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  • 20 Wordpress Photography Themes to Establish Your Photography Career
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    20 WordPress Photography Themes to Establish Your Photography Career

    A well-taken photograph is the greatest feeling of joy and pride. Today we’ll be looking at WordPress photography themes to Establish Your Photography Career. These are specialist WordPress themes that are aimed at publishers that have a photography background. They are the very latest specialist WordPress photography themes in 2017. They are suitable for all kinds More

  • Homes and technology

    The Joys of Luxury Homes in a Minimalist Age

    In this fast paced day and age, homeowners are being presented with many different and very good reasons to go minimalistic. While this lifestyle does have its perks and benefits, that doesn’t mean that you can’t strive for a luxury home if that’s what you’ve always been aiming for in life. In fact, the benefits of More

  • Black Panther Movie

    Incredible First Black Panther Poster Art From Marvel Studios

    Marvel Studios has premiered the first poster art for the upcoming Ryan Coogler helmed “ Black Panther ” movie. The superhero movie studio has also revealed that the film’s exciting teaser trailer is set to premiere during Game 4 of the NBA Finals. The “Black Panther” movie follows the escapades of main character T’Challa who, More

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    7 Image Optimization Tips For Best SEO Rankings

    All the time these days busy webmasters and blog operators ask how they can speed up their high quality images and visuals along with several other questions related to the connected issues of speeding up a web site. Thus ensuring that pages and image heavy pages load swiftly and fluidly to audiences. The process of image optimization More

  • Especially Selected Just For You

    As you browse around DesignBump you might want to take a look at one or more of these specially selected products.

  • Free Design Resources 2017

    50 Free Resources For Web Designers

    When you’re a web designer there are many resources you need to have on tap to help keep you stay in the current trends. When building a website for yourself or a client, you’ll always need to consider the best companies for hosting, domain names, servers and the right platform to use like WordPress. In today’s collection More

  • Amazing Staircase Designs

    28 Creative Ways to Reinvent Your Staircase

    We’ve looked at weird and creative stair designs in the past that have proved how can turn something simple like stairs into something unusual and special. Today we’ll be looking at 28 Creative Ways to Reinvent Your Stairs.You’ll find some of the coolest staircase designs and stair case ideas and concepts sourced from all around the More

  • sketching ideas

    8 Tips for Planning Your Web Design with Sketches

    I am sure most of the senior web designers will agree to the fact that sketches are an important part of the design and development process. Sketching ideas on paper not only helps convey thought processes. Sketching ideas also demonstrates core functionality, illustrates things that require human interaction, and helps to visualize user flow to paying More

  • City Architecture : Amazing Building Designs
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    Top 10 Cities to Visit as an Architecture Student

    As a budding architect, chances are your style and development is still in the conceptual phase; you’ve got ideas and theories, but you haven’t quite honed in on exactly what makes you as an architect, you. Studying city architecture is a fantastic way to learn from the very best building designers and conceptual planners. Top 10 More

  • Photographs with double meanings

    15 Amusing Pictures With Thought Provoking Double Meanings

    Usually when we take a picture on the fly we usually grab our nearest camera or smart phone and simply snap away! For sometimes in photography the results can be very unexpected with incredible double meanings. Our camera photographs can totally surprise us with a totally different meaning than actually first intended! It does not More

  • freelance graphic designers Managing Graphic Designers

    6 Helpful Dos and Don’ts of Managing Freelance Graphic Designers

    It is an undeniable fact that freelance work in the highly competitive graphic design industry is in high demand globally. With the number of freelance graphic designers on the rise, working with geographically distributed professionals can become very challenging. As opposed to full time permanent workers, keeping up with freelancers online is an entirely different More

  • Especially Selected Just For You

    As you browse around DesignBump you might want to take a look at one or more of these specially selected products.

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    18 Best Free Icon Fonts for Graphic Design Projects

    We all know that the choice of font on any kind of graphical artwork can be the difference between a campaign succeeding or falling flat on it’s face. Using icon fonts in a design can stack the odd in your favour. However ultimately only by testing lots of different artwork and designs is it possible More

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    The 10 Best Street Art Galleries to Visit in London

    In this feature on street art and graffiti inspired creative art in London we round up the capital’s 10 best street art galleries. Plus the top places to view or buy street art in the city of London, the capital of the United Kingdom. For some of us graffiti still conjures up rough images rebellious youth decorating More

  • Thor Ragnarok Poster Art

    Amazing First Thor: Ragnarok Poster Art From Marvel Entertainment

    Marvel Entertainment and Walt Disney Pictures have released the first poster art for Taika Waititi’s ‘Thor: Ragnarok.’ This is the third motion picture in the well received ‘Thor franchise of films. Often the creative design and artwork that goes into producing the actual posters for popular films and series gets overlooked. Way too much poster More

  • digital marketing misconceptions

    10 Common Misconceptions about Digital Marketing and Advertising

    Businesses all around the globe choose digital marketing as a major part of their promotion strategy and forward planning. The reason is quite simple because it works. The growth in the digital market and in its specification has attracted brands to follow it. Nevertheless many people have deep rooted digital marketing misconceptions. We cannot just have More

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