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  • Before and After Autumn Transformations

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    13 Before And After Autumn Pictures, Beautiful Transformations

    Sometimes with our busy lives we can forget to stop and look at Autumn’s Beautiful Transformations. This collection of stunning Autumn pictures from around the world presents 13 before and after photos of Autumn’s Beautiful Transformations. These stunning Autumn transformations are simply breathtaking. Starting with a gorgeous green and finishing with a magnificent red, each of these

  • Most Amazing Supermoon Events


    These 20 Shocking Pictures of the Supermoon Will Astound You

    The unusual moon event, described as “undeniably beautiful” by American space agency Nasa, will not be equalled until our moon makes a similar close approach to planet Earth in the year 2034. On Monday 14th November 2016, the distance between the Earth and the moon closed substantially to its shortest point, known as the perigee – a

  • The Sky at Night


    A Collection of Night Photography for Inspiration

    Night time can be a great source of inspiration when it comes to photography. Night Photography can be challenging to get right with the low light levels. For the best night photography results you will require equipment like flash guns, cable releases, SLR cameras and tripods. When night time comes, different elements grab our attention.

  • Choosing a Digital Photography Company


    How Can I Find The Right Photography Company?

    In this contemporary era, more and more people are discovering that the right photo from a truly great digital photography company can enhance the aesthetic appeal of their commercial or residential property, artwork or portfolio. It does not matter whether you are selling property, developing an ecommerce store or building a fashion portfolio. We now

  • Photography Logo Designs


    63+ Impressive Photography Logo Designs for Inspiration

    Here is a massive collection of Photography logo designs & Camera based logo designs for inspiration! These Logo Designs have been beautifully created & many convey camera symbols. These Logos are used by Freelance Photographers, Agencies & Stock Photo Websites. Logo design is no easy science. A quick logo does not necessarily make for a

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    37 Inspiring National Geographic Wallpapers

    Nature lovers rejoice! If you’re looking for some stunning nature wallpapers, these National Geographic desktop backgrounds will add some wonderful photography to your computer. Known as one of the most read magazine’s worldwide, these National Geographic Wallpapers feature some of the best shots of scenery, maps, animals and landmarks. Taken by professional photographers, they’ve captured

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    30 Most Happiest Animals That’ll Make You Smile

    Animals have the ability to bring joy to our lives, if you’re an animal lover you’ll know what I mean. If you need some cheering up, these most happiest animals in the world will put a big smile on your face! From totally adorable sea life, frogs, wildlife, owls and bird life and the old favourite

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    18 Totally Adorable Supersized Dogs

    Raise your hand if you happen to like puppies. Okay, we all know that is fairly apparent, all people on the earth likes puppies. However what about grown up canine that act like puppies? I imply, not solely grown up canines, however gigantic grown up canines. The 21 super-sized canine of those photos in all

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    20 Funniest Underwater Photos of Dogs

    Seth Casteel is an American photographer, recognized primarily for his pictures of underwater canines. Seth Casteel, whose collection of underwater photographs of canine fetching their ball first went viral in 2012 has stored on enchanting because the association stretches out with Casteel’s most up-to-date e-book, Underwater Puppies, set to discharge later not lengthy from now.

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    18 Hybrid Animals You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

    Legend is filled with unusual, hybrid creatures, and Photoshoppers have devoted numerous hours to creating new ones. However this listing accommodates no Photoshopped photos: all of those animals are actual! You’ve all heard of the liger, however what concerning the narluga? Or the leopon? This record of REAL hybrid animals will shock and amaze you.

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    25 Animals Pictures Before & After Adoption

    It’s a important decision when deciding to adopt a pet, but you can’t deny that making animals part of your family is the best thing you can do! Adopting animals is such a fantastic thing to do! Sure you’ll have to take on responsibilities like feeding and walking them, but it’s how special they become

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    Mom Takes Cute Photos of Baby Wearing Pun Onesies

    After giving delivery to her first baby, advertising supervisor Ceylan Sahin Eker determined so as to add a dose of creativity to motherhood. Utilizing her levels in each graphic design and illustration, the artist produced a photograph sequence that includes her lovable 9-month-old son Timur in witty onesies. Greater than only a enjoyable little photograph challenge

