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Brooklyn’s Old Clock Tower Transformed Into Penthouse

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An iconic clock tower which stands a top One Main Street in New York was recently renovated and transformed in a million-dollar modern penthouse. Brooklyn’s Clock Tower is located in the trendy DUMBO (down under the Manhattan bridge overpass) neighborhood. Originally built by Cardboard manufacturers the building is part

Dad Draws Cool Lunch Bag Cartoon Character Illustrations

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For many of us eating lunch from a lunch bag in a non event, nothing cool happens. But when your dad is Graphic Designer, Brian Dunn, you’ll find some cool lunch bag cartoon character illustrations! For the past 2 years, Brian Dunn, has been drawing beautiful cartoon characters. He

28 Cool and Fun Bedroom Interiors for Kids

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Being a kid is such a magical time, a child’s surrounding can impact how they grow and learn. A child’s living space should be fun and creative. An area where the child can learn and play is essential, the best place for this is in the kid’s bedroom! In

Childhood Cartoon Characters Turned into Crazy Killers

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Many of us have fond memories of cartoon characters we've grown up to love from the tv shows, Sesame Street, The Simpsons and movies like Wall-E. Prepare for your childhood memories to be ruined! LA based artist, Dan LuVisi create a Popped Culture series. Childhood Cartoon Characters Turned into Crazy Killers