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New Buses Transformed Into Coffee Shops On Wheels

Many of us ride buses to our desired location, Leap Transit have decided to take their buses to the next level by transforming their interior based on comfort. In San Francisco they recently launched a redesigned city bus. Theses…


63 Inspiring Designs For a New Bridge In London

London has many bridges, many of them are iconic with some brilliant architecture and design. The London Borough of Wandsworth has decided to build a new bridge and are having a competition, the new bridge will be between Nine Elms and…


13 CSS Jokes Only Web Designers Will Understand

Every now and then web designers need a good laugh! Seijo George, a Melbourne-based web designer recently created a series of programming language-based puns. He created some clever illustrations and code pun created with the language CSS. CSS (Cascading Style…


The Euro ReDesigned By A Hungarian Student

Barbara Bernat recently decided to redesign the concept of the Hungarian euros, she took a clever idea of covering the banknotes of the euro and covered them with hand drawn images of European animals on the front and plants…


Dad Colors His Kid’s Drawings Making Them Masterpieces

Known as the “Renaissance dad”, Fred Giovannitti is an artist and an entrepreneur. Spending a third of the month doing tattoos in Vegas he also works on marine ecology projects. Recently he collaborated with his children to color in their drawings.…


20 Shocking Photos Of Pollution In China

While China’s economy and progress is getting stronger, there appears to be some setbacks. China has a ever growing rate of pollution and environmental damage which doesn’t appear to be slowing down. These shocking photos of pollution in China…


Gumpy Cat Stars In 7 Disney Movies and It Was Awful

Grumpy Cat has been an iconic figure, digital artist Eric Proctor (a.k.a Tsaoshin), decided to merge the Grumpy Cat with the some of the most popular Disney characters to make for a bizarre and hilarious movie scene. Using his Wacom…


30 Most Powerful Photographs Ever Taken

Sometime’s you’ll see a photograph that capture something powerful and incredibly shocking. In this collection we’ll be showcasing 30 Most Important Photographs You Have To See which capture powerful and haunting moments. These powerful photos capture some of the most…


20 Shocking Images of Child Labor In 1900s

In today’s world children usually complain when they have to go to bed, or sit quietly. Back in the 1900s Child Labor laws exists in the U.S. which lead to many children having to work in the mines, hazardous factories…


The History Of Nazi Germany In LEGO Timeline

Need a History lesson on the WW2? To help you learn a bit more about history Fithboy spent all of January recreating the history of Nazi Germany in LEGO Timeline. Using his beloved LEGO figurines he planned and set some…


25 Of The Best Award-Winning Wedding Photographs

The International Society of Professional Wedding Photographer (ISPWP) held a members only wedding photography contest four times in 2014. Wedding Photographers from all around the world submitted their best shots out of 20 categories, ending up with a total of …


46+ Most Beautiful Libraries From Around The World

With the invention of the e-book, Libraries are still great places we should visit. Old majestic Libraries can be some of the most beautiful places to see with their astonishing architecture, breathtaking interior design and treasured books from the past…


12 Roads In Desolate Landscapes Around The World

Andy Lee is a UK-based creative director, filmmaker, painter, doodler, and photographer who recently created a photography series of twelve roads in desolated landscapes from around the world.  He traveled to many locations around the world and decided to introduce…


20 Most Creative Facebook Profile Pics Ever

Those of us who use social networks enjoy updating our profile pics sometimes, especially if we make some additional effort to look original, funny, or glamorous. This guy, on the other hand, takes his profile pics a lot more…


10 Mirror Teacups Reflect Colorful Patterns From The Saucers

Product designer called, D-Bros, recently create a series of colorful patterned cup and saucers named “Waltz”. What’s so unique about there 10 Teacups is that their striking patterns and colors which reflect from the saucers their on. Made from Hasami…