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Mural Was Painted Upside-Down To Reflect Off Of The Water

New York-based artist Ray Bartkus has established a mural that was beautiful ? Made to make use of the surface of the water as its sail that was authentic. It was by choice painted by Bartkus upside down so that rowers, the swimmers and swans he depicted would be revealed right side up onto the river Sesup?, which flows through the centre in the city.

Though we are certain it is fairly striking in person the picture used to present this effect has seemingly been edited.

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Museum Let’s You Swim In 1,000,000 Recyclable Plastic Balls!

The National Building Museum in Washington has become the unlikely home of an enormous ocean of a plastic shore open to visitors who would like to jump in for a weird encounter along with one million plastic bubbles.

The shore, designed through an experimental design company has a sloping all-white beachfront and mirrors to enlarge the space twofold, and there is even a concession stand! As stated by the coordinators, the plastic bubbles are recyclable.

The National Building Museum hosts interactive installments every year, entertaining – in 2014, they had an enormous labyrinth visitors could browse and get lost in that. This amazing plastic shore will soon be open through September 7th, so make sure you swing by if you are ever in Washington, D.C.!

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Product Design

23 Adorable Tiny Paper Bookmarks For Bookworms!

Including an adorable and playful component to the routine procedure for bookmarking, these sticky paper tabs allow you to create pictures and little landscapes on top of you books, ideal for research, study and quick reference to your own favorite pages.

Pick a pack from the range of natural habitats and cities accessible, or mix and match to create your own book top utopia! Our favorite is the Sky pack (everyone loves rainbow appropriate?) And the Tokyo because that’s where we’re from place!
Designed by British designer Duncan Shotton.

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This is perhaps where Panda’s will feel most at home, relaxing in the grass amongst the trees.

New York City

Dah dah daaht dah dat, Dah dah daaht dah dat, “Start spreading the news, I’m leaving today, your book want’s to be a part of it, New York New York!”


Godzilla seems like a pretty happy chap among Tokyo Tower, Skytree, and other famous landmarks of Japan’s capital.


The space invaders have invaded your book!


Turns out the loch ness monster is real! …at least in super cuddly-looking paper bookmarked form

Hong Kong


These puffy white clouds and colourful rainbows in the Sky pack are enough to make even the dullest of textbooks happy!



Featuring the titanics worst enemy (icebergs!) and a few of JAWS’s brothers and sisters among surfers best friends.

London City


Mix And Match Sticky Page Markers



Museum Let’s Street Artists Do Whatever They Want On Its Walls!

Lucky Street artists started painting on the walls of the Long Beach Museum of Art. The project, titled “Energy and Verve: Transforming the Urban Landscape,” will feature a select number of artists which can be either researching urban artwork outside the studio, or are considering taking up the studio as opposed to the road.

Most of the works in this exhibition will be created on our gallery walls using both traditional and non-traditional art media ,” explains Ron Nelson, Executive Director of the Long Beach Museum of Art. “Once the exhibition ends, the walls will be repainted and prepared for the next exhibition. Therefore, it is important for art enthusiasts to see this amazing exhibition before it closes.

The exhibit will run through September 27, 2015.

More info: (h/t: twistedsifter, thinkspacegallery)

1. Artwork by Audrey Kawasaki

2. Artwork by James Bullough

3. Artwork by Esao Andrews

4. Artwork by Alex Yanes

5. Artwork by Brendan Monroe

6. Artwork by SABER

7. Artwork by Greg ‘Craola’ Simkins

8. Artwork by Cryptik

9. Artwork by Jeff Soto

10. Artwork by Andrew Schoultz

11. Artwork by David ‘Meggs’ Hooke

12. Artwork by NoseGo

13. Artwork by Aaron Horkey


Maple Leaf Bowls Made From Real Leaf Skeletons

Ethereal bowls created in the skeletons of other as well as maple leaves will be the most recent improvement to Japanese artist Kay Sekimachi’s remarkable portfolio. While she’s most renowned for her labor intensive loom works, these sylvan masterpieces are created by Sekimachi by adding Kozo Krylon, watercolor and paper coating giving them solid shape.

Perseverance has defined the life of Kay Sekimachi. Despite being born in 1926 in California, she was held in the Topaz Relocation Center in Delta, UT during the Second World War. Sekimachi graduated in 1949 from the California School of Arts and Crafts.

Sekimachi has written numerous publications on crafts, a number of which were coauthored together with her husband, Bob Stocksdale.

info: Amazon (h/t: mymodernmet)


3D Floors That Bring The Ocean Into Your Bathroom!

3D epoxy floors allow you to experience the thrill of going to the lavatory in public by using angled pictures and multiple transparent layers to turn your bathroom into an outdoor space. A business from Dubai, Imperial, has cornered the 3D flooring design marketplace for now, but this product is too popular to keep exclusive for long.

According to Imperial, liquid 3D floorings really are a recent innovation used in shopping centers, and hotels, offices. However, they insist it is a misconception that cosmetic screed can only be used in the bathroom or toilet – in fact, 3D floors are suitable for just about any room, “and even villas.”

Undoubtedly, these 3D floors of the sea feature some beautiful sea life. See below for some jaw-dropping example of 3D flooring, if you dare!

More info: (h/t: demilked, aplus)


26 Brutally Honest Wine Labels That Are Hilarious!

These wine bottles that are viciously honest, nevertheless, are no hallucination. You would be understood by these bottles: whether you had a poor day or a relationship that is worse, they are there to make poor memories into potential future judgements that are poor.

