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30+ Extreme Photographers Who Do ANYTHING For The Best Shot

When taking the perfect shot most of us would never think of risking our lives, but in this case these extreme photographers do just that! These Photographing Daredevils show some guts and dedication when it comes to their craft of Photograghy!

You’ll see that these 30+ Extreme Photographers Who Do ANYTHING For The Best Shot certainly go to the next level! Whether it’s laying on the ground or squatting a certain angle some of these photographers look quite silly.

On the other hand some of these Photographers are literally RISKING THEIR LIVES! If it’s standing on molten lava with your shoes and camera stand on fire, standing beside a fast moving car or even jumping out of an airplane with a parachute who known what they’ll do next to get the perfect shot!

Are you a Photographer? Would you ever imagine risking your life for the perfect shot?

(h/t: Boredpanda)


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Image source: Unknown


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Image source: Shamas Malik


Image source: Kawika Singson


Image source: Timothée Taupin / Unknown


Image source: Veselin Malinov


Image source: Dejan Smaic


Image source: Jordan Matters


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Image source:


Image source: Brandon Jennings


Image source: Adek Berry


Image source: unknown


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Image source: Jason Friesen/Unknown


Image source: unknown


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Image source: Joe Melee


Image source: David Bengtsson


Image source: Michael A.


Image source: Robert Newman


Image source: Gleb Tarro


Image source: Abu-Faisal AL-anezi


17 Most Surreal Night Photos You’ll Ever See On Instagram

Mikko Lagerstedt is a self taught photographer who shoots night photos, his Instagram account showcases his breathtaking images of star studded night skies, spectacular landscape shots and aurora lights!

Mikko usually starts his photography work late at night whilst many of us are in our beds sound asleep, surprisingly his pictures are only 640×640, but they prove to showcase nature’s exceptional beauty. His collection also captures the Milky Way which Mikko says is a lot easier to see in Greece.

I have run into a moose and a deer, it was quite scary and funny at the same time.” He told Aplus. “I also saw a lynx crossing a road. It was one of those moments that make you really appreciate what you do.

He currently resides in Kareva, Finland (30 km to Helsinki) and has only recently started taking photographs in 2008. he says:

My very first inspiration towards photography came to me when I was driving on a summer’s eve to my relative’s cabin. After a rainy day, the sun started shining, and the fog was rising in the fields. I just had to stop and watch this beautiful moment and then I realized that I want to start capturing these kinds of moments.

He loves taking atmospheric photos, sadly one of Mikko’s friends past away at the age of 20 which was a driving force which got him to start taking more atmospheric angles. He is entirely self taught but this doesn’t mean his photograph equipment is simple, you can see Lagerstedt’s list of equipment and computer rig in the links below.

More info: | Instagram | Facebook | flickr (h/t: aplus)



















New Buses Transformed Into Coffee Shops On Wheels

Many of us ride buses to our desired location, Leap Transit have decided to take their buses to the next level by transforming their interior based on comfort. In San Francisco they recently launched a redesigned city bus.

Theses new buses transformed look like coffee shops on wheels, set up with Wi-Fi and USB ports, it’s ready for people on the move. The bus also serves snacks and drinks if you’re ever thirsty!

With this redesigned bus there’s only one thing left less to be desired, the new comfort features of the bus allows for less carrying space but more luxurious seating. The conversation nooks and a bar for your laptop for workers – the bus fare can be bought on the go using your phone or print out. A single ticket costs $6 or $5 if bought in bulk – every day people can still afford to travel this comfortable new way!

More info: | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter (h/t: designtaxi)




Interactive 3D Art Museum In Philippines Let’s You Step Inside Paintings

When we think of Museums we usually think of quite places when you stand, look at art and keep quiet . However Manila’s Art in Island encourages people to interact with the paintings allowing them to take photos and enjoy themselves. This museum has gone extraordinary lengths to make these 3D paintings!

The museum’s secretary Blyth Cambaya told Mashable

Here, art paintings are not complete if you are not with them, if you don’t take pictures with them.

This museum brings a whole new perspective on viewing paintings, all you have to do is look at the expressions on the people’s faces below to see they’re having a wonderful time in fantastic new 3D painting museums – the paintings really do add a new dimension between art and the observer.

More info: Facebook (h/t: laughingsquid, flickr)


















14 Hidden German Street Art Only Viewable From Certain Angle

Street Art can be seen in some of the most unexpected places like hidden walls, buildings and unknown street corners. But Street Art that can’t be seen from every angle can be even more tricky to see, which leads to a lasting impact and adds something more special when seen.

German street art duo Zebrating, decided to take a fresh look on creating street art in public places that can be only seen from a certain angle. They create their street art painting onto railings and surfaces that from a certain angle can only be seen like an illusion.

If you weren’t paying attention when visiting these street art places you’d wouldn’t be blamed for missing them as they are almost invisible from most angles. Zebrating’s work are mainly in Germany and Mannheim although they do travel to other cities around the world including Paris.

Source: Zebrating


63 Inspiring Designs For a New Bridge In London

London has many bridges, many of them are iconic with some brilliant architecture and design. The London Borough of Wandsworth has decided to build a new bridge and are having a competition, the new bridge will be between Nine Elms and Pimlico. As you will see below the 63 bridge design entries are quite beautiful and somewhat futuristic.

The bridge will be for pedestrian and a cyclists, meaning the bridge must include long and winding ramps. The bridge competition is open to the public allowing for all sorts of wild and crazy bridge concepts. While most bridges are usually a regular one ark, these bridges look totally bizarre and alien like which will look breathtaking as a bridge over the what with some added lights!

Ravi Govindia, Leader of Wandsworth Council says:

This competition is calling for architects from across the globe to come forward with exceptional, inspiring designs for a new bridge at the centre of the world’s greatest city. The successful entry will have to win the hearts of Londoners who are tremendously proud of their river and its rich architectural heritage.

The funding for the new bridge project will be around 40 million of Queen’s own pound (around $60 million). Many of these bridges are too crazy to build but some are quite wonderful and in good taste. Which one if your favorite?

1. Does this bridge also function as an Avengers style helicarrier?

NEP Bridge Competition

Marvel Studios

2. Are the people on top of this bridge trapped there because it never actually touches the ground on either side of the river?

