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23 Awesome Artists Re-Create Family Photos

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Ernst Berlin commission 23 awesome artists to re-create his family photos into artworks. The collection was created for his wife’s birthday which I must say is a great birthday gift idea! In this article we’ll be looking at 23 Awesome Artists Re-Create Family Photos. He found these 23 artists on

3 Flip Books Use Space To Reveal Their Secret Compartments

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In Japan they have made a number of cute little flip books featuring a range of unique and interesting designs that use negative space and secret compartments. These secret compartments are gradually reveals as you flip through the books! Usually flip books are standard drawn images showcasing an moving

17 Photographic Illustrations of Brothers Grimm’s Homeland

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If you’re a fan of the Grimm’s Fairy Tales, you’ll enjoy these photographic illustrations of brothers Grimm’s homeland. Created by Germany-based photographer Killian Schoenberger, who has a passion for mystical landscapes, he decided to create a set of ghostly and murky photography illustrations of the Brothers Grimm’s fairy-tales. Shot in remote

17 Beautiful Polygonal Animal Paper Sculptures By Wolfram Kampffmeyer

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When we think of Paper Sculptures we usually think of small and tiny artworks, German artist Wolfram Kampffmeyer, aka Paperwolf has created 17 Beautiful Polygonal Animal Paper Sculptures. These Polygonal Animal Paper Sculptures are quite large and depict gorgeous detail with each animal, I especially love the Fox with it’s swooping tail.

50 Most Powerful Social Issue Ads That’ll Make You Think

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Let’s face it, most advertisements today are all about selling a product or service, they hold little thought to people who are offended by them and want them gone. But it this collection we’ll be sharing advertisements which are of high standard and are an excellent example of how

17 Images of Retired Boeing 727 Home In The Woods

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Former engineer, Bruce Campbell has spent $200,000 upcycing Retired Boeing 727 to make a home in the woods. He spends half of each year living in a plane surrounded by beautiful forest trees in the woods. Bruce bought the Retired Boeing 727 which is a 3 engine commercial jetliner, he is

Artist Creates 23 Impossible Towers Of Balanced Rocks

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 You may think that towers Of balanced rocks would be impossible, but Colorado-based artist and photographer, Michael Grab has mastered Stone Balancing. When you see he works it’s difficult to comprehend how he can create works of balanced art. You can look how Michael Grab creates Impossible Towers Of Balanced Rocks

Artist Inks Her Friends With 22 Elegant Home-Made Tattoos

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Stanislava Pinchuk, aka Miso, is a Ukraine multimedia artist who inks her friends with elegant home-made tattoos when working in Tokyo and Melbourne. The Home-Made Tattoos she create are both minimalist and quite simple which is quite stunning. Instead of taking money for your home-made tattoos, shes prefers creative trades

23 Photos from Wildlife Photographer Of The Year 2014

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Held by the London Natural History Museum, the winners of the Wildlife Photographer Of The Year 2014 Awards has been announced. These Photographers have showcased the best shots of animals and nature from all around the world. Receiving more than 42,000 entries from 96 countries, we’ll be showcasing the

Glass Office Makes Workers Feel Like They‘re In An Oasis

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Many of us don’t like our offices, they’re usually bleak and lifeless places. But near Madrid, there’s an excellent examples of an eco-friendly office. This Glass office is dug partially in the ground and takes the form of a aerodynamic tube. The lucky workers  that get to work in this Glass