So do not drink-and-drive-or-text.

Vinepair site writer Jeff Licciardello and his pal Adam Teeter made the uproarious vine labels. Sadly, wine labels will not be sassing you outside at the shop any time soon: these are only edits that are amusing.

Oh well, I will not drink to that!

More info: (h/t: boredpanda)


What If Disney Animals Looked Like Humans?

We love our animal characters in famous Disney movies like The Lion King, Lady and the Tramp and The Jungle Book. These characters whether good or evil have played a major part in growing up and many of us have wondered what would our favourite characters look like as humans? Pugletto is an artist from Wisconsin has taken this concept by re-imagining these Disney animals as humans.

She has done her best with preserving the characters ethnic backgrounds as she told Cosmopolitan she got…

got really frustrated about the amount of Simbas with white skin and flowing red hair. The way I see it, is The Lion King is a story that takes place in Africa… [so] I reimagined the characters as humans the way they would look if they were from Africa.



Did you have a favourite Disney character growing up?

More info: Tumblr | Twitter | Patreon | Deviantart (h/t: cosmopolitan)


Lady And The Tramp



Nala, Zazu And Simba

The Hyenas

The Jungle Book

Shere Khan

Elsa As A Dog


These Paintings Made With Beer Will Blow Your Mind!

I started painting with lager almost two years back when I neglected to convey my paints with me to a neighborhood drink and draw. I had a couple brushes and paper with me at the time so I simply plunged my brush in the forceful I was drinking and started to play with a fun new medium.

Subsequent to going on a special visit with New Holland Brewery in the fall of 2014, I understood that I could consolidate workmanship and lager into a full time vocation. I now meeting and paint the representations of probably the most fascinating individuals in and around the globe of art brew, including bar proprietors, bottling works proprietors, musical artists, humorists, culinary specialists, ranchers, and some of my kindred craftsmen.

More info:

Cleetus Friedman

Executive chef at Fountainhead in Chicago, IL.

Fred Bueltmann: Beervangelist

Partner at New Holland Brewing in Holland, MI.

Phineas X. Jones

Designer/Illustrator for Half Acre Beer in Chicago, IL.

Ernie Banks

Lou Brock

Kerry Wood

Harry Caray

Ron Santo


Create DIY Edible & Stackable LEGO Gummy Candy

LEGO’s one of the most popular brand of toys in the world, just as you didn’t think it couldn’t get any better with LEGOs you’d be wrong! Grant Thompson, the genius behind the ‘King Of Random’ Youtube DIY channel, has posted an amazing DIY editable & Stackable LEGO Gummy Candy you can make at home!

With just two ingredient – gelatin and water (though you can use flavored gelatin or Vitamin C, too) you can make some awesome LEGO candy. To make this you’ll need a silicone LEGO candy mold which is easy to get.

Go a head and make this Create DIY Edible & Stackable LEGO Gummy Candy yourself! It’s great for adults and children alike!

More info: Instructables | Youtube | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram (h/t: designtaxi)

You can now make edible LEGO gummies you can build with!

All you need is gelatin/Jell-O, water, and corn syrup…

…and a silicone LEGO mold, which you can buy or make

The complete constructions even show how to make these bricks stackable!

Here’s a video tutorial:

There are plenty of pre-made LEGO molds to choose from on Amazon!


Curved Origami With Wet Paper Will Blow Your Mind!

When creating Origami you would never think that wetting the paper would add any difference to the final piece. But Vietnamese artist Hoàng Tiến Quyết has done just that when creating his Origami, by wetting the paper he can add more curves while folding the wet paper.

The trick to making this origami is to not add too much water to the paper the paper will rip, if you add too little water the paper dries up before the folding is complete.

Born in 1988 Hoàng Tiến Quyết, his began creating origami in the 1990’s. He created his own style of origami in 2008 and has co-authored two books on the subject in 2011 and 2013.

He has been invited as a guest to various international origami conventions, including conventions in Italy, Germany, France, and Japan.

More info: Facebook | Etsy | Instagram | Tumblr | YouTube (h/t: designtaxi)


Funny Ad Campaign Uses Dildos & Condoms To Promote Gun Safety

Gun Safety is an important issue, an organization in American have recently released an interesting ad campaign that uses a good sense of humor to bring home the very serious facts about gun safety and children. The images showcase children playing with ‘adult toys’ with a message that says when it comes to the deadly issue of gun safety – if they find it, they’ll play with it.

Evolve decided to bring a fresh and new engaging voice when it comes to gun safety, created by the ad agency McCann. To make the adverts memorable and shareable on social media. The advertisements make it clear that children will find literally anything in your home, and if guns aren’t locked up, they are not 100% safe.

With their slogan “the third voice in the gun debate. Because safety is not a side.“ Instead of show the real truth behind gun safety with how tragedies happen to children when guns aren’t locked away – this is a humorous and light take on gun control.

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25 Of The Best Photos From The 2015 Sony World Photography Awards Shortlist

The 2015 Sony World Photography Awards is finally here and have gathered again some of the best  amateur and professional photos around the world which have been showcased in a magnificent collection of the year’s best photography. These best photos are sure to please viewers featuring some powerful and breathtaking photography from a variety of categories.

With a total of 173,444 images from 171 countries this year received, this was 24% more than 2014! The winners will be revealed on April 32rd and are competing for a total of $34,000 in cash prizes. Participants competed in 13 professional, 10 open and 3 youth categories.

