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50 Clever Yogurt Packaging Designs

Yogurt is a yummy and healthy choice to consume, many of us have them in our fridge and love to enjoy them daily! Yogurt is usually made with Dairy, but it can also be made with Coconut Milk (my favorite!)

When you open your yogurt do you take any notice of the packaging? Today we’ll be looking at some clever and super creative Yogurt Packaging Designs, many of these are minimalist and colorful and use interesting packaging materials like cartons and glass jars.

These 50 Clever Yogurt Packaging Designs are simply gorgeous!


1. Pam’s Budget Range via Emma Dyson

Yogurt Packaging Design

2. ::: frts & ygrt ::: via Mika Kañive

Yogurt Packaging Design

Yogurt Packaging Design

3. Packaging That Delivers via Ailice Samadi

Yogurt Packaging Design

4. Yomo via Brank

Yogurt Packaging Design


Yogurt Packaging Design

6. Morning Ritual: Organic Strained Yogurt via Jeremy Mellon

Yogurt Packaging Design

7. KALLEH – Yoghurt packaging – via Shizaru

Yogurt Packaging Design

Yogurt Packaging Design

8. Gürsüt organic yoghurt, illustrated version via Lilla Bölecz

Yogurt Packaging Design

9. Toni’s Yoghurt via moodley brand identity

Yogurt Packaging Design

Yogurt Packaging Design

10. 7even via KOREA YAKULT

Yogurt Packaging Design

11. Bright herbal yoghurt via Joost Roozekrans

Yogurt Packaging Design

12. F&N Slender Yoghurt Drink via Jin Xin Kwok

Yogurt Packaging Design

Yogurt Packaging Design

13. fussion yoghurt – culinary experience guide via ralph kenke

Yogurt Packaging Design

14. NATURALEA Yoghurt via Artia Chia Ester

Yogurt Packaging Design

15. Babushka Yoghurt via Andrianto Kwan

Yogurt Packaging Design

16. DUUUD´S YOGHURT via Theodore Thonga

Yogurt Packaging Design

17. Ingman via Jesper Bange

Yogurt Packaging Design

18. HIM via Ana Espuig Perello

Yogurt Packaging Design

19. 100% FRUITS via Alyssa Petretti

Yogurt Packaging Design

20. Patati-Patata via Marie Romanova-Permyakova

Yogurt Packaging Design

Yogurt Packaging Design

21. MousseTube via Saana Hellsten

Yogurt Packaging Design

Yogurt Packaging Design

22. Cimory Yogurt via rastasari aras

Yogurt Packaging Design

23. Taboo via Claudia Lara

Yogurt Packaging Design

24. Piako redesign via Christine Luiten

Yogurt Packaging Design

25. Will & Jamie’s via Designers Anonymous

Yogurt Packaging Design

26. Best Creamery via Helen Lopez

Yogurt Packaging Design

27. Positivo Yogur+ via ferdi fikri

Yogurt Packaging Design

28. Kreatiforganics Kefir via Andy An

Yogurt Packaging Design

29. Carlo del Clat_products via Carla Traini

Yogurt Packaging Design

30. NUBES DE YOGUR via regina Puig

Yogurt Packaging Design

Yogurt Packaging Design

31. MUCCA Organic Dairy Products via Ivan Liberato

Yogurt Packaging Design

32. // Chobani ‘Just Add Good’ via Leo Burnett New York

Yogurt Packaging Design

33. 8 | Eight Rooftop Gardens Packaging via Esther Li

Yogurt Packaging Design

34. Aura Packaging Design – College Project via Val Warren

Yogurt Packaging Design

35. Yogurt Labels via Allison Geoffroy

Yogurt Packaging Design

Yogurt Packaging Design

36. Yogurts La Torre via Puigdemont Roca

Yogurt Packaging Design

37. Frost – Frozen Yogurt via Joyce Ho

Yogurt Packaging Design

38. A Snacking Package Design via Cynthia Douaiher

Yogurt Packaging Design

39. Package design of organic yogurt via Kata Kerekes

Yogurt Packaging Design

Yogurt Packaging Design

40. Froberry Frozen Yogurt Packaging via David Lawlor

Yogurt Packaging Design

41. Meiji packaging design via Chew lijuan

Yogurt Packaging Design

42. Yogurt via Tina Jeler

Yogurt Packaging Design

43. GOOKSY. MILK YOGURT. DESIGN via Yulia Bakhtiozina

Yogurt Packaging Design

44. YOÇOR Yogurts via Joana Marinho

Yogurt Packaging Design

45. Vitamilk via Mladen Škavić

