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34 Most Creative Book Covers You Have To See

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Books are one of those items that need to have an brilliantly designed cover in order to attract readers and buyers. The book cover needs to provide a specific emotion and imagery so the viewer can get a good sense of what the story might be about before reading

42 Wine Bottles Every Designer Should See

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Wine Bottles are one of the most beautifully designed packaging, with their elegant glass bottle shape and cork seal. The labels on Wine Bottles have usually got a lot of planning behind them. Many important features go into a Wine Bottle design, like where the wine was made, the

40 Instagram Accounts Color Lovers Should Follow

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If you’re a fan of all things color, you should checkout these forty Instagram accounts which showcase wonderful color schemes. When you’re in need of some color inspiration there’s nothing better than searching for new and exciting color schemes which you can use in your design projects! Did you

7 Architectural Landmarks Made with Bike Tire Tracks

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Thomas Yang is an artist who creates amazing prints made with Bike Tire Tracks to create a poster of the Empire State Building. Since then his has explored more famous Architectural Landmark from around the world merging his inspiration for cycling and architecture into beautiful works of art. Creating artwork from

3D Printed Lamp Covers The Room In Fancy Lace Patterns

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Paris based artists, Linlin and Pierre-Yves Jacques have created an awesome 3D printed lamp design which covers your room in elegant lace patterns. These ornamental patterns are both eye catching and beautiful to be surround by. In today’s article we’ll be looking at a stunning 3D Printed Lamp Covers The Room

16 Weird and Creative Resumes

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Let’s face it, job hunting isn’t the most enjoyable thing to do! Searching for endless jobs that suit your skills, applying for them and going to the dreaded job interview is something we all fear. No matter what job you apply for you’re going to need a creative resume. These

30 Weird and Creative Stair Designs

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When we  walk into a building with more than one floor, we never really give a second thought to the stairs. Let’s face it stairs aren’t the most exciting feature of a building, they’re usually pretty boring with their design and structure. To help change your mind and how

20 Elegant Landing Page Designs You’ll Love

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Designing a beautiful landing page is extremely difficult. There are usually several goals that a landing page is designed for – it needs to help educate the visitor about what the product is, it needs to explain how it’s useful to them and it needs to look good while

27 Weird and Creative Beds

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We spend a lot of our time sleeping, so it’s no surprise that we need to choose the right best. In this article we’ll be looking at some weird and creative beds. Picking an ordinary looking bed is what most of us do, but did you know that beds

70+ Awful Client Comments Designers All Hate

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Today we've gathered Awful Client Comments Designers All Hate Poster Designs. For Web Designers and Graphic Designers dealing with client comments can be a daily struggle. As a designers myself I know how tough and uninspiring communicating to a client about their needs, when the client has no idea