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  • Pencil Sketch tattoo Ideas


    12 Tattoos That Look Like Pencil Sketches

    You don’t need your new tattoo design to look unfinished. Nonetheless, Naomi Chi’s pencil sketch tattoos are engaging artistry exactly due to their sketch-like pencil style look and unique sketch appearance. Choosing a tattoo design that is unique, experimental and evokes interest and discussion is no easy task. These beautiful and intriguing pencil sketch tattoos could

  • New Bathroom Ideas - guest bathrooms


    Note These Design Ideas for Guest Bathrooms

    Guest bathroom remodeling is a popular home improvement project that most homeowners embark on at some point in their home ownership. The aspects of guest bathroom design are so wide-ranging that it is quite simple to make guest bathrooms in your home appear truly exceptional. All you need are some creative ideas on how to

  • Digital Skills SEO


    3 Killer Digital Marketing Skills You Simply Must Learn

    Today I want to talk about three exciting and highly specialist digital marketing skills to put on a resume. High end stuff that you may or may not have heard of. Indeed no one is safe from hard times and changes in the workspace except maybe digital marketers but why are digital marketers more resilient

  • 25 Shocking Ads on Buildings You Won't Believe


    25 Shocking Ads on Buildings You Won’t Believe

    When we think of buildings and skyscrapers, not so many of us think of advertising. Let’s face it it’s rarely seen on large buildings. Yet when ads on buildings happen, it can be quite spectacular if done creatively. Most ads we see on or around buildings are boring posters or dull billboards, we barely blink at

  • Learn why sliders will hurt your website or blog and why you need to turn them all off now.


    Learn Why Pro Designers Never Use Sliders on Their Blog

    Learn why sliders will hurt your website or blog and why you need to turn them all off now. Sliders can look completely amazing on a homepage design and that is part of the problem. At the time of producing this feature article, sliders are found everywhere all over the web. These pesky sliders mainly crop

  • 36 Beautiful Coffee Shops And Cafés Interior Designs


    36 Beautiful Coffee Shops And Cafés Interior Designs

    In creating fun and stylish coffee shops and imaginative and atmospheric café interior designs, the design must be decorative while still maintaining a professional workflow for the bartenders and waiters. Lets face it we all love our hot drinks, whether it be blended coffee, rich hot chocolate or fine exotic teas and spices. There are

  • instagram photoshop actions - Instagram Actions for PhotoShop


    28 Free Instagram Photoshop Actions for Awesome Instagram Effects

    Photoshop actions and filters work so well with Instagram social media. Instagram of course is a very well known social media platform now owned by Facebook. Just like Pinterest the emphasis is on providing great visual stimulation, engagement and information by way of posting totally awesome images and video to your fans and followers. On this

  • Cute Doll Pictures


    25 Awesome Doll Pictures You Probably Never Saw

    Dolls are constructed of plastic materials which is soft and easily foldable. As mentioned above girls love to play with their dolls. They have a wide variety of dolls to play with. They love to play different games with them. There are so many popular characters available in doll design. Dolls such as Barbie Doll and

  • Elon Musk Solar Roof - energy smart solutions


    The Science of Energy Smart Solutions for Your Home

    Scaling back on energy usage in your home has some larger benefits particularly when mapped with energy smart solutions to achieve more with less. As a energy smart solutions adopter you help slow your community’s total consumption of energy as well as minimize their impact on the environment. However, conservation of energy also translates into

  • Han Solo Wallpaper - wallpaper revival


    The Wallpaper Revival and Why Wallpaper is Trending Again

    A wallpaper revival is upon us and decorating our living spaces with wallpaper is trendy again. Wall design is an important part of any room. So choosing the best color and pattern for the living space is important. Wallpaper was very popular several decades ago. It could be found on the walls of nearly every