Are the people on top of this bridge trapped there because it never actually touches the ground on either side of the river?
NEP Bridge Competition / Via

3. How far do you actually have to walk in a circle to get across this bridge?

How far do you actually have to walk in a circle to get across this bridge?
NEP Bridge Competition / Via

4. Why is this bridge made out of Leeloo’s costume from The Fifth Element?

NEP Bridge Competition

Columbia Pictures

5. Why are there so many paths here? Are you trying to get people lost on a bridge?

Why are there so many paths here? Are you trying to get people lost on a bridge?
NEP Bridge Competition / Via

6. Where’s the other half of this bridge?

Where's the other half of this bridge?
NEP Bridge Competition / Via

7. Why do you want a goddamn waterfall in the middle of London?

Why do you want a goddamn waterfall in the middle of London?
NEP Bridge Competition / Via

8. Why have you decided to 3D print this bridge?

Why have you decided to 3D print this bridge?
NEP Bridge Competition / Via

Also, since when have blimps with the Union Jack on them been an even slightly common sight?

9. Why is this just a copy of the Gateshead Millennium bridge?

NEP Bridge Competition

10. Why is this zoomed out so far I can’t even see it well enough to have a question?

Why is this zoomed out so far I can't even see it well enough to have a question?
NEP Bridge Competition / Via

11. Why did you let a small child loose on photoshop to make this?

Why did you let a small child loose on photoshop to make this?
NEP Bridge Competition / Via

Those two kids are so dead rn, btw.

12. Why have you just designed a really big bench?

Why have you just designed a really big bench?
NEP Bridge Competition / Via

13. Why is this falling over?

Why is this falling over?
NEP Bridge Competition / Via

14. Why is the other half of number 6 all the way down here?

Why is the other half of number 6 all the way down here?
NEP Bridge Competition / Via

15. Why are you so determined to get Londoners lost?

Why are you so determined to get Londoners lost?
NEP Bridge Competition / Via

16. How do you get up on to this bridge, as it looks hella steep?

How do you get up on to this bridge, as it looks hella steep?
NEP Bridge Competition / Via

17. Why is the bridge from Thor included here?

NEP Bridge Competition

Marvel Studios

18. Why is this so creepy?

Why is this so creepy?
NEP Bridge Competition / Via

19. Why are all the Victorians here? When do you think this bridge is being built?

Why are all the Victorians here? When do you think this bridge is being built?
NEP Bridge Competition / Via

20. Why is this bridge made of that IKEA shelving unit that everyone has?

NEP Bridge Competition

21. Can we run up and down this banging a stick on the side and making it sound like a tune?

Can we run up and down this banging a stick on the side and making it sound like a tune?
NEP Bridge Competition / Via

22. Is there even a bridge in this picture?

Is there even a bridge in this picture?
NEP Bridge Competition / Via

23. Is this designed for London assuming that one episode of Black Mirror with the blocking comes true?

Is this designed for London assuming that one episode of Black Mirror with the blocking comes true?
NEP Bridge Competition / Via

24. Is this made out of plywood?

Is this made out of plywood?
NEP Bridge Competition / Via

25. Is this bridge hanging off the Shard?

Is this bridge hanging off the Shard?
NEP Bridge Competition / Via

26. Is this a self-contained colony of people, designed to survive the inevitable collapse of society and ruin of the environment?

Is this a self-contained colony of people, designed to survive the inevitable collapse of society and ruin of the environment?
NEP Bridge Competition / Via

27. Is this a roller coaster?

Is this a roller coaster?
NEP Bridge Competition / Via

28. Are you calling Londoners fat, and telling them they need to do more walking?

Are you calling Londoners fat, and telling them they need to do more walking?
NEP Bridge Competition / Via

29. Did you do this in the car on the way to school this morning?

Did you do this in the car on the way to school this morning?
NEP Bridge Competition / Via

30. Is that wire attached to anything?

Is that wire attached to anything?
NEP Bridge Competition / Via

31. Is this the new Editors album cover?

Is this the new Editors album cover?
NEP Bridge Competition / Via

32. Is this actually a flume ride, and if not, can it be?

Is this actually a flume ride, and if not, can it be?
NEP Bridge Competition / Via

33. Do you really think London gets enough sun to justify solar panels?

Do you really think London gets enough sun to justify solar panels?
NEP Bridge Competition / Via

34. Again, did you forget to do the homework last night?

Again, did you forget to do the homework last night?
NEP Bridge Competition / Via

35. Why do you hate people?

Why do you hate people?
NEP Bridge Competition / Via

36. Do you think we all live in a cartoon?

Do you think we all live in a cartoon?
NEP Bridge Competition / Via

37. Is this made of tin foil?

Is this made of tin foil?
NEP Bridge Competition / Via

38. Why are you so unconfident in your design that you basically refused to even show it to us?

Why are you so unconfident in your design that you basically refused to even show it to us?
NEP Bridge Competition / Via

39. Will these spikes protect London from the giant octopus when it arrives?

Will these spikes protect London from the giant octopus when it arrives?
NEP Bridge Competition / Via

40. OK, seriously, is that a flume?

OK, seriously, is that a flume?
NEP Bridge Competition / Via

41. Are… are… those dildos?

Are... are... those dildos?
NEP Bridge Competition / Via

42. Is the little map in the corner because you are intending people to use this bridge like a Mario Kart track?

Is the little map in the corner because you are intending people to use this bridge like a Mario Kart track?
NEP Bridge Competition / Via

43. Is it possible for bikes to drift on these corners, like a low rent Fast & Furious?

Is it possible for bikes to drift on these corners, like a low rent Fast & Furious?
NEP Bridge Competition / Via

44. Why are you covering the bridge in water? Do you understand we’re building the bridge to avoid people having to go in the water? Have you grasped the concept of a bridge?

Why are you covering the bridge in water? Do you understand we're building the bridge to avoid people having to go in the water? Have you grasped the concept of a bridge?
NEP Bridge Competition / Via

45. What the fuck is wrong with you?

What the fuck is wrong with you?
NEP Bridge Competition / Via

46. Is this just a metal ruler over a tiny wooden model?

Is this just a metal ruler over a tiny wooden model?
NEP Bridge Competition / Via

47. Do you need to walk upside down to get over this bridge?

Do you need to walk upside down to get over this bridge?
NEP Bridge Competition / Via

48. Why have you attached those wire toy things you get in dentists office to either end?

Why have you attached those wire toy things you get in dentists office to either end?
NEP Bridge Competition / Via

49. Why aren’t you actually showing us the bridge?

Why aren't you actually showing us the bridge?
NEP Bridge Competition / Via

50. Why have you submitted a horrifically broken slinky?

Why have you submitted a horrifically broken slinky?
NEP Bridge Competition / Via

51. Why so many steps?

Why so many steps?
NEP Bridge Competition / Via

52. Again, is this just the Gateshead Millennium Bridge?

Again, is this just the Gateshead Millennium Bridge?
NEP Bridge Competition / Via