Yogurt Packaging Design

46. Goa – Healthy Yogurt via Isabela Rodrigues

Yogurt Packaging Design

47. Waitrose Just Desserts via Ciaran Murphy

Yogurt Packaging Design

Yogurt Packaging Design

Yogurt Packaging Design

48. Chilly Moo via Steve Simpson

Yogurt Packaging Design

49. Brown Cow Yogurt via Lindsay Reynolds

Yogurt Packaging Design

50. Yogurt Branding | Yogu Moo via Juan Pablo Gonzalez

Yogurt Packaging Design

via Jayce-O

Product Design

31 Most Creative Packaging Design You’ll Ever See

Creative Packaging design can make our lives easier, with so many packaging out there for products it’s a very important part of the product. These examples of packaging design will showcase just how clever and creative it can be.

We’re constantly being bombarded with packaging on a daily basis, when we buy our coffee in the morning, or when we but the latest gadget – packaging is everywhere! Creating thoughtful packaging that will be reproduced for years to come can be a challenge when you need t consider renewable and biodegradable materials.

More than ever before Packaging design matters, we’ll be showcasing some most eye-catching and advanced packaging design you’ll ever see!

1. A genius coffee lid cup that can also hold creamers and sugar.

A genius coffee lid cup that can also hold creamers and sugar.

Designed by Joshua Harris

2. Cord packaging that tears off to become cord ties.

Cord packaging that tears off to become cord ties.

Designed by Jean-Guillaume Blais

3. Earth-friendly, protective egg packaging.

Designed by monstop

4. Adorable juice boxes that fit together.

Adorable juice boxes that fit together.

By Preston Grubbs

5. A fitness-inspired shopping bag.

A fitness-inspired shopping bag.

By TWBA/Istanbul

6. The pizza box concept that will change how you eat pizza forever. (If only they’d mass-market this concept.)

The pizza box concept that will change how you eat pizza forever. (If only they'd mass-market this concept.)

Designed by Yu Kyung Ha, Won Min Jung, and Kwon Young Hee.

7. A pastry box with built-in coffee holder.

A pastry box with built-in coffee holder.

Designed by Eva Bakacs.

8. An apt “shoebox” for Nike Airs.

An apt "shoebox" for Nike Airs.

By Scholz and Friends

9. A paintbeard.

A paintbeard.

Hopefully not made from actual human beard bristles.

By Simon Laliberté.

10. Butter with a built-in spreader as the lid.

Butter with a built-in spreader as the lid.

Designed by Yeongkeun.

11. The perfect tissue dispenser during the winter.

The perfect tissue dispenser during the winter.

More info here.

12. A toothpaste tube you can tear open at the other end when trying to get the last bit out.

A toothpaste tube you can tear open at the other end when trying to get the last bit out.

Designed by Guo Lili.

13. Fitting packaging for a spaghetti brand called NYC.

Fitting packaging for a spaghetti brand called NYC.

Designed by Alex Creamer.

14. Compartmentalized fast food packaging that would decrease waste and make eating on the go much easier.

Project by Ian Gilley

15. Behold: the Vegetebrella.

Behold: the Vegetebrella.

You can actually buy it here.

16. An updated Staples bag.

An updated Staples bag.

17. An origami microwave popcorn design that folds out into a bowl.

An origami microwave popcorn design that folds out into a bowl.

Designed by Packlab.

18. Wine bottle packaging that creates two drinking glasses.

Wine bottle packaging that creates two drinking glasses.

One for you and one for ME.

By Ampro.

19. Whimsical “Wooly Heads” packaged to look like something out of a Tim and Eric skit.

Whimsical "Wooly Heads" packaged to look like something out of a Tim and Eric skit.

By Ogilvy Frankfurt

20. A spoon that contains creamer so you just squeeze and stir.

A spoon that contains creamer so you just squeeze and stir.

Designed by Yu-Ren Lai.

