Steven Wintercroft is a UK based Designer, he recently released a collection of DIY Print At Home Geometric Paper Masks. If you’re looking for a cheap and fun mask for Halloween you can print and make at home – you’ll love this collection! These are blank Geometric Paper Masks you can pain yourself and make it your own.

Steven’s wide collection features a Skull, Owl, Tiger, Fox, Bear and Pumpkin, they are fantastic for Halloween, Carnivals and even Parties. To get a mask of your own, you just need to purchase the mask on Etsy, you’ll then gain access to a .pdf file. You can print out the blueprint for the mask and make it yourself with easy directions. All you need is cardboard, cutting cools and paint for decorating your mask!

More info: | Etsy (h/t: thisisnthappiness, colossal)