53. Is this a bridge designed exclusively for barges? Did we not tell you this bridge was for people?

NEP Bridge Competition

54. Are those hammocks on the sides?

Are those hammocks on the sides?
NEP Bridge Competition / Via

55. Is this made from that hot plastic sheet moulding thing that they used to have in DT classes?

Is this made from that hot plastic sheet moulding thing that they used to have in DT classes?
NEP Bridge Competition / Via

56. Why do you hate straight lines?

Why do you hate straight lines?
NEP Bridge Competition / Via

57. Is this already falling over to one side?

Is this already falling over to one side?
NEP Bridge Competition / Via

58. Did you realise this is basically two dicks pointing at each other?

Did you realise this is basically two dicks pointing at each other?
NEP Bridge Competition / Via

59. Is this just a big plank? It is, isn’t it? Can you even get onto it?

Is this just a big plank? It is, isn't it? Can you even get onto it?
NEP Bridge Competition / Via

60. Are you compenstating for drunk people trying to cross this bridge by making it all wavy?

Are you compenstating for drunk people trying to cross this bridge by making it all wavy?
NEP Bridge Competition / Via

61. Could you try again once the MDMA has worn off?

Could you try again once the MDMA has worn off?
NEP Bridge Competition / Via

62. Is this Sydney Harbour Bridge?

Is this Sydney Harbour Bridge?
NEP Bridge Competition / Via

63. Is… is this… what the hell is this?

Is... is this... what the hell is this?
NEP Bridge Competition / Via

24 Celebrities Photoshopped to Look Fat To Promote Healthy Body Image

Today’s celebrities are always slim and trim, with their personal trainers and personal chefs on hand it’s much easier for them to stay in shape. But what would your favorite celebrities look like if they suddenly became overweight? David Lopera, a Spanish artist, decided to Photoshop some of his favorite celebrities in the photo editing software to see how they would look.

After receiving many requests from men and women who wanted to see popular celebrities fattened up.

Emma Watson, Jennifer Lawrence and Kim Kardashian are some of the most popular requests I get. These women look much better when they’re overweight,” he told Daily Mail

He believes that his projects will help people and promote a healthier body image and self esteem by reminding his audience it’s okay to be curvy! Also some people disagree and say it’s a way to make fun of celebrities and plus sized women.

More info: Facebook | Deviant Art (h/t: designtaxi, dailymail)

Jennifer Lawrence


Kim Kardashian


Katy Perry


Michelle Keegan


Emma Watson


Becky Lynch


Park Shin Hye


Carly Rae Japsen


Gabrielle Monique


Hillary Duff


Karen Gilian


Izzy Azalea



13 CSS Jokes Only Web Designers Will Understand

Every now and then web designers need a good laugh! Seijo George, a Melbourne-based web designer recently created a series of programming language-based puns. He created some clever illustrations and code pun created with the language CSS. CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) is mainly used for styling websites.

The results of these CSS Jokes are minimalist and cute, the images above make the strings of css code easy to parse. You don’t have to be a super nerd to understand these CSS Jokes and which relate to today’s pop culture knowledge – you may even learn something about CSS if your a newbie!

More info: (h/t: designtaxi)















The Euro ReDesigned By A Hungarian Student

Barbara Bernat recently decided to redesign the concept of the Hungarian euros, she took a clever idea of covering the banknotes of the euro and covered them with hand drawn images of European animals on the front and plants of the reverse side. With a creative mix of simplistic and complex designs the banknotes feature mainly the drawings with wonderful detail.

The euro (sign: €; code: EUR) is the official currency of the eurozone, which consists of 19 of the 28 member states of the European Union: Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Spain.

Being a  Graphic Design student in University of West Hungarystudent, her MA Projects was named, Hungarian paper money. She created the drawings using etched plates while using a complex incision printing method which is the same way they print money!

More info: Behance | Tumblr (h/t: lustik)















15 Designers and Artists Decorate Children’s Hospital Walls

Hospitals are the last place you want to be when you’re a child, it’s no fun if you’re sick! Hospital food is usually terrible along with the boring white walls. British Art orginization, Vital Arts, decided to create something special for the hospital. The past few years they have slowly transformed the walls of the London Royal Children’s Hospital into a bright and colorful place.

Using materials like vinyl, ceramics, rugs, wood and other materials, the fifteen designers and artists decorated the children’s hospital walls. Packed with vibrant colors, cheerful animals and make believe forests have transformed the blank white walls into a fun place for the children.

More info: (h/t: designboom)

Trauma and gastroenterology (Wing 7D) by Morag Myerscough


“The piece has a huge amount of references that had been embedded in my memory for many years and came out all together at one time. So there are elements of circus, organic, art deco, Asian culture, Victorian architecture and the list goes on so a real mash-up that came out of my head onto paper and then onto the walls”




“The whole aim of the piece was to make a ward that would help to bring some joy to the young patients and parents with colour and some fun that would be warm and welcoming

Haematology (Ward 7F) by Donna Wilson


 “One of the most important things for me was to make the hospital not feel like a hospital. I wanted the patients, parents and nurses all to feel relaxed, happy and stimulated by the environment that surrounds them and by using design you can lift the mood and well-being of the people there.”



 “I’ve enjoyed seeing and hearing the reactions of not just the children but the parents too who are so pleased that the ward feels happier, colourful and less sterile and intimidating. This makes it so worthwhile and hugely rewarding for me as a designer.”

Paediatric Assessment and Short Stay Unit (Ward 7C (B)) by Chris Haughton


Rather than numbering each room Haughton decided to give each room a different animal character; a lion room, a parrot room and a fish room etc.




 In the corridors vinyl is used to create a gathering of life-sized animals including a dinosaur peering down from the ceiling, all looked after by a monkey dressed as a doctor

Respiratory (Ward 7E) by Miller Goodman, 2014


“Wood is a traditional warm medium that soulfully ages softening with play. It is traditional and always evokes childhood memories of play. We hope that the mix of bright vinyl colours and wooden characters encourages and entertains the child as well as wishes them a speedy recovery.”




Elevator Lobbies by Katharine Morling


Ceramicist Katharine Morling spent six-weeks on children’s wards working with patients to create sketchbooks recalling favourite memories and treasured toys. Morling then used these sketchbooks to develop porcelain sculptures for her commission for the new children’s hospital.


Featuring performing rhinos, butterflies and train tracks made from rulers, Collective Memories of the London presents a dream-like version of the everyday world.

 Throughout All Wards by Doran


“A seminal moment for me was when a three-year-old girl stopped crying the moment she saw the curtains, pointing excitedly to the hidden cats and rabbits. That’s when I knew my design had worked.”