21. Cheese pencils you can grate easily by “sharpening.”

By Korefe

22. A cool new way to carry your flower arrangement.

A cool new way to carry your flower arrangement.

By Icarus Leung for Flora NY.

23. A very clever way to sell earbuds.

A very clever way to sell earbuds.

Designed by Corinne Pant.

24. A sushi to-go box that uses chopsticks as the handle.

A sushi to-go box that uses chopsticks as the handle.

Concept by Ashley Buerkett.

25. Anti-smoking cigarette packaging that really drives the message home.

Anti-smoking cigarette packaging that really drives the message home.

By Reynold and Reyner.

26. Paper Doritos packaging that easily opens and closes.

Designed by Petar Pavlov.

31 Mind-Blowing Examples of Brilliant Packaging Design

This is the prototype. ISN’T IT COOL??

27. Beverage holders that are so much better than those Styrofoam things they give you at Starbucks.

Beverage holders that are so much better than those Styrofoam things they give you at Starbucks.

28. Churros with a dippable chocolate sauce container.

Churros with a dippable chocolate sauce container.

29. Portable, on-the-go dog food packaging with a built-in bowl.

Portable, on-the-go dog food packaging with a built-in bowl.

Designed by Benjamin Yi

30. This incredibly simple peanut bag with peanut shell receptacle.

This incredibly simple peanut bag with peanut shell receptacle.

Designed by Noémie Cotton.

31. The updated Pringles can that accordions out into a chip bowl.

The updated Pringles can that accordions out into a chip bowl.

Because snacking innovation is very important.

Designed by Kwon Do-hyuk, Kim Seok-woo, Seo Dong-Han, In Sung-hoonm, and Lee Bum-ho.


42 Wine Bottles Every Designer Should See

Wine Bottles are one of the most beautifully designed packaging, with their elegant glass bottle shape and cork seal. The labels on Wine Bottles have usually got a lot of planning behind them. Many important features go into a Wine Bottle design, like where the wine was made, the wine type and the name of the wine.

Many North and South American, South African, and Australasian wine producers select the bottle shape with which they wish to associate their wines. For instance, a producer who believes his wine is similar to Burgundy may choose to bottle his wine in Burgundy-style bottles.

If you’re a designer, you’ll definitely want to check out these Wine Bottles! These wine bottles feature some exceptional designer labels and some even have unique bottle designs!




Product Design

30 Clever and Mind Blowing Package Designs

There are thousands of products out on the market today, with so many package designs has never been so important.

Many of us are bombarded with countless package designs daily, creating clever and mind blowing package designs can sometimes be difficult. Lots of trends have risen like renewable package and eco friendly materials.

More than ever packaging design has never been so popular, nowadays all sorts of industries require it. In today’s collection we’ve gathered 30 Clever and Mind Blowing Package Designs, these are all amazing and really stand out from the crowd! If you’re looking for some Package Design inspiration, checkout these…


Earth-friendly, protective egg packaging


Designed by monstop

Juicy Juice


Designer: Preston Grubbs

Spine Vodka


Gortz Shoes


Designer: Gürtlerbachmann GmbH



Designer: Saturday Mfg

Nike Air


Designer: Scholz & Friends

Designer: Johannes Schulz

Royal Tea

Company: Donkey Products

(No) More Sex

Designer: Robert Daniel Nagy & Mads Jakob Poulsen

“Smoking Kills” Cigarette Package

Designer: unknown

Rellana Wool

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Germany

Kitchen Sponge

Designer: unknown

Detergent Package

Designer: unknown

Juicy Juice Packagings

Designer: Naoto Fukasawa

Creative Product Packaging Designs

Creative Product Packaging Designs

Six Feet Under DVD Box

Designer: unknown

Anti-Theft Lunch Bags

Designer: unknown

CD Bakery

Designer: York/Sheridan

Blood – Energy Drink

Designer: Unknown

Nike Stadium Shoe Box

Advertising Agency: Publicis, Singapore

Vagina Can

Designer: unknown

Coconut Water

Designer: unknown

White and Color Laundry Detergent

Designer: unknown

Hand Cream

Designer: unknown

Expiry Date Milk Cartons

Designer: Ko Yang

Tea Hangers

Designer: Soon Mo Kang

What’s Wrong? Help Remedies

Designer: ChappsMalina, Little Fury & Help Remedies

Yogurt Spooning

Designer: Cho Hye-seung

Condom Packaging

Designer: unknown

Freshness Label

This food label changes its color by reacting to ammonia given off by food when it is becoming spoiled.