This contest is one of the best photography awards around today, showcasing some stunning photography from around the world. If you missed it, you should also check out 18 Of The Best Entries To The 2015 Sony World Photography Awards showcasing some more photo entries which aren’t in this list.

More info: (h/t: huffpost)

“On the Tundra” by Simon Morris — People, Open


A Young Nenets boy plays in -40 degrees on Yamal in the Winter in Siberia.

“Frog Story” by Harfian Herdi — Nature & Wildlife, Open


Three cute frogs at morning light.

“Old Shepherd” by Saeed Barikani — People, Open


An old Shepherd that had been surprised by snow storm in Gilan’s countrysides in the north of Iran.

“Cat Mothers” by Ramil Gilvano — Lifestyle, Professional


Series of images from the life of photographer’s family

“CAESAR” by Christian Berthelot — Professional, Portraiture


Caesar” are portraits of children. They were all born by caesarean section and they only have a few seconds of life – all survived. These photographys are the first performance of a new human being, unique and primal.

“Sweat and Blood” by Marcin Kloce — Sport, Professional Competition


The photographs show a training session of sumo wrestlers from Miyagino stable in the Ryogoku district of Tokyo. The training was a very unique event as it was attended by Yokozuna Akuho Sho, who presented his master skills by taking part in several regular fights, all of which he obviously won. Special emphasis was put on showing how demanding sumo is an dhow fit and flexible the wrestlers are, what could be a surprise to those, who would judge them only by their appearance.

“Pray” by Muhammad Berkati — Arts & Culture, Open


Taken in Bromo Indonesia.

“Restricted Areas” by Danila Tkachenko — Landscape, Professional


The project “Restricted areas” is about utopian strive of humans for technological progress. Humans are always trying to own ever more than they have – this is the source of technical progress, which was the means to create various commodities, standards, as well as the tools of violence in order to keep the power over others. Better, higher, stronger – these ideals often express the main ideology of the governments, for these goals they are ready to sacrifice almost everything.

“Underwater Grace” by Jonathan Yeap Chin Tiong — Sport, Professional


The photographer attempts to capture the underwater grace and juxtaposition of the synchronized swimming team trainings in Singapore.

“Blue Fields” by Simon Butterworth — Landscape, Professional


The images were shot from a light aircraft flying at between 4,000 & 5,000ft. The height was crucial in order to flatten perspective by using long focal lengths. Time of day and cloud cover were also critical, the abstract effect being heightened by complete lack of signifying shadow.

“The secondary trainer” by Anthony Kham — Sport, Professional


Long time member of the gym, Rocky provides comfort and acceptance to the performer.

“Acid Survivors in India” by Jordi Pizarro — Conceptual, Professional


A portrait series showing the effect of the acid attacks in India. The first picture is a reproduction of her pictures before the attack and the other one is a portrait that I took.

“Animal Behaviour” by Kimmo Metsaranta — Still Life, Professional


In the series I have constructed still live images using cats. Animals have their own will and they will not pose at the behest of the photographer.

“Swedish dads” by Johan Bavman — People, Professional


No other country provides such generous terms of parental leave as Sweden. The current system allows parents to stay at home with their child during 480 days in total – while receiving an allowance from the State. Out of these 480 days, sixty must be taken by the father or else are lost.

“Shadow City” by Ronaldo Land — Sports, Professional


Skate in Rio de Janeiro

“Pelican Feeding” by Melissa Little — Nature & Wildlife, Open


These pelicans are resident on the point at Port Vincent on the Yorke Peninsular in South Australian and have become as opportunistic as the seagulls waiting for fish offal.

“Exuberance” by Christine Kapuschinsky Johnson — Smile, Open


“Miracle Mile” by Gina Nero — Architecture, Open


Miracle Mile is my first photograph taken after relocating to Los Angeles from New York.

“Hundred And Forty Centimeters” by Sabine Lewandowski — People, Professional


Down syndrome is not a disease, it is not curable. People with Down syndrome have often physical and mental impairments that make them different from others. Since 2012 it is possible to determine by means of non-invasive tests before birth whether a child will have Down’s syndrome, as necessary, initiate an abortion. The photo series “one hundred and forty centimeters” raises questions about our relationship with the stigma of “living with impairment,” and the technical possibilities to determine this even before birth.

“A Life Apart: The Toll Of Obesity” by Lisa Kranttz — Contemporary Issues, Professional


For years, Hector Garcia Jr. battled severe obesity and all its consequences: the pain, the ridicule and the lost hopes. After years of repeatedly gaining and losing hundreds of pounds, Garcia, who at one point weighed 636 pounds, once again was stuck in the back bedroom of his parents’ modest house, in San Antonio, Texas. His weight put him in a category known as severely obese, which makes up about 6.3 percent of the U.S. population.

“Glasgow; Second City of The Empire. On the run up to the Scottish Referendum,” by Dougie Wallace — Portraiture, Professional


In Iraq, life expectancy is 67. Minutes from Glasgow city centre, it’s 54 The North South Divide. The Project London’s, Kensington & Chelsea has the UK’s highest life expectancy at birth, 84.4 years for men and 89.0 years for women Scotland’s, Greater Glasgow & Clyde had the lowest life expectancy 73.1 for men and 78.9 years for women It is even worse in a small pocket of Glasgow known as the Calton, where the World Health Organisation (WHO) puts average male life expectancy at 54).

“Headless” by Adrian Jaszczak — Arts & Culture, Open


Photo taken during Artistic Gymnastics Tournament in Poland. Girls that participated were aged 8-12.