Paediatric Critical Care (Ward 6c) by Tord Boontje



Alluding to renewal and growth, the work contains animals and elements in energising colours for children to find and discover. The larger drawings are very finely detailed and invite you to discover new elements day after day.


Activity Space (7th Floor) by Cottrell and Vermeulen and Morag Myerscough


“We wanted to create a place that was an escape for the young patients, an engaging place that was fun, playful & colourful, but at the same time gave the opportunity for the whole family to relax together.”


Dad Colors His Kid’s Drawings Making Them Masterpieces

Known as the “Renaissance dad”, Fred Giovannitti is an artist and an entrepreneur. Spending a third of the month doing tattoos in Vegas he also works on marine ecology projects. Recently he collaborated with his children to color in their drawings. His children gave him their drawings and while Fred was traveling he took his free time coloring them in.

The results of these drawing are quite superb and look like professional illustrations from a children’s book or card. There is so much to learn from this little experiment, children’s drawing can be taken to brilliant levels of quality when  you bring in a professional artist to color them in!

For Fred this is just another way to connect with his children, Sofia (age 8), Jaxton (age 5) and Freddie (age 9). With all of Fred’s interests and jobs he’s also an avowed non-smoker, non-drinker and vegetarian!

More info: | | Instagram (h/t: boredpanda)
















Photographer Captures New York Going From Dusk Till Dawn In Just One Picture

How would you capture New York City in a single photograph? Stephen Wilkes, a photographer, has taken a series of photos titled, Day to Night. He accomplished his time lapse photos which catch the transformations of the Big Apple from sunrise to sunset.

Spending 15 hours at each single location taking approximately 1000 photos of each area. The finished results  of blending these images took about 50 separate photos making the change of light very subtle and gradual. Known for the City that never sleeps, New York going from dusk till dawn is a certain reminder that New York really does never sleep!



Ukrainian Photographer Brings Fairytales To Life In Magical Portraits Of Women With Animals

Anita Anti was inspired by many fairy tales from around the world. The Ukrainian photographer who is now based in New York, loves taking obscure portraits of women in bizarre fairy tale like forests with beautiful animals surrounded by magical energy and melancholy.

You may be reminded of certain fairy tales like Alice in Wonderland while looking at certain photos, while other only showcase standard fairytale like settings which allows you to fill in the story with your own fairy tale stories.

Anita takes a new and modern look on fairy tales, you can see more of her work at Uldus Bakhtiozina.

More info: DeviantArt | Facebook | 500px | Flickr (h/t: boredpanda)


















3 Brothers Recreate Their Happiest Childhood Photos As A Gift For Their Mom

Parents love taking photographs of their children to cherish their childhoods. Many adults would look back at their childhood photographs in embarrassment, but these three brothers decided to recreate their happiest childhood photos as a gift for their mom. The photos were a present for Christmas day which I’m sure the mother will always remember!

When you see these adorable childhood photographs up against the adult versions  you realize how funny and silly strikes and poses little children can make. The poses look normal when you see the kids version,  but when it’s adults the results are very funny and weird. It’s a reminder of how fast children grow up! Glad to see they’ve still kept a good sense of humor.

More info: bonebowl (h/t: boredpanda)




















20 Shocking Photos Of Pollution In China

While China’s economy and progress is getting stronger, there appears to be some setbacks. China has a ever growing rate of pollution and environmental damage which doesn’t appear to be slowing down. These shocking photos of pollution in China show just how bad it really is.

China’s air pollution is known to be 20 times worse than the recommended safe levels. Due to their growing economy and population, their energy needs from coal are sky rocketing and is one of the biggest sources of air pollution – some even liking it to a nuclear winter,

Lakes and Waterways are also being choked with inorganic compounds, with some places chemicals turning the water into a blood red color. Combined with China’s thriving economy and industrialization means that the urban environments and the larger middle class are producing an enormous amount of rubbish which is clogging the waterways.

More info: | | (h/t: boredpanda)

Journalist Takes Sample Of Red Polluted Water From The Jianhe River


Image credits: Reuters

Boy Swims In Algae-filled Water, Qingdao, Shandong


Image credits: Reuters

Fishermen Row Boat In Algae-filled Chaohu Lake In Hefei, Anhui Province


Image credits: Jianan Yu

Labourer Tries To Clean Up Oil From Water, Dalian, Liaoning


Image credits: Reuters

Boy Tries To Avoid Scattered Rubbish Floating On A Flooded Street In Shantou, Guangdong Province


Image credits: Reuters

Child Swims In Polluted Reservoir, Pingba


Image credits: Reuters

Worker Cleans Away Dead Fish At Lake In Wuhan, Central China’s Hubei Province


Image credits: Reuters

Girl Walks Through Smog In Beijing, Where Small-Particle Pollution Is 40 Times Higher Than International Safety Standards


Image credits: Kyodo News

Workers Clean Up Floating Garbage On Yangtze River


Image credits: Reuters

Child Drinks Water From Stream In Fuyuan County, Yunnan Province


Image credits: Reuters

Workers Try To Drain Sewage Water From Leaking Sewage Tank, Shanghang, Fujian


Image credits: Reuters

Pollution From A Factory In Yutian, 100km East Of Beijing


Image credits: Peter Parks

Heavily Polluted River In Jiaxing, Zhejiang


Image credits: Reuters

Buildings In Beijing Surrounded By Smog


Image credits: China FotoPress

A Woman Collects Plastic Bottles Near A River Polluted With Reddish Dye


Image credits: lu palmerini

Woman Walks On A Bridge Over A Polluted River, Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province


Image credits: Carlos Barria

Man Walks By A Pipe Discharging Waste Water Into The Yangtze River


Image credits: William Hong

Fishermen Clean Up Oil At An Oil Spill Site Near Dalian Port, Liaoning Province


Image credits: Reuters

Residents Look At A Heavily Polluted River, Zhugao, Sichuan province


Image credits:

Dead Fish In Water Filled With Blueish Algae, East Lake, Wuhan


Image credits: Reuters


Gumpy Cat Stars In 7 Disney Movies and It Was Awful

Grumpy Cat has been an iconic figure, digital artist Eric Proctor (a.k.a Tsaoshin), decided to merge the Grumpy Cat with the some of the most popular Disney characters to make for a bizarre and hilarious movie scene. Using his Wacom tablet and Photoshop, he made Grumpy Cat the main star of  the most popular fairytales like The Little Mermaid, Tangled and The Lion King.

The results of ‘Gumpy Cat Stars In 7 Disney Movies and It Was Awful’ is very funny with Grumpy Cats icon grumpy expression teamed up with the reactions of the other characters. Instead of being a romantic moment with characters like Aladdin and the Beast, they turn out to be awkward and funny!


