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Hoverboards are set to be one of the most popular Christmas gifts once again this year. Sometimes called swegways or self-balancing boards, hoverboards capture the imagination of children and teenagers as a fun and light-hearted method of personal transportation. But if you’re planning to buy a hoverboard for your child this Christmas, it is important that you select the right model. As well as being available in a wide range of styles and designs there are still lingering doubts over the safety of hoverboards in general, so let’s take a look at which hoverboard you should buy this Christmas.


The right size

If you are buying a hoverboard for a child you will want to ensure that you get the correct size for them. There is no legal age restriction on when children can use a hoverboard – it is down to the discretion of the parents to select a model that is appropriate for their age and ability. One of the UK’s most popular hoverboard suppliers is Bluefin. The Bluefin hoverboards for sale online range from 6.5 inch to 10 inch models, and this is typical of the hoverboards that are available from the major sellers.

6.5 inch models may be best suited to younger children and there is a minimum user weight of 20kg as well as a maximum weight of 100kg. If you are buying for an adult and are concerned about the weight limit, 10 inch models have a sturdier maximum weight of 120kg.

Specialist hoverboards

It is additionally possible to pick up specialist hoverboard models. The off-road or all-terrain hoverboard is designed to be able to work effectively on difficult terrain such as grass, sand and gravel – as the majority of hoverboards are designed only for flat pavements this kind of model could be perfect if you want to play away from roads.

It is worth pointing out that in the UK it is not currently legal to ride a hoverboard either on the pavement or in the road, so it is usually only legal on private property. If you want to use the hoverboard in your garden, an all-terrain model could be best.

Prioritise safety

Of course, as an electrical device and a form of personal transportation it is vital that you think of safety first when you come to choose your hoverboard. When they initially came to market there was a number of issues surrounding hoverboards that would catch fire and many models had to be recalled. It should be noted that these fires were caused by manufacturers using fake batteries and poor quality wiring.

While many of the companies that sold dangerous products have since been shut down, it is still possible to buy cheap hoverboards from non-reputable suppliers still using low quality electronics and fake batteries. That is why it is so important to put in the proper research.

Advice for avoiding faulty models

The most important way to avoid purchasing a faulty hoverboard is to choose a company with a good reputation. You need to make absolutely certain that the company is legitimate before you purchase – so check some of the obvious things. Do they have a UK phone number you can call? Do they have a professional address?

It can be hugely valuable to discuss you purchase with the company you are considering buying from. If you call them and speak to a clearly experienced seller with a good idea of the products, this can give you confidence in the business. Additionally, ask if they have certifications to prove that they are legitimate sellers that are built to the correct safety requirements.

Check the reviews

Of course another way to ensure that you are choosing the right hoverboard is to check the reviews of the business you are buying from. Anyone can post customer testimonials on their site with no real proof that they are recent or genuine, so it’s a better to look at impartial review sites such as Feefo and Trustpilot for reviews that are honest and real. This is where you will find out whether the company is a high quality business or a scammer selling counterfeit products.

It is also definitely worth checking out the social media profiles of these businesses. Once again it is the legitimate businesses that will have reviews and interaction with their customers. While the untrustworthy businesses will have very limited profiles or may not be on social media at all.