Concept by To-Genkyo

Milk Package

Designer: Julien De Repentigny & Gabriel Lefebvre

Flower Pills

Designer: Moon Sun-Hee


25 Creative Food Packaging Designs

When it comes to producing food that's going to be sold to public, Food Packaging is an important part of the process. When you go into a supermarket, Food Packaing Designs are everywhere you look. In this day and age Food Companies can no longer afford to package their food with boring designs. These days Food Packaging Designs are such an important part of the business, attracting customers to buy the product. 

Creative Food Packaging Designs can make or break a food product, some ways to make your product stand out is by having a great color scheme, illustrations and typography design. Selling your product using effective package design is important so you're food product can succeed.

In this collection we've gathered 25 Creative Food Packaging Designs for those of you who are looking for some food package inspiration, these food packaging ideas will help you become more creative when designing your own.



Based in Montevideo, Uruguay, COOK creates meal kits that are healthy and easy to cook. Each kit takes only a few minutes to prepare. You don’t need to be an expert in the kitchen because each kit has step-by-step of instructions, ingredients, and a video detailing preparation. We worked with COOK to create an unique identity with illustrations and colors that represent the freshness of the product.



Sticky Paw Molasses

Often thought as old-fashioned, molasses is a quickly vanishing condiment, mostly only found in grandma’s dusty recipes. To make molasses more appealing to a younger audience, I designed the labels for Sticky Paws to capture the trend of the 1930’s dustbowl aesthetic while giving it a modern spin. For each type of molasses, a different mischievous animal is attempting to steal the ooey goodness


Dog Days

In 2012, a local 19-year-old entrepreneur approached us in need of a brand, visual identity and packaging for his startup, a Prince’s Trust-funded dog food and pet accessories company. Epoch developed the brand name and created a bright, fun identity with heaps of tail-wagging personality. The new packaging designs sure stand out from the litter – no more rrruff dinnertime for me! (Sorry, couldn’t resist.) This brought a fun new brand to the pet food aisle, sure to secure our client a truly loyal consumer fan base for the affluent urban demographic he wanted his products to appeal to.


Hugo's Hot Sauce

I began this self-initiated project recently, to develop a line of hot sauce: Hugo’s Hot Sauce.  I took on a metaphorical approach to the label illustrations.  Starting with a matchstick to represent the mildest one, they increase in spiciness continuing on to: camp fire, forest fire, fuse and lightning bolt.


LIA Olive Oil

Brand and packaging design for LIA extra virgin olive oil producing company. The logo refers to the traditional way and means used to produce olive oil. Multiplying the logo creates a pattern, also used to decorate the packaging, that resembles ways used to decorate objects in older eras, bringing out the place’s great cultural history.


3 Dutch Farmers

The name was developed for the international traveller. The typical Dutch theme is visualised by a tulip of crisps. It underscores the authentic and natural character. The product itself is seen through the transparent foil.



The Heartland line of breakfast cereals is a newly conceived experiment by the National Cereal Corporation. The marketing strategy is based on the celebration of breakfast cereal’s all-American roots. Each flavor will be named after a state’s nickname; the pilot being Beehive Honey Squares. The packaging seeks to stand out from the competition, a blatant contrast to the standard cereal box approach.


Jealous Sweets

B&B studio has rebranded Jealous Sweets, a UK entrepreneur looking to bring credibility to candy with its range of delicious and high quality sweets for grown-ups. Jealous specialises in gummy and jelly treats that are made without gelatine, artificial colours or flavours, so they’re 100% vegetarian, gluten-free and full of natural fruit juices.


Crown Maple Sugar

Evoking the natural elements that abound in the majestic stands of Crown Maple sugar maples, the brand communicates the fusion of natural goodness with the sophisticated, state-of-the-art production techniques that make it the purest maple syrup on earth.