“Futuristic Archaeology” by Daesung Lee — Conceptual, Professional


Futuristic Archeology – Desertification in Mongolia Nomadic life has been central to traditional Mongolian culture throughout history. Even with changes brought about by urbanisation in recent years, 35% of Mongolians are living a nomadic life and thus still depend on their vast, open land for survival. This is increasingly difficult because their traditional way of life is now being threatened due to serious changes in the land. According to a survey made by the Mongolian government, around 850 lakes and 2000 rivers and streams have dried out.

“Une Crise Humanitaire2″ by Corentin Fohlen — Contemporary Issues, Professional


Gore, Tchad. 1er juin 2014. Chad/CAR refugees/ Gore hospital/Guidi Oumarou, 19, seats on a bed at Gore hospital where her 2 year-old son, Mama Sale, is being treated for acute malnutrition. They arrived in Chad four months ago after two weeks walking in the bush to escape violence in CAR. She was at the hospital in CAR when the rebels circled the hospital and she had to flee with her sick boy.


24 Celebrities Photoshopped to Look Fat To Promote Healthy Body Image

Today’s celebrities are always slim and trim, with their personal trainers and personal chefs on hand it’s much easier for them to stay in shape. But what would your favorite celebrities look like if they suddenly became overweight? David Lopera, a Spanish artist, decided to Photoshop some of his favorite celebrities in the photo editing software to see how they would look.

After receiving many requests from men and women who wanted to see popular celebrities fattened up.

Emma Watson, Jennifer Lawrence and Kim Kardashian are some of the most popular requests I get. These women look much better when they’re overweight,” he told Daily Mail

He believes that his projects will help people and promote a healthier body image and self esteem by reminding his audience it’s okay to be curvy! Also some people disagree and say it’s a way to make fun of celebrities and plus sized women.

More info: Facebook | Deviant Art (h/t: designtaxi, dailymail)

Jennifer Lawrence


Kim Kardashian


Katy Perry


Michelle Keegan


Emma Watson


Becky Lynch


Park Shin Hye


Carly Rae Japsen


Gabrielle Monique


Hillary Duff


Karen Gilian


Izzy Azalea



28 Photos of a Friendship Between a Dog And An Owl

Who would think an owl and a dog could become the best of friends? Seeing these photographs of a friendship between a dog and an owl were surprising and amazing to see! Photographer Tanja Brandt is an collage artist in Germany who’s a professional animal photographer. The shepard dog is named Ingo and Poldi is the name of the owl, together they were happy to get cozy with each other for these gorgeous photographs taken of them in the sunshine.

If you love these photographs like I do be sure to visit Tanja’s website, Ingo has many animal friends which include other fierce birds of prey beside Poldi the owl. These photos of a friendship between a dog and an owl really show how friendships can be found anywhere!

More info: | tier-collagen.de500px | Facebook

















20 Portraits Of Babies Seconds After Birth

Photographer Christian Berthelot recently took a series of photos of newborn babies seconds after their birth (or C-section). These collections of portraits may be difficult for some viewers with the raw emotion and images of childbirth. Titled, Cesar, Christian decided to take the photos right when the ribbons of blood and vernix that accompanied the babies right after birth.

When I saw [my son] for the first time, he was bloodied and covered in this white substance called vernix,” Berthelot told Huffpost “He was like a warrior who has just won his first battle, like an angel out of darkness.” It is from this perspective that his photos, while difficult to look at, gain a deeper and more beautiful meaning.

The details of this amazing photo series are in the links below, the series of photos will be displayed at the Circulation(s) festival in Paris until March 5th.

More info: | (h/t: huffpost, slate)

Leanne – 13 seconds after birth


Christian Berthelot’s interest in childbirth photography grew after he witnessed the birth of his own son.

Liza – 3 seconds after birth


With the help of Jean-Francois Morievnal, a doctor at the hospital where his son was born, he began the training required to allow him to take photos in the operating room.

Steven – 15 seconds after birth


Only after 6 months of training did he start looking for expectant mothers who would allow him to photograph the birth of their children.

Kevin – 13 seconds after birth


To date, Berthelot and Morievnal have photographer 40 C-section deliveries

Mael – 18 seconds after birth


Louann – 14 seconds after birth


Lize – 9 seconds after birth


Margaux – 7 seconds after birth


Chloé – 11 seconds after birth


Romane – 8 seconds after birth



34 Famous Photographers Pose Behind Their Iconic Images

When we see iconic images we rarely think of the people behind the camera who took them. So who do the people who have taken these most famous photographs actually look like? In a photo series called, Behind Photographs, US photographer Tim Mantoani aimed to highlight the people behind some of the most iconic images taken to date.

Starting in 2006, Tim rented a 20×24 Polaroid camera can started taking photographs of Jim Marshall and Michael Zagaris. He has since taken photos of over 150 photographers that have taken these famous photos from around the world. Their iconic photos being viewed by millions of people world wide, the iconic photos they are shown with represent some of histories most historic events while capturing the people who took them.

More info: | | Amazon (h/t: designtaxi, demilked)

Steve McCurry – Girl In Afghanistan

Steve McCurry: Peshawar, Pakistan 1984. I looked for this girl for 17 years and finally found her in 2002. Her name is Sharbat Gula.