Tale as Old as No

When Will My No Begin

Circle of No

Part of Your No

A Whole New No



What the Night Sky Would Look Like If Cities Went Dark

What would the most famous cities in the world look like if they went dark? Thierry Cohen is a photographer who has chosen some of the biggest city from around the world would look like with no lights. If you’ve ever wondered what the night sky would look like if cities went dark, you’ll soon find out!

To capture these unique series named, Darkened Cities, Cohen first shot the night sky where there was pollution or lights so you could see the lights clearly. He then captured the city in the day time and merged the two photos together which makes a ghostly and apocalyptic finally results.


New York

Rio de Janeiro

Los Angeles



Hong Kong

New York


San Francisco


Sao Paulo



Los Angeles

Hong Kong



30 Most Powerful Photographs Ever Taken

Sometime’s you’ll see a photograph that capture something powerful and incredibly shocking. In this collection we’ll be showcasing 30 Most Important Photographs You Have To See which capture powerful and haunting moments. These powerful photos capture some of the most darkest times in human history.

“You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.” – Mahatma Gandhi.

Today we’ll show you some unforgettable photography taken from around the world which remind us all that a picture can speak a thousand words!

(via: boredpanda)

1. Starving boy and missionary

Image credits: Mike Wells

2. Inside an Auschwitz gas chamber

Image credits: kligon5

3. Heart surgeon after 23-hour-long (successful) heart transplant. His assistant is sleeping in the corner.

Image credits: James Stanfield

4. Father and son (1949 vs 2009)

Image credits: Vojage-Vojage

5. Diego Frazão Torquato, 12 year old Brazilian playing the violin at his teacher’s funeral. The teacher had helped him escape poverty and violence through music

Image credits:

6. A Russian soldier playing an abandoned piano in Chechnya in 1994

Image credits:

7. Young man just found out his brother was killed

Image credits: Nhat V. Meyer

8. Christians protect Muslims during prayer in the midst of the 2011 uprisings in Cairo, Egypt

Image credits: Nevine Zaki

9. A firefighter gives water to a koala during the devastating Black Saturday bushfires in Victoria, Australia, in 2009

Image credits:

10. Terri Gurrola is reunited with her daughter after serving in Iraq for 7 months

Image credits: Louie Favorite

11. Indian homeless men wait to receive free food distributed outside a mosque ahead of Eid al-Fitr in New Delhi, India

Image credits: Tsering Topgyal / AP

12. Zanjeer the dog saved thousands of lives during Mumbai serial blasts in March 1993 by detecting more than 3,329 kgs of the explosive RDX, 600 detonators, 249 hand grenades and 6406 rounds of live ammunition. He was buried with full honors in 2000

Image credits: STR News / Reuters

13. Man Falling from the World Trade Center on 9/11. “The Falling Man.”

Image credits:  Richard Drew /AP

14. Alcoholic father with his son

Image credits:

15. Embracing couple in the rubble of a collapsed factory

Image credits: Taslima Akhter

16. Sunset on Mars

Image credits:

17. Five-year-old gypsy boy on New Year’s Eve 2006 in the gypsy community of St. Jacques, Perpignan, Southern France. It is quite common in St. Jacques for little boys to smoke

Image credits: Jesco Denzel

18. Hhaing The Yu, 29, holds his face in his hand as rain falls on the decimated remains of his home near Myanmar’s capital of Yangon (Rangoon). In May 2008, cyclone Nargis struck southern Myanmar, leaving millions homeless and claiming more than 100,000 lives

Image credits: Brian Sokol

19. A dog named “Leao” sits for a second consecutive day at the grave of her owner, who died in the disastrous landslides near Rio de Janiero in 2011.

Image credits: Vanderlei Almeida / Getty Images

20. “Wait For Me Daddy,” by Claude P. Dettloff in New Westminster, Canada, October 1, 1940

Image credits: Claud Detloff

21. An old WW2 Russian tank veteran finally found the old tank in which he passed through the entire war – standing in a small Russian town as a monument

Image credits:

22. Flower power

Image credits: Bernie Boston

23. A woman sits amidst the wreckage caused by a massive earthquake and ensuing tsunam, in Natori, northern Japan, in March 2011

Image credits: Asahi Shimbun, Toshiyuki Tsunenari /AP

24. The Graves of a Catholic woman and her Protestant husband, Holland, 1888

Image credits:

25. Greg Cook hugs his dog Coco after finding her inside his destroyed home in Alabama following the Tornado in March, 2012

Image credits: Gary Cosby Jr. / AP

26. Demonstration of condom usage at a public market in Jayapura, capital of Papua, 2009

Image credits: Adri Tambunan

27. Russian soldiers preparing for the Battle of Kursk, July 1943 (Reproduction)

Image credits: Shirak Karapetyan-Milshtein

This photograph was actually created in 2006-2007 for a photo competition. It is based on archive photos from the war in Russia in 1941-1945.

28. During massive floods in Cuttack City, India, in 2011, a heroic villager saved numerous stray cats by carrying them with a basket balanced on his head

Image credits: Biswaranjan Rout / AP

29. An Afghan man offers tea to soldiers

Image credits: Rafiq Maqbool / AP

30. Some parents, likely now in their 70′s, still looking for their missing child.

Image credits:


20 Shocking Images of Child Labor In 1900s

In today’s world children usually complain when they have to go to bed, or sit quietly. Back in the 1900s Child Labor laws exists in the U.S. which lead to many children having to work in the mines, hazardous factories and other industries to support their families. In these series of photographs named, 20 Shocking Images of Child Labor In 1900s, were commissioned by the National Child Labor Committee.

Photographer Lewis Hine documented the child labor laws in the U.S by taking photos of the children. Thankfully child labor laws are now a thing of the past in the developed world, but they sadly still exist in the other countries.

In these series of photos you’ll see the harsh conditions these children had to endure, children would lose limbs, fingers and some would be permanently deformed with scars or other medical complications due to their work.

Source: The U.S. Library of Congress

Youngsters at Bibb Mill No. 1, 1909

Some boys were so small they had to climb up on the spinning frame to mend the broken threads and put back the empty bobbins. Location: Macon, Georgia.

Manuel, the young shrimp-picker, 5 years old

Manuel and a mountain of child-labor oyster shells behind him. He worked last year. Understands not a word of English. Dunbar, Lopez, Dukate Company. Location: Biloxi, Mississippi.