  • Cushions That Clash - Choosing cushions


    What Your Cushions Say About Your Personality

    Choosing cushions for our home ought to be so simple, so why is it so tough? Let’s face it, it’s all the little accessories and knick knacks that really make our living space feel more like a home to us. Good home decor design is as much about the little things such as our choice

  • Home Decor Tips 2016


    Decorating Your Home: What You Should Know First

    Decorating your home and learning to do it well is a very good skill to possess. There is nothing more unappealing to the eyes than having bare walls in your home. If you do a lot of entertaining and want to make a good impression on your guests, then you need to have a home

  • gaming resort designs


    Gaming Resort Designs, The 10 Top Casino Resorts to Visit

    If you are in the business of designing hotels and resorts then developing effective gaming resort designs offers a unique challenge to architects and creative professionals. Those designers charged with developing entertaining and retentive resorts for their guests and patrons have to think outside of the box. It is the dream of every casino lover

  • Most Amazing Supermoon Events


    These 20 Shocking Pictures of the Supermoon Will Astound You

    The unusual moon event, described as “undeniably beautiful” by American space agency Nasa, will not be equalled until our moon makes a similar close approach to planet Earth in the year 2034. On Monday 14th November 2016, the distance between the Earth and the moon closed substantially to its shortest point, known as the perigee – a

  • coffee gadgets

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    15 Clever Coffee Gadgets For People Obsessed With Coffee!

    There’s nothing better than having a nice cup of coffee to help you start the day! Getting you’re morning coffee can sometimes be tough especially if you’re in a hurry! These coffee gadgets are life savers and will work wonders in your coffee addicted life! Today we’ll be going through these 15 Clever Coffee Gadgets For People

  • Supai, Arizona


    20 Most Amazing Remote Places on Earth

    You may think that with the earth’s population increase that it’s hard to find Remote Places on Earth that have been rarely seen by humans. Remote places on earth can sometimes be seen as creepy with little or no human population. In today’s collection we’ve gathered 20 Most Amazing Remote Places on Earth, getting to these

  • The Sky at Night


    A Collection of Night Photography for Inspiration

    Night time can be a great source of inspiration when it comes to photography. Night Photography can be challenging to get right with the low light levels. For the best night photography results you will require equipment like flash guns, cable releases, SLR cameras and tripods. When night time comes, different elements grab our attention.

  • Amazing decking Ideas


    Amazing Decking Ideas and How To Choose The Materials For Your Deck

    Remodelling your decking area at home will not only increase your living space at little or no costs, but it will also add significant value. Costs of such project will depend on largely upon the materials used and size covered. Here we discuss some amazing decking ideas. If you wish to forget about the maintenance

  • How to Really Annoy Your Graphic Designer


    How to Really Annoy Your Graphic Designer

    How to really annoy your graphic designer, do ensure that you stay away from making these mistakes employers. Enjoy the top 10 bugbears and irritations of creative graphic designers from around the world are now revealed and exposed in this amusing and entertaining infographic that should bring a smile to anyone with even a passing

  • home extension ideas


    Can a Home Extension Add More Value to Your House

    Planning rules have relaxed over the years and adding a home extension is definitely on trend. But is an entire new extension to the build worth it? It is, after all, quite the investment. Extending the house calls for extensive repairs, major restructuring, a lot of time, and a lot of effort. You may be

  • weird room designs - Stunningly Awesome Room Designs to Wake in


    31 Weird Room Designs That Will Blow Your Mind

    Interior Design is usually the standard room and comes to life with the interior decor, but what if you start out with an unusual room design? Imagine waking up or just spending time in anyone of these truly astonishing and weird room designs gathered from around the world. Today we’ll be taking a look at

  • Massive Instagram List Building


    Instagram List Building, How to Build Huge Responsive Email Lists

    Instagram is a powerful social platform that can be used to build huge inexpensive email lists in a relatively short and timely way. Using Instagram in this manner to build large laser targeted email lists is a marketing method that is severely underused and overlooked. Instagram list building is a cost effective marketing strategy that you should

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