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12 Strange and Silly Office Decor Ideas That Work

Sometimes we’ll go into a room or office that showcases bizarre and strange decor ideas that aren’t usually seen. They can occasionally be a great success or huge disaster. Today we’ll be looking at the strange and silly decor…


21 Totally Cosy Products To Keep You Warm

Nobody likes to be cold in winter, whether you’re at home or your at work these cosy products will be sure to keep you warm! There are many things that help us feel warm in the winter – many…


Backyard Office Pod for People Working from Home

Most people would love to work from home, there’s a new office idea which is a innovative Backyard Office Pod for People Working from Home. Thanks to this innovative creation called, OfficePOD, it’s now easier than ever to work from…

Product Design

32 Creative and Fun Office Stationery

When we think of office stationery, we rarely see them as creative and fun. Office Stationery is usually pretty boring and dull, but today we’ll be looking at office stationery which are unusual and fun. Stationery has historically pertained…


27 Office Workspaces from Around the World

Having a beautiful Office Workspace is very important if you want to have a great workplace for you and you're employees. No more boring cubicles surrounds by fluorescent lights and dull workspace. Office Workspaces should be motivational and bring…