Jeff Widener – Beijing 1989


Jeff Widener – Beijing 1989

Harry Benson – The Beatles


Harry Benson: Brian Epstein – Beatles Manager – had just told them they were number one in America – and I was coming with them to New York. 1964

Lyle Owerko – 9/11


Lyle Owerko: No one knew such beautiful warm day would serve as the backdrop to one of the most painful and confusing events to the heart of mankind. This picture is one small part of such a huge event that ties the threads of thousands of stories and millions of people together. Written words will never convey the whole scope of the event, nor summarize the sounds, the smells or even voices that are frozen in my memory bank from that day. I did the best job I could in photographing the 9/11 so that future generations would have the idea of the scope of what happened, to have the evidence how innocence can so easily be snatched away in a razor’s edged moment in time. My hope is that in time the wounds and pain will heal and that wisdom and peace will prevail among the darkness of this event, so that humanity could move forward into a time of grace and understanding. 

Marry Ellen Mark – Ringmaster With Elephant


Marry Ellen Mark: I am holding my photograph of Ram Prakash Singh and his beloved elephant Shyama – taken in 1990. Ram Prakash Singh was the ringmaster of “The Great Golden Circus” – this photograph was done in Ahmedabad, India – This was part of my Indian Circus Project. I love India and I love the circus, so photographing eighteen circuses all around India was an incredible experience. Unfortunately Shyama died a few months after this photograph was taken – supposedly, he succumbed to poisoned chapatti – Ram Prakash Singh was heartbroken – me also. 

Thomas Mangelsen – Brown bear


Thomas Mangelsen: Brown bear, Brooks Falls Katmai National Park, Alaska. July 1988. I pre-visualized this possibility (of an image like this) from watching documentary films about the bears at Katmai and seeing a photograph in Alaska Air Magazine of a group of bears here at the falls. At the time, I was on a flight to Anchorage working on a documentary film about Sandhill Cranes and had a week between shoots. I phoned the park headquarters from the airport in Achorage and asked about getting a campsite. They said they were all full – except for one site, that was near the bear trail and nobody wanted it. I told them I would take it. I spent a week on a small platform above the falls trying to captures this image. I would go most days before sunrise and stay until dark. During that time I shot 35 rolls of film of pretty much just head + shoulders of bears + sockeye salmon leaping the falls. Six weeks later I opened the yellow box to see this image. It was a nice surprise. I hadn’t known that I got it. 

David Doubilet – Circle Of Barracuda


David Doubilet: Circle of Barracuda, New Ireland, Papua New Guinea. The school of chevron barracudas circled the diver three times and pow they were gone into a dark afternoon sea. The oceans of the world have no straight lines; geometry like a perfect circle is a rare thing, but these barracudas will do this as a defense. 70% of our planet is an ocean. It is a place of infinite hidden beauty. It is a place where light behaves in a very different manner. Global warming/ climate change is about water. Coral reefs where I have spent most of my life are very threatened now—not just from rising temperatures but from the change in ocean chemistry = This is a world where my partner Jennifer Hayes and I go into. It is most of our planet. A world without corners that may be gone by the end of the century.

May Pang – John Lennon


May Pang: Summer 1974 Long Island Sound NY. A relaxing time with his son Julian. I called this photo “Family Portrait”

Meil Leifer – Ali vs. Liston


Neil Leifer: Ali vs. Liston – May 25, 1965, Lewiston, Mayne

Vincent Laforet – Me And My Human


Vincent Laforet: I’ve been fortunate enough to witness some pretty amazing things in my relatively young career that began twenty years ago. Many were beautiful, others were horrifying; most were important moments in history every event big or small is important. One of the interesting things that I’ve learned through aerial photography is that taking a step backwards (or in this case 1,500 feet up) ironically often forces the view to become much more intimate with the image as they study it in much greater detail, and are forced to let their imagination take over. “Me and my human” Central Park, NYC

Bob Gruen – John Lennon


Bob Gruen: John Lennon asked me to come to his pentouse apt. on the east side of New York to take pictures for the cover of his ‘Walls + Bridges’ album. After we took a series of portraits for the record cover we took some informal shots to use for publicity. I asked him if he still had the New York City t-shirt I had given him a year earlier and he went a put it on and we made this photo.

Elliott Erwitt – Two Dogs With Owner


Elliott Erwitt: The picture I am holding was snapped in 1974 just across the street from my apartment in New York’s Central Park. It has been 38 years since that event and sadly I have lost track of the participants.

Lori Grinker – Mike Tyson


Lori Grinker: Mike Tyson – 1980, age 14. I began a project on young boxers when I was a student. The legendary Cus D’Amato told me Mike would be the next great heavy weight champion, he was right – and I continued on with him for nearly a decade. He was a trouble but sweet kid who veered off the good path he was led to with all that comes with being a celebrity in that world.

Nick Ut – Napalm Attack In Vietnam


Nick Ut: June 8, 1972 Trang Bang Village Kim Phuc 9 year-old girl South Vietnam drop napalm in her village.

Herman Leonard – Jazz Musicians


Herman Leonard: It was early 1948 at the Royal Roost in New York. An afternoon rehearsal gave me a unique opportunity to photograph many giants of jazz with my trusty 4×5 Speed Graphic. What a great career! To do what you love and be entertained at the same time!

Douglas Kirkland – Marilyn Monroe


Douglas Kirkland: This is from my Evening with Marilyn 

Carl Fischer – Muhammad Ali


Carl Fischer: Muhammad Ali, New York, 1967

This amazing series is available as a book on Amazon.


3 Brothers Recreate Their Happiest Childhood Photos As A Gift For Their Mom

Parents love taking photographs of their children to cherish their childhoods. Many adults would look back at their childhood photographs in embarrassment, but these three brothers decided to recreate their happiest childhood photos as a gift for their mom. The photos were a present for Christmas day which I’m sure the mother will always remember!