11-year-old at Crescent Hosiery Mill

Nannie Coleson, looper who said she was 11 years old, and has been working in the Crescent Hosiery Mill for some months. Makes about $3 a week. Has been through the 5th grade in school. She is bright, but unsophisticated. Told investigator, “There are other little girls in the mill too. One of them, says she’s 13, but she doesn’t look any older than me.” Location: Scotland Neck, North Carolina.

Young Cigarmakers in Englahardt & Co., Tampa, Fla.

There boys looked under 14. Work was slack and youngsters were not being employed much. Labor told me in busy times many small boys and girls are employed. Youngsters all smoke. Location: Tampa, Florida.

Stealing coal from railroad coal-yard

Location: Boston, Massachusetts.

Vance, a Trapper Boy, 15 years old

Has trapped for several years in a West Va. Coal mine. $.75 a day for 10 hours work. All he does is to open and shut this door: most of the time he sits here idle, waiting for the cars to come. On account of the intense darkness in the mine, the hieroglyphics on the door were not visible until plate was developed. Location: West Virginia.

Willie Bryden, 13, holding the door open in a mine

Waiting all alone in the dark for a trip to come through. It was so damp that Willie said he had to be doctoring all the time for his cough. A short distance from here, the gas was pouring into the mine so rapidly that it made a great torch when the foreman lit it. Willie had been working here for four months, 500 feet down the shaft, and a quarter of a mile underground from there. (Shaft #6 Pennsylvania Coal Co.) Walls have been whitewashed to make it lighter. January 16th, I found Willie at home sick, His mother admitted that he is only 13 yrs old; will be 14 next July. Said that 4 mos. ago the mine boss told the father to take Willie to work, and that they obtained the certificate from Squire Barrett. (The only thing the Squire could do was to make Willie out to be 16 yrs old.) Willie’s father and brother are miners and the home is that of a frugal German family. Location: Pittston, Pennsylvania.

Amos, 6, and Horace, 4 years old, in Tobacco Fields

Their father, John Neal is a renter and raises tobacco. He said (and the owner of the land confirmed it) that both these boys work day after day from “sun-up to sun-down” worming and suckering, and that they are as steady as a grown-up. Location: Warren County –Albaton, Kentucky

Breaker boys in #9 breaker

Location: Pittston, Pennsylvania.

Sweeper and Doffer Boys

Sweeper and Doffer Boys, Lancaster Mills (Cotton). S.C. Many more as small. Location: Lancaster, South Carolina.

Some of the boys at a busy trolley junction

3 brothers, Salvatore, 9 yrs. (in front), Joseph, 11 yrs. (cripple), Lewis, 13 yrs. (between these 2). “We would be murdered if we shop craps.” Boy at left sold me pair of dice for 2 c[en]ts. – what he would have to pay for more. Location: Jersey City, New Jersey.

Pennsylvania Breakers

The dust was so dense at times as to obscure the view. This dust penetrates the utmost recess of the boy’s lungs. Location: South Pittston, Pennsylvania.

11-year-old boys working a two-man saw

Boys working in Maple Mill, Dillon, S.C. Pete Dunlap (smaller). Said 11 years old. Mannings Dunlap. Both doff-40 cents a day. Location: Dillon, South Carolina.

11-year-old Callie Campbell picking cotton

Callie Campbell, 11 years old, picks 75 to 125 pounds of cotton a day, and totes 50 pounds of it when sack gets full. “No, I don’t like it very much.” Location: Potawotamie County, Oklahoma.

15-year-old Estelle Poiriere with finger injury

Union Hospital case – Estelle Poiriere, 137 Robeson St., 15 years old. Doffer at Granite No. 1 mill. Laceration of index and middle finger of right hand. Caught in card machine. Injured Dec. 21, 1915 and finger grew stiff and had to have cord cut. Still an outpatient in June and not working yet. Location: Fall River, Massachusetts.

3-year-old playing at Ivey Mill

Ivey Mill, Hickory, N.C. Little one, 3 years old, who visits and plays in the mill. Daughter of the overseer. Location: Hickory, North Carolina.

Boys working on and around moving coal cars

On the tipple at the Bessie Mine, Sloss-Sheffield Steel & Iron Co. These young boys work around and on these coal cars, loaded and empty, while they are running at full speed. It is dangerous. One of these boys said, “Ain’t hardly a day goes by that someone don’t get pinched or hurt.” “I got my leg jammed a while ago and was laid up a week.” Location: Bessie Mine, Alabama.

12-year old who lost his hand

Rural Accident. Twelve-year old Clinton Stewart and his mowing machine which cut off his hand.

Cartoners at canning factory

Some of the cartoners, not the youngest, at Seacoast Canning Co., Factory #2. Location: Eastport, Maine.

5-year-old Jo Benevidos Having Lunch

Jo Benevidos, 5 Merion St. Curled up in a doffing box, eating his lunch. Location: Fall River, Massachusetts.


The History Of Nazi Germany In LEGO Timeline

Need a History lesson on the WW2? To help you learn a bit more about history Fithboy spent all of January recreating the history of Nazi Germany in LEGO Timeline. Using his beloved LEGO figurines he planned and set some of the more important events of this terrible historical period using only LEGO.

Do you know these LEGO facts?

1. LEGO is 82 years old.

The LEGO Group was founded in 1932 in Denmark. It went from a small carpenter’s workshop to the world’s third largest manufacturer of toys.

2. A LEGO brick from 1958 would still interlock with a LEGO brick made today.

3. The name has a very special meaning.

The LEGO name was created by using the first two letters of the Danish words “Leg” and “Godt,” meaning “play well.”

You can read more LEGO facts here

More info: Flickr

January 1933


Adolf Hitler is appointed Chancellor of Germany.

February 1933


40,000 SA and SS men are sworn in as auxiliary police.

February 1933


The Reichstag building is burned, probably by the Nazis.

February 1933


Emergency Powers are given to Hitler.

March 1933


The Nazis open the first concentration camp.

April 1933


Nazis define Jews as non-Aryan and boycott Jewish owned business.

May 1933


Jewish books are burned in Berlin and other German cities.



Jews lose almost almost all rights and are opressed by the Nuremberg Laws.

November 1938


Kristallnacht; Night of the Broken Glass, riots that destroy Jewish shops and business. German police overlook it.

September 1939


Germany invades Poland. WWII has begun in Europe.

September 1939


Stalin’s Russian troops invade Eastern Poland. He and Hitler plan to split the land between them when the country is occupied.

October 1941


Auschwitz is opened. Jews from around Europe will be killed here in their millions over the next few years.

June 1944


D-Day. Allied troops land in Normandy.



As the Allied forces push through Germany they liberate concentration camps. 

April 1945


Hitler commits suicide.

January 2015


My desk after going through WWII. 