Mova Ice Cream

Mova Ice Cream is an English brand ice cream and is now being introduced to the American market. Based in the heart of England’s beautiful Camden District, the business is run and owned by husband and wife team Matthew and Isabel Mova.  Mova Ice Cream is full of the finest ingredients skillfully blended into an exciting feast of flavours that are purely indulgent.


La Michoacana

The logotype was re-designed to make it modern and adjust some old aspects of the first logotype. We decided to conserve the rounded shape and the rounded typography making it more playful and fun. Using just the traditional “rosa mexicano” we designed a vibrant but sophisticated color palette, leading to a more specific target; a traditional brand adjusted to modern times.



¡Cho! needed to be positioned as a completely different product, and in doing so create its own place in the market. It required a brand identity that communicated a uniquely daring and different gourmet product with real provenance and exquisite taste.


Goodwin Field

In addition to brand development, this project called for creating a strategy to reduce packaging waste at baseball games. Nostalgic script from by-gone days inspired the logo. Fans can re-use their ‘Game Seasoned Nuts’ tin game after game, or even store a prized baseball. Season ticket holders get the branded tin holding their tickets, a coupon for nuts, and a baseball signed by the players. The goal of the project is to increase loyalty and fan base, while developing a sustainable, environmental solution.


Fetch Island Food Company


Manitoba Harvest

Since it’s launch, brand awareness is up and Manitoba Harvest has seen significant growth as an internationally successful hemp food brand. The versatile branding and packaging we created together has set them up for future expansion as they continue to embark on new hemp food ventures, continually promoting health and wellness.


Two Hands

George Weston Foods were looking to refresh the packaging of their artisan bread range “two Hands”. The task was to inject more craft and evoke the feel of locally baked bread. The Solution was inspired by the blackboard of small New Zealand deli’s and bakeries. The typography was hand crafted by Jo Tronc of watermark illustration as both the client an Shout felt to live up to the brand name and values hand typography was the only answers.


Wxing Kara

Even though I had done package design before, I quickly decided I was under-qualified to do my honey package design. This occurred to me when my nephew’s girlfriend gave me a candle gift so uniquely packaged that I had to call the candle company and ask for the designer’s name.



NOLA’S is a local startup fresh foods company. MDG was tasked with creating an original brand image & identity for NOLA’S. Our client had a vision, “Think June Cleaver meets a Vargas pin-up.” That in mind, we worked with illustrator Mark Stutzman to craft the face of the brand, the lovely Ms. Nola. From there, we created an original logo mark and packaging concept and NOLA’S Fresh Foods was off. In select stores now!


Piper's Crisps

We redesigned the identity and packaging for Pipers Crisps, the idea was deemed too extreme in the end, but we loved the work so much we wanted it to see the light of day. We commissioned illustrator Matthew Green to help develop the Piper and his world of friends to depict the various incredible Piper flavours.


Domino’s Handmade Pan Pizza

CP+B just created the pizza boxes for Domino’s new Handmade Pan Pizza and we wanted to share the designs with you. The box’s design centers around Domino’s commitment to transparency, by exposing a “dirty little secret” of the pizza business; most of the pan pizzas that people are eating are made with frozen dough. Domino’s, however, uses fresh dough that’s never frozen. To highlight this, CP+B created the nearly all-black box as a visual reminder that the pizza inside was both handmade and baked directly in a pan, while the outside of the box is loaded with fun facts. Like how it took three whole years to develop, and how each is made with fresh.


Stories of Greek Origins

Branding and packaging design for a family of premium Greek food products. The identity is based on illustrations that depict traditional agricultural activities from the Greek countryside. The illustrations are inspired from traditional folk art, using repetitive elements to form a pattern, adding a retro feeling, while every illustration is made using a maximum of 3 colors, by overlaying colors.


In Good Health

In Good Health is a brand of muesli aimed at the average, middle-class consumer. Nowadays, a lot of people are aiming to be much more conscious of their health, and what they are putting into their bodies. Through In Good Health’s playful illustration, healthy nutrition, and easily used packaging; it is sure to break into the breakfast cereals market with ease!


Hell’s Mouth


Hell’s Mouth is a fictional, restaurant catered to those who prefer even their most top-notch steaks covered in sauce. Founded by a priest who left the church to become a chef, their branding needed to portray true devotion to barbecue.



The idea was to create a family and to give each flavour a matching personality.