When you see these adorable childhood photographs up against the adult versions  you realize how funny and silly strikes and poses little children can make. The poses look normal when you see the kids version,  but when it’s adults the results are very funny and weird. It’s a reminder of how fast children grow up! Glad to see they’ve still kept a good sense of humor.

More info: bonebowl (h/t: boredpanda)




















22 Photos Of A Gentle and Loving Lion Raised By a Human

If we were to come across a lion or other wild animals we would most likely run away, but what would happen if you came across a baby lion? Frikkie Von Solms is a caretaker from South Africa, he has spent the last 11 years raising a baby lion he named Zion. Unlike other lions, Zion is a gentle and loving African lion, these 22 Photos 22 Photos Of A Gentle and Loving Lion Raised By a Human !

Lions are one of the most fearsome animals, but this didn’t stop Frikkie from raising Zion. Born into captivity to a lioness named Simba, they had to be separated due to fears that his father might try to kill him. Living with Frikkie has made Zion into a cute and cuddly huge lion who is quite a softy. Freddie takes Zion on walks, but he has to take his shoes off because the noise can bother the other big cats. He says:

“It was a once in a lifetime experience to grow up with him and learn and live with him through all of the stages of being a lion,” Von Solms told the Daily Mail. “People talk about lions like they are just lions but they have personalities, they have humour and laugh. Zion is a gentle giant. He has never attacked humans and I trust him completely.”

(h/t: dailymail)

Zion was separated from his mother as a cub for fears that his father would kill him

He has spent all 11 years of his life growing up with Frikkie the caretaker

Zion is such a softie that he prefers Frikkie walk without his shoes because noise bothers him

The 11-year-old lion and 69-year-old caretaker have become the best of friends

“Zion is a gentle giant. He has never attacked humans and I trust him completely”

“It was a once in a lifetime experience to grow up with him and learn and live with him through all of the stages of being a lion”

“People talk about lions like they are just lions but they have personalities, they have humour and laugh”

The two are so close that they share a truck and a bed

Frikkie says he has raised 19 lions, tigers and cheetahs, but says that Zion “is special because of the bond we share. I learned so much from him”

Sometimes, Frikkie even holds Zion’s tail affectionately

Lions can be dangerous, but Frikkie and Zion prove that this is not always the case




24 Beautiful Vegan Art Bowls Made with Superfoods

Amalia is a Senior ar Maryland Institute College of Art of Baltimore who loves making healthy vegan foods. She began her food journey five years ago when she started eating clean and removing unnatural and processed foods from her diet. It was when she was introduced to the brilliant world of superfoods, that inspired her to create beautiful vegan art bowls made with superfoods.

After refining her craft, she decided to create an instagram account called,  “The Wholesome Bowl”. Using healthy wholefoods as her medium, she creates vegan/vegetarian art pieces. She writes:

My drive to share these food art mandalas with the world stems from a deep desire to inspire people. With a little guidance, we are all capable of living a healthy, wholesome lifestyle!

Being a vegan myself, I love these  24 Beautiful Vegan Art Bowls Made with Superfoods! They show that you can make your wholesome meals not only taste great, but look stunning!

More info:  The Wholesome Bowl Instagram


10 Mirror Teacups Reflect Colorful Patterns From The Saucers

Product designer called, D-Bros, recently create a series of colorful patterned cup and saucers named “Waltz”. What’s so unique about there 10 Teacups is that their striking patterns and colors which reflect from the saucers their on. Made from Hasami porcelain, the patterns make them look mirrored while on the saucers.

These 10 Mirror Teacups Reflect Colorful Patterns From The Saucers are coated with palladium, which is a precious and rare metal which is rarer than gold. The teacups must be kept in absolute perfection, if any of the cup is damage, scratched or distorted in any way, it will ruin the mirrored effect.

They are matched with saucers that contain a anamorphic design, if viewing the cups on their own the design will looked distorted  but when teamed up with thier right saucers they are transformed into wonderful mirrored cups.

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20 Of The World’s Oldest Trees Took 14 Years To Photograph

Beth Moon is a San Francisco based photographer who set out to photography some of the largest, oldest and rarest trees that are currently on the earth. Travelling for 14 years, she has visited 5 continents, resulting is 60 magnificent photos of the world’s oldest trees.

She recently published a book, titled, Ancient Trees: Portraits of Time. Some of the photos look old themselves, with the age of the trees focus, Beth used a rare and tricky practice way of  printing called, platinum and palladium.

Beth selected the ancient trees based on 3 criteria’s, their age, size and history. She states:

Standing as the Earth’s largest and oldest living monuments, I believe these symbolic trees will take on a greater significance, especially at a time when our focus is directed at finding better ways to live with the environment.

Take some time out of your busy day to look at these 20 Of The World’s Oldest Trees Took 14 Years To Photograph.

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20 Star Wars Reimagined As Famous Paintings

What if our favourite movies could travel back in time and be seen in famous paintings like the Scream? Well you don’t have to dream any longer, Scotland based artist, David Hamilton (aka wintersixfour), decided to reimagine famous paintings at the time of the Galactic Empire. The Star Wars buff merged Star Wars characters into classical historical paintings with great success!

This project started out life as just a bit of a giggle, however, it soon turned into something of an education for me,” writes the artist. “It didn’t take too long before I got hooked on finding out more about the paintings I was desecrating and the artists who painted them. I learned a lot and can now tell a Warhol from a whole in the ground.