25 Of The Best Award-Winning Wedding Photographs

The International Society of Professional Wedding Photographer (ISPWP) held a members only wedding photography contest four times in 2014. Wedding Photographers from all around the world submitted their best shots out of 20 categories, ending up with a total of  80 1st place winners at the end of the year. We’ll be looking at 25 Of The Best Award-Winning Wedding Photographs in 2014.

This collection of best award winning wedding photography features a variety of categories like the most artistic, funny, or emotional wedding photos which won last years Best Award-Winning Wedding Photographs. Scroll down to see these magnificent wedding photography. To see all of the Photographs you can visit the ISPWP’s official website below.

More info: (h/t: mymodernmet)

 1st Place in All About Light, Winter 2013, Taipei, Taiwan


Photo credits: Chris Huang

1st Place in Pure Art, Fall 2014, New York City, New York


Photo credits: Emin Kuliyev

1st Place in Framing The Subject, Summer 2014, Vigo, Spain


Photo credits: Paula Boto

1st Place in The Decisive Moment, Summer 2014, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico


Photo credits: Dennis Berti

1st Place in Ceremony, Spring 2014, Zaragoza, Spain


Photo credits: Nacho Mora

1st Place in Emotional Impact, Spring 2014, Phoenix, Arizona


Photo credits: Tina Wright

1st Place in Kids Will Be Kids, Spring 2014, Hong Kong


Photo credits: Nick Chang

 1st Place in Family Love, Fall 2014, Canton, China


Photo credits: Allen Ko

1st Place in The Decisive Moment, Fall 2014, Zaragoza, Spain


Photo credits: Victor Lax

1st Place in Bridal Party Portrait, Fall 2014, Nanping, China


Photo credits: Xiang Qi

1st Place in Venue Or Location, Summer 2014, Cracow, Poland


Photo credits: Szymon Nykiel

1st Place in First Dance, Fall 2014, Zwolle, Netherlands


Photo credits: Peter van der Lingen

1st Place in Ceremony, Winter 2013, Frankfurt, Germany


Photo credits: Raman El Atiaoui

1st Place in Receprtion, Winter 2013, Ubeda, Spain


Photo credits: Aurora Lechuga

1st Place in First dance, Summer 2014, Canmore, Alberta


Photo credits: Erika Mann

1st Place in Emotional Impact, Summer 2014, Jakarta, Indonesia


Photo credits: Tito Rikardo

1st Place in Emotional Impact, Fall 2014, Florence, Italy


Photo credits: Andrea Corsi

1st Place in Kids Will Be Kids, Winter 2013, Cinque Terre, Italy


Photo credits: Julian Kanz

1st Place in Family Love, Winter 2013, Boston, Massachusetts


Photo credits: Masao Okano

1st Place in All About Light, Winter 2013, Taipei, Taiwan


Photo credits: Matous Duchek

1st Place in Engagement Portrait, Summer 2014, Singapore


Photo credits: Raymond Phang

1st Place in Venue Or Location, Spring 2014, Wiesbaden, Germany


Photo credits: Dennis Jagusiak

1st Place in Framing The Subject, Winter 2013, Novorossiysk, Russia


Photo credits: Ruslan Myts

1st Place in Wedding Details, Spring 2014, Brussels, Belgium


Photo credits: Ivo Popov

1st Place in Pure Art, Winter 2013, Paris, France


Photo credits: Dan Petrovic

1st Place in Pure Art, Spring 2014, Denver, Colorado


Photo credits: Nathan Welton


10 Most Beautiful Aerial Photos Of New York City

Vincent Laforet is a Swedish filmmaker who recently took some stunning aerial photos of New York City late at night. New York City is well known for being the city that never sleeps, and these photos prove it. Illuminated by brilliant lights and colors, this photo series titled, “Night Over New York” were shot while Vincent was sitting on the edge of a helicopter which was flying high at 7,500 ft (2285 m) above the Big Apple!

It is both exhilarating and terrifying all at once,” Laforet says to Gizmodo. “Let’s just start off by saying this was the scariest helicopter “photo mission” of my career. And the most beautiful.

Armed with cameras such as the Canon 1DX and the Mamiya Leaf Credo 50 MP back- both capable of shooting relatively clean files at 3200 & 6400 ISO and a series of f2.8 to f1.2 lenses including a few tilt-shift lenses,” explained the photographer, “I was finally able to capture some of the images that I’ve dreamed of capturing for decades.

More info: (h/t: gizmodo)











Gotham From Above


46+ Most Beautiful Libraries From Around The World

With the invention of the e-book, Libraries are still great places we should visit. Old majestic Libraries can be some of the most beautiful places to see with their astonishing architecture, breathtaking interior design and treasured books from the past that have unmistakable smell about them. Some libraries from around the world will always be filled with literary treasures that everyone should visit and remember.

If you’re travelling to another country make sure to add ancient libraries to your traveling list. Libraries were built to stand the test of time as they contain critical books about our history.

Did you know?

1. The world’s oldest library is the oldest continually running library in the world is at the St. Catherine’s Monastery in the Sinai, Egypt. It was built in the middle of the 6th century and houses the second largest collection of religious material in the world (after the Vatican). However it is not accessible to the public, only by monks and invited scholars.<br>The bibliotheque de Paris (Library of Paris) combined with the National Library of France, is the oldest continually running public library service, dating back to 1368 when it was housed at the Louvre. It has moved several times over the past 700 years, into newer and larger accommodation. [Source]

2. The largest library in the world is The Library of Congress, with more than 158 million items on approximately 838 miles of bookshelves. The collections include more than 36 million books and other print materials, 3.5 million recordings, 13.7 million photographs, 5.5 million maps, 6.7 million pieces of sheet music and 69 million manuscripts. [Source]

3. The smallest library in the world has appeared on the streets of New York City – and it has space for just one reader at a time.

For us book worms, libraries are sacred places that can be nearly impossible to leave once you enter. They are filled with decades or even centuries worth of knowledge, and the smell of old paper is often overwhelming for the faint of heart. Sure, the ancient libraries should be on your traveling list, but there are also plenty of new ones that are already considered to be pearls of modern architecture. This list covers the most impressive old and new libraries around the world!

