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    8 Tips for Planning Your Web Design with Sketches

    sketching ideas

    I am sure most of the senior web designers will agree to the fact that sketches are an important part of the design and development process. Sketching ideas on paper not only helps convey thought processes. Sketching ideas also demonstrates core functionality, illustrates things that require human interaction, and helps to visualize user flow to paying

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    Top 10 Cities to Visit as an Architecture Student

    City Architecture : Amazing Building Designs

    As a budding architect, chances are your style and development is still in the conceptual phase; you’ve got ideas and theories, but you haven’t quite honed in on exactly what makes you as an architect, you. Studying city architecture is a fantastic way to learn from the very best building designers and conceptual planners. Top 10

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    30 Fun and Creative History Gift Ideas From Time Gone By

    History Gift Ideas

    Are you a History buff or know someone who is? Why not surprise them with a history inspired gift idea. Today we’ll be taking a look at some quirky and inspiration filled history gift ideas that have the spotlight on an historical topic or event. Fun and Creative History Gift Ideas With some creative and

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    Download Older Versions of WhatsApp

    Download Older Versions of WhatsApp Messenger

    How to download older versions of WhatsApp Messenger. As designers we struggle with a myriad of communications tools and sometimes technical progress isn’t everything. The latest software release isn’t always the best and so on. Often designers like and work in different parts of the country or even the world and tools such as WhatsApp

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    How to Tackle Your Home’s Clutter Without Losing Your Mind

    Clutter reduction

    Everyone has items in their house that they don’t use, items that take up space that could be designated for more important things. However, rather than engaging in clutter reduction and taking care of these unwanted things by donating them or selling them they’re usually relegated to another part of the house. It does not

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    Designing a Bedroom for Children on the Autism Spectrum

    autism bedroom designs Designing Bedrooms and Sleeping Spaces for Children With Autism

    Since April is National Autism Awareness Month, we decided that writing an article on designing spaces for children with autism was quite fitting. Like with all children, every child on the autism spectrum is unique with individual preferences and interests. Developing great autism bedroom designs requires a different approach to constructing the living space than

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    15 Amusing Pictures With Thought Provoking Double Meanings

    Photographs with double meanings

    Usually when we take a picture on the fly we usually grab our nearest camera or smart phone and simply snap away! For sometimes in photography the results can be very unexpected with incredible double meanings. Our camera photographs can totally surprise us with a totally different meaning than actually first intended! It does not

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    6 Helpful Dos and Don’ts of Managing Freelance Graphic Designers

    freelance graphic designers Managing Graphic Designers

    It is an undeniable fact that freelance work in the highly competitive graphic design industry is in high demand globally. With the number of freelance graphic designers on the rise, working with geographically distributed professionals can become very challenging. As opposed to full time permanent workers, keeping up with freelancers online is an entirely different

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    18 Best Free Icon Fonts for Graphic Design Projects

    We all know that the choice of font on any kind of graphical artwork can be the difference between a campaign succeeding or falling flat on it’s face. Using icon fonts in a design can stack the odd in your favour. However ultimately only by testing lots of different artwork and designs is it possible

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    A Tech Entrepreneur’s Guide to Invoice Factoring

    Invoice Factoring Guide

    Your small design or digital marketing business has finally mastered the art of proper invoicing. When starting a new business you are ambitious, creative, looking for clients and wanting to design great ads, posters, graphics and campaigns. You do not worry about cash flow, invoice factoring and paperwork nearly as much as you should. So

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    The 10 Best Street Art Galleries to Visit in London

    In this feature on street art and graffiti inspired creative art in London we round up the capital’s 10 best street art galleries. Plus the top places to view or buy street art in the city of London, the capital of the United Kingdom. For some of us graffiti still conjures up rough images rebellious youth decorating

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    Amazing First Thor: Ragnarok Poster Art From Marvel Entertainment

    Thor Ragnarok Poster Art

    Marvel Entertainment and Walt Disney Pictures have released the first poster art for Taika Waititi’s ‘Thor: Ragnarok.’ This is the third motion picture in the well received ‘Thor franchise of films. Often the creative design and artwork that goes into producing the actual posters for popular films and series gets overlooked. Way too much poster

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    Automating the Home, Going Digital With The Science of Smart Hubs

    Home Automation

    In a world not so long ago before the time of the smart hub our homes were traditionally constructed. These houses required heating, energy, hot water and home security much like today. However controlling the home was a manual process. From opening windows in the heat of summer to locking the house at night. Homeowners

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    31 Cute DIY Easter Hacks For The Whole Family

    Cool Easter Facts 2017 : Easter hacks

    The Easter Holidays are a great time of year to partake in some awesome downtime and relaxing Easter hacks and fun with the entire family. Besides the Easter holiday period being a religious festival it is a amazing time for young children and for families to come together. It is always very important to teach the

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    Controversial Illustrations and Designs That Show The Ugly Side Of Modern Society

    Luis Quile Controversial illustrations

    Yes these controversial illustrations are a little bit on the cheeky side, we can’t even show any ads on the page. Yet more importantly these illustrations offer a interesting and thought provoking take on the many failings of modern society. These failings have been rather remarkably expressed via illustration and design. Our society isn’t always

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    A Beginners Guide to DIY Product Photography

    product images : hidden time watch

    Learning digital product photography in order to take a picture of a product might seem incredibly simple. However you’ll find that there is actually a lot to understand with regards to good photography. Taking a real world picture for instance is a different photographic technique entirely to producing product photography for a online store. Starting

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    45 Space Tattoo Designs For Astronomy and Science Fiction Lovers

    Space Tattoo Designs

    Those who love all things space, astronomy or even science fiction will truly love these space tattoo design ideas. These astronomy tattoos feature some truly beautiful tattoo designs and creative concepts depicting stars, planets, galaxies and other artistic shapes and symbols like star signs. Space, our solar system and the wider universe has transfixed mankind