To see more of his works, insightful comments and some interesting facts about the original artists and their paintings you can visit the links below!

More info: Twitter | (h/t: boredpanda)

The Scream In Over Six Million Forms Of Communication


If anyone was going to scream, it was always going to be Threepio. He’s such a drama queen,” explains Hamilton. “Interesting fact: Munch painted four versions of The Scream using various media. It’s been the target of art thieves again and again.

Starry Fighter Night Over The Rhone


Probably the least effort of any of these. Interesting fact: Did you know Van Gogh cut off his own ear? You did? Oh well.”

Girl With An E11 Blaster


I thought Scarlett Johansson was looking a little vulnerable here, and the addition of a blaster would see her safely around 17th century Amsterdam. Someone was bound to mug her for that pearl earring.
Interesting fact: Vermeer is though to have used a camera obscura to create his paintings. The Photoshop of its day? You decide.

Christina’s Moisture Farm


Interesting fact: Christina here was a real person who suffered from polio and lived near Wyeth; hence she would drag herself around. Though she looks like a young girl in the painting, she was 55 years old at the time.

The Anatomy Lesson By Dr. 2-1B


This one fitted perfectly. It’s like the components were made for each other. Interesting fact: Dr Tulp (whose place has been usurped by Dr 2-1B) was Amsterdam’s City Anatomist in 1632 when this was painted. He was allowed one public dissection each year, and the body had to be that of an executed criminal.

Tolstoy Ploughing (Under The Heal Of The Galactic Empire)


“Here’s where it all started. I was at a loose end one evening and thought it’d be a fun way to waste a few hours if I had Tolstoy ploughing his field whilst under the watchful eye of the 501st Legion. Interesting fact: Tolstoy actually enjoyed farm work and was also a dab hand at mending shoes.”

Mos Eisley Nighthawks


“Nighthawks immediately made me think of Mos Eisley Cantina; I could just hear the bartender calling ‘We don’t serve their kind here.’ Interesting fact: No surprise, but this isn’t actually Hopper’s painting at all. It’s a photograph of a Hopper display. I felt the original had been parodied often enough, so this gave a different perspective; now you can see Ponda Baba and Doctor Evazan.”

La Princesse à L’ombrelle


“There may be no underwear in space, but there are parasols; a princess has to keep that fair complexion somehow. The hair’s too dark in this, but I’m not going back to fix in now. Oh, how we wish George Lucas had felt that way. Interesting fact: The original painting was created as a casual image rather than a formal portrait. An early snapshot.”

Grand Moff Tarkin


“This one’s ‘in the style of’ rather than a direct desecration of something famous. I just thought Tarkin would probably have something like this hanging in his drawing room. Interesting fact: This started life as a portrait of Sir John Sinclair, though only the background survives. Sir John was the author of Statistical Accounts of Scotland; History of the Public Revenue of the British Empire 1784 … sounds like a real page turner.

Young Woman Reclining in Tatooine Costume


This isn’t a good representation of Manet’s style (far too realistic), but I do love Leia in her Brass Bikini … just like so many others. Interesting fact: Manet based this on a famous painting by Goya, “Clothed Maja”. See, I told you artist weren’t/aren’t above a bit of plagiarism.

The Singing Jedi


“This is certainly my favourite of the twenty-one images here, and is the only one I’ve bothered to have framed and mounted on my wall at home. It makes me smile. Interesting fact: Jack is one of Britain’s most popular artists, yet is not taken seriously by the art establishment, perhaps due in part to the fact he’s a self-taught artist. Here’s some actual criticism: ‘brainless,’ ‘not an artist,’ and ‘he can’t paint, he just colours in.’ Snobbery, in my opinion.”

La Classe de Danse Avec Oola


I like the way the dancer at the front of the picture is looking down her nose at Oola like she doesn’t belong there … which, of course, she doesn’t. Interesting fact: Edgar Degas painted some controversial pictures and held some controversial political views. I won’t go into them here, but feel free to look those up.

A Pyramid of Skulls


Let’s face it, this wouldn’t be the first time Threepio lost his head. Interesting fact: Cezane painted skulls on several occasions leading to the belief he was somewhat fixated by death.

Head Of a Jedi


This is based on the painting ‘Head of a Dog.’ I had to give my version the more generic term ‘Jedi’ as I can find no indication of what exactly Yoda is. Interesting fact: Renoir was the father of Pierre (actor), Jean (filmmaker), Claude (ceramic artist), and grandfather to Claude (son of Pierre and another filmmaker like his uncle Jean).

Solo I & II


Han shot first. He always shoots first. Interesting fact: This is based on Elvis I & II. Recently, Warhol’s ‘Triple Elvis (Ferus Type)’ sold for $81.9 million. Astounding.”

Jedi’s Hand With A Reflecting Sphere


I was challenged to do an Escher by a friend. In his own words, he was “astonished” I’d been able to make anything of it. Interesting fact: Reflecting spheres were a popular subject for Escher, and he used them as a subject several times. This is the most famous, though.

Winter Landscape with a Probe Droid


No explanation necessary… if you know your Star Wars. Interesting fact: You can see discarded crutches in the original image. Look again and you can see the owner praying at the foot of the cross, possibly dying. Interestingly, I’ve only just noticed him myself!



Social commentary or just a giggle? I’ll let you decide. Interesting fact: Johns painted on a newsprint collage, covering three canvases, mounted on plywood board. Yes, I realize that’s not very interesting, but…

Obi Wan M’aider, Vous Êtes Mon Seul Espoir


The end … for now . May the force be with you.

