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Mama Bears Don’t Play

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When it comes to mother bears, they will do just about anything to protect their cubs. You’ve probably been warned about approaching bear cubs and for a good reason. If mama bear thinks her cubs are being threatened, you’ll be lucky to escape with all of your limbs!

A Horrible Predicament

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One mother bear would find herself in a terrible predicament when trying to cross a lake. Not only would her cubs be put at risk, but she would have to trust some fishermen with their lives. You won’t believe what happens!

Crossing the Lake

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It was a typical winter day near Lake Vygozero in Russia, when a mother brown bear and her two cubs attempted to cross the lake. While bears are usually strong swimmers, it seemed the mother had overestimated her cubs’ abilities when it comes to long-distance travel. What could the mama bear do?

The Sad Circle of Life

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Realizing she needed to save her strength and growing colder by the moment, the mother bear had to abandon her struggling cubs in the water. It was a heart-wrenching situation, but out in the wild, this is merely a part of the circle of life. However, the cubs’ story wouldn’t end with their demise thanks to a group of fishermen with big hearts.

Fishermen to the Rescue

Image: Daily Mail

The fishermen took notice of the poor cubs and their plight and immediately made their way towards them once they were sure that the mother bear was not in range. Struggling in the water, the baby bears could barely hold their heads above the surface. Would the fisherman make it in time?

Struggling at the Surface

Image: Daily Mail

The cubs were not doing well by the time the fishermen arrived. As soon as they saw the boat, they immediately tried to grab the sides, hoping to escape the icy cold depths.

The Mad Scramble

Image: ViralNova

At first the fishermen don’t seem to know how to handle the situation. The cub frantically claws at the side of the boat, needing assistance. What should the fishermen do?

Not Too Close

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Despite their urge to help the ailing cubs, the fishermen still had to keep their distance. The last thing they wanted was to lose a finger to a bear cub bite. Then, one of the guys had a brilliant idea!

The Fish Net

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Grabbing on of their fishing nets that was attached to a pole, the fisherman began to scoop up the bear cub. Of course, this was easier said than done since the cup was completely terrified.

The Other Cub

Image: YouTube

Meanwhile, the second bear cub had struggled to get onto the back of the boat. Thankfully, with minimal assistance, it was able to crawl onto the back area and collapse into some netting.

Desperate to Rest

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Back with the other cub, the attempts to use the net continued to fail. With the sides of the boat so slippery, the cub could not get a firm grip to bring itself up onto the boat. Would this rescue all be in vain?

Not a Moment Too Soon

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Thankfully, one of the fishermen is able to position the net underneath the cub and help it up over the side. With a cry of relief, the baby is able to make its way onto the bow and finally get some much needed rest.

Where To?

Image: Daily Mail

Now that the fishermen had the bear cubs, they needed to take them somewhere. While they were somewhat friendly, they were still wild and you never know what could happen. Thankfully, they knew just what to do.

An Island Haven

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When the mother had abandoned her cubs in the water, she had swam to an island in the middle of the lake. If the cubs were to have any chance of survival, the fishermen needed to get them back to their mother.

A Fond Farewell

Image: GrindTV

The fishermen made their way to the island and helped the cubs onto the shore. As they drove off, there were no signs of the mother, but they hoped that she would come back for them. Regardless, thanks to their kindness, the fishermen had given the cubs a new shot at life.