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  • user experience wordpress blog

    Definitive Ways to Improve Your WordPress Blog’s UX

    There is little dispute that the appearance of a WordPress blog is one of its most important attributes when presented to audiences. Even the very best content will be left unread if posted under a pixelated image and a header in Comic Sans. Much as the discovery of three-point perspective changed art forever, so our More

  • Web forms comparison, caldera forms

    How Online Forms Can Help You Connect With Your Customers & Employees

    Having the ability to fluidly connect with your customers and employees will help keep your business organized and in sync. Well structured and integrated web forms align enquiries with products or services or help to initiate powerful advertising deals between companies. All too often there are stories of how a simple web form enquiry; out More

  • Using a WordPress caching plugin

    How to Speed Up Your WordPress Blog

    The speed of your WordPress blog can be a huge deciding factor when it comes to getting visitors to return or purchase products (if you are running an eCommerce site.) There are a number of different ways to speed up your website, and it’s very important that you know what some of them are. Using caching More

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    The History of Brand Identity Web Design

    Brand identity is the most important factor in creating a brand. It helps in creating awareness among the consumers about a specific company. Brand identity web design includes the logo, typeface, color, design and everything else that represents the company in front of the customers. But, how did this began? Understanding the history of brand More

  • Especially Selected Just For You

    As you browse around DesignBump you might want to take a look at one or more of these specially selected products.

  • CSS Jokes for Designers

    13 CSS Jokes Only Web Designers Will Understand

    What the CSS are you on about now? Far be it for me to talk dismissively about code hungry geeks who never see the sun. In truth programmers and CSS designers are artists. Those beautiful web layouts that you see on your favorite web site, well the chances are that this is actually CSS design More

  • free flat icons

    33+ Best Free Flat Icons for Designers

    These free flat icons are available in PSD formats and some in Vector Formats. Recently the Flat Website Design trend has become very popular in web design and user interfaces. The Flat Design style first started with Microsoft Windows 8 and has grown to encompass other design mediums and other more recent platforms. The term Flat More

  • 20 Wordpress Photography Themes to Establish Your Photography Career
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    20 WordPress Photography Themes to Establish Your Photography Career

    A well-taken photograph is the greatest feeling of joy and pride. Today we’ll be looking at WordPress photography themes to Establish Your Photography Career. These are specialist WordPress themes that are aimed at publishers that have a photography background. They are the very latest specialist WordPress photography themes in 2017. They are suitable for all kinds More

  • Homes and technology

    The Joys of Luxury Homes in a Minimalist Age

    In this fast paced day and age, homeowners are being presented with many different and very good reasons to go minimalistic. While this lifestyle does have its perks and benefits, that doesn’t mean that you can’t strive for a luxury home if that’s what you’ve always been aiming for in life. In fact, the benefits of More

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    7 Image Optimization Tips For Best SEO Rankings

    All the time these days busy webmasters and blog operators ask how they can speed up their high quality images and visuals along with several other questions related to the connected issues of speeding up a web site. Thus ensuring that pages and image heavy pages load swiftly and fluidly to audiences. The process of image optimization More

  • Free Design Resources 2017

    50 Free Resources For Web Designers

    When you’re a web designer there are many resources you need to have on tap to help keep you stay in the current trends. When building a website for yourself or a client, you’ll always need to consider the best companies for hosting, domain names, servers and the right platform to use like WordPress. In today’s collection More

  • sketching ideas

    8 Tips for Planning Your Web Design with Sketches

    I am sure most of the senior web designers will agree to the fact that sketches are an important part of the design and development process. Sketching ideas on paper not only helps convey thought processes. Sketching ideas also demonstrates core functionality, illustrates things that require human interaction, and helps to visualize user flow to paying More

  • City Architecture : Amazing Building Designs
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    Top 10 Cities to Visit as an Architecture Student

    As a budding architect, chances are your style and development is still in the conceptual phase; you’ve got ideas and theories, but you haven’t quite honed in on exactly what makes you as an architect, you. Studying city architecture is a fantastic way to learn from the very best building designers and conceptual planners. Top 10 More

  • Download Older Versions of WhatsApp Messenger

    Download Older Versions of WhatsApp

    How to download older versions of WhatsApp Messenger. As designers we struggle with a myriad of communications tools and sometimes technical progress isn’t everything. The latest software release isn’t always the best and so on. Often designers like and work in different parts of the country or even the world and tools such as WhatsApp More

  • freelance graphic designers Managing Graphic Designers

    6 Helpful Dos and Don’ts of Managing Freelance Graphic Designers

    It is an undeniable fact that freelance work in the highly competitive graphic design industry is in high demand globally. With the number of freelance graphic designers on the rise, working with geographically distributed professionals can become very challenging. As opposed to full time permanent workers, keeping up with freelancers online is an entirely different More

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    As you browse around DesignBump you might want to take a look at one or more of these specially selected products.

  • Invoice Factoring Guide

    A Tech Entrepreneur’s Guide to Invoice Factoring

    Your small design or digital marketing business has finally mastered the art of proper invoicing. When starting a new business you are ambitious, creative, looking for clients and wanting to design great ads, posters, graphics and campaigns. You do not worry about cash flow, invoice factoring and paperwork nearly as much as you should. So More

  • great package design

    The Importance of Great Package Design for Ebay Selling

    When strolling around the supermarket, customers don’t have enough time to analyze every product they are interested in. That’s why they often take shortcuts when making decisions about their daily groceries. Did you know however just how much of a factor great package design is when it comes to influencing customer decisions? We all know that More

  • Traffic Growth Strategies : Track your web site visitors to understand visitor return rates, organic growth and the success of paid ads on Google AdWords and Facebook Ads and much more.

    Creating a Unique Website With High Return Visitor Rates

    Running a decent blog or e-commerce store is challenging in multiple areas. Difficult tasks include designing a site structure, applying a content strategy and never mind attracting traffic. WordPress based blogs and those that run on other CMS platforms are faced with an array of time consuming issues and have to consider all kinds of More

  • E-commerce guide

    One Stop E-commerce Guide for Improving Conversion in Your Store

    When you create an E-commerce website, you have to make sales and conversions through your site to sustain your ongoing business. If you think, setting up your E-commerce website and displaying a wide variety of products will help you to obtain traffic and you will start generating leads, then you are absolutely wrong. So we More

  • Menu Plugins for WordPress 2017

    Sticky Menu System Plugins Available in WordPress

    Hello to all WordPress designers! Today we will discuss some of the various sticky menu system plugins available in WordPress and offer their review. WordPress menu plugins can add immense value to your site and improve the way that visitors discover your content. Building great menu systems for navigation purpose are an essential part of the online More

  • Gaming Logo Designs

    33+ Wicked Gaming Logo Designs for Inspiration

    Here’s a collection of fantastic gaming logo designs for creative inspiration. These gaming Logo Designs include a variety of topics including Video Games, Arcade Games, Casino Gaming, board games & Gaming Companies. We all like to play games from time to time. Whether it is gaming for money, such as slots, roulette or poker. Or More