So many famous companies around the world would be completely unrecognizable without their logo. Simply put their logo and branding plays a huge role when it comes to the value of the company.

Yet have you ever wondered how much these huge multinational companies paid to buy their iconic famous logos and images to begin with?

You’ll be rather surprised to know that some of the most well known companies out there paid mega bucks for their logo, while other didn’t pay a single dime. These companies include some of the most famous logos there are, such as Google, Apple, Nike, Twitter and Coca-Cola just to name a few. If you can’t hire a professional logo designer you can also get graphic design software and make your own.

Famous Logos of the World

Famous Logos of the World

What you have to remember is that even the largest companies in the world often started small. In some cases as really small one man bands that simply grew into huge corporates, sometimes quite quickly.

10 Famous Logos and How Much They Cost

As is often the case when starting out the logo is important, sure but it is not the be all and end all. Only later as the pace of growth suddenly spikes does more attention get paid to branding and the corporate look. There is actually incredible disparity in the cost that some of the most famous logos in the world today actually cost.

Google Logo

The Google Logo

The Google Logo, one of the most famous digital logos in the world.

Logo Price:$0

Google logo was first design by Sergey Brin in 1998.This logo has been fine tuned and tweaked many times over the years but the original concept of a simple easy on the eye logo remained the same.

Nike Logo

Logo Price:$35

This logo was design by a free lancer Carolyn Davidson in 1971.This logo has modified by times but theƂ original design kept intact. Later Nike give 500 shares of stock to the designer which is now worth $600,000.

Pepsi Cola Logo

Logo Price:$1,000,000

The new logo of Pepsi was designed by Arnell group. The Pepsi logo is among in the list of most pricey logos in the world today.

London 2012 Olympics

Logo Price:$625,000

London 2012 famous Olympics logo was designed by brand company Wollf Ollins back in 2007.

Coca Cola

Logo Price:$0

Frank Robinson design this logo in 1885.This logo is considered in the list of the most oldest logos in the world today.

Twitter Social Media Logo

Logo Price:$15

Twitter logo was designed by Simon Oxliy in 2009.It has recently changed.


Logo Price:1,800,000

British broadcasting corporation logo was redesign in 2007.

British Petroleum

Logo cost:$211,000,000

British petroleum logo was redesigned in 2008 and it considered to be the most costly logo purchase ever.


Logo Price:$100,000,000

Accenture is a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company.


Logo Price:$100,000

The NeXT logo was designed by Paul Rand for Steve Jobs in 1986. Not to be confused with NEXT in the UK which is a shopping and retail brand.