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What happens to stray animals after animal care services pull them off the streets? The majority are lucky enough to be adopted but let’s not forget about the ones that stay behind.  This is the story of Benny, an adorable pit bull that was held in a shelter with time running against him. Read through the story of Benny and find out how never giving up and maintaining a happy attitude can result in the happiest day of your life, as it was for Benny, this Sunday afternoon! Slides #16 and #15 will undoubtedly inspire you!

20. In The Shelter

Our story begins at the Carson Animal Care center in Gardena, California. where a cute pit bull was offered hospitality after he was found by the staff members in the streets. Little did our cute pit bull know that time was ticking against him… Click next to see how he was named and why he didn’t have much time left!

19. Meet Benny

Benny was an adorable pit bull, full of joy and energy that was unfortunately held in the shelter. He knew that everyone was there to help him after his dreadful days in the street. Everyone was hopeful someone would adopt him and welcome him into their home. But time was against Benny…

18. Benny On Death Row

Lots of people were visiting the shelter in order to adopt a stray animal and Benny seemed to know that. He hoped that one day he may be the one that would start a new life, full of love and care. What he didn’t know is if it didn’t happen soon, the shelter would have to put him down…

17. Choose Me!

Whenever someone came to the shelter in order to adopt an animal, Benny was sure to make his presence known! He would bark and run around in his cage in order for people to notice him. Unfortunately, no one did. How Benny reacted will inspire you!

16. Time Passing By

Time was passing by… quickly. Days became weeks. weeks became months, and no one wanted Benny to be their new best friend. Benny was still there and it seemed that he started to realize he may stay for a while. How he reacted to these thoughts will really inspire you!

15. Never Gave Up


Benny never gave up his energy, his hopes, and his cheerfulness. He was sure that one day someone would come for him and that he only had to wait for a little bit more. Things were starting to seem dreadful for him… until this happened!

14. Someone Came For Him

A young woman that was there to choose an animal for adoption noticed Benny. She was moved by his energy and cheerfulness. It was love at first sight as she reported later! When she asked the staff member how long Benny was there she was shocked! She knew that she couldn’t do anything else than adopt him… as soon as possible!

13. The Final Day

Finally one day, the door of Benny’s cage was opened! This time was different and Benny seemed to realize it. A staff member was approaching him with a small, cute, red leash and Benny was starting to get really, really excited!

12. Went Viral

A member of his soon-to-be family was holding a video-camera and managed to capture those invaluable moments that marked Benny for life! Of course, he uploaded the video on the internet and it soon became viral! How couldn’t it?!

11. Totally Lost It


The moment that this small red leash was put on Benny it was the moment that he completely went crazy! He was sure by this moment that what he waited for months was finally happening! He couldn’t stay still and was barking with joy and excitement!

10. No Time For Hesitations



He immediately jumped out of his cage and started running around and jumping on the staff members and his new family! He was showing how thankful and happy he was for their kind act and he couldn’t suppress his feeling any longer!

9. Let’s Get Out!


Benny was jumping and running full of excitement and joy and he didn’t want to stay in the shelter even for a second! He couldn’t resist his enthusiasm and he started running for the door! He didn’t stay still for a second and he didn’t sniff anything on the way out!

8. Out To The World

Benny was approaching the door and he wasn’t looking back. All these days of being held there, in addition to all the dreadful moments he dealt with as a stray, was about to end. It was over and he was finally about to be introduced to the outside world once more!

7. Fresh Air

Benny was out! His enthusiasm had no limits and he showed it any way possible! He started sniffing everything he could find and the staff member that was holding him could barely hold him in his hands.

6. Licking Everyone

Of course, Benny knew that he was being saved. He started licking everyone as his means to say a big thank you to both his new family for adopting him as well as the member of the shelter that had taken care of him for months! It was the best day of his life!

5. To The Car

Finally, after some failed attempts to get the excited pup to follow them, Benny’s new family managed to him to their car. It was time for goodbye.


4. Goodbye

Benny knew that without the love and care of the shelter things could be really scary for him! The little pup licked the two staff member who were escorting him and said his goodbye… it was the least he could do!

3. A New Hope

And here is Benny… in the car moving to his forever home after some really bad time. But it was all in the past and he knew that his new family would love him as much as he did!

2. Adoption


“Benny was lucky but what happens to the other animals?” said his new mom after a while. His knew family thanked the staff members for everything that they did and promised to return someday to adopt another puppy. It was their obligation, they said!

1. Finally Free

Things turned perfect for Benny after all! We are completely sure that his new family gave him love and care. Benny was the happiest dog on the planet this day and we’re sure that he is still to this day!