar

Designer: Peter Hanberger


30+ Beautiful Christmas Illustrations & Designs to Inspire You

December is a fantastic time to Graphic Designers to start designing beautiful Christmas Illustrations & Designs, sometimes Christmas time can be boring with the usual christmas designs that come out with boring photography and design work. Holiday's are once again getting closer, we all have our own thoughts on what make's Christmas. The Christmas Tree, Christmas Lights, Christmas Illustrations, Christmas Designs and Christmas Decorations. Today we've decided to look through the web to find Christmas Illustrations & Designs that standout from the crowd. These Beautiful Christmas Illustrations & Designs feature fantastic Graphic Design work featuring Vintage Typography, Characters, 3D Designs and Print Designs.

Christmas is an annual commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ and a widely observed holiday, celebrated generally on December 25 by billions of people around the world. A feast central to the Christian liturgical year, it closes the Advent season and initiates the twelve days of Christmastide.Christmas is a civil holiday in many of the world's nations, is celebrated by an increasing number of non-Christians, and is an integral part of the Christmas and holiday season.

Christmas is always a fun time of year and with the holiday season approaching many client are wanting Christmas themed designs. I've compiled a collection of beautiful examples of Chistmas based designs to help get your creative ideas flowing!

Beautiful Christmas Illustrations & Designs


Beautiful Christmas Illustrations & Designs


Beautiful Christmas Illustrations & Designs


Beautiful Christmas Illustrations & Designs



Beautiful Christmas Illustrations & Designs




Beautiful Christmas Illustrations & Designs





Christmas Illustrations & Designs





Christmas Illustrations & Designs


Christmas Illustrations & Designs















30+ Fresh & Creative Text Effect Tutorials to Learn

Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator have the ability to create fantastic typography designs. In this collection we’ll be going through new and creative Text Effect tutorials to learn!


Create a Colorful Balls Text Effect in Illustrator & Photoshop

Quick Tip: Create a Sports-Themed Text Effect in Photoshop Using Layer Styles

Create a Dripping Typography Poster in Illustrator & Photoshop

Create a Broken Glass Text in Photoshop

Quick Tip: Create a Shiny, Gold, Old World Text Effect in Photoshop

Create a Typography Love Poster in Illustrator & Photoshop

Easy X-Ray Typography In Photoshop

Create a Polished 3D Gold Bars Text Effect

Quick Tip: How to Use Typography to Create a 3D Text Effect

Super Fast & Easy Way of Creating Fur (or Hair) Text In Photoshop

Candy Flavored Text Effect in Photoshop

Create a “Parry Hotter” Text Effect in Photoshop

Create a Glass Text Effect in Photoshop Using Layer Styles

Create a Retro Chrome Automobile Emblem in Photoshop

Clouds Text in Photoshop

Stitch Text in Photoshop

How to Create a Vector Grass Text Effect

Sweet Cookies Text Effect in Photoshop For Beginners

Glowing Rusty Text Effect

3D Balloons Text Effect

Sparkling Iron Text Effect

Retro Space Text Effect

Smudged Watercolor Text Effect

Wrapped Gift Box Text Effect

Chalk Text Effect

Quick and Easy Slimy Text In Adobe Photohshop

Create Burning Typography with Sparkles Effect in Photoshop

Create Glossy, Plastic, 3D Text in Photoshop CS5 Extended

Purple Glow Text Effect

Create a 3D Newspaper, Text Effect in Adobe Illustrator

How to Create 3D Type in Perspective in Illustrator CS6


25+ Inspiring Advertisements Around the World

Here's a collection of creative advertising from around the world, these adverts showcase various styles including photo manipulations, typography, digital artwork and more. These adverts are of different topics ranging from serious to funny.


40+ Fresh & Free Social Media Icon Sets

Social Network Icons are an important part of Website Design and can really boost a websites appearance if designed and placed well. Here's a large collection of new & 100% free Social Icon Sets which have been beautifully designed.

sweet social icons

35 Modern Social Icons

Pigtails Social Network Icons

Free Wood Social Icons Vol1

Social Ribbon Icons

The Social Gunman

Tabs Social: Colors (and Classic)

Social Icons Pack

Free Social Icons

Free 3D Social Icons Set

Pixel Social Store Icon Set

Social Sharing – Free PSD

 34 Social Media Icons

Lifetime Social Icons Part 1

FREE: Social Media Bubblicons

Social 2 Duo

28 Social Media Icon Badges

Free Social Icons

Moskis Gems Social pack 1

Social Candy Free!

Social Media Bookmarking Icons

Book Icons

Free Social Media Icons (PSD)

Sticker Style Social Media

Social Engrave

70 Vintage Social Badges

Glyphs By GSIX

Circle Social Set

Social Media Icons

Green Jelly Social Media

Social Networking Icons

6 Free Clock Social Icons

Old tv social icons

FREE Social Icons – Takeout Coffee Cup


Monster Icons

FREE Set of Egg-Shaped Social Icons

FREE Cute Social Media Icons

9 icons – Part 2


Picons Social FREE Download



T-Shirt Social Media Icons



Socialis 2.1 – Icon pack with PSD