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19 Brilliant DIY String Light Ideas

When we think about String Lights we usually think of Christmas tree lights, but did you know that string lights can be used in brilliant ways every day to make lift a home and make decorating more dazzling! Decorating…


24 Clever Wall Art Prints For Book Lovers

Book lovers rejoice! If you’re looking to spice up your bland walls in your home or your office, you need to checkout these clever wall art prints for book lovers! Not only do they showcase some creative illustrations and…


21 Modern Kids Furniture Ideas & Designs

Children’s bedroom can be fun to decorate and style. Usually the smallest room in the house, finding the right furniture for that kids will find comfortable. When buying kids furniture you should look for ones that provide a purpose while…


9 Genius DIY Lighting Projects You Should Try!

And there was light. Boring old light switches and fittings do not actually do it justice though, do they? That single lamp shade is quite slow as it’s, but so much more can be achieved, from decorating the lampshade…


33 Expensive Looking DIY Projects

Normally DIY Projects look fantastic, but if you want to make your DIY Projects look expensive and fancy – you’ll need to go that extra mile! Ranging from how to make hexagon dining table, turn an empty wall into an…


17 Crazily Cool Redesigned Classic Board Games

Many of us loved playing board games are children and some of us still play them as adult, but the design of popular board games like Scrabble, Chess and Monopoly haven’t changed very much in their lifespan – but…


35 Insanely Gorgeous Wings Tattoos

Since humans looked up at the sky we’ve always had a desired to fly and soar through the air like birds. These wings tattoos won’t help you fly but they can add some style to your appearance! There’s something…


31 Most Beautiful Classroom Decor Designs

When I was at School classrooms were boring places with no interior decor or style at all. I always thought classroom interior designs were mean’t to be boring until I came across these most beautiful classroom decor designs! If only…


27 DIY Ways To Decorate Your Boring Ikea Products

Ikea is a great place to buy furniture and home decor, usually when you buy an Ikea product you need to create the finish product yourself with their parts and instructions. But did you know there are many ways…


27 Crazy Campers You Should Go Exploring In

Need a fun and inexpensive getaway idea for escaping the daily grind? Camper vans are a great way to drive out to the country and go exploring without the need for expensive motels. These cute and adorable campers will…


13 CSS Jokes Only Web Designers Will Understand

Every now and then web designers need a good laugh! Seijo George, a Melbourne-based web designer recently created a series of programming language-based puns. He created some clever illustrations and code pun created with the language CSS. CSS (Cascading Style…


33 Very Creative T-Shirt Designs

T-Shirt Designs can be the most boring clothes around, but if you bring a designer into the mix you can turn a boring piece of clothing into some most creative and clever. We’ll be taking a look at over…


25 Clever Kitchens Wall Art Decor Ideas

If you’re an art lover, you don’t have to stop showcasing creative and clever art when it comes to the kitchen. Many of is think you can’t have wall art when it comes to the kitchen area, but there…


28 Clients From Hell You Should Always Avoid

Many web designers and graphic designers have horror stories of clients from hell, in some instances it’s best to stay away from these people and move on if you want to keep your sanity. The team Client From Hell…


22 Food Art That Will Make You Very Hungry!

When we eat food it’s always best if it’s presented nicely to make it more appetizing. Part of the pleasure of eating food doesn’t only come with the taste, it also comes to how to meal is presented. We’ll…

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39 Futuristic Kitchen Gadgets You Need to Own

Whether it’s for cooking or cleaning, many of us can’t live without our kitchen gadgets! They can making cooking recipes, making coffee or chopping vegetables a breeze, and even make the kitchen more enjoyable to be in. So what are…


34 Most Creative Book Covers You Have To See

Books are one of those items that need to have an brilliantly designed cover in order to attract readers and buyers. The book cover needs to provide a specific emotion and imagery so the viewer can get a good…


42 Wine Bottles Every Designer Should See

Wine Bottles are one of the most beautifully designed packaging, with their elegant glass bottle shape and cork seal. The labels on Wine Bottles have usually got a lot of planning behind them. Many important features go into a…