Brightening up a dark home is a common challenge to many of us, right?

That’s especially true when we shift to a new place with no large windows to let natural sunlight in.

A bright and airy room full of natural lights is indeed more comforting. But you don’t have the chance to install windows to beat the darkness.

No worries. We are here to help you by providing some foolproof tips preferred by interior professionals. You can still brighten your home by adopting any of these 10 ways.

1. Embrace White Walls

White-colored walls are the best solution for brightening a room. Not only white but other light colors such as light beige and ivory also work as they have a similar variant in tone.

Having a white wall makes your room appear bigger than its actual size. But if you feel the white color is boring, you still have a solution. Go for ornamental trims, which can add an elegant touch to your white walls.

You can also apply a unique wallpaper design or paint on one side of the wall. It helps you bring a touch of unique flair to your white walls.

2. Place Mirrors Strategically to Bounce Light

Mirrors are a great option to lighten up a dark space. Just hanging a mirror anywhere is not enough. Be sure to hang it near or opposite the light sources to reflect strong light into the room.

You can also place a floor or table lamp beside the mirror. It ensures the visual feel of your home.

3. Hire a Lighting Designer

To get the proper touch of luminosity and add a therapeutic feel and tremendous charm, decorate your space with large candles, long strings of fairy lights, orb lights, or other ambient light.

Plan to install lights on the walls or ceiling. It ensures a warm glow to every corner of your room.

Choose the right light fixture having multiple light bulbs. These airy and thin features keep the entire space bright.

Hire a lighting designer who works for lighting up houses. There are electricians with the knowledge and experience to help you find the most effective lighting and solutions for your living space.

There are many licensed and trained lighting designers across the country, so whether you are looking for an electrician in Columbia, SC, or Salem, OR, you will easily find a home electrician specializing in light design.

4. Improve the Quality of Light

To improve the quality of light, check the wattage of the bulb. If you find the existing lighting fixture can handle a higher wattage, replace the current bulb with a new one.

Also, take a look at what types of bulbs are already there. A darkened room looks good with warm lights, whereas cool white light works well in some modern home designs.

Warm lights can prevent your home from feeling harsh and cold. Avoid yellow or amber color for lampshades because it affects light quality.

5. Choose Light-Colored Furnishing

Another way to maximize light in your room is to decorate the space with light-colored furniture. Simple, streamlined, and light-colored objects open the space enough to keep it bright and airy. On the other hand, dark-colored furniture makes your room even darker.

Avoid heavy or oversized furniture because those will cast large shadows on your space, blocking the light.

6. Limit the Amount of Furniture

The overall brightness of a space and a room’s appearance depends on your furniture choice. Be sure your room is not overcrowded with furniture. If so, the room automatically looks smaller and darker.

When it comes to lighting a dark room, less furniture is better. Don’t place tall furniture near the light sources because they will block the light.

Glass-topped furniture or other clear pieces are okay for a dark room as they allow light to pass.


7. Consider Your Flooring

Painting the floor white can reflect light into the room. You can also brighten the room using a light-colored rug for your bare floor.
Light colors help your floor glow and add some texture and softness to the floor. While choosing a color for the rug, opt for yellow, ivory, white, or other warmer hue combinations.

8. Use Bright Artwork

adds not only vibrancy to your home but also adds visual interest. Bright artwork with a high gloss finish adds a reflective metallic element to the wall. This element allows light to travel all around the room.

You can incorporate custom artwork into your rooms to add vibrance while being visually interesting.

9. Introduce Playful Patterns

For making a dark space brighten, adding patterns is an excellent way. Pretty light-colored wallpaper ensures a room is bright and spacious.

The charming design of the wallpaper gives an airy feel and an illusion of space. The idea of wallpaper also adds textural interest to the space.

10. Utilize Paint

Besides lighting techniques, interior designing also includes paint ideas to create the illusion of a bright and spacious room. Choosing a light paint color is perfect for reflecting more light in the room. Opt for pale shades of blue or gray to ensure the maximum brightening effect.

When it comes to painting your ceiling, pale tones from green to gold are always a safer choice. It makes your room appear lighter and larger.


In Closing

We hope you like these creative ways to brighten up a dark room. If you are willing to invest time, money, and effort in your home, these tricks could change your room from a cave to heaven. Choose any of these ideas. Whichever fits your taste and budget.