Read more facts about libraries

State Library Of Victoria, Australia


Photo credits:

The Forgotten Library


Photo credits: Unknown

National Library Of Chile, Santiago, Chile



Photo credits: Unknown

Book Mountain, Spijkenisse, Netherlands


Photo credits:

Wren Library, Trinity College, Cambridge (uk)


Photo credits:

Jp Morgan Library, New York, Ny


El Ateneo. Buenos Aires, Argentina


The Strahov Monastery Library, Prague


Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Alexandria, Egypt


Photo credits:

National Library Of Latvia, Riga



Stockholm Public Library


Trinity College Library – Dublin – Ireland


Uris Library At Cornell University



Library Of Orthopedic Institute Rizzoli – Bologna

Biblioteca Ist. Ort. Rizzoli (Bo)

Girolamini’s Library (naples, Italy)


Photo credits:

Abbey Library Of Saint Gallen Switzerland


Jose Vasconcelos Library, Mexico


Photo credits:

The National Library Of Prague, Prague, Czech Republic


Photo credits:

Trinity College Library, Dublin, Ireland


Photo credits:

Biblioteca Real Gabinete Portugues De Leitura, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil



Photo credits: Boris G

St. Florian Monastery, Austria


Photo credits: Renate Dodell

The Admont Library, Admont, Austria


Photo credits: Benediktinerstift Admont

George Peabody Library, Baltimore, Maryland, USA


Photo credits:

Handelingenkamer Tweede Kamer Der Staten-generaal Den Haag Iii, Netherlands


Photo credits:

Austrian National Library, Vienna, Austria


Photo credits:

Biblioteca Joanina, Coimbra, Portugal


Photo credits: Will Pryce

Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Yale University, Connecticut, USA



Photo credits: Michael Marsland

Bibliothèque Nationale De France, Paris, France


Photo credits: Franck Bohbot

The Old Public Library Of Cincinnati, Ohio, USA



Photo credits: Public Library of Cincinnati & Hamilton County

The Iowa State Law Library, Iowa, USA


Photo credits:

The City Libary, Stuttgart, Germany


Photo credits: Philipp Hilpert

The Oberlausitzische Library Of Science, Gorlitz, Germany


Photo credits:

Bibliothèque Sainte Geneviève, Paris, France


Photo credits: Franck Bohbot

New York Public Library


Photo credits: David Markovič

 Walker Library, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA


Photo credits: Andrew Moore

Technical University “Gheorghe Asachi” Library, Iasi, Romania


Photo credits: Dan-Ovidiu Boncut

St John’s College Library, Cambridge, UK



Photo credits: The Pale Side Of Insomnia

The Library Of Congress, Washington, D.C., USA


Photo credits:

Bibliothèque Mazarine, Paris, France


Photo credits:  Franck Bohbot

Vennesla Library, Vennesla, Norway


Photo credits: Helen & Hard

 The National Library Of China, Beijing, China


Photo credits:

Harper Library, USA


Photo credits: Justin Kern

Palácio Nacional De Mafra, Portugal


Photo credits: tcidraes

The Tripitaka Koreana Library, Haeinsa Temple, South Korea


Photo credits:



12 Roads In Desolate Landscapes Around The World

Andy Lee is a UK-based creative director, filmmaker, painter, doodler, and photographer who recently created a photography series of twelve roads in desolated landscapes from around the world.  He traveled to many locations around the world and decided to introduce roads into his photos to inspire onlookers with the classic quote from J. Kerouac’s On The Road: “There was nowhere to go but everywhere.

Photography has always been a hobby for Andy, ten years ago he started to become passionate about taking photos while filming a documentary for a charity in Ethiopia. Filming the documentary suddenly placed him into a whole to environment that was had to be documented, so he started on the road of photography.

He started out taking portraits which quickly turned into landscape photography which he fell in love with. Travelling around the world he took a series of  12 Roads In Desolate Landscapes, these desolate roads look very mysterious and haunting with no sign of life. They are simply breathtaking!

More info: | 500pxBehance | Facebook | Twitter (h/t: twistedsifter)














30 Coloured Ice Sculptures From 31st Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival

Recently the 31st Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival took place in Heilongjiang province. China which is a magnificent winter wonderland at this time of year has been home to some remarkable ice and snow formations. The festival opened on January 5, 2015.

The Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival is one of the most breathtaking tourists attractions which opened in 1963. The 31st Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival showcases some of the most beautiful palaces and sculptures which we made from hollow blocks of ice which illuminate LED lighting that create a colorful view on the shores of the Songhua river.

According to the even organizers, 10,000 people were employed to create this spectacle. Showcasing some of the best ice sculptures and palaces, the 31st Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival attracts thousands of visitors from around the world.

More info: | photos by Kim Kyung-Hoon (h/t: designyoutrust, theatlantic, telegraph)





ice-sculptures-005 ice-sculptures-006



































20 Most Creative Facebook Profile Pics Ever

Those of us who use social networks enjoy updating our profile pics sometimes, especially if we make some additional effort to look original, funny, or glamorous. This guy, on the other hand, takes his profile pics a lot more seriously than most of us, transforming himself into guys of different lifestyles and professions on a regular basis.

Thanks to his friend, who posted some of his latest uploads on reddit, we can enjoy his unique sense of humor and hope that he does more with his admirable photography and costume skills than just update his profile.

h/t: Fender2322























24 Most Peculiar Moments On The Streets Of China

Taking photographs on the streets of China, Tao Liu became a success story in the world of photography with his photos of the most peculiar moments he captured in his hometown of Hefei. Believe it or not but Tao is a beginner at photography, but with a great eye for capturing perfectly timed photo which reveals the beauty of everyday life.

With his day job of being a water meter, he takes his camera with him during his work breaks and after hours. He say he is inspired by Japanese photographer Daido Moriyama and brings his enthusiasm when taking his photos. Tao would drive for miles searching for photography magazines and books in order to learn the art of photography. He has even bypassed China’s internet censorship laws in order to see photographers talk on youtube in order to learn more about Photography.

An Asian street photographers’ Facebook group took notice of Tao’s works and since then his 24 Most Peculiar Moments On The Streets Of China has gone viral.

More info: Facebook | Flickr | Lofter (h/t: petapixel, time)



























10 Mirror Teacups Reflect Colorful Patterns From The Saucers

Product designer called, D-Bros, recently create a series of colorful patterned cup and saucers named “Waltz”. What’s so unique about there 10 Teacups is that their striking patterns and colors which reflect from the saucers their on. Made from Hasami porcelain, the patterns make them look mirrored while on the saucers.

These 10 Mirror Teacups Reflect Colorful Patterns From The Saucers are coated with palladium, which is a precious and rare metal which is rarer than gold. The teacups must be kept in absolute perfection, if any of the cup is damage, scratched or distorted in any way, it will ruin the mirrored effect.

They are matched with saucers that contain a anamorphic design, if viewing the cups on their own the design will looked distorted  but when teamed up with thier right saucers they are transformed into wonderful mirrored cups.

More info: | Shop (h/t: spoon-tamago)