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  • VideoPal Review


    VideoPal Review & Huge Bonuses : Why This Unique Video Avatar Service is Creating Waves

    With VideoPal digital marketers and designers can create fully interactive 3D, 2D and human talking live action video avatars in just seconds. All by using proprietary new browser animation technology. With VideoPal engagement and audience loyalty can hit dizzying new heights on both desktop and mobile. In our in depth VideoPal review we robustly explore

  • Design Deals 2017 : Where to Find the Best Web Design Deals for 2017


    Where to Find the Best Web Design Deals for 2017

    Do you love web design deals, dicounts, promos and coupons? The good thing is that there’s a coupon for just about everything (WordPress hosting, WordPress themes, WordPress plugins, Bootstrap themes, graphics, icons and much more). However, it may take hours, if not days, to find your best deal for a new design project. This valuable

  • The Emerging SEO Trends of 2017 Infographic


    The Emerging SEO Trends of 2017 Infographic

    It is easy to obsess over the state of search and SEO trends and the never ending flux in the SERPS. Anyone who depends on SEO for traffic and resulting bread and butter income will tell you that it really is digital wave riding at it’s finest. One minute your riding your wave as high

  • Referral Marketing Strategies


    4 Stellar Strategies That Make Referral Marketing Work

    Long held marketing beliefs coupled with hard data on existing referral networks demonstrate that encouraging your loyal customers to spread your brand’s message is perhaps the best marketing tactic there is. Indeed, people tend to trust recommendations from their friends and family more than marketing messages and advertisements. So referral marketing schemes tend to increase

  • Improve Your Brand


    Improve Your Brand By Mixing Digital With Traditional Marketing

    When researching improving your brand, we’ve all heard the apocalyptic forecasts about the future of business that said traditional marketing is dead. Down with the billboards, long live content! This misconception shouldn’t come as a surprise as it seems everyone is online today – more than 3 billion people to be exact. We’re consuming more

  • 7 Amazing Twitter Techniques


    7 Inventive Ways To Increase Twitter Followers

    If there’s something I feel confident about, it’s picking up Twitter followers. Of course it’s not all about the numbers but, let’s face it, we all get a little boost when somebody follows us on Twitter. Besides, the more people follow us on Twitter, the more people check out our connected blogs and apps. Isn’t

  • building your brand


    5 Ways You Could Be Missing Out on Building Your Brand

    Having a business and building your brand can be a challenge in many different ways. From getting the name right to finding the perfect set of employees. You will often face a number of problems in setting up a business, but half the fun is overcoming them and being able to build a successful business.

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    How To Improve ROI With Video Conferencing

    When businesses start to weigh up the benefits vs costs of integrating video conferencing into their organisation. A lot of things must be considered. One of the most obvious cost benefits will be the elimination of any travel cost. Costs that will be encountered as people move around the country to attend physical meetings. Improving

  • The Top 7 Industries that Need Video Marketing


    The Top 7 Industries that Need Video Marketing

    Video advertising is fast becoming the preferred method for audiences to digest content and access insightful information. Indeed video marketing can be a very powerful tool in your media strategy. A marketing tool helping you to get the right message across and reaching your customers in a new and exciting way. A sound video marketing plan is an

  • Writing a niche blog


    6 Steps to Take to Become a Freelance Web Content Writer

    If you want to write for a living as a digital content writer then authoring web content as a digital marketer is an excellent way to start making money. Content writers generally do not have to spend a lot of time training or honing their craft. There is a lot of demand for original, high quality

  • headline formulas that sell


    Shocking Secret Headline Formulas Pro Marketers Use To Drive Masses of Traffic

    In this feature article you will learn how to work with headline formulas to increase traffic to your blogs. You will have observed many times over how the very best headline writers always seem to discover that perfect shareable headline. It’s like they have some secret formula for writing perfect headlines. I’ll let you in on a little

  • Digital Skills SEO


    3 Killer Digital Marketing Skills You Simply Must Learn

    Today I want to talk about three exciting and highly specialist digital marketing skills to put on a resume. High end stuff that you may or may not have heard of. Indeed no one is safe from hard times and changes in the workspace except maybe digital marketers but why are digital marketers more resilient

  • Learn why sliders will hurt your website or blog and why you need to turn them all off now.


    Learn Why Pro Designers Never Use Sliders on Their Blog

    Learn why sliders will hurt your website or blog and why you need to turn them all off now. Sliders can look completely amazing on a homepage design and that is part of the problem. At the time of producing this feature article, sliders are found everywhere all over the web. These pesky sliders mainly crop

  • Massive Instagram List Building


    Instagram List Building, How to Build Huge Responsive Email Lists

    Instagram is a powerful social platform that can be used to build huge inexpensive email lists in a relatively short and timely way. Using Instagram in this manner to build large laser targeted email lists is a marketing method that is severely underused and overlooked. Instagram list building is a cost effective marketing strategy that you should

  • The Ultimate Pinterest Cheat Sheet


    Pinterest Marketing Strategies – The Ultimate Pinterest Cheat Sheet

    Follow these Pinterest marketing strategies to deliver a gold rush of traffic and fresh leads from the Pinterest social media platform. Like its social media cohorts Pinterest drives the majority of its traffic to your web sites, ecommerce stores and apps through visual stimulation and high audience engagement. The truth of gaining traffic from Pinterest

  • Ecommerce in 2016


    How to Promote ECommerce Websites in 2016

    Starting an ecommerce store is a huge endeavor, which takes an investment of time, effort and money. If you are going to put so much effort into building such a site, chances are you want it to be successful, right? In order for your site to be successful and stand out in a realm that

  • Social Media Icon Sets


    40+ Fresh & Free Social Media Icon Sets

    Social Network Icons are an important part of Website Design and can really boost a websites appearance if designed and placed well. One of the problems with all those social media icons that you see on web sites, at the beginning or end of articles for instance is that a lot of them all look