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    Man Becomes Homeless To Capture Powerful Photos

    Homelessness appears to be a endless drawback. For Lee Jeffries, which means his picture challenge won’t ever finish. He pictures homeless individuals to point out the humanity that they possess. Nevertheless, Jeffries’ intentions weren’t so benign when he first began taking photos. Nevertheless, all of it modified at one level. Love ‘happened’ to me,” Jeffries

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    French Photographer Shows Our Addiction To Phones

    There are specific issues with utilizing know-how too typically, however Antoine Geiger thinks telephones are virtually actually soul-sucking. His Sur-Pretend challenge exhibits individuals with faces which might be being sucked in by cellphones like they had been tiny plastic Dementors or Necromongers. Antoine Geiger is a younger French artist who already has four exhibitions to his

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    Photographer Uses His Body To Create Surreal Landscapes

    It’s stated that artists put a little bit of themselves into their artwork. Arno Rafael Minkkinen does that actually. His pictures at all times function part of him interacting with the environment. And it’s not actually plucking flowers or throwing dust; Minkkinen makes use of his hand to observe the curvature of the mountains, or

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    22 Gorgeous Animal Family Portraits

    There’s nothing more important than family, and these animal family portraits certainly prove this! These animal parents are certainly doing a great job when it comes to raising their adorable animal babies. Taking a wildlife photos of animal families isn’t an easy task, but some how these photographers have managed to capture the perfect animal family

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    Panda Daycare Is The Most Adorable Place On Earth!

    The Chengdu Research Base in China looks like it just might be certainly one of the most adorable locations on world – and it is vitally essential for the existence of the endangered giant pandas that people all adore so much, also. This panda “daycare” is really a specialized breeding centre and nursery that seeks

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    Olympus Air A01 Available in the US in July for $300

    Olympus’ innovative Atmosphere camera was announced back in February, but up to this point it has been a Japan-only merchandise. Not anymore: today Olympus announced that the Air A01 will be around in the United States beginning in July for $300. In case you missed hearing about this camera the first time around, it’s an

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    A Simple Photography Lens Filter Cheat Sheet

    If you are only getting started in photography, maybe you have been confused or overwhelmed by the many types of filters which are available for your camera lens. Photograph gift business Zippi wants to help you wrap the mind around the concepts more easily, so they created a convenient “cheat sheet” infographic that lists out the

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    These Expressive Dog Portraits Will Melt Your Heart!

    The pet photographer we wrote about a while ago, Elke Vogelsang, is back with more fun and lively portraits of adorable dogs, including her 3 pups – Noodles, Scout and Loli. These 3 picture models have wonderful, lively natures that Vogelsang conveys absolutely in her expressive portraits. Though Scout, Noodles and Loli appear to be

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    Villa Epecuen: A Town That Was Submerged For 25 Years

    A tourist town called, Villa Epecuen was established back in the 1920s along the shore of Lago Epecuen. This salt lake is about 600 kilometers southwest of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Lago Epecuen is like other mountain lakes except for one main factor – it;s salt levels second only to the Dead Sea making it ten times higher than any

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    15 Enchanting Dance Portraits Photography Made With Flour

    Taking photographs is one thing, but taking a photograph that captures imagination and magic is another skill entirely. Photographer Alexander Yakovlev has taken some stunning dance photography that incorporates dancers in certain scene compositions – snapping them at their most expressive and enchanting time. Watching dancing is often brilliant to watch, but looking at dance photography

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    16 Ways To Enhance Your Travel Photos

    We all love travelling and taking photographs is great way to capture those moments we want to cherish forever. But before you go on holiday, why not go through these ways to enhance your travel photos. Cole Rise is a Travel Photographer and is famous on Instagram, he created the filter ‘Rise’ and has over 906,000

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    Adopted Two-Legged Cat Is Instagram’s Latest Sensation!

    Meet Lil’ Bunny Sue Roux, or Roux, for short – an adorable two-legged cat named, Roux, was adopted by Jackie Deak Akey. Roux has her own Instagram account with an amazing 54.8k followers who love her inspirational and playful photos and videos. Roux doesn’t let her disability hold her back, this one-year-old kitten loves to hop around