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  • minimalist tattoo designs - Tattoos don't always have to be loud and complex, in today's post we'll be looking at some simple and subtle tattoos which showcase how beautiful they can be when to take the minimalist approach.


    106 Shockingly Minimalist Tattoos. Have You Seen Them?

    The fact is though that perception of a tattoo is largely driven by perception of the wearer. There are plenty of minimalist tattoo designs that are both subtle, simple and sophisticated. 106 Beautiful Simple, Minimalist and Subtle Tattoos Take a close look at this exhaustive and original selection of simple, subtle and elegant tattoo ideas.

  • cute cat tattoos


    40 Adorable and Cute Cat Tattoos

    Cats are one of the most elegant animals around, their long tails, pointy ears and big round eyes make for a stylish and sophisticated tattoo. Cat tattoos are commonly found on women, they can be a lasting memory of a pet cat or just a nice design that says something about the persons personality. Here

  • music note tattoos


    32 Beautiful Music Note Tattoos

    Music note tattoos are a classy, imaginative and musical way to express oneself. If you’re a musician or just love music in general then a musical note tattoo will be perfect for you! Not only to musical notes look really cool on lots of places around the body. Music note tattoos can also showcase a

  • Jack Sparrow Tattoo Design


    9 Amazing Pirate Tattoo Designs

    Body art is like marmite. You either love it or hate it. Certainly used to be the case that the upper echelons of society would look down their noses at anyone sporting even the slightest bit of ink on their plate. Thankfully tattoos are much more socially acceptable these days. Even if they weren’t if

  • Lock and Key Tatoos


    38 Inspiring Lock and Key Tattoos

    Lock and key tattoos are a clever idea. One of the most popular tattoo designs to get is the lock and key tattoo. Popular with both men and women, they can have a variety of meanings, sizes and styles. We’ve found some creative lock and key tattoos that showcase how clever this tattoo design can

  • Cute Panda Tattoos


    22+ Totally Cute Panda Tattoos

    Cute panda tattoos are a unique way to individually express oneself with original artwork depicting cute Pandas. One of the most gorgeous animals is the Panda, it’s no wonder people are getting panda’s tattoos. Panda tattoos are nothing but adorable and will suit anyone with a soft spot. With their adorable teddy bear face and

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    50 Wonderful Colorful Tattoo Ideas

    We regularly come across colourful tattoo designs on the web, particularly watercolor ones which look extraordinarily charming on the pores and skin so we determined to compile the very best ones to showcase you. They’re outlined as trendy and creative with no particular define. Anyway, it completely relies on the proprietor whether or not to

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    15 Skater Tattooed Girls

    We know as well as anyone that tattoos are an instant shortcut to becoming cool, so we are here with a nice set of illustrations combining pretty girls, skateboarding and tattoos! 15 Skater tattooed girls Inspiration by illustrator / street artist Mike Giant for your viewing pleasure. 15 Skater Tattooed Girls Inspiration Mike Giant Website |

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    25 Crazily Cool Lip Tattoos

    The tattoo lovers are a loopy lot. They will go to any size to precise their tattoo love. They will get the weirdest of tattoo in probably the most unthinkable place. Such a spot is the inside lip. The inside lip tattoo is a wonderful approach of sporting your sentiment or expression as a method

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    60 Gorgeous Flower Tattoo Ideas

    Flowers tattoos are very fashionable in several sorts, sizes and colors. They make the tattoo look extra engaging and fairly. In case your tattoos are too plain, you’ll be able to add up some lovely flowers to make it look extra superior. Flowers are one of the vital lovely issues the universe has created. It’s

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    25 Creative Map Tattoos

    Everyone’s ink has a story behind it; tattoos are a great way to tell your story through body art. Personally, I’m a big fan of map tattoos. I think they are great because they can have so many different meanings. They can be a memory of the many places you’ve traveled, or a promise to

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    18 Amazing Lace Tattoos by French Artist Dodie

    In the past, was very popular with the rich. Lace represents the genteel ideals of grace, sensuality and delicate charm. These days lace tattoos are very popular with women and portray an elegant and charming style. Lace can be designed to look like flowers, animals and birds. Tribal symbols are also be depicted by lace. Today