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  • street art

    24 Sensational Works of Street Art and Urban Creativity

    Street artwork or urban art is an unique kind of artwork that we will discover solely within the streets of major cities and urban areas from around the world. Quite a few people don’t understand this high-quality artwork like workmanship and in some circumstances people relate this craftsmanship with vandalism. While it is true that many More

  • Especially Selected Just For You

    As you browse around DesignBump you might want to take a look at one or more of these specially selected products.

  • Using a WordPress caching plugin

    How to Speed Up Your WordPress Blog

    The speed of your WordPress blog can be a huge deciding factor when it comes to getting visitors to return or purchase products (if you are running an eCommerce site.) There are a number of different ways to speed up your website, and it’s very important that you know what some of them are. Using caching More

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    The Lake District becomes a UNESCO World Heritage Site

    The Lake District has become Britain’s 31st World Heritage site, UNESCO has just announced. This relatively small area of outstanding landscapes within the English countryside is a marvellous design of nature and a spectacular beauty spot. The Lake District has always been up there amongst the finest, most spectacular amazing places of the world. The More

  • Expert Secrets Book Free Copy

    The Free Book That Made me Almost 10K Last Month

    I first got into Internet marketing back in 1999, which is positively prehistoric by Internet or any other standards. Like a lot of young guys back then I arbitraged banner ads and raided AltaVista for free traffic. In the intervening years revenues have have been really good and not so good. I had a six More

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    The History of Brand Identity Web Design

    Brand identity is the most important factor in creating a brand. It helps in creating awareness among the consumers about a specific company. Brand identity web design includes the logo, typeface, color, design and everything else that represents the company in front of the customers. But, how did this began? Understanding the history of brand More

  • The Flintstones Mansion Malibu

    14 Images of The Flintstones Inspired Home In Malibu

    If you’re a fan of the television series, ‘The Flintstones’, then you’ll be very happy to know there’s a house in Malibu that’s completely inspired by the hit tv show. Allow us to introduce the Flintstones mansion. Once owned by the tv legend, Dick Clarke, the home in Malibu is a one story structure with it’s rocky More

  • Especially Selected Just For You

    As you browse around DesignBump you might want to take a look at one or more of these specially selected products.

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    45 Space Tattoo Designs For Astronomy and Science Fiction Lovers

    Those who love all things space, astronomy or even science fiction will truly love these space tattoo design ideas. These astronomy tattoos feature some truly beautiful tattoo designs and creative concepts depicting stars, planets, galaxies and other artistic shapes and symbols like star signs. Space, our solar system and the wider universe has transfixed mankind More

  • Pictures of a Changing World

    20 Photos That Prove How Much The World Has Changed

    When whiskey flowed like tap water. These days a whiskey will cost you the best part of $10. Its seems in the distant past that whiskey was both cheaper and more accessible than it is now. Perhaps the smoking baby on the previous page might like a tipple. A century ago whiskey was easy, that More

  • DIY soda cans

    15 Totally Genius DIY Soda Can Craft Ideas

    Many popular drinks come in a tin soda can and it’s no wonder that these soda cans are one of the worst offenders when it comes to littering and trash. There is no doubt in my mind at all that empty soda cans have the capacity to be a huge social menace. After all Who More

  • CSS Jokes for Designers

    13 CSS Jokes Only Web Designers Will Understand

    What the CSS are you on about now? Far be it for me to talk dismissively about code hungry geeks who never see the sun. In truth programmers and CSS designers are artists. Those beautiful web layouts that you see on your favorite web site, well the chances are that this is actually CSS design More

  • free flat icons

    33+ Best Free Flat Icons for Designers

    These free flat icons are available in PSD formats and some in Vector Formats. Recently the Flat Website Design trend has become very popular in web design and user interfaces. The Flat Design style first started with Microsoft Windows 8 and has grown to encompass other design mediums and other more recent platforms. The term Flat More

  • 20 Wordpress Photography Themes to Establish Your Photography Career
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    20 WordPress Photography Themes to Establish Your Photography Career

    A well-taken photograph is the greatest feeling of joy and pride. Today we’ll be looking at WordPress photography themes to Establish Your Photography Career. These are specialist WordPress themes that are aimed at publishers that have a photography background. They are the very latest specialist WordPress photography themes in 2017. They are suitable for all kinds More

  • Homes and technology

    The Joys of Luxury Homes in a Minimalist Age

    In this fast paced day and age, homeowners are being presented with many different and very good reasons to go minimalistic. While this lifestyle does have its perks and benefits, that doesn’t mean that you can’t strive for a luxury home if that’s what you’ve always been aiming for in life. In fact, the benefits of More

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