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Incredible Japanese Invention Is A Bed, A Table And A Heater!

There are a number of robust, let’s even say unbreakable, bonds we make in life. That with our household, highschool buddies, our first pet and, if we’re fortunate, a big different would possibly get on the checklist. However there’s…


Wooden Platforms Stuffed With Stones And Covers

Wood can be a tricky building material to work with, nevertheless the flaws provides means for artistic expression. The material used in the method is likely an obvious resin (it’s a lot of uses), that allows one to do…


Giant Hand-Knit Blankets Are Crazily Cozy!

We’ve all had our grandma’s knit us a jumper or a pair of gloves for winter. Knitting isn’t the most appealing hobby out their, but Anna Mo has taken this interest to the extreme! She knits the largest sweaters…


39 Genius DIY Industrial Decor Ideas

Industrial decor shouldn’t be confused with Industrial Design. Industrial style is well known for it’s rustic and vintage look, making it a popular choice for home decor. If you’re lucky enough to own an old building, you’ve pretty much…


30 Genius Examples of Product/Industrial Designs

Every now and then you come across a Product Design or Industrial Design that goes above and beyond with it’s purpose and design. These products are simply genius and help broaden our perspective on the endless possibilities of Product/Industrial…


23 Weird Pieces Of Furniture That Really Exist

Most Furniture is usually pretty standard in design, but every now and then designers breaks the rules a bit and creates outrageous pieces of furniture that looks like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Furniture can be a product of design…


50 Colorful Glowing Prisms on the Streets of Montreal

A public art installation was recently unveiled by Canadian architecture firm RAW in Montreal. These impressive colorful 50 glowing prisms emit lights and colors. The structures are six and a half feet tall and can be found throughout the Place des…


40 Creative DIY Christmas Tree Ideas

One of the best parts of Christmas is getting the Christmas Tree and decorating it with all sorts of Christmas Decorations. But it’s becoming more popular to get creative and make your own DIY Christmas Tree, which is an…


Giant Birds Nest Couch For Humans

Israel based design firm, OGE Creative Group, have created a new couch idea they say is  “new and inspiring socializing space: a fusion of furniture and playground where ideas come to get incubated”. Usually when we think of a…


22 More Smart and Creative Table Designs

Recently we looked at 25 Creative Examples of Table Designs, in today’s article we’ll be looking at some more creative examples of table designs. This collection of 22 more creative tables features some unique and interesting table ideas like the…


24 Cool and Creative Key Holders

Key holders are an essential feature in your home if you tend to lose your keys. Many of us have lost our keys a number of times, if only we had a place to put them once we got…


30 Clever Space-Saving Design Ideas For Small Homes

Many of us complain how we don’t have enough space in our homes, but did you know there are fantastic and clever space-saving design ideas you can use in your home today. If you think outside the box, in…

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