Diabetes Is A Metabolism Disorder

Diet is the key to diabetes management” Says dietitian Sheela Seharwat. Actually it is not a disease but it is a package of diseases. It is the root of several diseases. It is a state of body where body is not in position to utilize the sugar which it obtains from food and gradually it weakens other body organs. 

Sheela says: “There are several things regarding diabetes which are yet to be discovered. What we have learnt by now is that our genetics is one of the factors that affect the probability of our body getting this disease. But another big factor – our lifestyle, which is one of the biggest reasons – is definitely in our hands to change; so we should check and keep ourselves safe for long. “

Our food bazaar is full of those foods and drinks that can add to or speed up the process of getting this disease. We have soda drinks, fruit punch, fruit drinks, energy drinks, sweet tea and many other things that are not good for body. 

We have to learn that excess of sugar is dangerous. Our body is meant to use a small amount of sugar. But taste of sugary food makes us glutton and we eat more and more and that creates a problem.

Give food to your body as much as it can enjoy and maintain its proper functioning. Imbalance in food or unhealthy food and its quantity can make you sick. And worst thing with diabetes is that once it happens then you have to live with it for the life time. 

Diabetes is a disorder of metabolism that starts with your unhealthy lifestyle. Once you have this disease, remember your body’s requirement and demand of nutrition doesn’t change or decrease but you have to be careful while filling your belly with food. Your food must contain low level of carbohydrates in order to maintain your sugar level.

It is not difficult once you know the exact substitute for a food and its carbohydrate percentage.  Your body needs carbohydrates too but now you have to be tricky and here comes the need of a dietitian. 

50 years old Seema Chandok, a school teacher and school owner says: “Life of a school teacher is always good as it is not a sitting job. You are interactive, busy and active. You have routine in life and after school you are a free bird. But with age I too put on weight. Having weight is not a problem but gradually health front gets threatened. I tried many things to be back at my original weight but now I am with Sheela and her diet plan is helping me in reducing weight, balancing my hormone level, blood pressure and blood sugar level. I have been taking her advice for last 3 months and I can tell I am feeling better. Her diet plan has everything including fruits, buttermilk, milk, soup, green tea and most importantly she tells you to eat something every few hours. So you are always following your diet plan and never feeling hungry and the good thing is that you are not starving to lose weight.” 

Generally, people think that diabetic patients should not eat fruits. It is not correct. They can in fact eat everything but in a moderate quantity. Fruits are the most important thing. It is a part of your healthy diet. They contain fibers, vitamins and minerals. Fruits contain carbohydrates which have to be in your diet but you have to learn which fruit is good and its quantity so it is better to be in touch with your dietitian.    

Diet plan is not only for patients; it is for everyone. Your healthy food plan helps you to remain healthy and boost your digestive system and immune system. 

65 years old Amit Mathur, who has had diabetes for last 30 years says: “I am living with this disease and have tried several things to control my blood sugar level. My weight is one of the big challenges. My doctor suggested me to reduce my weight and recently I joined dietitian Sheela and in last 3 and half months I have lost nearly 6 kg of my weight. Now I am 102 Kg. I feel good as I am losing my weight. For me it is not very easy to eat with planning. I love food and good thing is she doesn’t stop me, yes she asks me to limit eating, which is not a big problem. After all I am a patient. Right now my main objective is to lose weight. Having weight is the main problem. It is good if I lose weight while eating.” 

Dietitian Sheela says: “The imbalance between the intake and physical inactivity leads to obesity which causes insulin resistance in the body. That is the most common cause of type 2 diabetes. Abdominal fat is the major risk factor not only for insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes but also for heart and blood vessel disease. ”

Symptoms of Diabetics 

•    Often feel thirsty as the water passes with their urine.  â€¢    Always feel hungry as they lose a lot of protein and because of higher levels of insulin in the blood.•    Sense of Fatigue as their cells are not getting sufficient amount of glucose.

New researches and studies say: People can lower the risk of type 2 diabetes by reducing weight and by lifestyle changes.  They ought to do regular physical activity and eat low fat food to stay healthy.

Diabetes is the result of our sedentary lifestyle, insomniac night and unhealthy drinks and stressful life. It is growing like epidemics that is destroying our lives unlike anything and sufferers are suffering emotionally, physically and financially too.   

It is always better to be safe than sorry. Eat better and learn more about your healthy life style and normal health plan diet. 

The Asian Chronicle

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