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  • 15 Free WordPress Themes 2017


    Explore the 15 Best Free WordPress Themes for 2017

    In terms of technology advancement, 2017 is going to be no different from the years before it. This is especially so because it is a well-known fact that technology doubles itself after about every year. Generally the same can be said about the technology used in website building and themes for such websites. There are

  • The Ultimate Guide to Creating a WordPress Child Theme


    The Ultimate Guide to Creating a WordPress Child Theme

    Even with the greatest WordPress themes and all of their bells and whistles. There is a good chance that every once in a while you will need to make some WordPress theme customizations. Perhaps to change a layout slightly, or to move a post element, or simply to make a popular theme appear more unique than

  • WordPress Maintenance Checklist


    WordPress Website Maintenance Checklist

    Website maintenance is necessary just like maintaining your car or a bike. Without website maintenance your online business will not run for a long time of period, as your website need fresh content to manage its ranking and popularity in popular search engines. Yet are you taking your website and WordPress maintenance seriously? Just sitting

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    How to Find out What WordPress Theme a Website is Using

    WordPress is a great place to be, especially if you’re considering starting your own blog, online store or basically any other type of website you might have in mind. What makes it so amazing is the fact that anyone can design the website to perfectly highlight they unique ideas, products or services without any coding

  • Famous Logos of the World


    10 Famous Logo Designs and How Much They Cost

    So many famous companies around the world would be completely unrecognizable without their logo. Simply put their logo and branding plays a huge role when it comes to the value of the company. Yet have you ever wondered how much these huge multinational companies paid to buy their iconic famous logos and images to begin with?

  • Link Cloaking Plugins for WordPress

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    How to Cloak Affiliate Links in WordPress

    For an affiliate marketer, link cloaking plugins can do wonders as they replace the long, complex and often annoying URLs with branded, manageable links and URLs. Or it can drastically shorten URLs, while retaining the root domain name and keep everything on your blog looking neat and tidy. Some link cloaking plugins for WordPress include

  • 30 Amazing Wood Textures


    30 Free Wood Texture Backgrounds

    If you’re looking for a nature based texture for your design projects, then wood textures are one of the best backgrounds and design styles that you can have. Not only do they provide a nice back to nature feel, they also have great clean or grungy textures that work well with certain designs. As a

  • The Simpsons Illustrations


    The Simpsons Famous Springfield Illustrated As A Ghost Town

    Many of us love The Simpsons television show and regard the famous town of Springfield as a fun and exciting town. Springfield after all acts as the backdrop and setting for all the hundreds of fun episodes we’ve all seen. The Simpsons is a benchmark animation series created for television that contains many re watchable

  • 7 WordPress Page Builders


    The Best Drag and Drop Page Builders for Creating Slick WordPress Sites

    Are WordPress page builders the future of content development on the popular CMS platform? Aside from coders and web designers, the average person is looking for simplicity and reliability from their WordPress blog or website. Not only that they want to minimize the time that it takes to produce great, engaging new content. As WordPress is

  • Retro Motorhome designs


    Have You Seen These Retro Motorhome and Caravan Designs?

    Taking a retro motorhome holiday or caravan vacation is a unique form of getting away. Many people once they have tried it once are bitten by the motorhome bug. They will embark on repeat holidays each year and some will even go on to purchase their very own motorhome. It is here where fans of

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    Theia Slider Plugin for WordPress Review

    Need a fresh approach to multi-page posts? Theia slider is a powerful post navigational plugin for WordPress CMS which lets you display multi-page posts using content sliders. With this plugin your page navigation will have a fresh, crisp, modern look and feel. More importantly if you have great content but it is lengthy, splitting it

  • how teddy bears are made


    25 Romantic Teddy Bear Images and Soft Toy Gift Ideas

    Young girls and boys simply adore soft toy designs; such as furry teddy bears and they will have many of these designs in their toy collection. Naturally they will play with so many toys while they are young. Toys such as dolls and toy animals and so forth. However what they like the most are soft

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    Star Wars Text and Scene Effects : Photoshop Video Tutorials

    Star Wars photoshop tutorials are a great way to learn skilled graphics techniques while enjoying a topic that you appreciate. This Photoshop tutorial will show you how to create a retro Star Wars scene effect. We’ll be using a number of tools to create this cool text effect while adding some blending options to easily turn

  • instagram photoshop actions - Instagram Actions for PhotoShop


    28 Free Instagram Photoshop Actions for Awesome Instagram Effects

    Photoshop actions and filters work so well with Instagram social media. Instagram of course is a very well known social media platform now owned by Facebook. Just like Pinterest the emphasis is on providing great visual stimulation, engagement and information by way of posting totally awesome images and video to your fans and followers. Often the

  • Cute Doll Pictures


    25 Awesome Doll Pictures You Probably Never Saw

    Dolls are constructed of plastic materials which is soft and easily foldable. As mentioned above girls love to play with their dolls. They have a wide variety of dolls to play with. They love to play different games with them. There are so many popular characters available in doll design. Dolls such as Barbie Doll and

  • gaming resort designs


    Gaming Resort Designs, The 10 Top Casino Resorts to Visit

    If you are in the business of designing hotels and resorts then developing effective gaming resort designs offers a unique challenge to architects and creative professionals. Those designers charged with developing entertaining and retentive resorts for their guests and patrons have to think outside of the box. It is the dream of every casino lover

  • How to Really Annoy Your Graphic Designer


    How to Really Annoy Your Graphic Designer

    How to really annoy your graphic designer, do ensure that you stay away from making these mistakes employers. Enjoy the top 10 bugbears and irritations of creative graphic designers from around the world are now revealed and exposed in this amusing and entertaining infographic that should bring a smile to anyone with even a passing

  • Designing Faster Trains


    The Challenge of Designing A Faster Train

    Faster is genuinely better when you’re trying to simply get from point A to B. Train travellers would love to cut down the time they spend trapped inside a metal box rolling along tracks. No one ever complains about a train being too fast. But designing a faster train isn’t the same as designing a

  • Pokemon GO


    Pokémon Go From a Product Design Perspective

    I’ll go ahead and assume you’ve already heard of Pokemon GO. With the game signing up more users than Twitter in less than a month, you’d need to be on an internet-free vacation to have missed it. The hype is so intense people have even started selling services online for newcomers. The company’s made money,

  • App Store iOS Icon Design


    45+ Fantastic iOS App Icon Designs for Inspiration

    Whenever I need a design pick up one thing that get’s my idea’s flowing are iOS App icons. Here’s a collection of beautifully designed iOS App Icons for iPhone & iPad. These icons are highly detailed and show a high level of skill, most of these have been designed in Photoshop. Imagine the scenario, we