Funny wine gifts bring out the best in anyone who enjoys a glass of fine wine. It does not matter if you are a vintage wine collector or simply appreciate a deep full bodied red or a crisp white wine over lunch or dinner.

With so many wines to choose from there is a bottle or vintage to please almost any wine drinker. Wine tasting is big business for the major vineyards. Rare bottles of wine can reach high prices for collectors. Many of us however have a favorite bottle of fine wine, be it a Malbec or a light Chenin Blanc. Wine is also an exceptionally social drink, perfect for creating great chilled out atmospheres at parties, social events and most gatherings.

Those drinkers that are really into their wine will appreciate these 10 amazingly funny wine gifts for wine lovers and special occasions. These funny wine gifts are perfect as birthday presents, Christmas gifts or simply as tokens of affection for a special person.

These funny wine gift ideas are sure to bring a smile to the face of any wine lover, wine collector or connoisseur and we all like receiving a gifts every now and again.

Amazingly Funny Wine Gifts

Most of these original wine gifts are available at really low prices in the DesignBump Store. So here we go, just for your pleasure 10 amazingly funny wine gifts for wine lovers and special occasions, starting with a unique ‘This is Probably Wine’ mug.

This is Probably Wine Mug

A perfect funny gift for any wine lover who simply has to have their tipple of wine, no matter what it may come in, no wine glasses allowed. A mug will do nicely.

Funny Wine Drinkers Mug

This is Probably Wine original mug is a great gift for those who always need some wine!

Stemless Funny Wine Glass for the Ladies

This funny stemless wine glass is one for the ladies, made of high quality glass with vinyl lettering. A cool way to knock a much needed glass of wine.

Stemless Wine Glass

Stemless Funny Wine Glass for the Ladies

How To Tell Time Coffee Mug and Wine Glass Holder

This high quality wine board and coffee cup holder is made of high quality wood. It is a unique product that is idea for those who can”t easily decide if the time is right for a glass or wine or a hot mug of steaming coffee. Either way this wooden coffee mug and wine glass holder will bring a easy smile to a fan of either coffee or wine!

Wine glass and coffee mug holder

How To Tell Time Coffee Mug and Wine Glass Holder