Luke with the head of Anakin


This was the trickiest one to do, and certainly took the most time. I’m not at all sure it’s true to the style of the original, but Caravaggio is a hard act to follow. The only entry that in any way acknowledges the existence of the prequel trilogy. There’s a good reason for that. Interesting fact: Caravaggio’s life was like a soap opera. Go look it up.


33 Most Beautiful Photos Of Animal Migration

Animal migration can be one of the most beautiful sights to see when there are thousands of animals. We’ll be showcasing some breathtaking photos of animal migration with various types of birds, butterflies, all sorts sea life and land animals.

Animal migration is the relatively long-distance movement of individuals, usually on a seasonal basis. It is found in all major animal groups, includingbirds, mammals, fish, reptiles, amphibians, insects, and crustaceans. The trigger for the migration may be local climate, local availability of food, the season of the year or for mating reasons.

There are few sights as majestic as the mass migrations of animals. To humans, thousands of monarch butterflies roosting in trees or scores of wildebeests surging across the African plains are beautiful and impressive to witness. To the animals themselves, these migrations are crucial to the survival of their species. In this article, we’ll learn about the biggest, longest and most amazing animal migrations in the world, and we’ll figure out why and how animals make such astonishing journeys. Read more

If you’re an animal lover you have to see these 33 Most Beautiful Photos Of Animal Migration!

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4 Effects Of Deforestation Exposed In Shocking Print Ads

 The effects of Deforestation is shocking and needs to be exposed to the public. These brutal and gruesome ads were created to show their message and raise awareness to show the often unseen cruelty of deforestation around the world.

These print ads were created in Photoshop and were created by  art director Ganesh Prasad Acharya with copywriter Kaushik Katty Roy. The ads were created for Sanctuary Asia whom is one of the first and most popular environmental news magazine in India.

The deforestation ads say the slogan “When the wood go, wildlife goes”, this message drives the points to the audience teamed up with some disturbing images. when you cut down habitats, you might as well kill the animals that live there as well. Rainforests contain as much as 80% of the world’s biodiversity, so their rapid destruction in South America and Asia is a serious problem.

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20 Wild Adventures Of A Man And His Dog In Majestic Nature Photos

Nothing is stronger than the bond between people and their dogs, it’s a strong relationship they have that gives illustrator John Stortz’s photography there beauty. As John travelled through the United States with he’s best dog buddy named Wolf, he takes a series of photos featuring breathtaking locations with his dog as the main element.

His dog, Wolfgang, was adopted by John from a shelter two years ago. Their travelling photos together can be seen on their instagram account. It’s a real pleasure to see stunning photography of the Wolfgang alongside John’s amazing illustrations. John’s love for nature along with the influence of Wolfgang is very clear to see.

If you’re a dog lover like me you’ll love these 20 Wild Adventures Of A Man And His Dog In Majestic Nature Photos!

More info: Instagram | Tumblr | (h/t: modernmet)

Bryce Canyon, UT

Bronson Canyon, CA

Bryce Canyon, UT

Bonneville Salt Flats, UT

Forest of Nisene Marks State Park, CA

Convict Lake, CA

Foggy Morning in the Anza Borrego Desert, CA

 Glacier National Park, Montana

Awendaw, South Carolina

Black Canyon of the Gunnison, Colorado

Death Valley, CA

Lincoln Heights. Los Angeles, CA

Anza-Borrego Morning, CA

Cerro Gordo Ghost Town, CA

Eldorado National Forest, CA

Potato Chip Rock, CA

Anza Borrego Desert, CA

Kolob Canyon, UT

Anza-Borrego Desert, CA

East Rim of the Grand Canyon, Arizona

Medicine Bow National Forest, WY

The Slot Canyons of Anza-Borrego, CA

Brooklyn, NY


How to Make DIY Glow In The Dark Table With Resin

 Do you love the look of Glow In the Dark? It may seem difficult to create such an effect, but in today’s tutorial you’ll learn how make a DIY Glow In the dark table with resin. It’s easy to make these awesome do-it-yourself glow in the dark table at home, all you need is are planks of wood, photoluminescent powder, resin, some tools and some good old elbow grease!

Mike Warren is the creature of these great diy tutorial, he’s an instructables enthusiast and runs a blog column called Man Crafts at He came up with this super cool diy glow in the dark table. By mixing photoluminescent powder with the resin, he used it to fill up holes in the naturally form Pecky Cypress Wood which creates a wonderful shape that looks breathtaking when it’s dark.

As long as you’ve got all the right tools, you’ll be able to create this great looking table! Checkout Warren’s instructable for instructions, the video tutorial can be seen below.

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18 Fairytale Porcelain Creatures By Ukrainian Artist Duo

Two artists from Ukraine, Anya Stasenko and Slava Leontyev have created some small mystical like creatures made from porcelain. The porcelain creatures are extremely imaginative and look very adorable! Their highly detailed features teamed up with wonderful color schemes create these cute characters that looks like they’re fairytales.

Most of these porcelain creatives measure anywhere from 4 to 40 cm, which makes them very tiny. You may be surprised to know that Stasenko and Leontyev aren’t trained to work in ceramics. One of them is a graphic artist, while the other teaches painting. They chose ceramics for economic reasons and because it’s fairly easy to work with.

They are both very humble about the work they create, saying that their creatures are nothing remarkable as they are not trained in ceramics. We think these 18 Fairytale Porcelain Creatures By Ukrainian Artist Duo are pretty damn cute and beautiful!

More info: (h/t: laughingsquid)